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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill keeps showing more pictures of Ridge to Brooke. She asks what is she supposed to see. He keeps pointing out a certain man in the picture that Ridge is hugging. This is the reason he did not mention another woman while in Paris. He was living with a man. Brooke scoffs as she recognizes the man; a protégé of Ridge’s who had lost his wife. Ridge did not want him to be alone and offered him a place in the Paris office and to stay at his place. She says they both have gay friends, but that does not mean that Ridge is gay. Liam comes home and finds Caroline there. He’s a little grumpy and wants to know what she is doing there. She reminds him that he said she could drop by any time. She asks how he got home. He said he had his car. He doesn’t know how Wyatt got back as Hope took his truck. Hope is talking to Rick and finds out that Pam knows too. She is the one who showed Rick the footage. She says the robbers really are up on other charges so they will serve jail time, but she doesn’t want it to come out that Wyatt’s thwarted efforts was a hoax. Rick says yes it would sink their reputation. He wonders what Wyatt was thinking or if he even cared. Charlie’s security company would have been ruined and they would have been liable for a $100 million diamond. Hope says she is sure Wyatt had a plan but she did not ask for details. She says he is not sure why she is defending him. Wyatt walks in.

Katie and Ridge sit on the floor at Katie’s playing with Will and RJ; all seem to be enjoying themselves. Later Ridge tells RJ that he thinks it is time to go back to school. RH says he knows he is going to be grounded as it was not true that the teachers had a conference today. He just missed being at home and would like to come back there. Ridge says he will have to speak to his mother about that. But besides that he will have to listen to a lecture by Ridge. All relationships in life are based on honesty and he must learn to live by that. He gives RJ a big hug and asks if he’d like to go with him and Katie to the park. Liam keeps trying to call Hope but it keeps going to voice mail. Caroline scoffs that it looks like Hope is not talking to either him or Wyatt. Liam says he didn’t do anything, he just told the truth. Caroline says yes but that is not always the quickest way to a woman’s heart. Wyatt walks in ready to face the firing squad. Rick says that he disgusts him. He wants to know if Wyatt has any idea how his recklessness could have harmed this company. Wyatt says he researched Forrester before he signed all those contracts and he knows all the crazy things that Rick himself did for publicity ….Rick tells him to shut his mouth right now. Wyatt does not run this company…members of the family do which he is not part of. And they would never put it in legal jeopardy. Wyatt says he knows now that it was selfish. He just wanted to look good for Hope. He admits love makes you do crazy things. He did not stop to take the time to realize he would be committing a crime or even hurting Hope that much. But he knows now. Bill tells Brooke that if Ridge is not gay, then what’s the story. He has not sealed the deal with Brooke either and apparently she has been all over him to do so. Caroline tells Liam that she is sorry he is hurting. He says more, just angry. She says his brother took away his true love in a trailer and it was long enough, overnight. He says Hope is not the kind of girl who is gonna jump into a relationship without a commitment. She says jumping into a trailer does bear some resemblance to a commitment. He tells her she better come up with a Plan B as he can not see Hope running Forrester and keeping Quinn and Wyatt on. Rick asks who else knows about this. Hope says Charlie, Pam and Liam. Wyatt adds and his mother after the fact. Hope tells Rick that Liam will not take this to the press or the police as he is more concerned with her reputation than she is. Rick tells Wyatt that he is terminating his contract and his mother is next in. They will get the word through Legal. Wyatt looks to Hope and asks if this is what she wants. He is not asking if he deserves this. He knows the answer to that, but if it is what she wants. Does she want them gone as Hope hand picked them. They have both been good for the company and he’s tried to be good to her in other ways. Or perhaps that is over now too. Rick asks Hope what is it going to be. He has never pulled rank on her before with her line. So it’s up to her, if they pull Quinn and Wyatt or not.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and Adrienne got into an argument when Adrienne confronted Abby about EJ.  Kate was introduced to Percy (the birdwatcher).  Nick told Kate that he told Percy all about her.  Nick wanted Kate to hire him as well as Percy.  Victor set his plan for Brady in order.  Victor didnít know that Brady was on to his plan.  Rory and Bev told JJ that his plan was working, but JJ was nervous about it. Nick and Kate continued to negotiate what he wanted.

Nick went to visit Maggie which upset Victor.  Kate talked to EJ and Gabi about her confrontation with Nick and Percy.  EJ wanted to wait to see if Nick dips his hand before they did anything about him and Percy.  Brady went to Danielís apartment.  Theresa showed up.  Brady wanted Theresa to stay so she could drink with him.  He tempted her by telling her he would talk to her about Daniel.  JJís friends wanted him to smoke a joint with them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt apologizes to Patrick for deceiving him about her baby last year. She says Ben and Nikolas changed her. Ignoring Sabrinaís signal to stop talking, Elizabeth blurts out that Sabrina should tell Patrick that she is having his baby. Emma hears and asks Sabrina if it is true. Elizabeth tells Emma that she must be mistaken. Emma shows Sabrina and Elizabeth a picture of a chupacabra on the Internet. Elizabeth says she had never heard of it until a few days ago when Cameron was talking about it. Emma says the stable lady told them that the chupacabra sucks the blood of children. Sabrina assures her that the stable lady made that up, because chupacabras donít really exist. Sabrina tells Patrick the truth about the baby.

Heather moves Carly into the catacombs beneath Wyndemere. She realizes that she left her knife in the stable. She goes to get it, but it's gone. Nikolas has found it and taken it to the house. Alfred tells Nikolas that it isnít one of theirs. Heather goes into the house and sees the knife, but canít get to it. Heather decides to go steal another knife from the Metro Court. Carly tries to fray the rope around her wrists by rubbing it against the pole that she is tied to. Lulu sees a rash on Benís arm. Nikolas tells her that Ben is allergic to latex and many vegetables. They discover that Ben and Dante coincidentally have allergies to several of the same things. Lulu thanks her for convincing her to patch things up with Dante. While going through items confiscated from Francoís hotel room, Dante finds a florist card tucked in a hotel courtesy Bible. The card is from Heather to Carly, telling her to stay away from Franco or else. Dante tells Nathan about Heatherís crimes and says she is locked up in a maximum security institution for the criminally insane. Kiki tells Franco that she saw Heather at Miscavige in a catatonic state, so she canít be the one framing Franco. Franco tells her that isnít possible and confides that he killed Heather with the knife with which Heather was trying to kill Carly. Kiki agrees to create a diversion so that Franco can slip out of the interview room. Dante chases Franco and fires a shot.

Victor Cassadine is at the Drakeís house with two bodyguards. He informs Robin that Helena and Stavros are not dead and that she is going to revive them. Mac drops by Robinís house to deliver a lucky frog charm on a chain that Robert forgot to give her before he left. Robin doesnít tell him that Victor is hiding in the back, because he had threatened to kill her uncle. Victor tells Robin that she will agree to help him, because she will also be helping her friend, Jason Morgan.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Just as Paul and Nick try to pull the man from the car, it explodes. Paul has to hold Nick back from running to the burning car. Jack goes to the police department to see if there is any word on Billy and Adam. Chloe visits Victoria to try to find out something about Billy and Adam. Anita visits Chelsea to lend her some support. The judge enters the room to hear the evidence against Fen before he passes sentence. Michael finds Carmine alive and well in a hotel room. Michael forces himself into the room with Carmine so they can talk. Michael lets Carmine know about the evidence that was found against him. Carmine says he is in the witness protection program and will not return to Genoa City. At the Athletic Club, Devon and Neil discuss how Devon purchased the Athletic Club and what a wise investment it was. Hilary joins them to let them know how bad Victor would be hurting over Adam. Jack asks Kevin how much Adam will get. Victoria lets Chloe know that she doesn’t want Billy to kill Adam. Paul finds it difficult holding Nick back from rushing to the car. Lauren texts Michael with no luck. Lauren speaks to the Judge on Fen’s behalf. Fen also speaks on his own behalf. Michael insists to Carmine he will help Fen one way or the other. Chelsea shows Anita the note Adam left. Nick pays Victoria a visit.

Hilary voices her concern over Jack to Devon and Neil. Nick lets Victoria and Chloe know about the explosion. Paul tells Kevin and Jack that the man in the car wasn’t Billy. Anita lets Chelsea know that she is not to blame for what happened. An “unknown” man walks through the woods and stumbles to the ground. Chelsea falls to pieces over Adam and what happened to them and their marriage. Paul lets Kevin and Jack know that the car is now in the freezing waters of the river, and the body cannot be recovered. An officer brings in a baggie with a watch in it. Jack asks to see the watch and recognizes it. Devon invites Hilary to dinner. Billy makes it home to Victoria. Kevin comforts Chloe when she finds out that Adam is the man burned up in the car. Jack visits Chelsea to tell her the news about Adam. Michael makes it back to Fen’s hearing and shows the judge the videotape of Carmine announcing that he is alive and well. The charges are dropped against Fen.

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