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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the couch, Wyatt and Hope cuddle and kiss. She jokes that someone is making the most of his second chance. He says heíd better. Heís going to spend the rest of his life making sure she doesnít regret giving it. He holds her hand and looks at the emerald bracelet and thanks her for putting it back on. He reminds her just how much fun they had at Emerald Bay. She asks if he is ready for another trip. She likes adventures with him. Sheíd had fun until that last part. She doesnít expect a trip like that every time. That would be a lot to live up to. They remember their lovemaking in the tent on the beach. Wyatt says it will only get better and better. Aly tells Liam that he didnít have to switch to water on her account. He ways yes he did. If he had kept on he would be droning on and on and boring her to death about Hope. She says she is a good listener. She also says if he wants to pass a message along, her dad sees Steffy every day. He thanks her but says no. That marriage was a precious time in his life and heís always going to love her but that chapter is closed in his life. He admits he still wants to be with Hope and he thinks that is still possible. Hope catches Wyatt looking off into the distance with a satisfied look on his face. He says he is just happy. Talk about facing the worst and they did and are still here. She says that is because she trusts him and knows he wonít do something like that again. He says he wonít. She changed him. The man he is today would never make that mistake again. They are moving onÖ..more funÖ..more adventures. Liam tells Aly that he had no idea he was this hungry. Sheís glad she ran into him then, making him eat. He admits she probably saved him from a typically embarrassing moment at the bar. Hope chose Wyatt and here Aly finds Liam drowning his sorrows at a bar. She tells him that drowning is not allowed on her watch. He can consider her his own personal flotation device. Liam tells her that she looks amazing. Heís never seen her in her "Iím going out tonight look.Ē She wonders if he is worried about her self esteem getting all dressed up for one. He quips that he figures it is one of the waiters here and she can give him a good swift kick under the table and heíll butt out. She thanks him but says doubt he will even notice. Liam says looking like that yes he will.

Ridge and RJ show up at Katieís at her request. She says she indeed is not tired of them. She enjoys their time together. RJ says she wore his dad out and he had to take a nap. Ridge says it was all that soccer and poetry reading. They both enjoy crawling around on the floor after Will. Katie says he is good at making forts. Ridge tells her there is more to him than making pretty dresses. And he even suggests to RJ that once the season starts they can take Aunt Katie to a soccer or hockey game. She says they are talking her language now. She has to excuse herself to make a memo for the office. Later she thanks him for being there and taking her to the park. She says mostly itís her family. They donít expect her to grow up, always the youngest. They must think she is weak and needs protection. Ridge says he always thought she was a bit shy but not weak. She is smart and watched her own sisters, saw them make mistakes and learned from them and now making her own decisions. Heís not surprised that now she is running a company and he feels like he has known her all her life but just now getting to really know her. Aly tells Liam that she never really liked the fact that Hope was seeing both Liam and Wyatt. It seemed dishonest. But this is even worse now that she has picked Wyatt. Liam says he knows but he thinks there is a tiny part of Hope that feels like she has toÖÖbecause of how far she allowed the relationship to go. She probably feels like she has to make it work with him. He says itís okay. Itís clearly not stopping him. A lot of guys would have given up by now and gone and found someone else. But he says he just canít. He loves her. They have been through so many obstacles. This is just one more. Hope wonít admit it just yet but Wyatt is a jerk. Sheís not doing anything about it yet but she has seen a glimpse so Liam says he will just wait. Wyatt and Hope are kissing and wrapped up in each otherís arms, backing their way into another part of the house, ripping off clothes as they go. He picks her up and she jumps straddle into his arms as they head to the bed. Aly says itís one thing not to like someone but another to think they are genuinely bad. Liam says maybe but Wyatt is bad. Heís proven it and Quinn is even worse. Aly looks guilty when Liam says she will do anything for her baby boy. He says he would be married right now if it werenít for Quinn. But it doesnít matter, she really is only delaying the inevitable. He and Hope havenít failed yet. Liam gets a text and tells Aly that he is sorry to cut this short. But there is a meeting called by Katie about him so heíd better go see what this is about. Wyatt and Hope make beautiful love. He kisses her face, her lips, her neck, her shoulders, her arms and her legs. She canít get enough. He tells her that he doesnít know what he did right up in Big Bear that day. He just remembers looking into those eyes after kissing her awake that day and knowing what was aheadÖ.and now they are here. Katie comes back from putting Will down and finds RJ and Ridge cleaning up. RJ says they mess up, they clean up. Ridge sends him on out to the car so he can talk schedules with Katie. But then he grabs hold of her arm and says they need to talk about it. He knows she is feeling something and he is too. And she deserves to be admired and appreciated and desired. He moves closer and she leans in almostÖÖLiam almost walks in on them but ducks back out. Katie backs away and puts her hand across her mouth and says OMG, they canít do this. She cannot do this to her sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Daniel tried to get Dr. Chyka to talk about Kristen.  Dr. Chyka mumbled that he would kill him.  Stefano sent his henchman to kill Dr. Chyka, Daniel, and Nicole.  Dr. Chyka told Daniel and Nicole how he came up with the drugs for Eric.

Kate got the key to Jordanís apartment so she could see what sheís hiding.  Daniel continued to get Dr. Chyka to confess to what he did.  Stefanoís henchman came in before Dr. Chyka could finish confessing.  Daniel fought the guy off, but he hit his head.  He was knocked out.  Gabi ran into Nick at the pub.  Things were awkward between them when he wanted to hold the baby.  She didnít want him to hold her, but she changed her mind.  He talked to her about things changing and getting better for them.  Kate found all of Jordanís ids in a box.  Nicole tried to talk Stefanoís henchman out of killing them. Daniel fought the guy again.  Kate heard Jordan coming home and tried to hide.  Daniel and the henchman continued to fight over the guy.  The gun ended up going off.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny moves the Corinthos Coffee office into the Metro Court office that Crimson and the Port Charles Press had occupied. Morgan tells Sonny that Franco escaped from jail with Kikiís help. Michael tells AJ that Kiki helped Franco escape. Kiki tells Ava that she heard that Morgan dumped her. Ava says Sonny forced Morgan to break up with her. Sonny tells Morgan that is good that he has been avoiding Ava. Morgan says there is nothing good about it, because Ava was the reason he woke up in the morning and now he doesnít know how he is going to go on without her. Sonny says he knows how it feels, because he went through the same thing when he lost Connie. He says that he would have killed AJ if Michael and Dante hadnít stopped him, and then the justice system let him go free. AJ tells Michael that he has been having flashes of a memory of someone getting off the elevator the night of Connieís murder. Michael wonders if the person on the elevator really killed Connie. AJ canít think of anyone else who wanted Connie dead. Ava tells Kiki that she is going to hire Diane Miller to represent her. Conceding that Michael wonít help her and Silas canít help her, Kiki reluctant accepts her motherís offer.

Nathan West gives Alexis a copy of Nina Clayís will that someone mailed to him anonymously. He concludes that Silas tried to kill his wife to get her money. Alexis says itís common for people to leave everything to their spouses. Nathan says it isnít common to have a pregnant mistress. Alexis tells him that his 48 hours are up, and he has to release Silas. Nathan goes to find the district attorney to ask to continue holding Silas. Alexis and Sam accuse Ava of sending the will to Nathan. Ava tells Sam that Julian tried to force her to admit that she had something to do with Silasí situation. She says Sam should be glad to know that Julian would throw his sister under the bus if it benefits his daughter. Lucas tells Julian that he is gay. When Julian tries to process it, Lucas concludes that Julian wonít accept him because he is gay. He says itís better than being a mobster. Julian calls Alexis and tells her that he needs to talk to her. Ava goes to Sonnyís new office to see Morgan. AJ has another memory and this time sees Ava on the elevator.

Heather comes to in the catacombs under Wyndemere after the cave-in. She revives Carly and tells her that she saved her life so she can kill her properly. She finds her knife in the debris. Franco goes to Scottís hotel room and tells him that he thinks Heather is behind Carlyís disappearance. Scott insists that Heather is locked up tight in Miscavige. Franco tells him that Heather got out and came to his room to kill Carly, but that he stopped her and killed her with her own knife and buried her. He explains that he escaped from jail to go to the grave where he buried her to confirm that she was there, but she was not there. In her place was a note vowing revenge. Franco concludes that taking Carly and framing him for it is Heatherís revenge. He asks Scott to go to Miscavige to see Heather and find out what she did to Carly. He asks Scott to let him stay with him in the meantime. Detective West knocks on Scottís door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie and Neil have a long talk in the park and Leslie admits that she doesn’t care about the wedding day because the only thing she wants is to have a lasting marriage so whatever he wants to do for the wedding and honeymoon is fine with her. After Kelly admits to Stitch that she slept with Billy, he advises her to stay away from Billy because sleeping with him again won’t take away the grief she feels about losing her son. Kelly tells Stitch that he should stop blaming her for the break up of his marriage. His wife doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, because of what he did, and she isn’t the person to blame.

Billy tells the police that the gun they found at the crash site could be his, but he can’t remember for sure. Victoria asks Billy to tell her the truth about what happened in the car with Adam, but Billy tells her she knows everything about what happened that night. Sharon continues to see visions of Cassie. This time she sees her in the Athletic club elevator. Hilary and Chelsea help Jack realize that Adam loved him like a father, even though he didn’t tell him that he accidentally killed Delia. Jack and Sharon advise Chelsea not to listen to Victor and move her and Connor to the ranch. Victor continues to pressure Chelsea after Jack and Sharon leave, telling her that Connor is a Newman and so is she, and he has to protect them because they are his family. Chelsea struggles to decide what she should do and then she looks down at her wedding ring. A badly burned hand is in the snow with a ring that matches Chelsea’s.

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