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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Wyatt that she doesn’t want to take anything back; she wants more of it all. He says he is the happiest he has ever been, all because of her. He admits he wasn’t very nice to Liam when they met. He had no excuse but there is a reason. He was so jealous he could not see straight. Liam had her and he wanted her, that’s all he’s got. She says he has redeemed himself. She’s proud to be with him. Pam tells Charlie that it just fries her cookie when someone assumes she is an airhead. She loved how Quinn was fawning all over her at lunch and wanting to be her BFF. She saw right through her little scheme. Quinn bet on the wrong pony this time. They are going to go see Liam. Brooke drops in on Katie and thanks her for supporting her when she asked Ridge to marry her. He’s very disillusioned and needs more time to absolve what happened with Bill. Katie says they always wind up back together so it will happen. But this does not mean she will get back with Bill; too much damage done. She says she is not looking for a man to fill the spaces. She is enjoying her independent life. Brooke notices the poetry books and says that is good for the soul. She needs to hang on to that and embrace it.

Ridge makes a few changes on the models and Rick takes offense that this is not Ridge’s line. And Rick does not want HFTF to look couture. They even get into words over the way Ridge is rejecting Brooke. Ridge says he is having a hard time over what happened with Bill. Rick points out that Ridge has always forgiven her before. It’s as if there is something else he is not saying. Liam is still trying to track Hope down when Charlie and Pam come to his office. Pam tells Liam to go easy on Charlie, but Liam was right, Wyatt stole the diamond. Charlie admits that he lied about the footage not showing anything as Quinn had threatened him that he would lose his job and Hope would be very unhappy. Charlie says he is sorry; all of this is his fault. Liam says no, he knew all along Wyatt was involved. Now he needs to get this information to Hope. He calls Caroline who did actually see Hope and Wyatt leave. All she knows and tells Liam is they went South on PCH, something about a Surfing Safari. Wyatt tells Hope that he doesn’t want to go back. He likes her here all to himself with no ex boyfriend or mothers, just the road. It doesn’t get better than this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick talked to Gabi about the things they used to do.  EJ confronted Abby about her blackmailing him.  He warned her that she was playing a dangerous game that she would lose.  JJ set his plan in motion to set up Theresa.  EJ wanted Abby to tell him what it would take to keep her quiet.  She told him he knew what it would take.  They ended up kissing each other.  Stefano and Kate met at the DiMera mansion.  He wanted her to have dinner with him.  Nick questioned Gabi about what happened the night he left for New York.  EJ and Abby were about to have sex when someone tried to open the closet.

While JJ and Theresa were at his house, Bev was at the hospital with Anne.  Nick asked Gabi for another chance.  Stefano said Chad wanted Kate to have dinner with him.  She refused, but he told her to drop by anytime.  She left the mansion.  Someone called out in the closet while EJ and Abby were making out.  Nick tried to convince Gabi that he changed. Theresa was suspicious of JJís behavior.  When she was about to leave, Roman was there.  Roman reminded her that she and JJ were supposed to stay away from each other.  When she left, Roman warned JJ to stay away from Theresa.  When Anne left her office, Bev stuck an envelope in Theresaís mailbox.  Kate ran into Nick at the town square. He wanted to talk to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tells Sam that Lulu left him. She encourages Dante to believe that Lulu will come back. Nathan calls someone and tells them that he finally has Silas Clay behind bars. Lulu goes into the Floating Rib to get take-out for Bobbie and Lucas. She sits with Nathan and drinks. She reveals that she is Danteís wife and tells him about the baby ordeal. She says she misses Dante and wants to go home, but that being home only reminds her that she lost Connie and can never have a child. She says she feels like a failure, because she canít give Dante the family that he wants. He lets her put her head on his shoulder and cry. Dante walks in and sees them.

TJ concludes that Rafe is the person who told the police that TJ was at the warehouse the night of the shootout. Rafe admits that he did it to get TJ out of the picture, because he wants to be with Molly. Molly tells Rafe that after this, she canít be friends with him. Anna confronts Duke about working for Sonny. She says he has to stay out of it and let the police handle it. He points out that so far, the police have done nothing about Julian Jerome. He tells her that he is sick of being the victim that Anna comes to rescue. He says he wants his power back, and he wants to be the man he used to be. He tells her that he canít stop working with Sonny until everyone he loves is safe from Julian.

Ava pulls a gun on Julian and says Morgan told her that Julian threatened to harm his loved ones if he didnít continue working for him. She says she is one of Morganís loved ones, so if she pulls the trigger, it would be self-defense. Julian says Ava has gone soft. He tells her that he was surprised to learn that she is framing Silas 20 years after trying to kill his wife, because he chose Sam over her. She doesnít confirm or deny it. Julian says that Morganís meeting with Sonny can only have two outcomes. Either Sonny kills him for his betrayal or Sonny takes him back and defends him from them. He notes that either way, it will be the end of her relationship with Morgan. She is confident that Morgan would sooner turn his back on his father than break up with her. Morgan tells Sonny that he only stayed with the Jeromes because Julian threatened to hurt Carly or Michael. Sonny says he hadnít considered that, since Morgan has been so eager to be a part of the Jerome organization. Morgan says he doesnít know what to do. Sonny tells him that he will handle it, but that Morgan has to be done with both Julian and Ava. Morgan tries to defend his relationship with Ava, but Sonny says it isnít negotiable and that he wonít take him back if he is still with her. Morgan sends Ava a text message telling her that it is over.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

As Sharon hugs Nick, she sees Cassie peering in the window at them and suddenly pulls away. Nick asks what is wrong. Chloe visits Kevin at the police department and wants him to stop Adam and Chelsea from leaving town. Chelsea watches the video that Adam left and is shocked to learn that he was the one who hit and killed Delia. There is a knock on the door and it is Victor, who has come to see Adam. At the Athletic Club, Devon commends Hilary on the work that she is doing for the fundraiser. Lily and Kelly at a nearby table also discuss the fundraising ideas. Victoria gets a visit from Stitch, who stopped by to check on Billy. Billy orders Adam to tell him what he is sorry about. Nick asks Sharon what she saw outside, but she refuses to tell him that she saw Cassie. Faith comes downstairs and lets them know that she heard a sound outside. Victoria voices her concern over Billy’s whereabouts. Victoria offers to cook Stitch dinner. Chelsea orders Victor to leave but he refuses and instead asks her what she is so upset about. Chelsea goes to pieces and seeks comfort in Victor’s arms. Billy demands answers from Adam about the night that Delia was killed. Lily is unnerved when she sees Devon with Hilary. Kevin orders Chloe to go home, but she refuses until she gets some answers. Victor comforts Chelsea. Adam tells Billy to take him to the police department, and he will tell them everything. Adam gets down on his knees and begins to tell Billy what happened.

Devon introduces Hilary to Kelly. Lily hurls insulting remarks in Hilary’s direction. Devon calls them down while Kelly tries to hide her laughter. Victoria asks Stitch to learn her how he can pull a coin from Johnny’s ear. Stitch promises he will. Adam begins to tell Billy everything about the night that he hit and killed Delia. When Billy asks him about the scarf, Adam reveals that he burned it. The police arrive at Chelsea’s but Victor handles the situation by telling them that Adam is not there. Chloe demands answers from Kevin, but he refuses to tell her anything until the two officers come back in and tell Kevin that they are watching Adam’s building. Chloe insists on knowing what is going on. Kevin breaks down and tells her that it was Adam who hit and killed Delia. Adam confesses to Billy as he holds the gun on him.

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