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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is conflicted. He has Brooke standing before him telling him that they both want this and they can have it like it used to be. He says he does love her and he thinks about the life he missed. But then he thinks about her and Bill and how that hurt Katie, and the woman he loved would not have done those things. Brooke says she understands, but she has apologized to Katie and she explained to him. He says he knows but he still cannot wrap his mind around it all. She says she lost herself because she didnít have Ridge. Liam comes home to find Bill making himself at home, and he wants to know about Liamís love life. Heíd like to live vicariously through it. He tells Liam that he knows he used to get annoyed at Katie and all her rules but she is a good mom and heís glad Will has that sort of stability. He tells Liam that he is not going to give up on Brooke; itís just not in his DNA. Heís been taking a hard look at things and a man makes choices and he has to live with them. And he understands why Brooke feels guilty but she is wrong and guilt is a lousy reason to do anything. He knows he messed up with Katie. He approached her like he would a business deal. And he paid the price for it but it is no reason that he and Brooke have to pay for it too. Ridge, the jerk, left her on her honeymoon. Heís been out of her life for a year and yet now that he is back he thinks she owes him an explanation for her behavior. Bill says he does not accept that and neither should Brooke, but she is all about Will and RJ and reuniting families. Bill says he cares about Katie and he misses Will but his future is with BrookeÖ.and heís not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of that, including Ridge.

Donna drops in on Katie and compliments her sister for doing such a great job of managing her home life and the company as well. Katie doesnít quite see it that way. Itís been difficult. She knows Donna doesnít agree with everything she has done but she had to for her son. Being around Bill and Brooke was bad for Will. Brooke tells Ridge that she is not blaming him. Still he understands that if he had not left that none of this would have happened. She was vulnerable and focused her attention then on Will who needed her. But that is all in the past and she is here right now, right where she wants to be. So they can forget the past mistakes. Ridge says if Bill is such a terrible human being why would Brooke even want her little sister with him. Brooke replies that is a lot to overcome but if they can do it she thinks she and Ridge can too. He says but Katie doesnít feel that way. And Brooke used to put her sister first and was always there for her. He gets up to leave with Brooke begging him to please stay. He says he is sorry but not tonight. After Donna has left, Ridge stops by Katieís. He tells her she should lock her doors; anybody can walk in. She asks about Brooke and he sys he was just there and she wanted him to stay, but he couldnít. Heís staying with Eric for now. Katie says he will forgive Brooke eventually as that is why he came back home. Ridge replies yes but that was before he knew about Katie. He feels bad and responsible for what he did to Brooke and what she did with Katieís husband. And he canít get past that. Katie wonders why he is telling her this and why he is there. Bill walks right in on Brooke. She tells him he should not be there. He says he came to talk but now being in this bedroom it gives him other ideas. She says it is late so he states that he will be brief. She has left a lot of men in her wake but he wonít be one of them. He knows she feels guilty about Katie and so does he, but that doesnít change his commitment to her. Heís not going to lose the woman he loves to Ridge Forrester.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

While Sheryl was outside she saw Jordan.  EJ and Abby made love again.  JJ wanted the shoplifter to open his bag so he and Rory wouldnít have to open theirs.  EJ and Abby agreed that they wouldnít sleep together again.  Lucas and Kate noticed that Sheryl recognized Jordan.  Kate thought Sheryl would be the one to get the goods on Jordan.  The owner of the store that the shoplifter stole from said that JJ and Rory werenít the ones who robbed his store.  Gabi told Will that Abby wanted to go to Hope about her suspicions about Nick.  Sonny said EJ would stop Abby from talking to Hope.  Abby agreed not to tell about the text message from Nick.  EJ and Abby agreed to act as if nothing happened between them.  Kate and Lucas continued to talk about the connection between Sheryl and Jordan.

Hope ran into Abby at the town square.  Gabi and Will went to the DiMera mansion to make sure EJ got Abby to be quiet.  JJ went to see Theresa.  He got into an argument with her because he almost got arrested.  When Sheryl met Kate and Lucas, she mentioned knowing Jordan.  EJ told Gabi and Will that Abby wasnít going to say anything.  Sheryl told Kate and Lucas about her past with Jordan.  Theresa threatened to expose JJ if he didnít do what she said.  Kate left so Lucas and Sheryl could talk.  After talking to Hope, Abby agreed not to say anything.  EJ was upset about what he did to Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan goes to Pozzulo's and tells Sonny that he is done with the entire Jerome family. Sonny is suspect about Julian letting Morgan walk away. He says Morgan knows too much and therefore has a target on his back. Morgan asks for Sonny's protection. Julian tells Ava that he sent Morgan to Sonny to tell him that he is out of the Jerome organization so that he can be their mole. Ava thinks it is a terrible idea because she and Morgan are in a relationship. Julian informs her that her relationship is over. He tells Ava that Morgan manned up and that she needs to do the same or he will have to deal with her. She tells him not to make threats he isnít prepared to follow through with, because she is prepared.

Heather forces Carly into her own house at gunpoint. Carly says that if Heather kills her, Franco will know it was her. Heather says Franco wonít suspect her because he thinks he killed her. Heather says the only way to make Franco suffer properly is to make him lose the woman he loves. Franco tries to initiate a conversation with Scott Baldwin at the bar in the Metro Court restaurant, only to be rebuffed. Franco concludes that Lucy didnít go to bat for him. Scott tells him to leave Lucy out of it because she is nothing more than his ex-wife. Kevin and Lucy go to the Metro Court for dinner, but when Lucy sees Scott, she says she wants to go somewhere else. Kevin goes over to Franco and tells him that he needs to continue his therapy after what he did to his mother. Scott tells Lucy that he loves her and he wants her back. Lucy tells him that she is making her marriage to Kevin work, but he insists he loves her and wants her. Lucy and Kevin leave to go to the Floating Rib instead. Lulu and Luke go to the Metro Court restaurant. Lulu reveals that she left Dante and is staying at Carlyís house with Bobbie. Bobbie joins Luke and Lulu and tells them that she still hasnít told Lucas that his biological father is alive. Franco goes to Carlyís house, but leaves when she doesnít answer the door. Inside, Heather admonishes Carly to keep quiet or she will kill them both.

Nathan West is Danteís new partner. Nathan says he transferred to the PCPD because of a case. He says Silas Clay cheated on his wife. Dante says that isnít illegal. Sam asks Silas if he is married. He concludes that she must have talked to the cop and admits that he has a wife, but that she has been in a coma for over 20 years. Her parents have denied him access to her the whole time, because they found out that he had an affair with Ava Jerome. He says that when Nina found out about the affair, she took an overdose of pills that put her in the coma and that he blames himself. Sam asks him what the police want. Nathan tells Dante that he thinks Silas Clay gave his wife the overdose to try to kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick remembers Cassie on her birthday and shares a dance with Summer as he talks about Cassie with her. Sharon feels guilty as she watches Summer and Nick dancing and talking about Cassie. Nick later tells Sharon that he misses being part of Summer’s daily life and feels jealous of Jack for the things he shares with her now. Dylan talks to Ian Ward’s former wife who tells him that Ian was a good man who let power go to his head. Ian’s wife is shocked to learn that he is Ian’s son and tells Dylan that he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters as far as she knows and the last she heard Ian was living in Indiana, but he is probably dead now. Nikki talks to Avery and figures out that Dylan is searching for his father. Nikki worries that Ian will manipulate Dylan and turn him against her. Nikki is touched when Avery tells her that Dylan referred to her as Mom the last time that he and Avery spoke on the phone.

Courtney tells Noah that the drugs he found in her purse belong to Zach who told her to keep them for him since he is trying to quit. Courtney later calls Alex and tells him she hates lying to the people she loves, but she knows she doesn’t have a choice. Devon offers Cane and Lily the job of managers of the Athletic Club, and they accept the position. Lily isn’t happy when Devon defends Hilary again. She later offers Hilary a free upgrade to a suite to apologize for the fact that Lily threw her out of the club. Hilary accepts the suite upgrade and considers having dinner with Devon tomorrow. Sharon arrives home and sees Cassie’s ghost again who is upset with her, because she didn’t tell Nick the truth about what she did to him and Summer. Cassie’s ghost tells Sharon that she won’t stop seeing her ghost until she tells Nick the truth. Sharon responds that if she tells Nick the truth, he will hate her for what she has done. Noah walks in and is worried when he sees Sharon talking to herself.

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