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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope wonders how Liam found them. Wyatt says enough chit chat. They are in the middle of something so goodbye. Liam says oh he will leave and so will Hope when he tells her what he came to say. Wyatt tells Liam to have a little pride and just leave. Liam says he’s not going to embarrass himself and he’s not going to ask to be alone with Hope. He wants Wyatt to be here for this. It’s about Wyatt and a certain jewelry heist. Rick is with Pam talking about the shipment of emeralds and she blurts out that Wyatt is the problem. He is not the hero. Rick is taken aback and asks why the Wyatt bashing. She says he’s bad for Hope, her line and the company. She has something to show him. Brooke meets Ridge for lunch and she immediately apologizes for putting him on the spot at Katie’s when she drug out her ring and tried to get him to put it back on her finger. She says it’s almost now as if they just met. He says a lot has happened in the last year. She wants to know what he did in Paris. He quips if she is writing a book. She says he just seems to have changed some. They look up and see Caroline come in with Katie. Ridge doesn’t want them to join them and Brooke says good, she just wanted some one on one time with him. Katie spots them too and while she tries to make small talk with Caroline her eyes keep darting over to Ridge. Justin is with Bill at the cliff house. He wants to know how far should he dive. Bill says all the way to the bottom and when he finds something Brooke will be his again. The only one standing in the way of that is Ridge. He is going to a run and wants Justin to keep digging. He is sure he will find something about Ridge in Paris. Rick is astounded at what Pam is showing him about Wyatt. She says there is a fox in the henhouse for sure. Rick says and that fox is on the beach somewhere with his sister. Pam says hopefully they are not alone anymore.

Wyatt asks Liam if this can wait and Liam answers he doesn’t think so. This is about the attempted heist at the Boutique when Wyatt’s attempt at bravery saved the day. Wyatt says enough. He and Hope are going for a walk and Liam better be gone when they get back. Liam tells Wyatt that he is looking like he’s coming undone. Hope wants to know what is going on. Liam shows her the surveillance footage of Wyatt stealing the diamond. He says the robbers were real but they didn’t steal the diamond. Wyatt is the one who faked the heist for publicity and it just so happened that real robbers were there and got caught because Wyatt slipped the diamond in their bag so now they are the culprits. Hope is livid. She begs Wyatt to tell her that is not what happened. All Wyatt can say is that they were thieves and they do belong in jail. Wyatt panics and wants a minute with Hope. Liam tells him his time is up, but Hope asks for a moment. Brooke continues on her campaign of saying yes she did something terrible and she will regret it the rest of her life, but they used to be able to get through these things. She says they haven’t lost what they had….or have they. Ridge keeps glancing at Katie and at different times she looks at him. Caroline talks up a storm about Ridge and what an icon he is. And she can’t imagine him with anyone but Brooke. Liam calls Rick and says he’s at Emerald Bay with Hope. He thinks she is breaking it up with Wyatt right now; at least he hopes she is. Wyatt asks Hope if he can say something. He says he did not do this to hurt her. She says he did just the same. He made a mockery of everything she cared about in one stupid move. He admits it was a stupid prank. She says yes, just look at all the publicity they got from magazines and the internet and now all based on a lie – his lie. He asks her not to blow this out of proportion. She says after all of this time, he still doesn’t understand who she is or what she stands for or maybe this is all a big joke to him. She says she believed in him, she was starting to believe in “us”. She adds that she brought him into her life, into the company. She took a gamble on him and his mother. She ends by saying she gave herself to him, and he gave her a lie. He pleads with her to please wait, not to leave. Katie can’t keep her eyes off Brooke who is trying to play footsie with Ridge. Finally her and Ridge’s eyes meet. Bill comes back from his run and Justin has found something interesting. Bill cannot believe he is seeing what he thinks he sees.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Nicole wanted to investigate the doctors on the list he had in order to clear Eric’s name.  JJ talked to his friends about setting up Theresa.  Rafe went to see Gabi to talk to her about Nick.  Theresa showed up at Daniel’s apartment just as Nicole was about to leave.  Theresa asked if Daniel and Nicole were involved with each other.  Jennifer was furious that JJ was with his friends.  Rafe threatened to keep Nick out of Gabi’s life for good.

Gabi didn’t want Rafe to go after Nick.  He suspected that something was going on that she wasn’t telling him. She blamed herself for Nick’s behavior, but Rafe didn’t want her to.  She wanted Rafe to leave Nick alone.  Rafe said he would protect her and the baby and she wouldn’t have to worry about Nick.  Daniel let Theresa know that they could never have a relationship.  She brought up what happened the night she overdosed.  After they talked, they left his apartment.  Eric talked to a priest about his feelings for Nicole.  The priest wanted to know what happened between him and Kristen.  The priest thought that Eric didn’t have any proof of what Kristen did to him.  Rafe saw Nick at the park.  The priest questioned why Eric wanted to be a priest again.  While Daniel and Nicole were looking at a computer, they saw a picture of Dr. Chyka.  She recognized him as the man who tried to kill her and Eric.  While Dr. Chyka was on the computer, he saw that Eric and Nicole survived what they did to him.  Rafe warned Nick to stay away from Gabi and Arianna.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spencer looks up “Chupacabra” on the Internet. Recalling his promise to Emma that he wouldn’t tell his dad about the woman in the stable, Spencer tells Nikolas that Alfred told him about the Chupacabra. Elizabeth unexpectedly arrives at Wyndemere thinking that Cameron had a play date with Spencer. Cameron tells Spencer that he came to kill the Chupacabra to prove to Emma that he is the better boy. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she overheard something important about a friend and that she doesn’t know what to do with the information. She is not happy about having to share the launch back to shore with Britt. Emma asks her parents how to spell “Chupacabra” so she can look it up on the Internet. Robert goes to the Drake house to tell them that he is leaving town. After they say their goodbyes, Emma continues reading about Chupacabra and discovers that it was first reported in Puerto Rico. Realizing that Sabrina is from Puerto Rico, she asks to go to the hospital with Patrick. After taking Patrick and Emma to the hospital, Robin goes home and finds the front door ajar. She takes out her phone to call the police when a gloved hand grabs her from behind, covering her mouth.

In jail, Silas tells Franco that Ava framed him for attempted murder. Franco says he thought Ava framed him too, but now he is certain that it was someone else. Heather proudly shows Carly the headline about Franco’s arrest. Carly tries to negotiate her release by saying she won’t tell anyone that Heather took her and promising to break up with Franco. Heather doesn’t trust Carly. Spencer and Cameron go into the stable and pick up shovel to slay the chupacabra.

Morgan sends Ava a text message informing her that they are over and then doesn’t respond to any of her messages. Sam goes to Ava’s apartment to confront her about framing Silas. Ava suggests that Silas tried to kill Nina for her money, because she named him sole beneficiary in her will. Sam wonders how Ava knows about this will that the police don’t know about. Ava answers that Silas told her. Sam goes to the jail and asks Silas if Nina has a will leaving everything to him. He says yes. She walks away. Kiki tells Morgan that she believes that Franco loves Carly and wouldn’t hurt her. Ava goes to see Morgan. He tells her that he loves her, but they can’t be together and urges her to leave. Michael harasses Franco at the jail. He vows to kill Franco if anything happens to Carly. Michael tells Kiki that her father is in the cell next to Franco’s. Kiki calls the police and is informed that she cannot see Silas. Kiki tells Michael that something is fishy about his mother’s disappearance. She calls the Miscavige Institute to make an appointment to visit Heather Webber.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan stops by Nikki’s house to tell her that he spoke to Ian Ward and made it clear to him that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Ian stops by Nikki’s place later to tell her that he is staying in town, and he intends to be a part of Dylan’s life despite the lies that she told Dylan about him. Paul continues his search for Adam and tells Jack that Adam is the prime suspect in Delia’s death. Jack figures out that this is the information Victor was using to pressure Adam into staying in town and not going to Paris. Jack asks Avery to stop by his place to ask if she knew that Adam was the one who hit Delia. Avery tells Jack that she had no idea but now she understands why Adam wanted to make Jack Connor’s guardian. Victoria is beside herself wanting to go search for Billy before something terrible happens, but Victor tells her to let the police do their job.

Chloe goes to Chelsea’s place and wonders if she knew that Adam was responsible for Delia’s death. Chelsea tells Chloe she just found out because of the taped confession Adam left for her to watch. Chloe watches the confession and cries, then promises Chelsea that she and Connor won’t be alone because she will help to raise Connor. Billy takes Adam to Delia’s school and tells him about how happy she was before she died and tells him to keep driving because he will make sure that he never sees Connor again. Chloe asks Chelsea to call Adam. Adam gets the call and he and Billy listen to Chelsea say that she knows everything and he should come home. Adam tells Billy that he is also partly to blame for Delia’s death because he left her alone in the car. Billy goes to grab Adam, and they struggle for the gun. The car goes off the road and flips over several times.

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