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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie shows up unexpectedly at Brooke’s. She tells her that Bill visited her at her office and wants her back. Brooke tells her she is happy for her. This is what Katie wanted. Katie seems to feel that Bill’s words came straight from Brooke. Brooke says Bill takes orders from no one. Katie says she knows he was lying. She can’t believe Brooke would want that for her. Brooke argues that she just wants Katie to be happy with a man that she loves and married. Katie adds……”and wants you.” Ridge sketches and Caroline comes in and thinks it is grand. Rick asks Ridge if he is the reason that his mom is not coming in to work much anymore. Ridge answers that he doesn’t think so but Rick needs to ask her. He’s talked to her a few times. Rick says he always thought actions speak louder than words. Before they finish they are interrupted by Bill who opens the door and waltzes in. He says he is a major shareholder so just protecting his interest every now and then. He makes sure that Rick is treating Caroline right and she says he is. Bill then says he actually came to see Ridge, so Caroline senses they may need some alone time and she spirits Rick out of the office. Bill tells Ridge they make the best croissants in Paris and if he hurries he can make the last flight there. Ridge says he can’t help but wonder why his place of residence is any concern of Bill’s. And Bill says he can’t help but wonder why Ridge can’t put down that little pencil and look him in the eye. Ridge lays the pencil down and looks right at Bill and declares that Bill hasn’t given up yet on Brooke. Bill says that is a personality trait of his for sure. And Ridge is not being an obstacle but more like a tease or a spoiler. And then he sniffs the air and turns up his nose and wants to know what that smell is. Oh yeah, it’s that stench of Ridge's superiority that comes off of him that everyone around him is defective. So if he’s going back to Paris he is just suggesting he speed that process along. Ridge says he lost him somewhere in that last statement. Ridge says so Brooke is done with Bill. This conversation has nothing to do with Ridge but is all about Bill. Brooke wants Bill to go back to Katie. He announces he is busy and jumps up.

Bill continues and Ridge cuts him off again and tells him that he misunderestimates just how repulsive he is and what he stands for. Ridge shakes his head and says Bill’s hands on his wife, that keeps him up at night. Bill says due to the very sensitive nature of Ridge but he was not there, so he does not know how it went down between him and Brooke. Ridge says then there is nothing more to say, because if Bill thinks there is a certain set of circumstances where it is justified that he dumps his sick wife and sleeps with her sister then they are not on the same planet. Bill tells Ridge to whoa and back up. He wants to know if this is the same self-righteous high horse that he was riding a year and a half ago when he dumped his wife on their honeymoon over a text. He says he went to Katie and tried to repair the damage and return to his family. He thinks that is more than Ridge has tried to do to repair his. Bill asks Ridge if he has slept with Brooke yet. Ridge doesn’t answer. Bill goads him that it’s all right. They are just two guys talking. Ridge still doesn’t answer, he just glares. Bill smirks and says he didn’t think so or Ridge wouldn’t be here playing this coy little game; he’d be gloating. Ridge says Bill knows him too well. Bill reminds him that Ridge couldn’t bear to touch what he had touched. He can’t believe that Ridge would walk away from a woman like that over little old him. This is a whole new power that even he didn’t know he had. Ridge says they need to review. Katie doesn’t trust him and probably never will. Brooke knows what she wants and that doesn’t include Bill. And now he is sleeping on his son’s couch. He’s the poorest rich man he knows. Bill tells him to go, stay, Paris, Timbuktu, he really doesn’t care. He even says that he is not immune to looking down on people and the pleasures of that, but boy Ridge has elevated that to an art form. He’s just too good for this world. The rest of them have dirty hands and that will not do. As Bill leaves Ridge's office, Ridge says he thinks Bill should stay away from both women. Caroline leads Rick to the steam room where he laughs that it has certainly seen plenty of action. Katie tells Brooke that maybe she should just take her bitter pill and take Bill back just like Ridge is trying to do with her. But she cannot do that as he lied to her….and to Brooke. She wishes she could just wish that old feeling back, but she’s not Brooke. She’s so secure and falls in and out of love so easily. And if one doesn’t work out, it is okay as she knows there is another just around the corner. She cannot love like Brooke. For the longest time Bill was the one, the love of her life but he’s lost to her now. She keeps waiting for that man to show up. And she cries that Brooke is lost to her too. She is just trying to move forward in this life that she does not recognize and to make the best life she can in this life that she has left. Crying she runs out with Brooke unable to stop her. Katie runs right into the arms of Ridge who is walking up on the pavement.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ called Abby and wanted to meet.  She wanted to meet him at Smith Island.  Julie wanted to get to the bottom of what happened to Nick.  Dr. Chyka wanted to take care of Nicole and Eric.  Julie went to see Gabi about Nick.  Gabi blurted out that Abby heard from Nick.  EJ and Abby met at Smith Island.  Theresa asked JJ if Daniel and Nicole were having sex.  Theresa also grilled JJ about Nicole.  Eric and Nicole tried to convince Dr. Chyka not to kill them, but he wasn’t convinced.  EJ suggested that Abby move back to Europe.  Julie continued to grill Gabi about Nick.  JJ warned Theresa to be worried about Nicole.

Abby was upset about EJ wanting her to move to Europe.  She told him to leave town instead.  It appeared as if someone was watching them while they were arguing.  Theresa threatened to do bad things to JJ’s family if he didn’t help her.  She wanted information about Daniel and Nicole and didn’t care what he had to do to get it.  Dr. Chyka turned on the gas so Eric and Nicole could suffocate.  EJ and Abby argued over them sleeping together.  She admitted to still wanting him.  They ended up kissing each other.  Eric confessed to being in love with Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco calls Kiki and thanks her for having faith in him. Silas thanks Sam for believing in him. Sam tells him that she is going to get right on his case to prove that Ava gave Nina the overdose. Franco wants to hire Sam to find Carly. Silas encourages Sam to take the case for Carly’s sake. Franco tells her that he suspects Ava Jerome because she threatened Carly right before she disappeared. Julian tells Ava that he is going to Seattle to find his son. Lucas arrives in Port Charles. Luke tells Bobbie that Lucas needs to know that his biological father is alive. Olivia kicks Julian out of his room and his office at the Metro Court. He says she can’t do that because he paid his bill a year in advance. She says Derek Wells did that and she amended Derek’s bill, but Julian Jerome is a different tenant and he has a balance due. Julian sees Sam in Kelly’s and tells her that after she mentioned the name Lucas, didn’t take much Googling to find out that he had a son with Cheryl Stansbury and that Bobbie Spencer adopted him. Sam walks out and runs into Lucas outside.

Tracy asks AJ, Michael, and Alice to dispose of the raccoon in the boathouse, but no one wants to do it. Michael asks AJ to stop drinking because he doesn’t want to worry about both parents. Luke goes to visit Tracy and expresses his concern about being evicted from his free room at the Metro Court if Carly doesn’t turn up. He agrees to go kill the vermin in the boathouse. Heather Webber takes the Quartermaine’s newspaper off their porch and is annoyed to see that there is no news about Carly or Franco. Heather anonymously calls Michael and tells him about the knife the police have in evidence. Heather tells Carly that they are going to have to relocate, because the Quartermaines keep coming near the boathouse. Luke finds Carly tied up on the boathouse floor.

Scott tells Anna that she doesn’t have enough evidence to issue a warrant for Franco’s arrest. Anna accuses him of protecting his son. Scott says he barely knows his illegitimate son. He tells her that the PCPD didn’t give him enough evidence to convict AJ Quartermaine, and he is not going to endure another embarrassment like that one. He tells her to get a body. Michael goes to the police station and confronts Scott about the knife. Scott accuses Anna of leaking information. Michael says that if Scott doesn’t arrest Franco, then he will sue him. Franco arrives at the station and listens as Scott agrees to issue the warrant. When Sonny tells Ava that whoever is responsible for Carly’s disappearance will have hell to pay, she reminds him that he said the same thing about Connie’s killer, who has yet to be brought to justice. AJ has a flashback to the night of Connie’s murder and remembers the elevator door opening when he was standing in the hallway, but he can't remember who was there.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon is about to tell Nick the truth about what she did but she is interrupted by Jack who is upset with her, because she didn’t call him instead of Nick when Summer got sick. Sharon apologizes to Jack and tells him that she called several times after she got to the hospital, but he didn’t answer his phone. Stitch tells Jack, Nick, and Sharon that the drugs Summer took caused her to go into heart failure. Once they get the results of some tests they ran on Summer and the pills she took, they will know how to treat her condition. Jack and Nick argue because Nick doesn’t think Summer took drugs and Jack thinks that the stress caused by Phyllis’s illness and Nick’s lie about her real father made Summer want to take pills. Nick later tells Sharon that Jack is right; he should have told the truth sooner and maybe Summer wouldn’t be in this condition.

Kelly tells Victoria that she and Billy decided not to mix their relationship from the grief support group with their personal lives, because the group is very intense and it is hard for her and Billy to deal with each other outside of group. Victoria understands but later the two women are forced to work together on the Delia Project foundation benefit to be held at the Athletic Club. Billy is surprised that Adam and Chelsea are moving to Paris so quickly and begins to get suspicious of Adam. Billy later goes back to the scene of the car accident and notices something that he never before saw. Kevin tells Chloe he has been busy working on the case to get her and Delia justice, and he wants another chance to be in her life. Chloe tells Kevin she can’t be with him, because he thinks she is obsessed with Connor. Chelsea arrives at the office and tells Chloe she is moving to Paris. Chloe doesn’t take the news well and tells Chelsea she can’t take Connor away from her. Chelsea tells Chloe that she will always be a part of Connor’s life and that she should give her and Adam a year to get settled before she moves to Paris; in the meantime they can video chat. Chloe later looks at pictures of Connor which she has on her computer and talks to the picture saying that she won’t let anyone take him away from her. Sharon goes to the hospital chapel and asks God to let Summer be okay, because her father can’t lose her again. Jack walks in to hear the last part of her prayer.

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