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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is shocked that Wyatt wants her to move in with him in his new digs. He admits that it is too fast and they should wait, but why. They know how they feel about each other and they should just do it. She mentions that she was ready to take it slow. He says okay, she can just move in one shoebox at a time. He tells her to say yes, has he ever steered her wrong? He asks her what does his past have to do with this. She reminds him that he just asked her to move in with him so that is a valid question. She asks pointblank if he has ever lived with anyone before. He quips what - in his one tiny little loft room in the warehouse. He tells her that he knows why she is hesitant but his inexperience in the co-habitation department is a plus. He assures her that she is the only person that he’s ever wanted to share his life with. He says this place is amazing and the only thing to make it better is living there with her. She says she will come visit him a lot and he says he will hold her to that. She hopes he is not upset with her. He says no, he knew it was a long shot but he’s a spontaneous guy. Hope says that is what she likes about him. He’s full of fun and adventure, the way he looks at the world and not afraid of taking chances. But they don’t have to rush this. He says he will ask her again and she says she hopes he does. Wyatt says but then there is Liam. He keeps letting her down but pulling her back in. He’s not going to let him do that anymore. Hope tells Wyatt that he is not her rebound guy, but if they move in too fast then it will look that way to others. He agrees. He says they have worked too hard for HFTF to have it undermined by their relationship. How people perceive her will affect the label. That’s why the diamond was a perfect tie in for her line. He wants to make sure that she continues to have her message heard.

Quinn asks Pam if Liam went to the Boutique with Charlie. She asks if he is writing an article about the jewel heist. Pam says Quinn is probably right and that is why Liam was asking so many questions. At the Boutique Liam is still asking questions of Charlie, even getting him to re-enact his exact movements before the heist. Then alone Charlie watches the footage from the surveillance tape. Liam goes back to Forrester and runs into Aly and she answers Liam’s question about Quinn not being there at work. She wants to talk to him about the Boutique so he steers her into the Executive office so they can talk privately. Liam gloats to her that he thinks he got him. He thinks Wyatt is involved and now he's got him. He tells her that he’s got Charlie looking at the Boutique tape now, but he found out he and Wyatt were alone in the store that day. According to Charlie it was there and then it wasn’t. And the thieves passed their polygraph test today so it is suspect how the diamond got in their purse. Wyatt benefited the most by coming out as the hero. And he got Hope. Aly can't see how Wyatt could have been involved in just publicity as the thieves were real. Liam admits he hasn’t figured out that part yet. Aly tells him that she is sorry for the wedding being cancelled but to try and tie Wyatt to this doesn’t make sense. He keeps insisting the guy has no boundaries and Hope is not safe and she needs to know that. Until now it’s all been Quinn but if he could just prove that Wyatt is just as involved. Aly says she knows Liam feels this way and maybe Quinn has done some questionable things but she does not feel either of them would hurt Hope. Charlie is about to give up on the tape when he spots one more frame, one that shows Wyatt taking the diamond off the display cone. He picks up the phone to call Liam when a voice behind him tells him to hang up the phone. He turns around to see Quinn glaring at him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jordan and Sheryl got in an argument over Kate.  Kate sent another text from Nick.  Daniel checked his files and saw how they were gone.  Kate had a problem while she was sending Nick’s texts.  Anne talked to Theresa about her issues with Daniel and their plan to destroy Jennifer.  A tech guy gave Jennifer the flashdrive to give to Daniel. Jennifer showed up to Daniel’s with the flashdrive.  Nicole panicked when she woke up and saw where she and Eric were.

Kate and Jordan got into an argument over Kate hiring Sheryl.  Theresa told Anne that she never slept with Daniel.  Eric wanted Nicole to tell him what happened and she did.  Eric also suspected that Dr. Chyka was the doctor who worked with Kristen to drug Eric.  Jordan suspected that Kate hired Sheryl to find out information about her (Jordan).  Kate denied it, but Jordan didn’t believe her and walked off.  Jennifer went to Daniel’s apartment and gave him the flashdrive.  They talked a little about Eric’s problem before he was ready for her to leave.  Sheryl ran into Kate and the two started talking about Jordan.  Jennifer wanted to know what was going on with Eric.  Nicole and Eric confronted Dr. Chyka about working with Kristen.  Dr. Chyka said Eric and Nicole wouldn’t remember anything.  Sonny proposed to Will.  Daniel wouldn’t confide in Jennifer about what was going on with Eric.  Dr. Chyka got a needle ready to inject Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco tells Scott that Ava Jerome threatened Carly the day that she disappeared and tells him to confirm it with Michael and Kiki. Michael goes off on a nurse who has told him that his mother hasn’t checked into the hospital. Kiki tells Michael not to jump to conclusions. Franco goes to Kevin’s office and tells him that Carly is missing and everyone thinks he did something to her. Franco fills Kevin in on the letter and the car and says none of it makes sense. Kevin says Franco always feared that Carly would leave him and asks if it is possible that his fears came true. Franco supposes it is possible, but he doesn’t think so because everything seems so neat, as if someone is trying to set him up. Franco runs into Michael at the hospital and swears that he would never do anything to hurt Carly. Michael agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Bobbie brings Carly’s toothbrush to the police station so they can get a DNA sample from it. She badgers Anna and Scott to arrest Franco. Scott tells Bobbie that they can’t arrest him until the evidence implicates him. He mentions that there might be other suspects. She accuses him of protecting his son. Scott suggests to Anna that she look into Ava Jerome. Anna asks him if he got that idea from his son. Anna asks Dante for his opinion of Nathan West. Dante says that as far as he can tell so far, Nathan is steady, level-headed, and pulls his weight. Detective West goes to Carly’s house to look at her computer. Lulu lets him in. When he says he is Dante Falconeri’s partner, she doesn’t reveal their relationship. He finds a copy of the letter that Franco received on Carly’s computer. Lulu says she doesn’t believe Carly wrote it because being with Franco was a big deal to Carly and she wouldn’t break it off suddenly just because someone didn’t approve. Nathan finds the time stamp on the letter and calls Dante to tell him that the letter checks out with the timeline. Anna tells Dante that the forensics report is in and shows that the blood on the knife is Carly’s and the prints are Franco’s.

Felicia predicts to Duke that there will be a full-on mob war between Sonny and the Jeromes soon. She advises him to stay out of it and warns him not to let the Jeromes tear him and Anna down again. He assures her that he won’t let that happen. Morgan overhears Shawn asking Sonny if he believes Morgan really cut ties with the Jeromes. Sonny says he believes Morgan. Morgan tells Sonny that he doesn’t think they will be able to keep Carly’s disappearance secret from Jax for very long. Duke goes to the warehouse and finds Sonny hugging Morgan. He makes up a story about stopping by to invite him to a party, but Sonny says it is ok for Morgan to know they are working together. He tells Morgan that because Duke is close to the commissioner, no one can know that they are working together.

Lucy dreams about being in bed with Scott until Kevin appears in the dream asking her if he is included in her fantasy. She wakes up screaming, waking Kevin in the process. She says her nightmare was about Richard Simmons. Lucy meets Felicia at Kelly’s and tells her about the dream. Felicia tells her that it was just a dream and reveals that she sometimes has dreams about Frisco. Lucy confides that she slept with Scott in real life a month ago when she thought her marriage was over. Felicia wonders if Lucy wants to do it again. Lucy says she loves Kevin, but Scott got to her. Kevin and Scott both walk into Kelly’s at the same time.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael tells Lauren that Ronan found out that the substitute medical examiner that did Carmine’s autopsy went under cover the day he arrived at his new FBI job. Michael goes to the police station to tell Paul about the suspicious situation with the medical examiner and his theory that there was a second shooter in the alley the night Carmine died. Paul thinks that Michael is just grasping at straws to try and help Fen get out of trouble. Summer tells her model friend that she took three energy pills instead of one, because she wanted to make sure she had enough energy for the photo shoot. The photographer takes one round of pictures and gives Summer a break, so she goes outside for air because she feels out of breath. When she can’t catch her breath, Summer calls Fen on the cell phone and asks for his help. Fen rushes out of the house to help Summer, forgetting that house arrest is a condition of his furlough from prison.

Fen gets to the photo shoot and tells Sharon about Summer’s call. He can’t help look for Summer, because he is arrested and taken to the police station. Sharon is worried because Jack told her earlier that Phyllis is responding positively when the doctor plays her favorite song, so the doctor has it playing in her room every day. Sharon finds Summer at the bottom of the stairs in the hall of the photo shoot and for a few minutes she recalls what she did to Phyllis and thinks it is Phyllis laying at the bottom of the stairs and not Summer. Jack confronts Adam and after a long discussion Adam admits that Victor knows about something he has done and is using it against him, so that he can get access to Connor. Adam pleads with Jack not to ask any more questions and just make good on his promise to protect Connor from Victor in case anything should happen to him, and he can’t be there to protect his son. Adam gives Chelsea an engagement ring and tells her they should move to Paris once they are married, but she refuses to move saying they have a life in Genoa City now. Kevin tells Paul that he is waiting on results from a computer search of license pates that begin with letters and numbers that look like a G. Adam uses his video camera to look at the confession that he put on the disc of Delia’s murder. Adam puts the camera on the couch when he hears Connor crying on the baby monitor and goes upstairs to comfort him. Chelsea arrives home and picks up the camera because she thinks Adam has been taking videos of Connor. She starts to look at what is on the video camera.

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