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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn notices Charlie alone looking at some papers. She tries to compliment him by saying he’s doing a good job. The Forrester's picked a good man. She tells him he needs to forget what happened at the boutique. He has nothing to be ashamed of. He spews except for the fact he is keeping the dirty little secret of her son. Now Wyatt has Hope and Liam has nothing. And he helped her son pull that off. Quinn tells him that he did Forrester a big favor that paid a huge dividend. Charlie argues that was no publicity stunt. That was a crime and two men are in jail because of it. He says he is an officer of the law and he can’t live with this. She gets in his face and demands that he will. Pam walks up and Charlie is gruff with even her and leaves. Liam rushes home thinking he will find Hope there. He only finds Caroline who is making herself at home. She says she saw Wyatt and Hope in that ridiculous trailer along PCH. She tells Liam that she is not taking sides but in her vast field of knowledge about such things if he wants to win Hope over he has to let her go. Wyatt parks the truck and makes sure it is safe while Hope sits on a huge boulder by the water. Wyatt takes some selfies including some of them kissing. They drive a little further and find a spot to permanently park. Wyatt hops out and opens the door for her. She puts a block of wood under the tires to maintain it and Wyatt puts stakes in the ground to set up their site. One of them grabs the football and they start their frolic in the sand. She jumps in his arms and he carries her piggyback. Soon they are not worried about the football; they kiss. Quinn butters Pam up by saying just leave Charlie alone for a bit; he’s probably just overworked. She tells Pam that she is too with all these executives she has to please around here. She deserves a break so she is inviting her out to lunch, girlfriend, and lunch is on her. Pam says that sounds better than her baloney sandwich so okay.

Liam tells Caroline that he knows Quinn’s footprint by now. There is nothing she won’t do including bringing Steffy back from Paris and now locking him in the elevator. Caroline asks if he thinks Wyatt is aware of his mother’s insanity and he says yes of course he is. He’s covering for her. Caroline thinks he might be just a teeny bit jealous. He says this is so far past jealousy. He’s worried about Hope’s safety. With as any tricks as Quinn has pulled there is no telling what she might do. Maybe he’s being melodramatic but he knows he and Hope are not finished and he thinks Quinn knows that too. He loves her too much so he has to protect her. Wyatt has Hope close her eyes while he guides her into the trailer “Rock and Roll”. He shows her the fridge, the stove, the bed and she is wild with glee and says it is so him. She says she loves it. He’s happy as this will be Home Sweet Home for a little while. While on that subject he says he has never opened up much about his mom but since Hope is the only one that matters, he’d like to say more. She’s a woman who is pretty wrapped up in her son. But she loves Hope because he does. He just doesn’t want Hope to get nervous if Quinn gets a little…..overprotective. He tells her he is so sorry that Quinn sent her the Liam video he sent Steffy or brought Steffy back from Paris. He even says the reason their company never really took off is because of her people skills. Hope wants to know what he means. He explains by saying his mother sold some gems one time that weren’t exactly what she claimed they were. Hope asks if Wyatt was aware of it. He says he had no part in it but he didn’t stop it either. They were just barely getting by. He’s never done anything like that since meeting Hope and he wants her to know who he is. There is the Wyatt then and the Wyatt now, two different people. And the difference is her. She asks if there is anything else he wants to tell her. He says no and he hopes he has not ruined his chances by telling her that. She says no, honesty never messes up anything with her. They both have some very interesting parents so if he doesn’t fault her for hers she won’t fault him for his. He says deal! He gives her a big box and says not to open it up until he is ready. At lunch, Quinn confides in Pam that she doesn’t have many friends and not even at FC as they are sort of stuck up. She really likes Pam and wants to call her a friend. She makes a toast to friendship. They eat their lunch, drink a little more wine and start confessing some of their really bad times; things they did that were kind of nasty. Quinn says she does not like to talk about it but since they are friends and she knows she can trust Pam, it’s about her son. Hope comes out of the trailer looking for Wyatt. She has on this gorgeous billowy white see thru two piece gown. She sees him in the distance setting up a lean-to tent. She thanks him for this; it’s so au natural. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ was shocked that Abby accused him of killing Nick.  She wanted to know what was going on if he didnít kill Nick.  Julie questioned Gabi about Nick.  Gabi didnít want to talk to Julie anymore.  EJ swore to Abby that he didnít kill Nick.  She wanted to know why no one heard from Nick.  Out of the blue, she suspected that Gabi killed Nick.  Hope and Aiden got into an argument over Ciara bullying his son Chase.  When Hope tried to make things right between them, he refused to meet her halfway.  EJ tried to avoid answering Abbyís question about Gabi murdering Nick.  Abby wanted to know how EJ heard about Nick in New York.  When he gave her an excuse, she believed that Julie was right about Nick.  She also realized that EJ slept with her to keep her from talking to Hope.  Hope and Aiden continued to argue until he warned her to keep Ciara from his son.  EJ said he wouldnít have used her the way she assumed, but she didnít believe it.  Abby left the mansion while he was on the phone.  She went to the church to look for Julie.

Gabi showed up at the DiMera mansion to tell him that Julie knew everything.  EJ thought Julie didnít know anything, but Gabi believed she did.  He assured her that everything was going to be okay. Julie met Hope to talk about her suspicions about Nick and Gabi.  Hope agreed to ask around off the record.  EJ and Gabi left to find Abby.  When they got to the church, he wanted to talk to Abby alone.  He told her that he slept with her because he couldnít help himself and not just to stop her from talking to Hope.  She thanked him for telling her that, but she still wanted to tell Hope everything she knew because Nick is her cousin.  Hope and Julie were at the church while EJ and Abby were talking.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt wants to quit her job because she canít work with her mother as her boss, but she goes to work anyway after making love to Nikolas. Sam and Silas think Dr. Obrecht must have leverage over someone. Sam tells Silas that she has contacted Mr. Nakamura, the pharmacist who filled the prescription that Silas is accused of writing for himself. Anna tells Nathan West that the evidence that he has wonít stand up in court. She gives him one week to wrap up his case, because she needs him working on current cases. Nathan gets on the hospital elevator with Silas and pulls the emergency button to stop the car. He tells Silas to confess to attempting to murder his wife. Silas tells him to stop harassing him and to go find out who really put his wife in a coma. He tells him to start with Ava Jerome. Nathan says Silas is throwing the mother of his child under the bus for his crime. When a maintenance worker opens the elevator and Obrecht asks who stopped it, Nathan says he did, so he could question Dr. Clay about trying to kill his wife. Obrecht severely scolds him for monopolizing hospital property and the most talented doctor on staff. She tells him to investigate Dr. Clay on his own time and not in her hospital. When West leaves, Obrecht gleefully asks Silas if he really tried to kill his wife. He tells her that his wife is in a coma, but that he didnít cause it. Mr. Nakamura meets Sam at Kellyís. Sam shows him a picture of Ava Jerome and asks him about the prescription that put Silas Clayís wife in a coma.

Julian tells Ava that he met his son. Bobbie is shocked when Sam tells her that Lucas talked to Julian. Lucas is disappointed that he had to be blindsided, because Bobbie didnít tell him that Julian is alive. He says he is curious so he is going to get to know his biological father and decide for himself what he thinks of him. Brad is surprised to see Dr. Obrecht at General Hospital. Felix sees Obrecht bullying Brad and tells her to leave him alone and that HR might consider this a hostile workplace environment. Felix apologizes to Brad for getting in the middle of his business with Britt. Felix asks Brad to go out on a date and tells him to pick the place. Brad makes a reservation at the Metro Court. Lucas finds Brad and says he didnít give him a proper goodbye this morning and kisses him.

Ava and Morgan miss each other. Sonny tells Duke that he can talk in front of Morgan. Sonny says they are striking back against the Jeromes tonight, using Carlos as bait. Julian tells Ava that Morgan hasnít brought them any information about Sonny and that if that doesnít change, he will have to reconsider their arrangement. Morgan tells Julian that Duke Lavery is working for Sonny and that they are going to strike tonight. Anna sees Duke talking to Sonny on the docks. Duke says he just got off the launch from Spoon Island after a job interview with Nikolas. Nikolas goes to the station to talk to Anna about Obrecht. Anna thanks him for interviewing Duke earlier. Nikolas tells her that Duke wasnít at Wyndemere today. Duke waits for Carlos on the docks, but Julian arrives instead and points a gun at Duke.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan tells Avery he respects Nikki, but he isn’t ready for her to be his mother yet. When they get back home, he will tell her that he has stopped searching for Ian Ward. Nikki and Victoria meet with Cane, Devon, and Lily to plan the fundraiser for the Delia project. Devon agrees to sponsor the fundraiser, and then everyone discusses a theme for the event but can’t all agree. Hilary suggests a fairytale theme once Upon a Winter’s Evening and Victoria and Nikki love the idea and decide that should be the theme for the event. Lily doesn’t like the idea just because Hilary suggested it and gets upset with Cane for agreeing with Devon, Victoria, and Nikki. Billy goes to the police station with the printouts from the online grief support group and asks Kevin to track down anonymous using his computer skills. Kevin says he will get to it once the DMV gets back to him about a lead in the case.

Billy cajoles Kevin into telling him about the witness who saw a black SUV whose license plate began with a G. Kevin tells Billy that he thinks the witness saw a 6 not a G and is waiting for the DMV to confirm his hunch. Jack tries to persuade Adam to stay in Genoa City and not rush his marriage and leave for Paris tonight. Adam tells Jack that once his family is in Paris, Jack won’t have to worry about keeping Connor safe from Victor. Billy sees Adam, Chelsea, and Connor at the courthouse. Chelsea tells him she wants to marry Adam before they leave for Paris tonight. Adam and Chelsea get married with the only guests present being Anita and Jack, but it is still a lovely ceremony. Hillary and Kyle find documents that prove that Bonaventure started selling Viva Surge after Newman Chancellor acquired the company. Kevin calls the DMV and they tell him they have not started working on his request yet, so he decides to start tracking down the identity of the anonymous message board poster. Ian Ward arrives in Genoa City, and Nikki is startled when he walks over to say Hello to her at the Athletic Club. Billy is walking through the parking lot when he notices Connor dropped his stuffed elephant on the pavement, so he finds Adam’s car and goes to put the stuffed animal into it. Once that is done, he walks to the back of the car and notices that Adam’s license plate starts with a 6.

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