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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In their tent, Hope and Wyatt bask in the glow of their lovemaking. Later, she thanks him for this trip and getting away. She really needed it. She could get used to life on the road. He made her feel very comfortable and loved. He says he used to like to get always for peace and solitude, now it’s an adventure. While Katie watches, Brooke takes her ring and hands it to Ridge and says just make them a family again and say he will marry her. He doesn’t speak but finally gives it back to her and says he told her he needed more time. She says they have wasted a year so they should not wait another minute. Katie even tells Ridge this is what they do but they always find their way back to each other, so just marry her. Brooke says he made a mistake by leaving her, and she’s made some huge mistakes but RJ wants them to be a family again so they should just do it. Put their mistakes behind them and marry her again. She promises Katie and Ridge that she will never go down that Bill road again. Ridge says he can’t get past what they did the first time, so no marriage for now. Quinn jumps into the conversation with Pam and Charlie and tries to get Pam to see that this is like a scene in a romance novel. Wyatt did something wrong with a silly prank, but it was for Hope and publicity for FC. No one got hurt so they can just keep this little secret between the three friends. Pam finally agrees but as soon as Quinn hugs her and leaves, she tells Charlie they are going to tell Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone at the christening was surprised to see Nick at the church.  Hope asked Nick where he had been.  He said he was looking for Hope at the police station and he was told that she was at the church.  Hope and Julie noticed the scar on his head and wanted to know what happened.  Everyone panicked when Nick explained what happened to him.  Jordan and Sheryl talked about Jordanís relationship with Rafe.  Julie wanted to know why Nick didnít get in touch with anyone.  Hope wanted to take Nick out so they could talk.  Nick thought Gabi fainted because she saw him.  Julie wanted to know what happened between him and Gabi.  Nick said that he set up Gabi to go to New York.  He let everyone think he was the one at fault for everything that happened.  He said he was back in Salem and he was going to turn his life around.  Kate, Sami, and Gabi were nervous.  Jordan and Rafe spent time together.  EJ wanted to talk to Abby to see what was going on with her.  Sami told EJ to do whatever it takes to change her mind.  When everyone left the church, Hope wanted to know where Nick was.

Nick said he wanted to show up and surprise everybody.  Hope wanted to make sure he was going to go to therapy.  At the DiMera mansion, everyone questioned Nick being back.  They were relieved that Nick wasnít dead so they thought they were in the clear.  Abby apologized for accusing EJ of killing Nick.  He noticed something bothering her.  She thought someone tried to kill Nick.  Gabi was still worried about Nick going to the police.  Sami and Kate were able to convince Gabi not to worry about Nick. Hope questioned Nick about what happened to him.  Abby admitted that she wanted to sleep with EJ again.  She was convinced he felt the same way.  When he didnít return the feeling, she said she was going to tell Hope about the story he told her about Gabi and Nick in case it helped Nick remember what happened.  When Abby left to look for T-shirts for a 5k run, EJ showed up.  Nick and Gabi ran into each other at the park.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Olivia that Morgan is a traitor and that he is still working for the Jeromes. He says that it doesnít matter that Morgan is his son; he canít tolerate a betrayal like that. She advises him not to decide the punishment while he is angry. Julian wonders if Sonny is angry enough about Morganís betrayal to kill him. Julian leaves to make Duke pay for the beating he gave Julian. Anna tells Duke that she knows he wasnít at Wyndemere. He says he was embarrassed to tell her that he was on the docks brooding about not having found a job yet. Julian tells Anna that Duke assaulted him and that he works for Sonny. Morgan tells Ava that he tried to quit, but Julian said there would be serious consequences if he did. He reveals that Julian threatened his family. Ava tries to give him a gun to take for protection when he goes to see Sonny, but he refuses to take it. She blurts out that she loves him.

Rafe sees Nathan arrest Silas at Kellyís. TJ wonders if Silas killed someone, since his brother was a serial killer. Rafe points out that TJís guardian is a hit man. He lets slip that he knows what happened at the warehouse. Sam advises Silas to have Alexis represent him instead of Diane. Silas agrees that the new DA is eager to get a win against Diane. Scott tells Nathan that he doesnít have enough evidence against Silas to go to trial, but allows him to detain Silas for 48 hours while he tries to secure something solid. Sam tells Julian that his sister is trying to frame Silas and asks him to find out whatever he can about it.  When Julian gets back to Avaís place, she pulls a gun on him. She says he threatened Morganís family so now she is threatening her own family.

Lucy confronts Felicia about telling Mac that she slept with Scott. Felicia says she couldnít lie to Mac. Felicia concludes that Lucy must have been in Scottís room when it happened and asks her if she slept with Scott again. Lucy says it will never happen again and asks Felicia and Mac not to say anything to Kevin. Lucy goes to Scottís place to tell him that they are over. He observes that she could have said that on the phone and concludes that it was just an excuse to see him. She goes inside.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea visits Chloe to say good-bye. At the police department, Paul and Kevin discuss what was in Billy’s blog on the internet. Billy visits Adam and asks him where he thinks he is going. Sharon is in the process of exercising when Nick comes to visit her. She asks him how Summer is. At the Athletic Club, Jack is joined by Hilary. Jack lets her know that Kyle quit his job at Newman. Jack voices his concern over Adam and what Victor has on him. Adam insists that he has somewhere to be but Billy stops him. Chloe notices Chelsea’s wedding ring. Chelsea tells Chloe that she and Adam got remarried. Hilary tells Jack that he is right that something is going on with Adam. Kyle joins them. Before he leaves, Jack tells them to find Jill. Kyle confronts Hilary that she has a “thing” for Jack. Nick and Sharon discuss her bipolar disorder and how she is doing better with medication. Nick and Sharon are just about to kiss when they get a visit from Jack and Summer, who got out of the hospital early. At the coffeehouse, Noah runs into Courtney, who asks about Summer. Chloe and Chelsea argue over the fact that Chelsea and Adam are moving to Paris. Chloe demands to know what Adam is running from. Paul insists to Kevin that they will find Delia’s killer.

Summer thanks Sharon for her help in finding her and getting her help. Courtney denies taking drugs to Noah but he demands to know what is going on with her. Courtney kisses Noah which lets him know that she still has feelings for him. Hilary denies that she wants Jack. Kyle reminds Hilary that Jack is involved with Phyllis. At the police department, Kevin and Paul find out that Adam was indeed the one who hit and killed Delia. Billy pulls a gun on Adam and orders him to come with him. At the Abbott house, Jack and Summer discuss how Phyllis would have reacted to Summer’s taking drugs. Noah refuses to let Courtney go. Chelsea lets Chloe know that Connor is not her son and never will be. Paul stops Kevin from going after Adam himself. Billy forces Adam to drive but won’t reveal where they are going. Chelsea apologizes to Chloe for her remark. Billy forces Adam to drive to the site where he hit and killed Delia. Chelsea comes home and finds the videotaped confession that Adam made that he hit and killed Delia. Sharon hugs Nick but sees Cassie peering at them through the window. Sharon draws away.

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