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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is in Katie’s office when she gets a phone call that Bill is here to see her. Ridge ducks out the other door. Bill comes right to the point. He says he has made a decision. He wants her back. He wants to love her again. He asks for her to give them a chance. Katie is skeptical. Ridge is back so naturally Bill would come running back to her. He begs her to give them a chance. He vows that he is committed to putting their family back together. She smiles and says part of her would love to have him back with her but she knows he’s here because he is out of other options. The first one is off the table. She adds and she is not going to be a consolation prize for any man, not even the father of her child. Some day there will be a man who will love her completely and say beautiful words of love to her and mean them and she will love him back freely. But that man is not Bill. She says they have Will so they will always have a connection. She’s sorry if he had another epiphany and wants to come home, but she is not home anymore. He turns and leaves. Quinn walks in on Liam and says she heard begging between him and Hope. She doesn’t believe he has a relationship with Hope anymore. They immediately begin sparring and she tells him to stop meddling in Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. His interference is over as of today. He scoffs that she doesn’t know him very well if she thinks he is going to back away from Hope. He starts in on her bringing Steffy back from Paris and getting her to the cabin. Quinn says she merely did Hope a favor and in time she will realize that she was protecting her. Liam says he doesn’t know if Wyatt knows about any of this, but Hope does and does not like it one bit. And the only people that Hope needs protection from is Quinn and her son. Quinn reminds him that Liam almost cost her her livelihood and all those people working for her. But Liam wouldn’t care as all he cared about was his insecurities. He says he had a right as look how it all turned out. She walks closer and says he doesn’t know how far she will go to protect her son….and he probably doesn’t want to know. She says this is no threat, just a friendly warning but next time it might not be so friendly. Liam says that isn’t going to stop him. He’s going to find out just what kind of people she and her son are, as he bets they have a lot of secrets.

Ridge is sketching in the office when Brooke walks in and declares his sketch stunning. She says she has some news. Bill is getting back together right now with Katie. Ridge is not sure he buys that. Brooke makes another pitch to Ridge. She knows she made a mistake but she still wants Ridge. She thinks they can work this out for both her and Katie. She’d like to know where they stand. He says he wants no more drama. She promises they can do that. He says okay but he needs more time. Outside in the hallway Pam and Charlie are exchanging some baked delights and joking about later they can play the Cowboy and the Sexy Stable Girl. He wants to be the Cowboy. Liam saunders by when they are discussing Charlie still being hounded about his part in the jewelry heist. Liam ducks behind the clothes rack and listens. Finally when Charlie keeps dropping the name Wyatt and him being the hero, Liam comes out and joins in the conversation. He says he’d sure like to hear more about this from Charlie’s perspective. At Pam’s urging, Charlie is only too willing to give every little detail. Quinn walks up just as Liam asks Charlie if that is really the truth – that Wyatt caught those jewel thieves. Ridge calls Katie and asks if congratulations are in order or did she turn Bill away. She said she did not take him back. He thinks she made the right choice. She deserves the best and Bill Spencer isn’t it. They will get through this together. She likes the sound of that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami walked in on EJ and Abby together. JJ and Rory came up with a way to stop Theresa from blackmailing JJ.  Rory suggested telling Daniel the truth.  Sami wanted to know what was going on between EJ and Abby.  Marlena argued with Nicole about what was going on with Eric.  Before Nicole could answer, Maggie showed up.  Marlena argued with Maggie over what Victor did to Brady and Eric.  EJ told Sami that he helped Chad fake a brain tumor so Chad could be with Abby.  Dr. Chyka broke in Danielís office and stole Ericís file.

Abby went along with EJís story and Sami believed it.  Sami wanted to talk to Abby alone.  Marlena met Eric at the pub.  He admitted to having feelings for Nicole.  Sami tried to make Abby feel better about what happened with Chad.  Sami also told Abby about her relationship with EJ.  JJ and Daniel met so JJ could tell him about Theresa.  When JJ was about to tell Daniel about Theresaís blackmail, Theresa was there.  JJ noticed her and decided against telling Daniel the truth.  Dr. Chyka broke in Danielís apartment.  Marlena wondered if Nicole knows how Eric feels about her.  Nicole busted Dr. Chyka in Danielís apartment.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan confronts Julian about Carlyís disappearance. Julian says he didnít do it. Kiki confronts Ava about Carly. Ava says she didnít do it. Michael goes to the police station, where Dante informs him that he already told Bobbie that he canít file a missing persons report until after 48 hours. Michael accuses Franco of abducting Carly. Franco finds the note that Heather left in his hotel room. The note, supposedly from Carly, says Carly is breaking up with him and will be out of town for a few days. He shows Kiki the letter and says he doesnít believe Carly would write that in her right mind. Kiki calls Michael and leaves a message that Carly is ok. Franco asks Kiki why she is being nice to him. She says she bonded with him when she thought he was her father and that finding out that they arenít related hasnít made her stop caring about him. She offers to help him find Carly. Dante and Michael go to the Metro Court and see Morgan talking to Julian in the garage. Morgan and Julian act like they were just randomly passing each other. Ava and Julian confirm to each other that neither of them made Carly disappear and wonder who did. Heather shows Carly the butcher knife that she was going to use to kill her when she was in the shower in Francoís room, but then Franco killed her with her own knife. She says Carly wonít come back from the dead, as she raises the knife to strike. Heather drives Carlyís car to the Metro Court parking garage. She hides when Morgan spots Carlyís car. Morgan, Dante, and Michael go over to the car and find blood smeared on the side of it and the keys on the floor. Dante opens the trunk.

Sam tells Alexis that Silas has a wife who has been in a coma for 20 years. Silas goes to the PCPD to confront Nathan West. Nathan shows Silas a prescription written on the day his wife, Nina, went into a coma, written by Silas, for Silas, for the liquid form of the antidepressant his wife, Nina, had been taking in pill form. Silas says he didnít write the prescription. Nathan suggests that Silas tried to kill his wife so he could be with Ava Jerome. Silas tells him that he can contact his lawyer with any other ridiculous theories. Silas goes to Samís apartment and tells her about the prescription that Nathan West showed him. He wonders who wanted to hurt Nina. Sam wonders if Ava was responsible. Detective West calls Ava.

Carlos tells Sabrina that if they leave town together, he will take care of her and her baby and Patrick will never have to know she is pregnant. Patrick goes to Sabrinaís apartment and asks her if she is pregnant. She says she is. He tells her that he will support her every step of the way. Carlos comes out of the bedroom and tells Patrick that he is the babyís father, not Patrick. He says that he and Sabrina slept together the night that she would have married Patrick, had his wife not turned up at the wedding.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Tyler put in an offer on a house. Tyler is puzzled when he calls the realtor later to check if the offer was accepted and is told that his girlfriend called saying they had changed their mind about the house. Dylan arrives at Avery’s house to a belated New Year’s Eve celebration. Avery tells Dylan that she feels that he is pushing her away and not allowing her to help him in the search for his father. Dylan decides he can’t have a relationship with Avery until he gets his life in order so he gives her a kiss good-bye. Nikki defends Victor to Jack and tells him that Victor has every right to be a part of Connor’s life. Nikki's feelings are hurt when Victor can’t understand why she wants Dylan to be a part of her life and tells Victor not to make her choose between him and one of her children.

Billy goes to Adam’s house and gives him a heartfelt thank you for donating the money to start the Delia project, which makes Adam feel more guilty about Delia’s accident. Chelsea is proud of the changes she has seen in Adam since he became a father and asks him to tell her if he is keeping any more secrets from her, because if he doesn’t tell her now, she can’t marry him. Adam assures Chelsea that every waking minute of his life is spent making sure that Connor is protected and nothing can tear their family apart. Jack promises that he will not stop until he figures out what Victor is holding over Adam’s head that has him so scared. When Billy tells him that Adam donated the money for the Delia project, Jack thinks it’s a wonderful way for Adam to balance the Karmic scales. Jack’s comment reminds Billy that Adam said those exact words to him, and so did someone who posted on a grief chat room. Billy starts to wonder if Adam is the person posting on the grief chat room. Billy tells Jack that he thinks that Adam has done something that nobody knows about that he doesn’t want anyone to find out. Victor calls his lawyer to tell him that Dylan is still in Nikki’s will. He also wants to include Connor in his will but makes it clear that Adam is not to be included, because he will make sure Adam gets exactly what he deserves.

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