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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is at the office moping around thinking about Katie. Donna tells Eric that Ridge is on Katie's side, too. Eric figures that Brooke probably had a difficult time revealing the truth about Bill to Ridge, but he thought Ridge would support Brooke. Donna reveals she is fearful that if Brooke and Ridge don't reunite, it will give Bill all the more reason to pursue Brooke, no matter how hard she tries to push him away. Having Ridge back home only makes it more of a challenge to Bill and she knows that he doesn't intend to lose. Donna also wonders if Katie is even interested in taking Bill back. Donna confesses to Eric that if weren't for Will she'd like it if Bill would just go away and leave the future clear for another man to love Katie like Bill never could. Bill waltzes right into Brooke's bedroom. She's aghast and asks him to leave. He refuses and makes it clear that he is not losing her to Ridge. He won't put up with Ridge trying to guilt Brooke. She says it is her choice. Bill even knew that the entire time they were together. She always wanted her family. Bill basically badmouths Ridge and blames him for leaving Brooke stranded on their honeymoon over a silly text message to Deacon. However Brooke takes the blame and beats herself up for it and her scandalous ways over the years and the pain she has caused. She says that if Bill cares for her, he'd let her go now so she can be with Ridge and her family. Both sets of children need both their parents at home. They have a chance to do something right here. She points out that Bill was not there for his older sons and it might turn out that way with Will too if he doesn't change course and go back to Katie. She's worried too that Katie's feelings for her have worsened since Ridge returned home. She wants Bill to go home and be with his family and give them what they deserve. He tells Brooke that he could never forget his relationship with her. She says the same, but they will savor the memories. He touches her face lovingly and strides out of the bedroom. 

Ridge surprises Katie by showing up at her house. He's amazed at what Katie had to go through because of Bill and Brooke. He wonders why Katie hadn't told him about her and Bill's fake reunion just so he could get the papers to his company back. He's sympathetic and tells Katie she has survived a lot over the years with her health, and she will get through this too. He will help her. She tells him that there were times she thought she was losing her mind. She is glad he is back in town. She confides that her love for Bill had been intoxicating and he made her feel so special, but now he only looks that way at Brooke. She isn't sure whether Brooke targeted Bill, but it doesn't matter now. She is sure Bill will never look at her that way again. Both agree they played some part and need to take responsibility for what they did, but they mainly put the bulk of the blame all on Bill. Ridge admits he came back to town to reunite his family, but he feels if he does that now it will be like condoning what Brooke and Bill have done. He just can't do that. Katie reminds him that Brooke has always been his destiny and they always found their way back to each other. This time should be no different. He says it feels different though. She tells him not to let it. He wants to make sure that she doesn't mind being alone. She deserves to have someone to love and cherish and take care of her. She sucks it up and says she is good at caring for herself and love is overrated anyway. He agrees with that, but assures her she will find love again. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer questioned Abby about why she wanted to talk to Hope at Smith Island.  Eric talked to EJ about his (EJ’s) problems with Sami.  Daniel found the drugs in Eric’s system when Kristen drugged him.  Stefano found out that Daniel was on to something.  Stefano wanted to find out what was going on with Daniel.  EJ didn’t want to talk to Eric about his situation with Sami and he didn’t want to talk about Kristen.  Eric noticed that EJ was hiding something. 

Kate went to check on Gabi to find out about Abby.  Gabi told Kate that EJ handled the situation.  Eric warned EJ that the truth always comes out.  Stefano went to see Daniel.  Daniel managed to get rid of him so he could go to the hospital.  Abby lied to Jennifer and told her that she slept with Chad.  Kate wasn’t convinced that EJ handled the situation with Abby and suggested that Gabi talk to Abby herself.  Stefano was concerned that Daniel was about to discover what Kristen did to Eric.  Stefano’s henchman wanted to know if he wanted Daniel killed.  Gabi went to see Abby and told her that EJ told her everything.  Abby was horrified.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco asks Kiki if she has seen Carly. Kiki tells him that Michael just went to Carly’s house, so Franco rushes off. Bobbie tells Michael that Carly stayed out overnight. Michael tells her that Carly is seeing Franco. Heather has Carly tied up in the Quartermaine boathouse. She says she is going to use her to teach Franco a lesson for burying her alive. AJ is outside drinking and trying to call Elizabeth. Carly makes noise to get his attention. He is about to go inside when Michael arrives. He tells Michael that he thought he heard something, but that it was probably a raccoon. Michael and AJ leave to go to breakfast. Carly’s phone rings. Heather tells her that it is Bobbie, probably wondering where Carly is. Bobbie leaves a message concluding that Carly must be with Franco, but mid-message, Franco knocks on the door. Franco and Bobbie realize that Carly is missing. Bobbie is concerned that one of Sonny’s enemies has Carly, so she asks Franco to stay at the house while she goes to the police. Heather makes Carly sign a suicide note that she has prepared.

Patrick suggests that Robin should consider applying for Monica’s old job as Chief of Staff. Robin reunites with Sonny at Kelly’s. He says Brenda must be thrilled to have her best friend back. She talks about Jason dying while she was gone. He tells her that AJ is alive and that he killed Kate, who had gone back to using her birth name, Connie. Michael and AJ walk into Kelly’s to meet Kiki for breakfast. Sonny has a tantrum and leaves. AJ and Robin are happy to see each other alive. Michael introduces Kiki to Robin. AJ decides that he is too emotional to have breakfast and leaves. Michael tells Kiki that he didn’t see Carly because she didn’t come home last night. Kiki tells him that Carly wasn’t with Franco, because he was looking for her, too. They go to Carly’s house. Michael collars Franco and demands to know what he did to Carly. AJ goes back to the boathouse to retrieve his bottle that he had hidden when Michael was there, and he sees Heather coming out of the boathouse.  

Ava goes to Pozzulo’s and tells Morgan that she didn’t expect him to walk away so easily, but that she shouldn’t have assumed that she meant something to him. He tells her that Julian made it clear that this is how it had to be. She tells him that she will have his things sent to him. He kisses her and says he doesn’t want to give her up. She says they will find a way. Sonny walks in. Sabrina doesn’t realize that Carlos is behind her when she tells Felix that she doesn’t want anyone to know she is pregnant. She tells him that she isn’t going to tell Patrick, because it would hurt his wife and daughter. She doesn’t want to have an abortion, so she will probably have the baby out of town and give it up for adoption. Carlos offers to be the baby’s father. Patrick asks Felix how Sabrina is doing. Felix tells him to ask her himself. Felix says Sabrina is dealing with it and that she will be fine. Patrick asks Felix what he isn’t telling him. Robin gets off the elevator just as Felix tells Patrick that Sabrina is pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon admits to Noah that she saw a vision of Cassie, but she assures him that it will be the last one because she is in a good place and doesn’t need Cassie as a crutch. Victor struggles to decide if he should tell the police that Adam is Delia’s killer. Adam and Chelsea sign papers to make Jack Connor’s co-guardian along with Chelsea in case something happens to Adam. Adam and Chelsea also sign papers to change Connor’s name to Connor Adam Newman. Chelsea and Adam have a blessing ceremony for Connor. Victor arrives after the ceremony is finished.

George the witness who claims to have seen the driver who hit Delia tells Alex that the driver had a slim build and the car had a Wisconsin license plate that started with a G. Kevin uses his computer skills to begin the search for the person who killed Delia. Jack is impressed with how Hilary has changed and admires her for making a donation to Delia’s foundation.

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