Tuesday 1/7/14 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In her bedroom, Brooke tells Ridge not to speak or even think. Just enjoy the moment, the two of them after so long. Ridge tries to get into it but after a couple of minutes he says he can’t. He says he can’t get the thought of her and Spencer out of his head. She asks him to please not talk about that as it is over. He assures her it is not for him…..or Katie. He says he knows it’s complicated so tell him about it. She asks him not to shut down on her. He says he knows Bill had her body right here on this bed. He assumes he had her heart too. She says there was an attraction but they fought it. He says they must not have tried hard enough, and he must have been special for her to hurt Katie that like. He asks if she loved Bill. She says yes eventually. He can’t see how someone could fall in love so many times. Brooke says that is not fair. Ridge had walked out on her and she was devastated. Bill was there to help pick up the pieces. She says Ridge has no idea what this did to her when he left and Katie was leaving Bill. Ridge says she keeps saying it is over, so he’d like to know what happened. She says Bill did something unforgivable. He broke up with her and said he was going to rebuild his family. She encouraged that as she knew it was the right thing to do, but it was a con. He went back to Katie just to get her to sign the company back over to him and get joint custody of Will. That was the end. She’s had many regrets and is working hard on rebuilding the trust that she and Katie once had. She says this has nothing to do with them. She wants Ridge to focus on rebuilding their family. That is what RJ wants, too. She wants everything to be the way it was. Brooke is devastated that Ridge can't be with her.

Katie tells Donna that she knows Brooke is trying, but she gets so tired of hearing that it is Katie’s fault when she was sick and tried to push Brooke and Bill together, and if Bill did not consider that, Brooke should have. Here are two people that she trusted more than anyone in this world, and they betrayed her. She’s still in love with Bill and now she has positioned herself right where she wants to be between two men, Bill and Ridge. She used to take that for granted with two men fighting over Brooke, but it’s different when it’s your husband. Donna tells her anything is possible if she puts her mind to it. Now that Ridge is back, Bill will know that, too. Katie says that she knows he came back to reunite his family but that was before he knew about Bill. He was shocked and even apologized for not being here and keeping Brooke under control. But he always does take her back, so this time will be no different. Caroline tells Bill that he must know Ridge is back. Bill admits he ran into him at Brooke’s. It might have been awkward for Ridge. He’s been the one gone away for a year, and Bill has been helping Brooke through her pain, so he’s not the interloper here, Ridge is. He knows what he and Brooke have. Ridge is like a cigarette, a bad habit to break, and it leaves Katie in a spot that he did not want her to be. He says the facts are that Brooke gets out of line and does something Ridge does not like, and he heads for the exits and has a little hissy fit. Brooke knows he is not going anywhere. Caroline is not sure that Ridge is either as he is back at work like nothing ever happened. Bill scoffs that is what happens when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. In the real world, the clock keeps ticking and the world moves on, and Ridge would be wise to learn that. Caroline says she loves him and doesn’t want him to get hurt, but she’s not sure he can have what he wants this time. He says throwing on a suit won’t make Ridge any less of a jerk. He left Brooke all over a text message, so he does not deserve her. Bill knows the connection and the passion he and Brooke have. Neither Ridge nor any other man can compete with that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ stopped himself from kissing Abby.  He said he shouldn’t have, but she wanted to continue.  JJ warned Theresa that she would get what she had coming.  She wasn’t threatened.  When got off the phone, Jennifer confronted him about his phone call.  EJ stopped himself from kissing Abby again, but Abby kissed him again.  They ended up on the bed.  Juanita showed up at Theresa’s place to take her to a meeting.  JJ lied to Jennifer about what was going on.  Eric confessed that he had feelings for Nicole, but he wanted to be a priest.  Theresa and Brady showed up at the AA meeting.  Daniel met Brady’s drug dealer to chase him out of Salem.  When the drug dealer pulled out a knife, they got in a fight.  Nicole showed up and grabbed the knife so the drug dealer couldn’t stab Daniel.

Daniel threatened to tell Victor on the drug dealer.  JJ was eavesdropping on them while they were threatening the drug dealer.  The drug dealer agreed to leave Salem and never come back.  After EJ and Abby made love, he tried to tell her that what they did wasn’t supposed to happen.  She assured him that she knew what she was doing.  JJ met with Rory to get drugs.  Abby started feeling bad about what she and EJ did until he made her feel better about it.  The police chased two shoplifters.  The police wanted to check the shoplifters’ bags as well as JJ and Rory’s.  When Brady went home from the meeting, he started drinking.  Abby and EJ kissed each other again.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Detective Nathan West goes to Sam's penthouse to talk about Silas. She kicks him out when he asks if she has a personal relationship with Silas, saying that is none of his business. He asks her if she is aware that Silas is married. Sam says she knows it is a ploy to get her to doubt Silas. Silas calls Diane to let her know to expect a call from Detective Nathan West. Rafe goes to the hospital and tells Silas that he sold TJ out by telling the police that TJ witnessed the shooting at the warehouse. Silas wonders why Rafe would do that. Rafe admits that he wanted TJ out of the picture, but that now he is worried that he may have put TJ's life in danger.  Silas believes that Shawn will protect TJ. Anna takes Shawn and TJ to the station for questioning. Shawn tells her to ask him any questions about Sonny.  She says she wants to ask TJ about the warehouse shooting because an informant told her that TJ was there when it occurred. Shawn tells Anna that TJ won't be answering any questions without a lawyer. Anna tells them not to leave town. Silas calls Anna and says he thinks Rafe's statement might have put TJ in danger. Anna assures him that TJ is fine. Silas tells Rafe that he needs to learn to accept Molly's choice to be with TJ. Silas takes Rafe home and then goes to Sam's place. She says that perhaps they can talk about his wife.

Carly gets on the Metro Court elevator to go look for Michael. Heather Webber is on the elevator in disguise with a pistol in her purse. She follows Carly to Sonny's restaurant, Pozzulo's. Carly tells Sonny that she is seeing Franco. He thinks she is making a mistake. He tells her that he thinks he has gotten through to Morgan about the Jeromes. Carly says he knows Sonny didn't accidentally shoot Max and surmises that Sonny must be covering for Morgan. Morgan tells Ava and Julian that he won't tell anyone about the warehouse and that he will do better next time. Privately, Morgan tells Julian that he is only agreeing to stay with the organization because Julian threatened the lives of people Morgan loves. Julian tells Morgan to tell Sonny that he quit the Jerome organization even though he didn't. He says that the best way for Morgan to work for him is to work for Sonny as an inside man. He says that Morgan will have to cut ties with Ava. Ava sits at Franco's table in the Metro Court restaurant to annoy him. He muses that it is the location of her botched attempt on his life. She says his girlfriend might not be so lucky. He warns her to stay away from Carly or she will have to answer to him. She says she isn’t afraid of him and vows that if Carly messes with her, she will mess back. Ava goes back to Julian's room and wonders why Morgan isn’t there and why they didn’t meet her upstairs at the restaurant. Morgan goes to Pozzulo's and tells Sonny that he left the Jerome organization. Heather startles Carly outside of Pozzulo's.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria asks Billy and Kelly what she doesn’t know. When Billy starts to make up a story to tell her, Victoria says she already knows. Victoria says that Kelly was a life saver. Victor and Adam talk in his car. Adam wonders what Victor is up to. Kevin is upset over the fact that Chloe made a picture album for Delia and included a section for Connor. Jill is drugged outside of the Chancellor mansion and dragged away. Neil and Chloe visit Chelsea with some good news about her dress designs going worldwide. Chelsea finds out that Neil and Leslie are getting married. Chloe finds out that Chelsea accepted Adam’s marriage proposal. Cane and Lily celebrate the fact that she is cancer free. Devon and Leslie discuss his case and the fact that the charges were dropped against him. Esther cannot find the music box. She is startled by Kevin’s appearance and wants to know where Chloe is. Kevin says she isn’t with him. Kevin lets Esther know that Chloe made a picture in tribute to Delia but also included a section for Connor. Jill wakes up and begins to yell for help. Victor tells Adam that he knows that he was the one who hit and killed Delia.

Victoria goes upstairs to bring Johnny down to meet the guests but this unnerves Kelly, who tells them that it was a mistake her coming here. Billy walks her out. Outside, Kelly tells Billy he has a wonderful family, and she shouldn’t have come here. Victor tells Adam all the details of how he hit and killed Delia. Adam wonders what Victor will do next. Victor assures him that he will not go to the police but he wants Connor in return. Adam refuses to give Victor his son. A reporter takes pics of Devon and harasses him over the charges made against him in Las Vegas. Devon wonders how he can stop these reporters from coming there. Lily suggests that he buy the Athletic Club. Chloe walks in and overhears Kevin telling Esther about the photo album and the section on Connor. Chloe tells Kevin that things are over between them and makes him leave. Jill cannot find her phone. The attacker has Jill’s phone and texts Esther that Jill is going out of town. When the attacker comes into Jill’s room, she instantly recognizes him. Victor tells Adam that he will not take his son, but he does want to be part of his life.

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