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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke opens the door to find Bill standing there. He says he saw Katie and she turned him down flat. They will have to find another way to go on from here. Brooke says they broke Katie’s trust so now he is going to have to try harder to make it work. She says Katie wants her family so he must convince her to let him come back home. He reminds her that she used to want him so how can she turn it on and off like a switch as he can’t. She points out that she always wanted Ridge. If he had not left her on their honeymoon she and Bill would have never happened. Bill says Ridge was a bad habit that she never had a reason to break before now. She tells him that he is going to go home and convince Katie that their marriage is worth saving and she is going to do the same with Ridge. She warns Bill that he is going to have to fight and show Katie that she is worth a little effort. He says it is hard thinking of her and Ridge. She says don’t think then. Just get Katie back and think of her and she will think of Ridge. He needs to bury his feelings for Brooke. She needs Ridge to trust her again. And she needs to see love and respect in Katie’s eyes again. She picks up a picture of her and Ridge and RJ and says this is the family she loves. She is not going to sacrifice them for anyone not even him. He slips around behind her and starts to nuzzle on her neck. She jerks away and says don’t ever touch her like that ever again. Aly tells Liam that his theory about Wyatt is very interesting. Liam replies that is not even a theory, just his gut wrenching intuition that Wyatt had something to do with taking that diamond. But he needs proof. But if Wyatt did take the diamond just to make himself look like a hero then he’s as dangerous as his mother. He starts to call Hope but Aly says he needs to wait and get proof. If he doesn’t have proof it will just look like the jealous ex-boyfriend trying to shoot down the new one. He argues that Hope is not safe. Wyatt has full access to her and he’s not trustworthy. Liam needs to protect her now. But he agrees that Aly is right; he needs to wait and get proof. Wyatt tells Hope that she is beautiful and would be even more beautiful if she changed her mind and moved in with him. She says that is what she likes about him; he’s consistent. He says yeah she doesn’t have to worry about him. She’s beginning to believe that. They all make mistakes but they just have to learn from them and not do it again. He says he hears her. He’s certainly done things that he’s not proud of. But she makes him want to be a better man. She kisses him.

Quinn tells Charlie that she has a wild guess that he is calling Liam. Charlie says Liam deserves to know that Wyatt is not a hero; he’s a thief. Quinn stands over him and says he is not going to make that call to Liam or anyone else and she will tell him why. No one got hurt. Charlie says they could have and it happened on his watch and that is very stressful. And Wyatt was the one that put his life in danger and set the thieves up. And Wyatt comes off like some fearless wonder to Hope. It’s not true, it’s not fair and he’s not going to let it stand. Quinn sits down and nicely points out a few facts. Charlie likes his job, he likes the Forrester’s, he even got a girlfriend, Pam, out of the deal. Wyatt and Hope are together now and happy but if he goes and badmouths Wyatt then Hope might not want Charlie around anymore. She tries to convince him that Wyatt taking the diamond was an innocent prank to generate publicity. It wasn’t his best thought out plan but he doesn’t deserve to go to jail for it. And as a mother she can not let that happen. Charlie says he know where she is coming from. Mothers should protect their children but they can’t go around breaking the law. She says Wyatt has never been in love before and he got caught up in the moment, one that will never happen again. Very sweetly she asks Charlie to keep Wyatt’s part in this between the two of them. Then he won’t have anything to be sorry about later. Liam calls Charlie. Quinn tells Charlie to be careful. Liam is so sure that Charlie must have found something to implicate Wyatt but with Quinn’s hand on his shoulder, Charlie tells Liam sorry kid, nothing. Hope opens a message from Liam that he has something important to tell her. Then she opens the second one that says never mind.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Eric tried to get away from Dr. Chyka, but it didn’t work.  Daniel was upset that Theresa showed up at his apartment.  She wanted to tell him about the night she overdosed, but he didn’t want to talk about it. He did agree to have dinner with her later.  He went back to trying to find out where his files went.  Nicole and Eric tried to convince Dr. Chyka to leave them alone and he left.  They thought he might have listened to them and left them alone.  He told her that they had to get out of the basement and tried to reach for his phone.

Jordan wanted Lucas to tell her why Sheryl was in Salem.  Rafe ran into Kate and wanted to know about Sheryl.  When Eric couldn’t reach the phone, they tried untying each other.  Lucas wanted to know what was going on between Jordan and Kate.  Jordan said Kate was after her to find out about her past.  Kate lied to Rafe about why she hired Sheryl.  Lucas explained why Sheryl got the job, but Jordan wasn’t convinced.  Dr. Chyka came back and told Eric and Nicole it was time to say goodbye to each other for good.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at General Hospital and tells her that he missed her over the holidays and that he had assumed she would bring the boys over. She invites Nikolas to go ice skating with her and the boys. He declines. She says he is getting as stodgy as his uncle, Stefan. A phone call from Britt, telling him that she and Spencer have a surprise for him, serves as his way out.

Bobbie tells Lulu that she is hesitant to tell Lucas about Carly’s disappearance because she doesn’t want to risk him coming to Port Charles and running into his biological father. Julian tells Ava that he found out that Bobbie Spencer’s son is the Lucas that Sam mentioned and that he is Lucas’s father. He says he wants to meet and get to know his son and that he wants to be a better father to Lucas and Sam than Victor was to him. Ava says it is a bit late for that since they are already grown and Sam doesn’t want anything to do with him. He says he is going to arrange to meet his son. Bobbie calls Lucas to tell him about Carly.

Sonny is waiting for Franco in his hotel room. Franco says Carly didn’t want to break up, and someone else wrote the break-up letter. Sonny refuses to accept that possibility and promises Franco a slow and painful death if Carly is hurt. The police forensics report reveals that the blood on the knife matches Carly’s and the prints are Franco’s. At the Quartermaine boathouse, Heather tells Carly that she cut her arm, because she needed her blood to frame Franco for her murder. Heather says Franco won’t suspect her, because he thinks he killed her. She says the knife Franco stabbed her with still has his fingerprints on it, and she put Carly’s blood on the knife. She says that while Carly was unconscious, she wrote a break-up letter on Carly’s computer, packed a bag, and put it in the trunk of Carly’s car to make it look as if she was going on a trip. She reveals that she delivered the letter to Franco's room and created a scene that looked like a struggle had occurred at Carly’s car and then planted Carly’s keys and the knife nearby for the police to find. Anna speculates that Franco saw the letter and went after Carly to talk her out of breaking up, but then it became a heated argument and he stabbed her. Dante wonders where Franco got the knife. Anna suggests that Carly had the knife in her purse for protection and Franco got to it. Dante wonders why Carly’s fingerprints aren’t on the knife. Anna says Carly was probably wearing gloves. Dante wonders why Franco was so sloppy to leave the knife so close to the crime scene. Carly tells Heather that she put in a state of the art security system at the Metro Court after Connie’s murder. Anna wishes she had the security footage. Dante supposes Franco used Carly’s key to get into the security office to erase the footage. Heather tells Carly that she used Carly’s master key to get into the security office to erase the footage. Anna says they can’t get a murder conviction without a body. Heather tells Carly that she will keep her alive to watch Franco squirm for a while before she gives the police Carly’s body.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah talks to Nick about his break up with Courtney and his suspicion that she is taking drugs. Noah tells Nick that he cares about Courtney and wants to help her get off drugs. Nick tells Noah that helping Courtney will be hard but if that is what he wants to do, he can count on him to help. Sharon gets Summer’s model friend Esmeralda to call 911 and then calls Nick and tells him to head to the hospital. Stitch treats Summer and tells Nick that she is having trouble with her heart and wants to know if Summer is taking any prescription or recreational drugs. Nick assures Stitch that Summer would never take drugs, but when Stitch talks to Esmeralda, she tells him that Summer took three energy pills instead of one and gives him the bottle of pills so he can have them analyzed by the hospital lab.

Noah sees Courtney buying pills from a dealer and confronts her about it but she tells him that what she does isn’t any of his business anymore and gives him back the key to his apartment. Kyle tells Hilary and Jack that Newman Chancellor’s new company Bonaventure Industries is suddenly making more money thanks to an emery pill called Viva Surge, which he believes is being sold to young girls via the internet. Hilary places an order for the pills using her birth name Ann Turner hoping to discover if Victor knows that his latest avulsion is selling these pills. If so, Jack can use this to get the company away from Victor. Billy tells Kelly that they should stay away from each other, because he will not lose his marriage over a one-night stand with her. Kelly asks Billy if Stitch told him something. Billy doesn’t understand why she would bring Stitch into this. Kelly covers and says it was because of the tense dinner they tried to have the other night. Adam takes the video camera away from Chelsea before she can see his confession. After a long discussion, Adam persuades Chelsea to move to Paris in a few days. Billy searches the grief message boards to see if the person he posted messages to used the same phrase as Adam about balancing the karmic scales. Billy goes to Adam’s house later to get him to sign some papers about Delia’s foundation and is surprised to find out Adam and Chelsea are moving to Paris in a few days. Nick is heartbroken about Summer because he worries she might die and blames himself for not telling her and Jack the truth about who her father was earlier. Sharon can’t stand to see Nick in such pain, so she tells him that there is something he needs to know right now.

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