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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge catches Katie as she flees from Brooke’s house. He tells her that she is in no condition to drive so come with him. Hope dumps a lot of paperwork on Pam who is disgruntled because Donna didn’t show up; she had a broken shoe strap so they won’t see her until after lunch. Wyatt tells his mother about his new place. She thinks it sounds great, but she does not want him indebted to Bill. Everything comes with a price. He says he is not leaving the country; it’s just Malibu. She says fine, when do they move in? She had him for moment. He says normally he would not mind her moving in, but right now he needs his privacy with a girlfriend. She’s ecstatic that this is what they are calling it now. She’s only a little offended when he mentions he has another gift for Hope besides the necklace he gave her. Since she designs jewelry, she would have thought he would have come to her. He says no, it is not that kind of gift. And certainly if he ever needs that sort of ring he will come to her. She is about to tell him something about the Hope diamond when Pam interrupts and says Wyatt has a delivery out front. He asks his mom to come with him. He might need anther woman's opinion.

Ridge brings Katie back to Eric’s. She says she is sure that he has more things to do than talk to her. He say no, not really. He wants to know what drove her into his manly arms. She tells him about her visit to see Brooke. And Brooke wants her to just go back to Bill but Katie doesn't think she can do like Brooke does which is just follow her heart. She is not concerned with the past nor the future just lives in the present. Ridge quotes a sonnet from Shakespeare that makes Katie smile and she recites the finish of the verse. They have that in common that she did not know. Charlie shows up at Forrester and surprises Pam. He tells her that he has been assigned the Forrester company now and old Hawkeye will be guarding the emeralds. He looks a little down when she says he is like royalty around here as he saved the diamond. Liam stops by and he tells Hope that he is not there for a fashion piece. He does slip in that he misses the two of them together and she agrees so does she. He asks if it is Steffy that is still keeping them apart and she says partly. Liam counters that he has not been in contact with her since their aborted wedding day. And the only reason she was there then was because of Quinn. The only reason they are not married right now is because she got involved. Hope acknowledges that Quinn has done some far out things and she has called her on it and said she did not like it. But she has not done any worse than his own father has in keeping them apart. Liam says if she will listen she can almost hear Psycho music playing in the background. Hope says no, she is not that bad. Liam says all he is trying to do is make sure she is safe and in good hands. Then he goes into a tirade of all that Quinn has done to push Steffy between them. He chastises Hope for always falling for what Quinn does. Neither her or her son should be in Hope's life or in her company and he will not stop until they are gone.

Liam leaves and runs into Charlie talking to Pam. Liam thanks him for trying to help with the boutique footage. He asks again if Charlie is sure there is nothing on those tapes. Charlie spies Quinn listening behind a potted plant and tells Liam no nothing revealing. Wyatt escorts Hope outside to see his surprise. It’s an Airstream motor home, like a big old Silver Bullet. He points out that it is completely air conditioned and heated, has full bathroom, beds with pillowtop mattresses, furnished kitchen….no sleeping on the ground here. She says she feels like she is getting to know what he must have been like as a little boy on Christmas morning. He tells her he always wanted one, so now he finds himself with a little extra cash. And the most important part is that he has someone to share it with. She jokes that guess his mother didn’t want to go along. He said no, it wasn’t that but camping is about getting away from everything – work and family and mothers. It’s about freedom, going to beautiful places like beaches, the woods, or the desert. He’s ready to christen this bad boy. He’s enthusiastic and begs her to please come just for a few days or a week just the two of them. He says she needs to live the dream. He kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi talked to Sami about her suspicions about Julie.  Sami reassured Gabi that Julie doesnít suspect anything.  While they were talking, Gabi mentioned how helpful EJ has been.  EJ and Abby kissed and were about to make love until she stopped herself.  Eric and Nicole confessed their feelings for each other.  EJ made Abby feel better about herself and how they made love. The two of them left Smith Island.  Roman, Marlena, and Daniel tried to find Eric and Nicole.

Brady planned on leaving town and talked to Dr. Chyka at the airport.  When EJ went home, Sami told him she wanted to talk.  He wasnít in the mood to talk to her.  She wanted to tell him that she was to blame for their problems.  Brady got in an argument with a passenger over Eric sleeping with Kristen.  It dawned on Dr. Chyka that Brady is Ericís brother.  Sami was willing to forgive EJ for not telling her what Kristen did to Eric.  Nicole ended up passing out while Eric turned off the air conditioning.  He also ended up passing out just as Daniel realized where they were.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis delivers some shipping contracts to Sonny. She suggests that it is time to replace Bernie as consigliore because she doesnít want to know anything about his non-coffee related business. She tells him that she doesnít want to be between her daughtersí fathers in a mob war. Sonny tells her that she has already started to take down Julian. Lucas and Sam run into each other in front of Kellyís. He tells her that he wants to have a relationship with his new sister even though their father is dead. Julian comes out of Kellyís and asks Lucas, who is a stranger to him, to give him a few minutes to talk to his daughter. Lucas says Samís father is dead. Julian tells him that he is Julian Jerome and is alive and well. Lucas introduces himself and says he is Julianís son. Julian says he only recently found out about Lucas and was about to fly to Seattle to meet him, but now he doesnít have to and he canít wait to get acquainted. Lucas canít believe Bobbie didnít tell him that Julian is alive. When Julian tries to hug him, Lucas says he canít handle that and walks away. Sam tells Julian that she will support Lucas if he doesnít want anything to do with him, because she doesnít want anything to do with him either. She says he is a monster who is using a little boy to protect him in a mob war. He says that he is still their father and he will always care about both of them. Silas tells Kiki about his wife.

Tracy tells Monica that Luke went to the boathouse to capture the raccoon. When he gets there, Luke finds Carly tied up on the floor. She says it wasnít Franco; it was Heather. Heather returns to the boathouse before Luke has Carlyís hands untied. He gets Heatherís pistol away from her when she is distracted. Luke is hit from behind when two men with shovels arrive. Tracy begins to wonder what is taking Luke so long. She goes to the boathouse and finds neither Luke nor a raccoon. Franco overhears Scott giving Anna the go-ahead for a warrant. Scott wonders who called Michael with the information about the knife in evidence. Franco goes to Kikiís apartment and asks her to hide him. Franco hides in a closet when Michael comes home. Michael tells Kiki that the police are going to arrest Franco, because they found a knife with his fingerprints and Carlyís blood on it. Kiki is suspicious when he tells her that some anonymous woman called him and told him about the knife. Anna receives a disturbing phone call.

Felix is stunned when Patrick mentions Carlos being Sabrinaís babyís father. Patrick tells Robin that he is surprised that Sabrina hadnít told Felix. Sabrina tells Felix that she didnít tell Patrick that it is Carlosí baby; Carlos told him. Felix tells Sabrina that she is as bad as Britt if she doesnít tell the truth. She asks him to keep the secret. Elizabeth is standing behind him when Felix promises that no one will hear that Patrick is the father from him. Britt, Silas, Robin, Patrick, and Monica wait in the board room to find out who will be the new Chief of Staff. The board representative arrives and says none of them got the job. Dr. Obrecht enters and announces that she is the new chief of staff.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick sits by Summer’s bedside and he asks her to wake up and prays for God not to take her away. Nick is startled when Summer awakens and calls him Dad. He calls for a nurse who asks him to leave while she examines Summer. Nick calls Noah, who is in a meeting with Victor, and explains to both Noah and Victor that Summer went into heart failure because she took some pills at the photo shoot. Victor heads for the hospital while Noah goes to find Courtney whom he blames for giving Summer the pills. Courtney admits to Noah that she has lied to him and Summer and someday she will tell them both the truth, but she can’t do that now. Courtney also tells Noah that she never gave Summer pills and can’t believe she would ever take them. Nick finds Jack and Sharon at the hospital chapel and tells them Summer is awake so Jack heads to Summer’s room to see her. Abby and Tyler find a new home and after they make love there, Tyler heads to work. Abby looks around the house and while she is in the bathroom, someone sneaks in and takes her cell phone out of her purse along with the key to the house. Abby starts to head out the door but is surprised to find the door is locked, and she can’t find her cell phone to call someone.

Billy sees calla lilies at Delia’s memorial site and remembers that Adam got Chelsea calla lilies of winter. Billy heads to the police station to tell Kevin about his suspicions, but he decides he doesn’t have enough evidence to share with Kevin right now, but he promises Kevin he will bring him proof. Billy finds the blog post from anonymous and tells himself the person who killed Delia won’t stay anonymous for long. Kevin is disappointed when his search doesn’t find any black SUVs with a license plate that begins with the letter G or the letter C . Adam agrees to marry Chelsea before they move to Paris.

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