Wednesday 1/22/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the Sky Lounge, Wyatt is still looking at his Airstream below when Oliver walks up and asks what’s so fascinating. Wyatt shows him his baby. He says he just bought it and he’s taking Hope on a little trip. Things are getting better all the time. Oliver says persistence must be paying off. Wyatt laughs yes and all without Liam….work, the press and even well meaning parents. He and Hope need this time alone to make it to that next commitment. Oliver wishes him well on his road trip. Hope lets herself into Liam’s house but finds no Liam. She sits on the couch and flips through a magazine. She smiles at a picture of the two of them. She opens a little box and takes out a knight in shining armor and lays it aside the picture. Maya is waiting for the freight elevator since the main one has an out of order sign on it. Oliver walks by and tells her that he has something to show her…..some beautiful photos of her in exquisite gowns. She tells him he is a very talented photographer. He says he’s just there to shoot, she’s the attraction. The camera loves her and she’s the easiest subject he’s ever had. Quinn comes out and chastises Wyatt for still being there. She had told him to hi-tail it to Liam’s to pick up Hope before Liam got home. He says he is waiting for the final vehicle check. He says she looks flushed. She says she is okay. But he needs to go as Hope has agreed to meet Liam. Wyatt doesn’t think he is threatened. He tells Quinn that he and Hope are in a great place. She is with him now. Quinn says now is not the time to get overconfident. Liam knows how to push Hope’s buttons…..not that he’s going to be pushing any. Wyatt says Liam is probably already at home by now. Quinn says no, she happens to know he’s still in the building, he got distracted. Wyatt needs to get his butt over to Liam’s and pick up his girlfriend and get on the road. This is no time to get complacent. Hope and Liam break up all the time but they also always get back together. He’s asking her if she is implying that Hope it not trustworthy. She says all she is implying is that Liam and Hope still have a connection and Liam knows that and he will use that. So don’t give him time to change Hope’s mind. Liam has been stuck in an elevator for five minutes and is pounding on the walls and punching all the buttons and rattling the cage and hollering to anyone that can hear him, but no rescue. Then he remembers his cell and grabs it only to find no service. He’s frustrated and butts his head against the wall.

Oliver and Maya sit and wait for the elevator. He tells her that it is good to have her back. She’s special….something about her eyes and her attitude. He says he has photographed a lot of models and 95% of them are aloof…..not exactly cold but not warm either. She is warm. She lights up a room. All she has to do is smile. She’s flattered and says thanks. Hope looks around Liam’s place and remembers their first time making love and other happy moments. Still she is getting frustrated waiting. Liam also is frustrated as he continues to rattle and pull on the cages all to no avail. Wyatt tells his mother to cool it and stop micromanaging. She does that a lot. She says okay but it is part of her charm. She says she made up her mind early on that was the way it had to be. She had to make up for it by raising him in the absence of a father. He tells her that she was enough. All the other kids were crazy about her. She says she knows she is a little pushy but it’s just because she wants the best for him and all life has to offer. And that is what is happening at Forrester and pretty soon he won’t even need her. He can write his ticket to anywhere. She confesses that he has found something that even she has not experienced. He’s found a partner in life in Hope. Yes she has baggage with Liam and she doesn’t want Wyatt to underestimate him. She knows Wyatt can stand up to Liam in every category except history. They have a history and he can not take that for granted. This trip can tip everything in his favor but he can not give Liam the chance to change Hope’s mind. He needs to tell those guys he can not wait any longer. Get in that thing of his and go get Hope and hit the road. Wyatt says okay, perfect timing, looks like the trailer is ready. They’ll be off the grid for a while so don’t expect to hear much. She gives him a big hug and says she will manage so go have a good time. She gives a sigh of relief. Oliver says one good thing about having to wait so long for the elevator is it gave them time to get to know each other outside of just the shoots. She tells him that she usually gets nervous just before a shoot but she feels so at ease and in his good hands that all is all right. Oliver surprises her by leaning in and giving her a kiss. She enjoys it. She says she likes him a lot but she is engaged to Carter. He says he knows but he felt something. She says it is what she chose. She leaves and Oliver goes to the fuse box and flips the lever. At this point Lima feels like a caged animal at the height of exhaustion. But he’s elated when the lights come on and he realizes someone is out there to help. Wyatt shows up at Liam’s and lets himself in. He surprises Hope and says he knows he is not who she was expecting. She wonders how he knew she was there. He grins that he has his ways. And she must know why Liam asked her to come. He is going to try to persuade her not to go away with Wyatt. She admits that is probably true. Wyatt says what they do is none of Liam’s business so they should just go. She doesn’t owe it to Liam to listen to him badger her about Wyatt. She says she doesn’t feel obligated but she did promise Liam so she thinks she should give it just a few more minutes. Wyatt tells her she has spent far too much of her life waiting on Liam. She holds her cell and tells Wyatt that he said totally unplugged. He says yes, that’s the plan. She says she is due an upgrade anyway. She takes her cell and pitches it as far as she can into the water. Liam is rushing out of FC and calling Hope. Quinn realizes that he is not getting her. Wyatt rushes Hope to the truck, opens the door for her and says it's party time!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie continued to question Nickís disappearance.  She told Abby about her suspicions about the texts Nick sent.  EJ suspected that Stefano had Dr. Chyka give Kristen the drugs she used on Eric.  EJ also wanted Stefano to tell him when Dr. Chyka was.  Julie suspected that someone other than Nick sent the texts from his phone.  Abby thought about her conversations with EJ about Nick at Smith Island and decided she needed to talk to him.  Stefano to give EJ the answers he wanted.  

EJ continued to talk to Stefano about finding Dr. Chyka.  EJ wanted to look like a hero in Samiís eyes by finding Dr. Chyka, but Stefano didnít approve.  Stefano thought Sami would change her mind about EJ.  Abby went to see EJ to talk about Nick.  JJ opened up to Bev and told her about Theresa blackmailing him.  He wanted to get her help taking down Theresa.  Abby told EJ about Julieís suspicions about Nick.  She thought he had something to do with what happened despite his denial.  When she was ready to leave to talk to Hope, he stopped her.  She was scared that he was going to try something.  She asked him if he killed Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma, Cameron, and Spencer hear Carly screaming for help. They go into the stable and find Heather alone. She says she was screaming because she saw a chupacabra. Spencer demands to know who she is and why she is there. Heather says she is the stable hand. Spencer accepts that answer and turns his attention to finding a stick for Cameron so they can duel over Emma. Heather tells Emma that letting the boys fight to decide who will be her boyfriend isnít girl power, making her own choice is girl power. Emma agrees and tells the boys that if they fight, she wonít have either of them. The kids hear a crashing noise from the back room when Carly overturns the wicker trunk that Heather had put her in. Heather says it is the chupacabra and that they should leave before it gets them. She asks them not to tell Spencerís father that she let the monster into the stable or he will fire her. Heather injects Carly with something.

Britt tells Nikolas that her mother is the new Chief of Staff. Nikolas finds out that the chairman of the board made the decision without consulting anyone else. Patrick and Robin tell Anna that they already know that Obrecht is out of prison and inform her that she is now the chief of staff at General Hospital. Anna wonders why a respected hospital like GH would hire a psychopath like Obrecht. She says Obrecht must have given the WSB some crucial information in trade for her freedom. Dr. Obrecht talks to someone on the phone about their mutually beneficial arrangement that led to her position at the hospital. She says she is looking forward to the fallout. Obrecht announces that she is calling a meeting for all of the nursing staff to tell them her expectations. She says everyone is going to follow her rules, including head nurse Epiphany Johnson. Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere to pick up Cameron and confronts Britt about her motherís new position. When the kids come in and tell Nikolas where they were, he tells them to stay away from the stables because a horse or equipment could hurt them. Both Nikolas and Elizabeth tell their sons not to duel.

Lulu tells Britt that she broke up with Dante after finding out that she canít have children of her own. Britt advises her not to let it destroy her marriage and encourages her to go back to Dante. Dante asks Kiki if she has heard from Franco. Franco sends Kiki a text message from the closet he is hiding in, asking her to meet him at Kellyís. Dante takes her phone and heads over to Kellyís with Michael following him. When Franco isnít at Kellyís, Michael and Dante conclude that Franco created a false lead. Michael wonders if Franco wanted them out of the way so he could get Kiki alone. Dante wonders if Kiki is working with Franco. Michael says Kiki wanted to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, but that the knife changed her mind. Kiki tells Franco that she believes someone is setting him up, but that she canít keep lying to Michael so they have to find out who is framing him. Franco suspects Kikiís mother, Ava. Kiki says it isnít Avaís style, but it fits his mother, Heather Webber. Believing that Heather is dead, Franco tells Kiki that it isnít possible, because his mother is locked up. She tells him to leave before Michael comes back, but itís too late; Michael is already at the door. Franco goes out the window before Kiki lets Michael in. She assures him she hasn't heard from Franco. Lulu runs into Dante at Kellyís. He asks her if she is ever coming home.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby spends the entire night locked in the loft while her captor smashes her cell phone and listens to her screaming for someone to let her out. Tyler gets a message from the building manager that Abby never returned the loft's key to the office. Tyler heads to the loft and sees a woman out in the hallway who runs away, then he gets Abby out of the loft. Abby thinks Tyler’s ex-girlfriend is responsible for all the weird things that have been happening to her lately, but Tyler thinks she is nervous because she spent the night locked in the loft. Abby gets upset with Tyler when she uses his cell phone and discovers he never deleted his ex-girlfriend’s phone number, even though Tyler claims he deleted it. Abby tells Tyler that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore and storms out of the loft. Tyler calls his ex-girlfriend and when the phone rings the audience sees a hand turn the phone off but it is the same woman that locked Abby inside the loft because the audience sees the same jacket that the woman was wearing when she ran away from Tyler.

David Tutara, the famous wedding planner, arrives to talk with Lauren, but she is late for the meeting, so Gloria lies and says that Neil has won a bridal consultation with David, so that she can give Lauren time to get to the meeting. Leslie arrives for the bridal consultation. Even though it took both her and Neil by surprise, Leslie starts to get excited about the wedding after talking to David Tutara. Fen meets with Christine about getting transferred to another prison, because he is scared about what the other prisoners may do to him since he is the son of the former district attorney. Michael tells Lauren that he thinks Carmine was the person who turned State’s evidence against Womack and intends to meet with Womack later at the prison. Michael arrives and sees Fen talking to Christine. He advises him not to plead guilty to murder just so he can be moved to another prison. Michael asks Fen to trust him because he has a plan to protect him while he is in prison. Fen is very scared about the other prisoners and meets with Christine again to tell her that he will take the deal she offered him. Lauren shows Michael that another box was left at their apartment with the words Forget Me Not written in Italian on top of it. Dylan decides to stop his search for Ian Ward when Avery persuades him he is still the same person, and it doesn’t matter who his biological father is. Avery and Dylan decide the time is right and they make love in their hotel room. Clearance calls Ian Ward to tell him he has found out something interesting about Dylan.

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