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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Wyatt that she is so glad she said yes to this trip. He is glad too as their adventure is just beginning. He pulls her closer and kisses her. Pam and Quinn continue with their lunch. The waiter pours more wine. Pam tells Quinn if there is anything sheíd like to get off her chest, people tell her that sheís a really good listener. Quinn says itís not easy for her. She was really young when she had Wyatt and she had no one to teach her how to be a parent. He became her whole reason for living and they have accomplished a lot, but it hasnít always been easy having her as a mother.  Itís a fine line between is she being supportive or smothering him. She admits she was scared she might lose Wyatt when he became interested in Hope but Hope is so nice that then Quinn really got carried away with wanting them together. They drink more wine and Quinn convinces Pam that if she doesnít have to go right back to work there are a few more places sheíd like to take her. Sheíd really like to have her as a friend and she offers a toast to that. They go shopping and Pam has the time of her life trying on clothes, jewels, scarves, fur wraps and polishing it off with a mani/pedi. Hope and Wyatt cuddle on the sand and she asks what is next. He says that is the beauty. They have no itinerary, no schedule, no maps or agenda. He says itís just the two of them and they can do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. They walk on the beach and see some dolphins swimming just offshore. Wyatt says this is supposed to be freedom for her but he also doesnít want her to feel too disconnected. She says no, she loves it. Everything she needs is right here. Rick explains to his mother that Hope has been through a lot so he told her it would be okay for her to get away with Wyatt. She let go of Liam in Hawaii but this trip may mean she is ready to take it to the next level with Wyatt. And from everything he has seen, he doesnít seem like the type to play around with her feelings. Heís very protective. Ridge shows up at Katieís and says she left her phone at his house and her secretary said she was working from home today. She invites him in and even shows him a pile of books on her coffee table that she drug out and was reading. She says that is probably not the effect he usually has on women. Brooke opens her purse and brings out her engagement ring and shows Rick. She says it is the ring that Ridge gave her when he proposed in Italy. He did not ask for it back and she kept it. When Rick shakes his head, she says Ridge left and she let him go. He stayed away and she did not push him. Now heís back and she is here. He says he needs a little more time, but she canít wait any longer. Ridge tells Katie that nobody has been more loyal to her family than she has. Sheís strong and itís a beautiful thing to see. He answers his phone and itís Brooke saying she needs to see him. He muses that now is not a good time; heís with Katie. Brooke thinks that is good that he is with her as she needs someone to talk to but this really canít wait. And time is not the answer for them. Ridge says he will stop by later. Katie tells Ridge to go to Brooke now; she needs him. She can see why Brooke has loved him all these years. Heís a good guy and decent and after all she has been through with Bill, itís good to be around a man who still treats women with respect and kindness. Brooke walks in and says she just couldnít wait. Katie stammers that Ridge was just about to leave to go see her. Brooke says ok, but she just had to come and itís okay if Katie hears this too. Ridge looks uncomfortable but Brooke continues. She knows he asked for more time, but she feels he has put up this wall and she thinks it is time that it came down. She brings out the ring and reminds him of when he gave it to her in the olive groves of Italy. She says they can do this. They just need to take those mistakes and put them behind them and move forward. They donít have to wait; just do it. Just take this ring and put it on her finger and just say that he will marry her. 

Charlie is cross with Pam when she and Quinn come back from their long lunch. He also doesnít like the fact that Pam was with her! He does not want them to be good friends. In fact, he tells Pam to definitely stay away from Quinn; sheís trouble and so is Wyatt. Quinn closes the door and tells them that Wyatt is not trouble. Pam doesnít know why he is saying these things. Charlie says he has been hiding something from her, but he canít do it any longer. Quinn breaks in and asks Pam to please listen to her. She asks her to remember at lunch when they were talking about Wyatt and getting carried away. Well, Wyatt did something. It wasnít malicious, but it was wrong. Now he and Hope are so happy, so she is begging Pam not to listen to Charlie but to hear her out first. Wyatt and Hope walk a little, dance a little on the beach then sit and roast marshmallows over the fire and exchange them with each other. And kiss some more. He tells her all of his life he has wanted to get out and find his own peace and solitude, something that changes him. But now he realizes it isnít a place that changes you but a person. He vows that he has found all his peace and satisfaction right there in her eyes. Her eyes tell the truth and all is good in the world. The closer he gets, the more he feels it. He kisses her on the lips, then her shoulders and her neck, her tummy and her leg. He pulls the flap to the tent closed. She takes off his shirt, he kisses her more. She arches her back as he lays her down and they both smother each other with kisses.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was worried that Julie knew what happened.  Sami and Kate tried to make Gabi feel better about Julie knowing everything.  Hope questioned Abby about Nickís texts.  When Hope finished questioning EJ, Abby told EJ that she was still going to talk to Hope.  Hope was suspicious of EJ being at the church.  When EJ kept defending Gabi, she wondered why he did it.  Abby talked to Sonny and Will about Gabi and Nick.  Will wanted to know if Abby talked to Hope and she said she would talk to her after the christening.  Gabi was nervous when she found out she had to talk to Hope.  Kate and Sami told her not to worry and stick to the story.  Hope questioned why EJ was so close to Gabi and he told her.

Everyone showed up for Ariannaís christening.  Abby warned EJ again that she was going to talk to Hope.  While Arianna was getting christened, Gabi thought of what happened to Nick.  Kate, Sami, and EJ talked about Abby talking to Hope.  Kate told EJ to shut Abby up again, but he refused.  When Kate and Sami were suspicious, he agreed to try.  EJ wanted to talk to Abby.  EJ tried to talk Abby out of talking to Hope, but she was adamant.  When he wanted her to wait, she thought it was so he could sleep with her.  He turned it around and asked why she slept with him.  She said she did it because she wanted to.  He got her frazzled so she got away from him.  When she was about to talk to Hope, Nick showed up at the church.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucas finds Brad at the hospital and kisses him. Brad tells him not to come on so strong at his workplace. They talk about meeting last night in the Floating Rib and finding out that they are both adopted and their biological fathers are notorious gangsters, Bradís being Kim Wu of the Triad in Little China in the Asian Quarter of Port Charles. Brad says he doesnít regret finding answers about his biological parents but he hates that his search hurt his adoptive parents. Brad tells Felix that Lucas is a patient. Lucas wonders if Felix is the guy that Brad said he didnít have a chance with. Brad says his luck changed today. Lucas concludes that he might still have a chance with Brad since itís only his first date with Felix. Mac pressures Felicia into telling him that Lucy slept with Scott once while she was separated from Kevin. She asks Mac not to say anything because Lucy is committed to working things out with Kevin and it isnít their place to interfere. Lucy goes to Scottís hotel room and asks him why he threw his son under the bus. He tells her that he wanted to give Franco the benefit of the doubt because he has other suspects, but Anna forced his hand after Michael threatened to hold a press conference accusing him of putting Carly in danger to protect his son. He tells her that it isnít fair of her to come to his hotel room when she has made it clear that she isnít interested in having more than friendship with him. They end up in bed again. She hides when Mac knocks on the door. Mac punches Scott and tells him to stay away from Lucy.

Sam asks the pharmacist, Mr. Nakamura, who filled the prescription that put Nina Clay in a coma if he recognizes Ava Jerome in a picture. Nathan West joins them at their table in Kelly's. Nakamura says he has seen Ava before, but that he never filled a prescription for her. He does recall filling a liquid antidepressant prescription for Dr. Clay. Dr Clay goes into Kellyís. Nathan recounts what Mr. Nakamura said. Silas wonders why Nakamura has such vivid memories of one particular prescription from 20 years ago. He finds it suspect that Nathan just happens to be at the place where Sam had a meeting with a witness who just happens to back up the story that Nathan made up. Sam agrees that Nakamuraís statement doesnít make sense. She asks him why he didnít call the police if he thought the prescription and Mrs. Clayís illness were related. He says he didnít want to get involved. Nathan arrests Silas.

Julian goes to the docks where Morgan said Duke would be waiting for Carlos. As Julian holds a gun on Duke, Shawn comes up behind him and disarms him. Sonny comes down the stairs. Julian concludes that Sonny set him up. Sonny says he might not be able to kill Julian, but he can still give him a beat down. He gives Duke first crack at Julian while Shawn holds him. Julian goes back to Avaís apartment bloodied and bruised. He says Sonny was expecting him, which means that either Sonny is onto Morgan or Morgan was in on the set up. Ava defends Morgan who wonders what he will do now that Sonny is aware of his disloyalty. Still on the docks, Sonny, Shawn, and Duke discuss their disappointment in having their suspicions about Morgan confirmed. Duke asks what Sonny is going to do about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Anita takes pictures after the wedding so that Adam and Chelsea can have some memories of it. Chelsea leaves the courthouse and asks Adam to take Connor home, because she has errands to run before their flight to Paris tonight. Adam thanks Jack for being the father that Victor never was to him. Jack wishes Adam a happy life in Paris with his family. Victor arrives at the courthouse and tells Jack he will make sure he pays for making Summer sick. Jack tells Victor he is not to blame for what happened to Summer, but he does believe that the responsibility lies with the person who heads the company that is selling the pills that young girls are buying. Jack tells Victor that he is happy that Adam is moving to Paris tonight and getting away from his bad influence. Victor tells Adam that if he doesn’t stay in town, he will go to the police and tell them that he killed Delia. Adam is at home later and tells Connor that he loves him and his mommy very much, but he must go away for a little while and pay for his crime. Adam leaves a note for Chelsea and the video of his confession. Billy, who has figured out the truth, is outside Adam’s door just as he is leaving to go to the police station.

Ian Ward tells Nikki that she should have told him she was pregnant and something wonderful came out of their beautiful night together. Nikki tells Ian that he is an awful man who uses spirituality to take advantage of people when in reality he isn’t spiritual at all, then she slaps him in the face and asks him to leave. Ian tells Nikki he is staying in town for a little while because he wants to meet Dylan. Nikki later goes to Crimson Lights and tells Dylan that Ian Ward is in town. Kyle tells Jack that they have proof that Viva Surge experienced increased sales after Bonaventure became part of Newman Chancellor. Jack tells Kyle they must plan this very carefully, so Victor doesn’t know what is coming, but he will pay for hurting Summer. Kyle sees Victor and tells him that he quits his job. Victor tells Kyle that he knew that he was spying for Jack the entire time he worked for Newman Chancellor.

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