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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is rocked. Bill picked him up at the airport and brought him to this fabulous beach house. Bill tells him that it is his. It’s time to move out of the warehouse and break that leash around his neck from his mom. Wyatt loves the place and thinks it is a killer but he’s a little concerned about the timing. Bill says absolutely there is an ulterior motive. He wants him away from his mother. He doesn’t want Wyatt to be disrespectful but just keep a healthy distance. Wyatt says he will accept the house and he can’t wait to tell Hope.

Rick wants to hear all about Hope’s trip to Hawaii with Wyatt. She says he was the friend that she needed. Rick can’t get her to say more other than no they didn’t go any further than friends but they are getting closer. He asks where does this leave Liam. She tells him that Liam holds Quinn responsible for the non wedding and really now so does she. She doesn’t think Quinn is dangerous but she does think she has to be watched. And she is taking control of her life and moving on. She knows she will never be done with Liam and she knows Wyatt is committed to her and that’s nice to see a man without another woman standing behind him. There’s no drama with Wyatt. Things are so easy with him, no pressure to get married. Rick seems to be on Wyatt’s side and tells her to go for it. Quinn is listening in to the conversation as Liam continues to pry information out of Charlie by calling him the true hero in the jewel heist. Charlie is called to the Boutique and Liam asks if he can tag along. There he goes through an enactment with Charlie of exactly what happened on that day of the heist. He determines at the end it was just Charlie and Wyatt in the shop just prior to the two thieves stepping out of the back and later was found with the diamond. Wyatt calls Hope and says his dad just brought him back to town. Wyatt has a surprise for Hope and he will fax her the address. She’s impressed at his new digs. She mentions Hawaii and she can still smell the flowers, the half flowers. That is what she was, a half person until then. He gives her more flowers which has a note attached asking her to live here with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne told Jennifer that she saw Abby and EJ together twice.  Julie was worried that Nick hasnít been in touch with his family.  EJ and Sami argued over him helping Chad.  Nicole wanted to know what Dr. Chyka was doing on Danielís computer.  Eric defended the fact that he had feelings for Nicole to Marlena.  Dr. Chyka lied to Nicole about why he was at Danielís apartment, but she didnít believe him.  When she was about to call Daniel, Dr. Chyka stopped her.  EJ told Sami that Abby was concerned about Nick and how she ended up on Smith Island.  Abby showed up at her house just when Adrienne was telling Jennifer about Abby spending time with EJ.  Dr. Chyka stopped Nicole from calling Daniel.  While EJ was telling Sami about Abby, he pictured making love to Abby.  Jennifer wanted to know what was going on between Abby and EJ.  Julie ran into Kate and questioned her about Nick.  Dr. Chyka gave Nicole a needle and she passed out.

Julie wanted to know if Kate was the reason why Nick left Salem.  Jennifer wanted to know if anything happened between Abby and EJ.  Eric went o Danielís apartment while Dr. Chyka was moving Nicoleís body.  Abby told Jennifer that EJ read Jackís book.  Jennifer warned Abby to stay away from EJ.  Abby called EJ and told him that her mother knew about them.  Daniel found out the information he had to clear Eric was gone.  Daniel realized he had a copy of the information at home and left.  Eric walked in Danielís apartment and got knocked out by Dr. Chyka.  Abby told EJ that Jennifer is suspicious of their friendship.  When Daniel got to his apartment, Dr. Chyka, Nicole, and Eric were gone.  Nicole and Eric were tied up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felix tells Brad that he accidentally blurted out to Patrick and Robin that Sabrina is pregnant. Brad tells him that he isnít the father of Brittís baby; he just didnít contradict Britt when she said he was her sperm donor. Felix asks him why he didnít say so sooner. Brad says it wasnít Felixís business any more than Sabrinaís baby is Felixís business. He concludes that Felix is so obsessed with getting into everyone elseís business, because he doesnít have a life of his own. Robin tells Elizabeth that she just applied for the Chief of Staff position and that she is waiting for Patrick to come back to tell him. She says Patrick went to talk to Sabrina because, apparently, she is pregnant. She says they found out from Felix, and Sabrina didnít want Patrick to know. Robin confides that Patrick said he wanted to have another baby and she said no. At Sabrinaís apartment, Carlos claims to be the childís father. Sabrina says it is true. Robin is relieved when Patrick tells her that he isnít the father of Sabrinaís baby.

Sonny tells Olivia that Carly is missing and that he is going to have Shawn look for her. Sonny isnít convinced that Morgan really walked away from the Jeromes, because he knows it isnít that easy. Michael, Morgan, and Dante find Carlyís car in the Metro Court parking garage with the door open and a streak of blood on the side. Dante opens the trunk and finds a suitcase. Michael is afraid that Carly is in the case, but it only contains clothes. Dante concludes that someone must have stopped Carly from going somewhere. Michael attacks Franco when he arrives in the parking garage with Kiki. Franco and Kiki tell them about the letter he found in his room.

Silas tells Sam that the police have in evidence a prescription that he supposedly wrote for himself on the date that his wife, Nina, went into a coma. He says he didnít write the prescription so someone who wanted to hurt Nina must have forged his signature. Sam wonders if Ava did it. Ava goes to the police station in response to a call from Nathan West. She says she doesnít know anything about what happened to Carly Jax. He says he called her there to talk about Silas Clay. She tells him to contact her lawyer. He says she doesnít need to involve her lawyer, because he isnít investigating her; he is investigating Silas in the murder of his wife. Ava says Silas would never hurt his wife. Nathan has to cut the interview short when he receives a call from Dante asking him to come to a potential crime scene. He tells Ava to wait for him. Ava calls Silas and asks him what she should say to the police. He tells her to tell them the truth. Ava quickly hangs up when Morgan comes up behind her. Sam offers to investigate Ava. Morgan apologizes to Ava for the nasty things he said to her to convince his father that they were over. She says she will always have his back. Michael and Kiki see Morgan and Ava together at the police station. When Franco arrives at the station, Michael accuses him of Carlyís disappearance. Franco accuses Ava. Ava denies it. Kiki says Ava must be at the police station for a reason and that she is going to find out why. Detective West gets to the crime scene after the CSU. When Dante tells him the victimís name, Nathan recalls that Ava Jerome said she had nothing to do with what happened to Carly Jax. One of the crime scene investigators finds Heatherís bloody butcher knife in a trash can.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer goes over to Fen’s place with muffins to apologize to him for not letting him run away from the police. Fen tells Summer that he will never forgive her, because he is going back to prison and it's all her fault. Fen later tells Lauren that he is pushing Summer away on purpose; because if he goes back to prison, he won’t be around to be her friend when she needs one. Summer is late for a photo shoot and looks tired, so one of the models tells her to take an energy pill whenever she feels tired. Summer follows her advice and takes a pill.

Nikki tells Paul that she is scared that Ian will manipulate Dylan and what is most terrifying to her is that Ian Ward will come back into her life again and hurt her. Leslie feels overwhelmed by all the wedding plans, so she finally tells Neil she wants to take some time to enjoy her engagement because she never dreamed of a wedding when she was a child like other little girls. Michael goes to visit Womack in prison and he denies he sent the cake to Fen. Womack also tells Michael that he wants to find out who turned state’s evidence against him and that will repay Fen’s debt to him. Michael tells Paul that he thinks that someone who wants to copy Carmine is threatening his family. Paul doesn’t believe Michael’s theory, but he agrees to have a patrol car pass by Michael’s place everyday. Michael calls Ronan to see if he can talk to the medical examiner who did Carmineís autopsy since he now works for the FBI

Stitch advises Dylan to open up to Nikki and Victoria, since they both really want to be a part of his life. Dylan tells Nikki that he has to find out for himself if he is anything like Ian Ward just for his own peace of mind, but he promises Nikki he won’t let Ian Ward come back into her life. Dylan asks Avery to come with him to Indiana, because he doesn’t think he can search for his biological father alone. Chris looks upset when she sees Paul giving Nikki a hug after their talk. Once she and Paul are alone, she admits that she wishes he was home to notice the toll that Fen’s case is taking on her.

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