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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is shocked when Katie tells him in Bill’s diminished role she is making him VP of Spencer Publications. He’s beyond honored and grateful but it came unexpectedly. He thinks Katie has done a good job and the company is back on track. But he says he did come over last night when he got her memo and it looked like something was going on with her and Ridge so he didn’t interrupt. She explains it was all innocent. They’d been to the park earlier and Ridge and RJ are both good with Will, so they have gotten close. Liam says it looked a little more than that and he was just surprised to see her alone with Ridge. He wonders if Brooke knows. Katie says there is nothing for her to know. She is not going to lie; she likes Ridge a lot. It’s been a long time since she’s had this much fun but it’s not real. She is friends, just friends with Ridge. And she knows Ridge will be back with Brooke soon. So she’s be a super hypocrite to think of anything more. Liam says he doesn’t see it that way, two different circumstances.

At Forrester, Brooke informs the group that Hope probably won’t be in today. She was out late with Wyatt last night. Ridge thought she was still with Liam. Rick says that is the way relationships go, on today, gone tomorrow as he glances at Maya. All question Carter and Maya when they are gonna set their date. Carter turns to Maya and says he is asking that same question so it’s up to Maya. She stammers that she needs to go see Oliver and will be back to him later. Ridge even offers the Forrester Mansion for the event. Oliver shows her the latest photo shoot and tells her that she looks amazing. She tells him that she has to say something. It’s about the kiss. It shouldn’t have happened and it won’t again. Oliver says okay but it was just one kiss, it felt right at the moment and if she wants to blame anyone she can blame him. She says she should have stopped it so she blames herself as well. She says she loves her fiancé and she doesn’t intend to let him down. She hopes this won’t keep her and Oliver from working together. He agrees. She gets a text from Carter to join her in the steam room. She says they should do this more often. Rick asks Brooke about Ridge. She says she has no doubt that he will come back and they will be a family again. He just needs to get over her and Bill and she will gain his trust and respect again. Ridge goes to see Katie at her request. She tells him about Liam seeing them last night. She admits that she really has enjoyed his company. He understands her more than anyone else but they can’t continue like this. He asks her to spell it out; what does she want of him. She says she won’t do to her sister what Brooke did to her. She and Ridge must stop seeing each other. This is the end.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Stefanoís henchman fought over the gun and it went off.  The bullet hit a painting.  The gun fell on the floor and Nicole grabbed it.  Daniel was worried that there were more people after them.  Kate managed to hide under Jordanís bed before she could see her.  Adrienne apologized for talking to Jennifer about Abby.  Adrienne told Abby that EJ threatened her life when she turned in the evidence that almost helped convict Sami.  While they were talking, EJ and Sami walked in the pub.  Abby was visibly uncomfortable.  When Daniel had the henchman knocked out, Nicole wanted to get Dr. Chyka to confess.  Daniel noticed the henchman kept getting messages from Bruno.  

Stefanoís henchman got a message that Bruno was coming to find him.  Daniel wanted to leave, but Nicole wanted Dr. Chyka to clear Ericís name.  Things were awkward between EJ and Abby when Adrienne and Sami tried to get them to help Johnny with a school project.  Daniel wanted to get the henchman out of the cabin.  He wanted Nicole to get the confession out of Dr. Chyka.  She was nervous about getting the proof.  Nicole wanted dr. Chyka to tell her where the proof is that could clear Ericís name.  Lucas managed to get Jordan out of the apartment.  He tripped Rafe so she could come back to Sonnyís place.  Abby was convinced to help Johnny with his project.  When EJ and Abby had a chance to be alone, he wanted to know what was going on with Adrienne.  Abby told him she was going to get out of helping Johnny, but he thought it would look suspicious.  When he left to be with Sami and Johnny, Abby didnít like what she saw.  Dr. Chyka got out of the chair and went after Nicole before she could stick him with the needle.  Dr. Chyka hit Nicole and left the cabin.  When he left, she found his hiding place with the proof she needed.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Molly introduces Robin to TJ and Danny. Robin observes how much Danny looks and acts like Jason. Molly tells her that Jason never knew that Danny was his biological son. Robin says Jason wouldnít have cared about DNA. TJ talks about losing his father at a young age. Robin decides to help Victor so that she can save Jason. Cameron sends Spencer a picture that he took of himself and Emma. Spencer tells Victor that he wonít tell anyone that he saw him at Emmaís house if he takes him to the park. Nikolas, Britt, and Ben join them. Spencer gives Emma his Faberge egg as a Valentineís Day present. Britt asks Elizabeth about the missing hairbrush that disappeared when Elizabeth was at Wyndemere. Elizabeth supposes it just disappeared, like the DVD that disappeared from her bag two years ago when Britt was at the nursesí station.  

Scott denies Nathan Westís request to press charges against Silas Clay because there is too much reasonable doubt. Nathan and two other cops narrowly miss seeing Franco in Scottís room. Scott tells Franco to meet him in the park in three hours. Scott goes to Miscavidge and demands to see Heather. Heather kills a contractor that Nikolas hired to assess the damage in the tunnels. Carly tells Heather that she has a huge hole in her plan. She says her time of death wonít match the rest of the evidence that Heather planted. She says that if Heather kills her now, she will prove Franco innocent. Heather realizes that Carly is right and blames Luke Spencer and those kids for ruining her plans to kill Carly weeks ago. She leaves Carly alone under the debris to remove the contractorís body while she rethinks her plan. Victor sees Heatherís picture in the newspaper in an article that describes her as a notorious criminal. He realizes that she is the same odd woman that he saw at Wyndemere. Spencer tells him that the woman in the picture is the stable girl. The kids tell Franco that the stable girl caught the chupacabra and that it sounded like a screaming person. Spencer says he thinks she is in the Spoon Island catacombs now. The kids tell Nikolas that Victor is looking for him and that they talked to the man in the newspaper about the stable girl. Nikolas says they donít have a stable girl. Franco goes to Wyndemere and finds the passage to the catacombs wide open so he goes in and finds Carly trapped under debris.  At Miscavidge, Scott is shocked when he sees the Heather decoy in straitjacketed in a padded cell.

AJ remembers seeing Ava Jerome in Connieís office the night of Connieís murder. He sees Elizabeth in the park and tries to tell her, but she rebuffs him because he has been drinking. AJ says he will handle it on his own. Ava tells Morgan that there has to be a way for them to be together. He says the only way would be if she stopped being his fatherís enemy. He suggests that she come over to Sonnyís side. She says Julian will kill her if she switches sides. Morgan insists that Sonny would protect her. She agrees to his plan. Morgan goes to tell Sonny about it. AJ finds Ava. She tells him that it is Sonnyís office now and that he probably wouldnít want to run into Sonny. AJ wonders why she would think that.   

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor visits with Chelsea and tries to convince her to move her to the ranch with Connor. Chloe visits and is dead set against Victor being any where near Chelsea and Connor. Chloe reprimands Chelsea for letting Victor come near her and Connor. Jack visits Billy to see how he is doing and to learn the real story as to what had happened out there on the road with Adam. At the Athletic Club, Kelly and Lily discuss the fundraiser for Delia until Charlie and Maddie interrupt, Lily breaks the crayon into and thus calms the twins. Lily and Kelly discuss Colin and how he had attempted to kidnap the twins and how that he is back in town. At the hospital, Victoria and Stitch. Stitch tells Victoria that he has something that she needs to know. At the police department, Fen signs the necessary papers to secure his release. Michael, Lauren and Kevin stand by watching. Womack is released from prison. At the Coffeehouse, Nick talks to Faith and asks her to be his valentine before they hug. Sharon sees Cassie on the elevator. Sharon yells out for her. Stitch lies to Victoria and lets her know that Billy has had a concussion and he needs to be watched very carefully. Kelly lets Lily know about Sam. Chloe forbids Chelsea to accept help from Victor. Billy lets Jack know that he wanted Adam dead for what he had done to Delia. Sharon looks for Cassie at home before Nick and Faith arrives and interrupts. Nick notices and wonders as to what is going on. Michael and Lauren find out that Womack had been released from prison. Chloe lets Chelsea know that the best thing that had ever happened was that Adam was dead. Chelsea cannot believe her ears.

Michael inquires of Kevin about Chloe and how she is handling things. Kevin lets him know that Chloe had developed a dependence on Connor by using him to get over losing Delia. Billy assures Jack that Adam is dead. Victoria assures Stitch that hers and Billy’s marriage is on solid ground. Stitch interrupts Jack and Billy to check Billy’s vitals. Victor comes to the hospital to check on Billy but runs into Jack instead. Jack and Victor butt heads as usual. Sharon tells Nick about Victor trying to get Chelsea and Connor to move to the ranch. Kelly inquires of Lily about Billy’s condition. Jack and Victor argue over the fact that Jack had told Nikki about his blackmailing Adam in order to get close to Connor. Chloe and Chelsea argue with Chelsea threatening to leave town. Chloe lets her know that there is no way she will let her do that. Lily tells Kelly about Victoria’s good points but not to ever cross her. Victoria and Nick walk in on Jack and Victor’s talk. Victor denies all the accusations that Jack had brought up until Victor lets Jack know that this is none of his business. Jack becomes angry and tells Nick and Victoria the truth that Victor had known that Adam had hit Delia but he had blackmailed Adam in order to get close to Connor. Chloe apologizes to Chelsea for her remarks. When Chelsea goes upstairs to check on Connor, Chloe steals Chelsea and Connor’s passport. Sharon walks in and sees the word “p h a n t a s m” spelled out on the table. Sharon asks Faith had she done this but Faith denies. Lily promises to find Kelly a date for the gala. Womack talks to an accomplice on the phone and plans for another shipment to reach town.

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