Wednesday 2/5/14 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/5/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is smiling and thinking back on her and Ridge’s reciting sonnets at the park. Donna walks in and says if housework makes her this happy she can come over to her place anytime. Quinn tells Pam that she thought she was her friend. Pam chuckles that Quinn tried to buy her loyalty with a manicure and crumb cake. And what Wyatt did was not just a little prank, but dangerous and destructive. Wyatt comes in and this is the first he’s seen his mother since returning from the road trip. She asks if he has seen Hope and he says he just did. Pam chastises him a bit and then tells him what he did was wrong and both Liam and Hope deserved the truth. Quinn is relieved to hear that Rick would have fired them but he left it up to Hope and she is giving them another chance. He tells his mom only one more chance. This could have been the end for them as Hope is furious. To hear Liam tell it they were out to con the whole world and drag Hope down with them. It was dishonest. Quinn says Liam intends to get Hope back. They must go find her. Wyatt says no more. He was trying to impress Hope and Quinn was running interference on Liam but it almost backfired. They screwed up and he almost lost her and he is not going to be put in that position again. He tells her from now on they are going to be model citizens. And if she can’t control herself to do that, then…… he says he means it, no more trying to fix things. Hope gave him one more chance and he’s not going to blow this. He’s grateful for that chance. She says okay, so it’s like he’s on probation. But she does not want him to let up on Liam or move his and Hope’s relationship backward. Wyatt says he’s not, the trip actually moved it forward. But he has no time to think about Liam. He has to focus on Hope, nothing else. Hope is his future and she has not given up on them. So he does not need Quinn playing Mother Lion anymore. She needs to hear that.

Hope lets herself into Liam’s and surprises him. He asks if she is all right. She says yeah she just came back from the beach and went to see her brother. He says Wyatt had them all fooled but at least it’s over now. Then he notices her necklace and wonders why she has it back on. Slowly she says Wyatt made a mistake and he was just trying to help. Liam is astonished that she forgave him as Wyatt jeopardized everything she cared about - her line and her reputation.. She says they are going to try and work through this. Liam says Wyatt doesn’t deserve another chance. What Wyatt did was criminal, it was fraud. If this gets out FC would be implicated and so would Hope. She wants to be sure that Liam is not going to say anything. He says of course not; he knows how much her reputation means to her. She says she did not come here to talk about Wyatt or his mom. Liam continues – she can’t stay with him. Hope says they are not living together; she is staying with her mom. But they are not breaking up. He shakes his head and says okay but give him a reason that she can not walk away right now. She tries to make Liam see that Wyatt is a changed man since he is with her. He’s not ever going to do anything like this again. She apologies and says she did not come here to hurt him. She just thought it was the right thing to do to tell him in person after all they have been through. He says again that Hope can not trust Wyatt. He gave her a necklace and took her in a road trip, but she does not know him. She brushes a few tears from her eyes and says they have talked it over and she believes she can trust him. They are dating. They are in a relationship and you have to try and work it out. She really thinks they can. Liam says but if it’s integrity, you either have it or you don’t. He wonders what will happen if Wyatt and his mom drag her into another scandal. She says she won’t let that happen. He doesn’t know how long she can keep her guard up. She says she feels committed to Wyatt. She thanks Liam for always sticking up for her. She gives him a hug. Quinn picks up the phone and calls someone and says she has a job for him….the name is Liam Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa got busted pretending to be Abby.  EJ and Abby had sex in the shower while Sami was trying to get in the office.  Dr. Chyka heard a noise outside of the cabin.  Daniel snuck on him and tried to take the gun from him.  JJ let Theresa know that she was recorded at the store.  Nicole approached Dr. Chyka and Daniel while they were fighting.  EJ and Abby were shocked that Sami called out to him. JJ let Theresa know that she could go to jail if the footage got out.  She left the store and he went after her.

Daniel and Nicole confronted Dr. Chyka for what he did to Eric.  Sami finally got in EJís office.  He wasnít in the mood to deal with her.  He wanted to talk to her somewhere else.  She apologized to him while Abby was hiding and listening.  Dr. Chyka refused to confess what he did for Kristen.  JJ wanted Theresa to make a deal in order to protect each other from going to jail.  She refused to take his deal.  When Sami left, Abby thought EJ was only interested in her because heís not sleeping with Sami.  EJ denied her accusation.  Dr. Chyka realized that Nicole was in love with Eric and thought she should let him go so she could be with Eric.  She refused to do that.  EJ apologized to Abby for what happened.  Abby didnít want to apologize for anything.  Daniel was going to drug Dr. Chyka.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly frays her ropes on a bolt in the post that she is tied to and frees her hands. Britt notices that the wall entrance into the catacombs is open. Her mother shows up unexpectedly, so Britt asks her if she has been in the tunnels. She says no. Obrecht informs Britt that she is going to move into Wyndemere, or she will tell Nikolas that Ben is his sisterís son. Nikolas reveals to Elizabeth that Ben isnít Bradís son and that that Brittís mother put her up to procuring random sperm from the lab. He asks her not to tell anyone. He gives her Benís tube of Hydrocortisone for a refill. Dante tells Lulu and Lucas that Franco escaped. Franco goes to the grave where he buried Heather and finds a note written in blood that says he will pay. He canít believe Heather survived. He concludes that Heather has Carly. A woman startles him when she arrives to visit her dear, departed Harold. He says he is the new gravedigger. She goes to the police station and tells Dante that she saw Franco in the graveyard. Franco runs when he sees the police lights. Dante tells the officers to take the bloody sheet and note into evidence.

Lucas calls Brad and asks him if he wants to meet for a drink, but Brad already has plans with Felix. Sabrina tells Felix that Patrick knows he is her babyís father. Felix agrees to go with her to tell Carlos that the truth is out. Lucas takes Danteís tube of Hydrocortisone to the hospital to have it refilled. Felix cancels his date with Brad, because he is helping Sabrina. Brad agrees to have that drink with Lucas. Lulu tells Dante that Ben Westbourne has the same allergies as he has. Elizabeth notices that Dante and Ben both use prescription Hydrocortisone.

Patrick breaks the news to Robin about Sabrinaís baby. He kicks over the table and notices the picture of Jason. Not wanting to mention her encounter with Victor Cassadine, she tells him that she was looking at it, because she never got to say goodbye. Victor Cassadine startles Heather on Spoon Island. She says she is an employee. Victor introduces himself to Britt. Britt introduces herself and says the other person in the room is her mother. When Obrecht stands up and turns around, Victor calls her by her full name. He tells Britt that he knows Obrecht and Faison commandeered his familyís island. Britt leaves the room to get tea. Obrecht tells Victor that she gave him the information that he wanted about his family and Jason Morgan and asks what more he wants from her. He says he wants her. Nikolas comes home. Britt tells him that her mother and his great uncle, Victor, are in the parlor. Heather and Carly fight in the catacombs. Heather bangs Carlyís head against the pole that Carly had been tied to. The pole loosens and the ceiling caves in. Obrecht hears the noise from upstairs. Britt and Nikolas come into the room. Nikolas says it was probably just a tremor since Port Charles is on a fault line. He shakes Victorís hand and asks him what brought him to town. Victor says, ďBusiness.Ē Obrecht tells Britt that she has changed her mind about moving in, because it has suddenly become too crowded.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill returns home married to Colin and tells her family they ran into each other again. She realized she loved him and they got married. The audience learns the truth through flashbacks that Colin kidnapped Jill and forced her to marry him and sign an agreement saying he gets half of everything she owns in case they divorce. Colin also needed to marry her, so he could stay in the country and Jill had to marry him, so that he would let her come home and be with her family. Jill is determined to find out Colin’s hidden agenda. Jill’s family doesn’t believe she loves Colin, and they want to find out the real reason that she married him and brought him back to town. Nikki tells Nick that Ian Ward is in town and later he calls a truce with Dylan, so that they can protect Nikki from Ian if he tries to hurt her again.

Noah sees Courtney handcuffing a guy, and she admits that she was an undercover cop at the high school, and Alex was her contact at the police department. Courtney tells Noah she never lied to him about her feelings for him and asks for a second chance, because she loves him. Summer talks with Sharon then decides to quit her job and search for one with more meaning. Later she sees Ian at the Athletic club where he has just gotten a room and says she may seek his advice since he is a life coach. Sharon is confused when she sees Cassie again. This time she can feel Cassie touch her arm.

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