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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope to imagine the fun they are gonna have in that baby. She says yeah it is one fine looking trailer. And he says no internet, no TV, just adventure. There’s even a break in their work right now so they can get away from Liam and Quinn. And he promises her she won’t miss anything important. He promises she won’t regret one minute of this trip so she finally says yes that she is in. He grabs her and gives her a big hug just as Liam comes out and sees them. Hope spots Liam and says hi. He walks up and asks what is going on. Wyatt points below and says that is his new baby. Hope adds that it is not just any trailer, it’s a vintage aluminum masterpiece. Wyatt says he and Hope are going on a trip down the coast. Liam asks if he can speak to Wyatt. Hope says sure. She needs to get back inside anyway. Wyatt tells Liam that this is a big step forward in their relationship and he trusts that Liam won’t try to get in the way. Hope has already said yes to this. He’s taking her someplace special and Liam would be green with envy. Liam wants to know what it is with him – first Medico then Hawaii and now he’s whisking her out of town again. Wyatt says Hope likes adventure. Liam says it is more like he is just trying to get her out of town away from Liam. Wyatt says Liam is a snoozefest so he can stay home laying on a bed of rosemary or whatever he does. What he is trying to say is that sometimes you have to spice up the gumbo. You have to go that extra mile and show a woman that she is wanted and appreciated. Liam scoffs and a trailer is just the trick. Bet it’s pretty tight in there. Wyatt says yes with candles, pillows, tight sleeping quarters, only room for two. He hopes Liam isn’t going to invite himself along. He just wants to spend some alone time with Hope. Whatever happens happens. Caroline tells Rick that she is going to go check on her cousins to make sure they both have all their teeth. Rick questions Hope how things are going between her and Wyatt and Liam. She tells him that Wyatt just bought one of those Silver Bullet’s and they are going on a little trip. It will be fun but she is not quite sure that she is ready to go alone with him on a camping trip. She likes Wyatt a lot, they have fun together and she trusts him but she’s just not sure she is ready to go away and take their relationship to the next level. Rick says Wyatt is a good guy but she should not go unless she really cares about him. He’s kind and attentive. It’s always about her and there is no other woman. There is no Steffy. Rick says he knows, and a relationship shouldn’t be that hard. She said Liam just found out and he definitely looks like he doesn’t want her to go. She says she was super excited but now she is not sure she should go. Rick says he wasn’t so sure about Wyatt in the beginning but the way he has supported Hope during the HFTF he thinks that he is good for her. Charlie is in the freight elevator just as Quinn walks up, gets in and closes the door. Stammering he says he’s just making his rounds to check on the emeralds. She says enough chit chat. She hits the stop button. She says she has seen him talking to Liam again. And he has a terrible poker face and needs to be more committed to keeping their secret. He says he does not like lying. She says he better get comfortable with it because he agreed he would keep her secret and she expects him to keep it. He says Hope is a sweet girl and she has taken quite a shine to Quinn’s son but would not if she knew what he’d pulled. She reminds him again that she wants his silence on this. He says it doesn’t feel right. And everyone is calling Wyatt a hero. Quinn reminds him that they are giving him hero status too. He admits that is fun and Pam likes to tell the story and seeing him in uniform. Quinn says no one has to know the details. She begs him to keep the secret. If it gets out, Wyatt will be in trouble and she will lose her business. So think of all the people it will affect. She pushes the button again and the elevator starts going. She tells him she knows she can count on him to keep it to himself.

Caroline talks to Wyatt. She’s impressed. He caught a couple of jewel thieves and then went out and bought this trailer….not a sports car or a yacht. He says he likes his truck just fine and this is not just any old used trailer but vintage. He knows she and Rick will want to use it sometime. Liam ducks back into the building and finds Rick and asks if Hope is still there. Rick says he just missed her. She is delivering something to Santa Monica. He gathers Liam is not too happy about the trailer. He said he would be except that it’s with Wyatt. His mother clearly has a screw loose and they don’t even know what Wyatt is capable of. He texts Hope and asks if she can meet him at his place before she meets Wyatt. Quinn hears this and that Hope agreed. Quinn puts up an Out of Order sign on the elevator. Liam tells Rick that he loves his sister and he just wants to make sure she doesn’t do something she will regret. He is not giving up on the two of them. He spies the out of order sign and takes the freight elevator. Quinn follows and sees him get in and she runs to the fuse box and pulls the lever stopping the elevator between floors. Liam starts beating on the walls, calling out to anyone who can hear him; tells them his name and that he is trapped. Quinn calls Wyatt and tells him that Hope is on her way to Liam’s and he needs to rush over and pick her up and get out of town now. Wyatt tells her to cool down, all is fine. Hope has already agreed to go. He is just waiting for them to hook up the trailer to his truck. She says okay hurry. He asks if she has done anything to make her so nervous. She says he just needs to get out of town. He tells her all is fine, so don‘t worry. He and Hope are gonna have the best trip of their lives.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami tried to tell EJ that she wanted to be back with him.  She said what he did for Abby convinced her to give him another chance.  Sheryl let it slip to Lucas that she used to live with Jordan.  Daniel figured out that Eric and Nicole were in his basement.  Julie talked to Hope about Nickís disappearance.  Daniel showed up at the basement and called out to Eric and Nicole.  Eric called out to Daniel.  Lucas pumped Sheryl about living with Jordan, but she didnít answer him.  Daniel broke in the basement and got Eric and Nicole out of the room. 

Eric and Nicole got to the hospital.  Eric kept calling out Nicoleís name.  Julie ran into Will and Abby and asked them about Nick.  Roman explained how Eric was drugged.  Sami wanted the person responsible to pay for what they did.  Hope questioned Eric about what happened.  Daniel questioned Nicole about what happened.  When Roman told everyone that Eric and Nicole were okay.  Sami accused EJ of having something to do with what happened to Eric and Nicole.  Sami and EJ argued over Kristen and whoever tried to kill Eric and Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna tells Robert that the WSB released Liesl Obrecht. He wonders what she had to trade for her freedom. He assures Anna that Obrecht canít possibly know what they did to Faison. He concludes that Frisco must be out of the loop, since they havenít heard from him. Anna hopes Obrecht is far away from Port Charles. Dr. Obrecht is the new Chief of Staff at General Hospital. She has documentation that the WSB dropped all of the charges against her and that she has a clean record. Britt wonders why, even if the charges were dropped, General Hospital would hire her. Patrick says he wonít work with her and that he is quitting. Obrecht says none of them can quit because they are under contract. Obrecht offers Monica her old job as Head of Cardiology. Silas tells Obrecht that as long as she stays away from anyone he cares about, he doesnít foresee any problems. When everyone else has left, Obrecht tells the board representative that none of the doctors will have any more choice about going along with her plans that the hospital board did.

Obrecht tells Britt that she hopes this will be an opportunity to rekindle their relationship. Britt says they have no relationship other than blackmailer and victim. Obrecht promises not to reveal where Brittís baby came from. Lulu holds Ben while visiting Nikolas at Wyndemere. She tells Nikolas that she left Dante after Britt told her that she canít have children. Nikolas says she must realize that it isnít Danteís fault that she canít have children. Elizabeth overhears Felix and Sabrina discussing Patrickís baby. She says she canít keep Sabrinaís secret. Patrick and Robin walk up as Sabrina is telling Elizabeth that Patrick must never know that her baby doesnít belong to Carlos.

While Franco hides in a closet, Michael rants to Kiki about how he canít believe that his mother trusted Franco. She changes the subject to Silas telling her that she was the result of an adulterous affair. Dante comes over and asks Kiki if she has heard from Franco. Heather has moved Carly to the stable at Wyndemere. Carly breaks the latch that she is tied to when she lunges at Heather.  Heather overpowers Carly and holds her against the wall. Cameron, Spencer, and Emma hear Carly screaming for help.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan and Avery meet with a man named Clearance from The Path. They pose as a married couple who has been having trouble in their marriage ever since Dylan returned home from the war and are looking for a way to save their marriage. Clearance doesn’t believe their story, so Dylan tells him that he is Ian Ward’s son and needs to talk to him. Clearance later calls Ian on the phone and tells him about Dylan claiming to be his son. Ian tells him that he doesn’t know about any son. Dylan and Avery believe that Clearance knows Ian’s whereabouts and try to figure out a way to get to Ian Ward. Fen is sent back to prison because he broke house arrest to help Summer. Michael and Lauren say a tearful goodbye to their son. Michael promises to get Fen out of prison. Michael talks to Leslie who defended Womack before he was sent to jail to see if she knows the person who turned Stateís evidence against him. Leslie tells Michael she has no idea who it was; all she knows is that he is connected to a notorious crime family back East.

Victor reports Jabot to the labor relations board, because of unsafe working conditions at Summer’s photo shoot. Jack tells Paul that there is no basis to the charges, and he will fight them. Jack is hurt when he overhears Summer telling Nick that she heard what he said when she was unconscious. When she heard him say that she had to fight just like when she was little and that Daddy was there, all her fear went away. Jack walks in Summer's room after hearing this and covers his hurt very well. He tells Summer he will be back to visit her later. Kyle talks to Stitch who tells him the pills Summer took were Viva Surge. When Kyle tells him what he found out, Jack says he knew Victor was responsible for what happened to Summer.

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