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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope chastises Wyatt for lying to her about the jewel heist. She says what a joke, him the big hero. He claims that is not the reason he did it. He did it for her, to gain more publicity. She scoffs a faked robbery, just who does that. And he kept it from her as he knew how she’d react. He stammers that he has been trying to open up to her on this trip about his mom. He’s not blaming her but she was the only moral example he had and not a great one. He admits it was second nature for him to see the benefits of staging a heist so he went for it like his mother would have. He’s not proud of that but it’s a new feeling since he has met her. Actions have consequences and it sucks when you disappoint someone you care about. He says he loves who he is when he is around her. He says he is sorry and for her to please forgive him. She says everybody makes mistakes; she has made her fair share. But faking a robbery was stupid. He could have been hurt or arrested. She says she could almost forgive him for a robbery gone wrong, but not telling her about it was the big mistake and calculated. He tells her that he only wanted to make her line more of a success and he will never do something like that again. And she has to believe that she changed him and everything turned out okay. He knew the truth might come out but he didn’t want that feeling to stop. He wanted her to be proud of him. She said she only wanted honesty. She says she has been making really big life decisions and now they were all based on a lie. There is a certain kind of trust she needs in a man and she doesn’t know what to do with him. Liam walks back in and says she can leave Wyatt and come back home with him.

Justin shows Ridge the pictures in Paris that he’s dug up on Ridge. Bill is sure that Brooke will be shocked and that relationship will never be the same. She thought she knew him but apparently she didn’t. Still at lunch, Brooke is trying to convince Ridge that they just need to go to Big Bear…no more talking. Just touching and feeling, be alone together and just be themselves. She goes to the ladies' room and Katie picks her chance to go over and say hello to Ridge. She tells him that she is glad he is with Brooke. He needs to work on that. She says a quick hello to Brooke and retreats. Brooke soon gets a phone call from RJ to pick him up at school. Before she leaves she leaves the thought with Ridge that she doesn’t want to pressure him but he should consider moving in so RJ can have his family together again. Ridge says he is not ready for that and he doesn’t want to give RJ false hope. Liam tells Wyatt they’ve had enough time together, it’s time for them to go home. Wyatt tells Liam that he can go home. He and Hope are still on their vacation. And she is capable of making her own decisions and he doesn’t need to come around and start giving orders again. Soon they are shouting at each other and Liam accuses him of kissing Hope in the woods like a Prince Charming but he sees right through him on the inside and now Hope does too. Liam says he has not had divided feelings for a long time now. He’s proven that to Hope and he is not going to prove it to Wyatt too. Wyatt tells him that he doesn’t understand the situation here. Liam is the ex. He’s the guy who messed up time and time again until Hope couldn’t stand it anymore. Now she is with Wyatt. Yes he made a mistake and kept it from Hope but they will work past that. Liam blurts out that Wyatt’s mom trapped him in the elevator and he is sure Wyatt knows that and was in on it too. Wyatt reminds him that his mother acts on her own. Liam says sure they are always putting their heads together and causing trouble. While they are still arguing they hear an engine and it’s Hope who has taken the truck. Bill comes to Brooke’s office and says she is moving back in with him. She has no time for his foolishness and asks him to leave. He tells her that Ridge is not going to come back to her and it isn’t the reason that she thinks. She tells him she just had lunch with Ridge. And yes it will take a little more time but Ridge has no secrets that he is hiding why he was in Paris. Bill hands her a manila envelope with the pictures and asks her to look at them. He says they will blow her away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie wanted Brady to tell Victor about his drinking problem.  Nicole recognized Dr. Chyka on a website she and Daniel were looking at.  Kate and EJ met to talk about Nick.  Brady told Victor that he had a drink while Victor was away.  Brady tried to downplay the amount of drinks he had, but Maggie corrected him.  EJ assured Kate that Abby wouldnít say anything, but he wasnít sure about Nick.  EJ wanted Kate to tell him about her run in with Nick.  Nicole was determined to prove Ericís innocence despite Danielís reservations about investigating Dr. Chyka.  Kate told EJ about her run in with Nick.  Victor was upset that Brady didnít want Maggie as his sponsor anymore.  Eric talked to Father Timothy about his hatred for Kristen and his love for Nicole.  Nicole told Daniel that she and Eric said they loved each other.

When Brady left the room, Maggie told Victor about what happened to Brady.  Victor wasnít sure if the problem was as bad as she made it seem.  Maggie was furious.  Daniel tried to tell Nicole that proving Ericís innocence would keep her from being with Eric, but she wanted to do it anyway.  Nick sent Kate a text about meeting him to negotiate a job.  Kate met him, but she wasnít willing to give him a job.  He thought she was going to change her mind.  Victor and Maggie got in an argument over Bradyís drinking.  Daniel decided to go with Nicole to find Dr. Chyka.  Brady overheard Victor scheming with Maggie to set him up if he drinks again.  Eric continued to talk to Father Timothy about Nicole.  Nick told Kate that he wanted a job, but she refused him again.  The birdwatcher showed up just as Kate was turning him down for a job.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna and Dante take Franco into an interview room and show him the bloody knife with his fingerprints on it. He realizes that it is the knife that he stabbed Heather with and refuses to talk to them without a lawyer. Kiki goes to the Miscavige Institute to see Heather Webber. She sees a person with blonde hair in a straitjacket with her back to the door. The orderly says Heather has been in a catatonic state since Francoís art show. Kiki goes to the police station and reports to Franco that she saw his mother safely locked up in Miscavige. Tracy goes to the police station to report Luke missing. Anna doesnít take her seriously. Luke is the person in the straitjacket and blonde wig at Miscavige.

Lulu goes to Wyndemere looking for Britt. Nikolas says she should have called before taking the launch because Britt is at work. Ben stops crying when Lulu holds him. She notices something on Benís arm. Britt and Elizabeth arrive at the hospital. Britt is soaking wet because Elizabeth pushed her off the boat from Spoon Island into the harbor. Patrick asks Obrecht why she isnít in jail. She candidly responds that she traded information for her freedom. Victor Cassadine shows up at Robinís house and tells her that he is the new director of the WSB. She has never heard of him. He tells her that he is the brother of Nikolasí grandfather, Mikkos Cassadine. He says he orchestrated Dr. Obrechtís release because she had valuable information. He relays that his sister-in-law, Helena Cassadine, and his nephew, Stavros, are cryogenically preserved and that Robin is going to bring them back.

Emma hears Obrecht speaking to Sabrina about her pregnancy and assuming that Patrick is the father. Sabrina tells Emma that her babyís father is her friend Carlos from Puerto Rico. Emma says that since Sabrina is from Puerto Rico, she must know about the chupacabra and how to get rid of it. Spencer and Cameron go to the Wyndemere stables, armed with shovels, to find the Chupacabra. They find Heather with what they believe is the chupacabra squirming in a body bag. They want to see what it looks like. She says it will give them nightmares. They tell her that they are there to kill the chupacabra. She thinks it is a great idea for the boys to kill the chupacabra and gives them her butcher knife. They boys canít go through with it and run away. They run into the main house and announce that there is a chupacabra in the stables. They convince Nikolas to go look. Emma hears Elizabeth asking Sabrina to reconsider telling Patrick that it is his baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tyler arrives at Jack’s house to show support for Abby who is worried that Billy didn’t return home last night. Tyler tells Abby that nothing his ex-girlfriend does makes any difference to him, because he loves her and wants nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend. Abby believes Tyler and they make up. Then Abby decides to leave a message for Tyler’s ex-girlfriend telling her it's time that they meet. Michael and Lauren are not happy that Fen took the plea deal, but they support him. Michael gets a phone call and tells Lauren and Fen he will return in time for the hearing. Michael goes somewhere that looks like a cheap motel. He knocks on a door and Carmine answers.

Jack confronts Victor and tells him that if anything happens to Adam or Billy it will be his fault, because he knew for weeks that Adam was the hit and run driver who killed Delia. Nikki walks into the middle of the conversation; and once Jack leaves, she demands the truth from Victor. When Victor admits to Nikki that he knew the truth, she is very angry saying that he betrayed Victoria to protect Adam, just so that he could spend more time with his grandson. Someone gets out of the car and walks away from Adam’s badly damaged car, but the audience doesn’t see the identity of the survivor of the accident. Nick tells Paul that when Cassie died, he imagined taking Daniel to all of Cassie’s favorite places including her school. Paul and Nick head to Delia’s school and find Adam’s wrecked car. Nick tries to rescue the person inside the car, but Paul tells him to move because the car is about to explode. Once Nick and Paul are out of the way, Adam’s car explodes with someone still inside the car.

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