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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn is surprised to see Hope back at Forrester and that she had not stayed in Hawaii with Wyatt as he searched for some pearls on the island. Hope replies she needed to get back to work and also to have a conversation she was not looking forward to. Quinn knows that Hope must be angry. But Hope says it is mainly that she and Liam have been manipulated so many times that it is getting old and far too familiar. If Quinn has something to say to Hope then say it without fake e-mails or notes. Hope says she likes working with Quinn but is beginning to feel she might not be able to trust her. All Quinn asks is that Hope not blame Wyatt as he knew nothing of her actions. She asks about the trip and Hope responds that Wyatt had gone out of his way to make it very special. Quinn is delighted to know her son was Mr. Romance. Liam comes by to see Hope and Quinn quickly points out to Liam what her son gave Hope, a beautiful diamond pendant. He asks to speak to Hope alone so Quinn smirks at him and leaves. Liam deduces with the jewelry and them staying in Hawaii things must be getting serious with her and Wyatt. She replies that she wanted time for herself and was excited about her line and a future with no wedding in sight. She did admit that she and Wyatt are dating now. He wants to know where they stand. She doesn’t answer so he says he will wait. They fall back into the same old pattern of discussing Steffy and her news. Liam thought Hope should have understood it was manipulation again and he thought Hope would see through Wyatt eventually. He was afraid Wyatt was going to turn out just like his mother and would end up hurting Hope. Quinn is listening to them behind a door that is ajar. You can almost see the wheels churning in her head.  Liam continues that Wyatt and Quinn are not good people and he is going to prove it. And he vows that he wasn’t done with Hope yet and he thought she knew it too.

Bill meets Brooke at Katie’s house and asks why they are both there. He does not want to have a talk with Katie, but Brooke assures him that Katie is at work. She is watching Will. Brooke wants to open his eyes. She shows him the pictures on the mantel and what he has missed. He states that it couldn’t he helped. He says he reflected on his life just a few days ago and it was no different than when he was dangling on the mountain top. He tells Brooke that she was his rope and he can’t believe she wants him to let go. Brooke says they had their time and now it’s time for him to return to his family. He says no; Katie hates him yet Brooke is acting like she will gladly take him back. Brooke says she knows it will take some time, but she know Katie loves him and she believes she will take Bill back. Then she can have her happily ever after with Ridge. She and Katie both have children that should be raised with both parents in the house. Brooke sheds a tear when Bill relents and he decides to get Katie to take him back. Ridge arrives at Spencer Publication to discuss more  with Katie about Brooke and Bill. He apologizes for causing her more pain by rehashing, but he has no one else to talk to. Brooke has explained everything, but he still can not accept how she and Bill betrayed Katie. Katie begins with the sequences of events at Brooke’s birthday party with Taylor exposing the whole affair. By then Brooke and Bill had given each other up as a sacrifice. And Katie adds the cameras she had planted had given Bill the excuse he needed to walk away. She’d had this premonition about Bill’s climb and she still cared as he was the father of her son. She recalled how electric it was when Bill touched her, but she guesses relationships like that only happen once in a lifetime. Ridge assures her that she will get it again someday. She doubts it. He touches her arm and says she is not the only one who gets premonitions. Something inside Katie is shaken, and she looks down at his hand on her arm, and she tearfully stares up into his sympathetic face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby thought EJ told Gabi that they slept together.  Gabi was confused about what Abby was talking about.  Gabi told Abby that EJ has been great to her.  Abby wanted to know what EJ has done for her.  EJ thought Abby was at the mansion, but it was Jennifer.  Stefano blamed Dr. Chyka for Kristen possibly getting caught.  Gabi explained to Abby why EJ helped her.  Abby wanted to know why Gabi was at her house.  Abby thought Gabi was there for EJ.  Jennifer was upset with EJ because of what Abby told her about Chad, but EJ thought Jennifer was talking about him sleeping with Abby.  Gabi lied to Abby about why she went to see her.  EJ and Jennifer continued to argue over Abby.

Kate was eavesdropping when Jordan and Sheryl met at the town square.  Jordan intimated that she did something that she didn’t want to talk about with Sheryl.  Stefano wanted Dr. Chyka to tie up the loose ends with Daniel.  Jennifer told EJ that he helped Chad lie to Abby.  Jennifer also told EJ that she wanted Abby to stay away from him.  Abby overheard Jennifer arguing with EJ.  When Jennifer left, Abby confronted EJ about Jennifer being there.  Abby stressed that Jennifer could never find out that she was with EJ.  He tried to get her to put it behind her, but she couldn’t do that until she knew why it happened.  Someone was watching the two of them together while they were talking.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny walks into Pozzulo’s and finds Morgan with Ava. Morgan says he was telling Ava to stay away from him. Ava plays along. Julian opens his door. Shawn rushes him, pushes him down on the sofa, and aims his gun at him. Shawn tells Julian to leave TJ alone, and he will forget that Carlos used him as a human shield. Julian threatens to tell the police that Morgan shot Max. Shawn doubts that. He tells Julian that if he takes one step toward TJ, he won’t live to see the next day. The next time Julian opens his door, Shawn is still standing outside. Julian says he has no interest in Shawn’s kid and leaves.

Heather forces Carly to sign a suicide note. When she opens the door to deliver it, she hears AJ and Monica talking outside, so she waits. Monica tells AJ that she knows he has been drinking because she can smell it. AJ admits that he has been drinking since he was acquitted, because he is afraid he really did kill Connie. AJ hears a noise when Carly kicks over a cooler, but Monica says it is probably just raccoons. She urges him to go to a meeting. Heather lets herself into Franco’s room with Carly’s master key and leaves the note. Heather returns to the boathouse and tells Carly that she successfully delivered the letter. Michael demands to know what Franco did to Carly. Franco says he hasn’t seen her since yesterday when she was heading to Sonny’s place to find Michael. Kiki stays with Franco while Michael heads over to Sonny’s place. When Michael gets to Pozzulo’s, he is surprised to see Morgan. Michael tells Sonny that Carly is missing. Sonny confirms that Carly was there yesterday and that she told him about Franco. Morgan wonders if Julian Jerome has something to do with Carly’s disappearance. He collars Julian in the Metro Court parking lot and demands to know if he hurt Carly. Kiki wonders if her mother had something to do with Carly’s disappearance. She and Franco go to the Metro Court to confront Ava. Kiki asks Franco to let her talk to her mother alone. Franco goes to his room and sees the note that Heather left for him. At the boathouse, Heather takes her trusty butcher knife out of her purse.

Carlos offers to be the father to Sabrina’s baby. He says they can go home to Puerto Rico and no one will know that it isn’t his baby. Patrick presses Felix to tell him what is going on with Sabrina. Robin is standing behind them when Felix breaks his promise to Sabrina and reveals that she is pregnant. Felix says Sabrina didn’t want anyone to know, because she didn’t want her pregnancy to cause tension between Patrick and his wife. Patrick tells Robin that it will not come between them. Patrick goes to Sabrina’s apartment.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Courtney breaks up with Noah, because she can’t stand lying to him, but she tells him it's because the relationship doesn’t work for her. Courtney later stops by the police station to tell Alex, whom she calls Zach, that she broke up with Noah for him. Alex tells Courtney, whom he calls Farah, that she knows better than to come to the station to see him. Kevin is frustrated because the lead that George gave them doesn’t turn up any license plates. Kevin has a gut feeling that there is something missing, and he keeps searching for clues on the police computer. Kelly persuades Billy to run Delia’s foundation. Billy sees the foundation forms on Kelly’s desk. When she is out of the office, he looks at the forms and finds out Adam was the one who provided the funding for Delia’s foundation.

Chelsea is upset with Adam because he doesn’t throw Victor out of Connor’s blessing ceremony. Adam allows Victor to hold Connor. Victor promises Adam that he won’t go to the police and tell them the truth. He assures Adam he made the right decision. Jack later tells Victor that he won’t allow him to hurt Adam again. Chelsea demands an explanation from Adam as to why he allowed Victor to stay at the blessing ceremony and hold Connor. Adam tells Chelsea that he couldn’t throw Victor out of the ceremony. Victoria sees Stitch while she is on a run and tries to persuade him to become friends with Kelly, so they can keep each other company and neither one of them has to be lonely.

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