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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt prepares his beach house for Hope’s arrival. He makes sure the fire is going, the candles lit, flowers arranged and their table set. She comes in and he greets her. He is glad she likes and says he is showing her that he can be adaptable. They were unplugged living in the trailer so he thought tonight would just be a romantic evening in his home. He gives her a pink rose and they kiss. He says it is just a small token of affection and an apology for taking the diamond. It was a stupid prank from the start and then he should have told her and he will never keep anything from her again. Oliver chats with Donovan, a surfing instructor, at Bikini Bar and they tease each other about being around beautiful models all day. Liam walks in and Ollie invites him to come and have a brew, from the looks he has Hope on his mind. Liam says they have no idea how bad he needs a drink. Just when he thinks he knows Hope she goes and does the opposite. He tells them that he found out something that he thought would send her running in the opposite direction but somehow Wyatt talked her out of it. And she bought it and they are probably together right now. Rachel brings in a few papers for Quinn and tells her there is someone to see her. It’s Aly. Quinn immediately compliments her shoes. And she will even be happy to put in a good word with Eric if Aly would like to work on her own brand of shoes. A little shy, Aly asks Quinn what does she want. Quinn says Liam needs her. Quinn says Hope is with Wyatt now and she happens to know Liam is going through a very hard time and he could use a friend to support him. Aly says she already is his friend. Quinn wants to be blunt. She knows Aly is nuts about Liam and she doesn’t have to be embarrassed about that. They make a cute match. She says she is never wrong about these things. And one day Hope ad Liam will be over and it will sink in and Liam will move on. Aly could be there when that happens. Aly tells her no offense but she knows Quinn is all about Wyatt getting what he wants. Quinn says yes but she did not mean romantically for Liam, but just be there. And if anything happened in the future that would be her call…..and she wishes her luck and says she would not be surprised. Quinn asks her if she’s looked in the mirror lately – that flaming red hair and gorgeous big blue eyes. She just needs to enhance it a bit. She arranges to find where Liam is and then tells Aly they will go to makeup and wardrobe and do some magic. Aly wonders if she is a good witch or a bad witch. Quinn remarks that she is versatile so come on, this is gonna be fun. Liam and Ollie continue to commiserate. Ollie asks if Liam is looking for company. Is that why he came in here tonight. Liam says no; hope is still the only woman alive for him. It’s excruciating that she is with Wyatt, not just because of the jealousy thing with brothers and all. He really thinks the Fullers are bad people and nothing good can come of it. Hope tells Wyatt that she saw Liam earlier tonight. He asks how did that go. Hope says it was a little painful and she’s really not even comfortable talking about him now. But she did tell him they they are in a relationship and that means forgiveness and working things out and that is exactly what they are going to do. She confesses the reason she is here is because it feels so good. This time with him, he makes her feel very happy. He says that was his goal all along. She says even when he explained about taking the diamond, it made sense in a bizarre way but he has to know that he can never do anything like that again because she can not be with a man who would lie and scam his way into things no matter how sexy he is. He almost blushes when he realizes she thinks he is sexy. She says yes she does and pulls him into a kiss.

Ollie tells Liam to be careful. He can’t go barreling in making accusations. It will only make it look like he is picking on Wyatt. Wyatt must be saying all the right things. Liam says if he only knew. Wyatt has been a student of Hope ever since he met her and Hope is too trusting. Wyatt is gonna hurt her. Ollie reminds him that Hope is a grown woman and can make her own choices so he’d let it just take it’s natural course of events. Liam says he is afraid he can’t let it get to that point. He has to get Hope away from both of the Fullers. Wyatt tells Hope it was a scary moment when he almost lost her. But it will never happen again as he is going to be on his best behavior. Hope says it is his mother too; she takes things a little far. Wyatt says he is aware and has told her so…..model citizens from here on out, no more interfering. Hope says she realizes Quinn can be a little OCD when it comes to Wyatt and he’s accepted that. Wyatt says she won’t be a problem anymore, no more manipulations or tricks. Oliver leaves and Liam is about to leave too when he spots a totally hot Aly walking in. He goes over and tells her that she looks beautiful. He finds out she came here to eat so he invites himself too as he has not eaten. He selects them a table. She tells him that she knows he is going through a hard time so he does not have to do this. He assures her he is feeling better already. Wyatt and Hope cuddle on the couch and kiss. He says he kind of likes this cleaning the slate. It gives him a chance to prove he can curb these natural tendencies to be reckless. She says she likes his spontaneity and his impulsiveness most of the time. He says he just wants to be the kind of guy that deserves a woman liked her. She says he is but he does come from a questionable gene pool calling him to the dark side. She says Bill and Quinn, but he says that is just DNA and he can rise above that. That gives him a reason that he has never had before, but now there is something…..someone at stake to live up to. Before he had nothing to lose and he never realized until now how empty that was. He doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. She says she is rooting for him and that is all behind them now. She leans in for another kiss and they hold each other tightly.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ warned Theresa that she would go down with him if she takes him down.  Daniel wanted Dr. Chyka to tell him and Nicole what they wanted to hear or he would stick him with the syringe.  Theresa finally agreed to the deal with JJ.  Abe gave Brady something from John, but Brady didnít care about the message John sent.  Dr. Chyka wasnít convinced that Daniel would use the syringe.  Daniel was about to stick him with it.

Theresa blamed Brady for why JJ got the edge over her.  Now she wants to make him pay.  Nicole stopped Daniel from stabbing Dr. Chyka.  Daniel wanted to do it anyway.  Daniel injected Dr. Chyka.  Hope and Ciara had a meeting with Aiden and Chase.  Ciara and Chase made up.  Daniel gave Dr. Chyka a truth serum.  Nicole asked Dr. Chyka about Kristen.  Hope tried to make things right with Aiden, but he didnít bend.  Dr. Chyka refused to incriminate himself.  Daniel gave Dr. Chyka more of the serum.  It made Dr. Chyka pass out at first.  Aiden wanted Hope to keep Ciara away from his son.  Daniel questioned Dr. Chyka while Nicole recorded it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A CSI shows Dante blonde hair that they found in the bloody sheet at the cemetery. Michael visits Kiki at the station and yells at her for helping Franco. She tells him that Franco didnít hurt Carly and that she believes Heather is framing him. Nikolas calls a contractor to assess the foundation under Wyndemere after having heard rumbling yesterday. Spencer meets his great-great uncle, Victor. Victor gives Spencer a Faberge egg and tells him that when he meets the girl of his dreams, he should give her the egg and it will win her heart. Spencer takes the egg and says he has already met her. Victor gives Britt an heirloom baby hairbrush for Ben. Victor goes to Robinís house and shows her a DVD to prove that Jason is alive. She asks him what will happen next if she decides to believe him. He tells her that she will go with him to an undisclosed location and begin work immediately, but she canít say anything to anyone. He tells her that she will need to find an excuse to get away for a while. Sabrina and Patrick talk about the baby. Spencer tells his driver to stop at Emmaís house for a moment, so that he can leave something for her. Spencer sees Great-Uncle Victor through the window.

Felix calls Brad to apologize for breaking their date last night. Brad is in bed with Lucas. Brad tells Lucas not to read too much into a one-night stand. Lucas takes a picture of himself in Bradís bed and sends it to his phone. Elizabeth tells Felix that she thinks it is more than coincidental that Dante Falconeri and Ben Westbourne have the same allergies. He asks if she is suggesting that Dante is the babyís daddy. She asks him to help her run a DNA test. Since the lab at the police station is down, Dante takes the hair and the note written in blood to the hospital and asks Brad to run the tests. Felix gives Dante his prescription refill and offers to dispose of his empty water bottle. He actually intends to get Danteís DNA from the bottle. Elizabeth delivers Benís refill to Wyndemere under the pretense of being there to apologize to Britt for acting childish. She takes Benís hairbrush to get his DNA.

Julian meets Carlos at the cemetery. Carlos says he was laying low in case Sonny or Julian wanted to finish him off. Carlos says they are standing next to the grave that Sonny was going to put him in and that a part of him wishes he had. He reveals that his plans to raise Sabrinaís baby with her and be a family are not going to happen. Lucas runs into them on his way to visit his ďrealĒ father, Tony Jonesí grave. Julian says he understands if it is too soon, but that he would like to get to know Lucas. Julian is surprised to learn that Lucas is gay.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil is disappointed when Leslie misses a meeting with David Tutera to make plans for their wedding. Leslie tells Jill that since Colin has married her, it will be tough to get him deported. Jill tells Leslie that she wants an annulment since they have not consummated their marriage. Cane thinks Colin returned to town to get the money that Devon inherited from Katherine, but Colin insists he returned because he wants to make amends with his family. Cane tells Neil that he thinks Colin is after Devon’s money. Jill demands an annulment from Colin, but he tells her that if they end their marriage, he won’t help her figure out the mystery of the music box Katherine left her. Colin says that Katherine told him something about the box, but he will give her the information after their romantic dinner tonight.

Abby is disappointed when Tyler’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t show up for their meeting, but later Tyler calls her to set up a meeting, because they need to talk. Billy admits to Kelly that he didn’t feel any better after Adam confessed that he was the one who hit Delia with his car. Kelly tells Billy that he will get closure soon and takes his hand briefly while Stitch is watching from the hospital hallway. When Kelly comes out of Billy’s room, Stitch asks her if she slept with him. Victoria tells Billy that she called Paul, and he told her that they are still searching for Adam’s body. Victoria wonders if it is possible that Adam could be alive, and Billy says that Adam is dead. Victoria wonders how Billy knows for sure that Adam is dead.

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