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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie and Ridge play with their kids in the park. RJ says if he went to school in L.A., they could skateboard all day and eat pizza, that would be fun. Katie and Ridge play a little one on one soccer. He teases her about playing the bench back in high school. While RJ is watching Will, Ridge and Katie sit on the blanket and read sonnets. Liam catches Quinn working in the CEO’s office and makes mention that she sure is getting cozy there. Likewise she asks doesn’t he have a job somewhere. He’s only too happy to inform her that Wyatt and Hope are back from their aborted trip. Hope knows the truth now. He shows her the video footage. She reminds him this was a silly prank and Wyatt was wrong but she thinks Hope is a strong sensible young lady and they will work past this. Liam says he knows Wyatt is charming but he doesn’t see how he can wiggle out of this.

Rick asks Hope what will be her decision, to keep Quinn and Wyatt or let them go. Wyatt says he realizes he doesn’t deserve a second chance but he is begging them not to hold it against all his employees for his stupid mistake. Hope thinks it over and says she is going to allow him and Quinn to stay. But nothing even close to this can happen again. They will be terminated immediately. Rick tells Wyatt that he is one lucky man. She tells Wyatt that as far as a personal relationship goes, that is now over between them. He asks her not to do this. She is allowing him to stay but they are no longer a couple. He says he knows that he can’t take it back but he will never lie to her again. He’s asking her to give him just one more chance. He kisses her and says he does not want to lose her. He will never do anything like this again. She finally says one more chance. He says he will not let her down. He brings her diamond necklace out of his pocket and puts it around her neck. They hold each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Sami got into an argument over her being away.  Daniel and Nicole were outside the cabin where Dr. Chyka was.  Nick and Abby met at the town square.  He told her how he set up Gabi.  He also told her he was getting help.  Theresa turned down Bradyís offer to drink.  Nick kept driving it home to Abby that she was good and honest which made her uncomfortable.  The deal Sami made worked out so she was able to go home.  Theresa wanted to know about Daniel, but Brady told her that he was with Jennifer and only wants to be with Jennifer.

Nicole wanted to confront Dr. Chyka, but Daniel didnít want to risk getting caught.  When Theresa left Danielís apartment, she took out the check she took from the hospital.  She took the check to cash it, but she needed two forms of ID.  When Daniel was looking through his binoculars, he saw Dr. Chyka.  Sami was back in Salem and ran into Nick.  They got in an argument.  While EJ was at the gym, Abby showed up.  Theresa wanted a clerk to help her out.  While she was still with him, he called her Abby just as JJ walked in.  Abby told EJ about her conversation with Nick.  EJ told her that she shouldnít be there.  They started kissing.  Daniel tried to sneak up on Dr. Chyka.  EJ and Abby kissed in the shower.  Sami showed up at the gym to surprise EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina confesses to Patrick that he is the father of her baby. Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she told Patrick the truth and that he didnít take it well. She wonders how Robin will take the news. Victor Cassadine tells Robin that she will be helping her friend Jason Morgan if she defrosts Helena and Stavros. He tells her that when Faison shot Jason, he had his own men drag him out of the water. He informs her that Jason was in the same clinic in Switzerland that she and Duke Lavery were guests. She says she isnít going to blindly believe him; she needs proof. Patrick returns home and tells Robin that he has to tell her something.

Sonny tells Olivia that Morganís deception was under a threat by Julian Jerome. Julian visits Silas in jail and says he will help him prove his innocence for Samís sake. He says that even if it is sister that is framing Silas, she will not get away with it. He adds that if it turns out that Silas is guilty, he wonít be in any condition to continue seeing Sam. Sam wonders if Silas is really guilty or innocent. She tells Alexis that she knew that Silasís wife left a will, but she didnít know that Silas was the sole beneficiary. Alexis says that is not unusual between married couples. Alexis observes that as a private investigator, Sam should be able to figure it out. Julian sees Sam and Alexis talking about him at their table. He tells Sam that he will help Silas. He tells Alexis that he hasnít stopped thinking about their kiss. He asks Alexis why she is afraid of him. She says she isnít afraid of him, she is afraid of herself. She rushes off. Sam goes to the station to give Silas a chance to explain why he didnít tell her about the will.

Dante shoots Franco in the shoulder during an escape attempt, but Franco gets away. He and Nathan surmise that Kikiís fainting spell was a diversion for Franco. They put her in a holding cell next to Silas. Kiki tells Silas that she had to help Franco, because she believes he is innocent, just as she believes Silas is innocent. Heather goes to the Metro Court to procure a new knife. Olivia sees her and chases her, but Julian Jerome gets in the way, so she loses Heather. Julian suggests that Olivia was having a vision. Olivia goes to the station to tell Dante what she saw. He calls Miscavige and they tell him Heather is there. Olivia says that even if it was a vision, it means something. Franco goes to the cemetery where he buried Heather and starts digging with his hands. He finds the bloody sheet that he wrapped Heatherís body in, but she isnít there. There is a note written in blood that says, ďYouíre going to pay for this.Ē

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor stands at the site of the car crash in which Adam’s SUV caught fire and rolled into the river. Kevin consoles Chloe after she finds out that Adam is indeed dead. Chloe sees Adam’s watch as proof that he is gone. Billy arrives home to Victoria. At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily go over plans for the benefit for the foundation in Delia’s name. Charlie and Maddie come running in and interrupt them. At the coffeehouse, Noah and Courtney discuss Adam and his actions in the past. Summer talks about herself and what all happened to her, and she asks Noah who is she really. Jack tells Chelsea about the explosion, but she doesn’t want to believe that Adam is really dead until Victor walks in and tells them that they know who died in the crash. Paul questions Billy as to what really happened at the crash site. Summer notices Courtney walk up behind Noah. Summer encourages Noah to talk to Courtney. Courtney approaches their table and asks Summer how she is. Courtney starts to leave when Noah stops her to stay for a cup of coffee. Courtney refuses and leaves instead. Lily gives Charlie and Maddie a piece of paper and some crayons to occupy them while they conduct business. Devon walks up and lets Cane and Lily know that Billy took off with Adam. Victor tells Chelsea that they found Adam’s watch at the crash site. Billy begins to explain everything to Paul and Victoria. Billy remembers the struggle that he and Adam had over the gun, but he refuses to tell Paul.

Chloe goes back to the Chancellor mansion. Esther tries to console her but with no luck. Jack calls Victoria for any word on Billy. Victoria calls Jack back and lets him know that Billy is home, but Paul is questioning him. Jack asks to talk to him but Victoria says that they need some quiet time alone. Jack tells Chelsea that it was Billy who walked away from the crash. Jack comforts Chelsea. Jack leaves leaving Chelsea and Connor alone with Victor. Victor promises Chelsea to stand by her and Connor. Cane, Lily, and Devon arrive at the mansion to talk to Chloe about the fundraiser, but she refuses to agree to it. Jack goes to the mansion looking for Jill.

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