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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt asks Hope if she noticed – emerald drinks, Emerald Bay. She got it. Charlie says call him wacky but he thinks Emerald Bay may be their destination as emeralds is the focus of Quinn’s latest collection. Liam says it is all making sense now. Brooke drops in at Liam’s to see Bill. He feels a lecture coming on. She asks when did he see Katie last. He’s not sure what she is getting at. She tells him she was just there this afternoon when she asked Ridge to marry her. Bill finds that funny. But he’s not getting back with Katie and he’s not giving up on Brooke either. He tells her just be glad that the hypocrite turned her down. He has one set of standards for himself and another whole less forgiving set for Brooke. She’s too good for him and deserves better. Kick that loser to the curb and don’t look back. He might be interested in something else anyway. He’s certainly not a saint and he might have a whole other life in Paris that Brooke knows nothing about. She says she has complete faith in Ridge so she doesn’t have to ask him anything. Afterwards Bill calls Justin and tells him to dig up what he can on Ridge Forrester ASAP. He has a lot riding on this. He wants to know everything he did in Paris. Liam is high-tailing it out of town on PCH and clearly he has mud in his eyes.

Charlie tells Pam that the security footage is on it’s way to Liam. Pam tells Charlie not to feel guilty about this. It’s all on Wyatt and Morticia. This ain’t gonna fly with Hope as she values honesty above all else. Charlie says Liam is so gonna bust Wyatt and show Hope the real Wyatt. And he hopes Liam introduces Wyatt to two more colors – black and blue. They look at the display of emeralds that Quinn is working with. Pam says Wyatt used Charlie and when Liam is done with him she has a few choice words for Wyatt as well. Wyatt has another surprise for Hope. He gives her a lovely emerald bracelet. She loves it. He says they just took a big step in their relationship….she says Emerald bracelet, Emerald Bay, Diamondhead….she is beginning to see a trend here. It might be really good having a jeweler as a boyfriend. Wyatt says he guesses they are now officially a couple. She gives him a kiss. Liam darkens the door to the trailer and tells Wyatt game over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden and Hope got into an argument over their children.  Sami questioned EJ about Abby, but he was edgy about it.  Nick wanted to work for Kate again, but she wasnít interested.  He made it seem as if she should or else.  Maggie talked to Brady about his drinking problem, but he denied having one.  Nick threatened to make Kateís life miserable if she didnít cooperate with him.  JJ and Abby talked about the guy she was with.  She didnít want to tell him about it.

JJ talked to Abby about Theresa blackmailing him.  He also told her that he was going to get her fired from the hospital.  EJ and Sami talked about Nick.  She was convinced Nick wasnít going to be a problem, but he didnít agree.  While they were arguing, he warned her that things had to change between them.  Nick and Will met at the club.  Nick told Will he was going to prove himself to everyone.  Hope ate with Ciara at the pub and talked to her about Chase.  Abby called EJ to apologize for threatening him.  She said she wasnít going to say anything to Hope.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis goes to Avaís apartment to ask her about Silas. Julian tells Alexis that he asked Ava about framing Silas, but that she didnít admit to anything. He confirms Alexisí assumption that he is helping Sam to get into her good graces. He says that he would do just about anything to have his children and Alexis accept him into their lives. She tries to resist his advances, but ultimately falls into a kiss. When they end up on the sofa, she comes to her senses and runs out of the apartment.

Duke tells Sonny that Anna knows they are working together, because Julian Jerome told her. Sonny says he has never encountered a mob family that would go to the cops. He tells Duke that he doesnít expect him to jeopardize his relationship with Anna, so he is free to walk away. Duke says he isnít going to walk away. He says he would rather risk his relationship with Anna than risk her life. He says it may be a good thing that Robert Scorpio is in town, because he may be able to make Anna see what has to be done. Anna snaps at Robert when he tells her that he doesnít have any news about Obrecht from the WSB. She tells him that she is upset after finding out that Duke is working for Sonny Corinthos, because he feels it is his responsibility to get rid of Julian Jerome. Robert says he canít blame Duke after everything the Jeromes put him through. Anna questions her right to take the moral high ground after what she did to Faison. Robert tells Anna that he is leaving Port Charles tomorrow morning to go help Holly and Ethan.

Dante sees Nathan with his arm around Lulu at the Floating Rib and blows a gasket. Nathan says he just put his arms around a crying woman to comfort her and that he didnít know she was Danteís wife until a few minutes ago. Dante and Lulu make up. After once again having sex, Lucy tells Scott that she canít keep having sex with him behind Kevinís back. Scott says she should get a divorce from Kevin. Franco asks Kevin to hide him. Kevin tells Franco to stay in his office while he goes to figure out where he can go. Kevinís patient, Tina Estrada arrives while Franco is waiting. She recognizes his face but canít place where she has seen him. He says he is Dr. Collinsí new assistant, Steven Lars, and that the doctor had to leave for an emergency. He says she should reschedule her appointment. Kevin goes to Scottís hotel room and tells him about his son, Francoís, request. He says he didnít call the police as a courtesy, because Scott is Lucyís friend. Scott thanks him for the information and asks him to keep Franco occupied in his office. Scott reports Franco's whereabouts to the police. He tells Lucy to go home to her husband. Nathan gets a call about Franco. He and Dante arrest him at Kevin's office. Nathan calls Anna and tells her that they have Franco and are bringing him in.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam and Billy’s emotional confrontation continues at Delia’s memorial site. Adam tells Billy he is haunted by guilt every day over hitting Delia and he is very sorry that he killed her. Adam is eager to go to the police and turn himself in after he admits his guilt to Billy, but Billy wants to know why Adam didn’t come forward when the accident happened. Adam tells Billy that the main reason was that he didn’t want to go to jail and be taken away from his son. Adam says the second reason was because he couldn’t say anything after he and Chloe decided to give Delia’s corneas to Connor, because if he did they probably would not let Connor have Delia’s corneas. Adam doesn’t think Billy is capable of shooting him. Billy tells Adam what he has in mind for him is much worse. Victor tells Victoria that Adam killed Delia; and after Victor finds Billy’s gun missing, Victoria worries that Billy went after Adam.

When Nikki tells Paul that Ian Ward is in Genoa City, she asks him to put Ian back in jail. Nikki wants to press charges against Ian for rape, but Paul tells her it will be difficult to prove, because there were no witnesses, and the statute of limitations may be up. Paul promises Nikki that he will keep an eye on Ian and arrest him as soon as he does something illegal. Dylan meets Ian and tells him to stay away from him, Avery, and Nikki. He makes it clear he doesn’t want any sort of relationship with him. Summer talks to her model friend Esmerelda and tells her she is considering quitting modeling, because there has to be something more to life. Ian overhears Summer’s conversation and after Esmerelda leaves, Ian gives Summer a pamphlet about the path. Michael tells Lauren he has a dangerous plan to find proof that Fen didnít kill Carmine. Michael doesnít want Lauren involved, but she insists on being a part of the plan. Michael tells Lauren that first they must get the second gift bath salts with the words forget me not analyzed by a lab and not say a word to the police.

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