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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope shows Wyatt that the flower opened. He says it must be from the warmth of her hand. She chuckles that flowers close at night and open in daytime. He says it must have seen her shining. He tells Hope they could change their minds and still go out. She says she still can not handle that right now. He gets a phone call which he ignores. She says it might be his mother checking on them. He says his mother wants him to be happy and she also thinks Wyatt can make Hope happy too. She adds and Quinn didn’t think that might happen by chance. He says he’s not going to make excuses for his mom for being underhanded if that is the way it goes down. He thinks Quinn just felt that Hope had the right to know what was going on with Steffy. Hope says Liam said it was nothing and she believes him. He says but if nothing makes her run for the hills, what does that tell her. She says she knows. What Liam said made total sense but she still couldn’t go back with him and she knew Steffy would always be there. She needs to let that go and open up to the rest of her life. She says it’s hard. She always thought her life was headed in one direction and now it’s not. He offers her a suggestion. He kisses her. He says L.A. is great but here they have the palm trees swaying, the waves crashing and no horns or sirens blaring, just the rare force of nature. They kiss again. He tells her they can analyze what happened between Liam and Steffy twenty different ways or they can just let it blow away. He says he could say a lot of things to her but they would just be meaningless words and would not say this. He kisses her passionately again. She pulls him in for a second one. Then she pulls away and says she is sorry. He says no, it’s all right. He’s going to enjoy himself every little step and nibble along the way. He gives a devilish smile and she wants to know what he is thinking. He says she doesn’t want to know but then tells her he just had a vision of them in an outrigger canoe making love. Sorry but that is where his mind went. He says they are going to be here a while so they need to get started. He picks her up and she giggles, but adds that she wants to take this slowly. He lets her down gently and says yes the first time needs to be special…..and it will be. He kisses her again. Rick calls the gang together in his office and tells them to take a deep breath, the holidays are behind them. They will be working on the spring line. Ridge walks in and congratulates them for all being here. They need to focus on what is next. It’s soon clear that Rick and Ridge are not on the same page. Ridge says HFTF is changing their identity and they can‘t afford that. Couture is what made his father’s name. The ready to wear line is fantastic, but they came later. They can not be center stage. The public and buyers are looking at them and thinking they are committed to the young market instead of them. Rick says all he has done is preach couture but that market just isn’t cutting it. Dad gave him one goal to increase sales any way he could. This team here smashed that goal. Ridge says he is not telling them that wasn’t great but they must get back to re-branding what made them great in the first place. What they need now is some bold new designs. Rick sarcastically says what they need obviously is Ridge as their savior. Ridge says sounds like the two of them need to talk. Rick says might as well since Ridge is not going to let him continue the meeting that he has planned for weeks. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge knows everything and she is sure Ridge mentioned that to her. Katie says Brooke knows they have always gotten along, so how is Bill. Brooke says Katie knows she is not still seeing him. He still keeps coming around although she tells him not to. Katie says obviously Brooke wants something from her so just tell her what it is. Brooke says Katie must know how much she wants to rebuild hr life with Ridge. Katie pretends not to be interested, whatever Brooke says. Brooke says Katie knows how devastated she was when she came back alone from her honeymoon. None of this would have happened if Ridge hadn’t left her. Katie says there is not a very big correlation between what Brooke says and what she does. Brooke says she would like this resentment ad hostility between them to change as she has told Bill to stay away. Katie says and yet he keeps ringing her door bell and she lets him in. Brooke says she should not have come. Katie says but she did; she wants both men. She sees her sister’s objective. She wants to give Katie back her husband like some old sweater that she borrowed and beat up, but she’s not going to have that. Brooke says she knows Katie wants Bill’s job, she wants to be super-mom and prove to the whole world that she can do everything. That’s great but is she happy in this big old house alone. Katie says and Brooke must think she’d really like to be sleeping by a man each night that had really rather be sleeping with Brooke. Katie says Brooke only wants to park Bill there because it will be more comfortable for Ridge who does not like competition. And the bonus is Brooke gets to look like she is cleaning up her mess at the same time. Brooke says she knows Ridge has his reservations, but she told him everything and he wants to come home.

Rick tells Ridge he’s dying to now when is he going back to International. Ridge says he has bad news for him. He’s not going anywhere. Thorne has taken over that job and is on his way as they speak. Brooke calls and wants to see Ridge when he can pull himself away. Rick tells him to feel free to go and he’ll know later if he is blissfully happy or just gonna wipe his shoes off on Brooke. Ridge asks why Rick didn’t do something about Brooke and her sister’s husband. Rick scoffs that Ridge had left her. He cut her loose and she was drowning. He doesn’t think Ridge has any right to criticize her how she kept from going under. And Katie herself is not blameless in this. Ridge says that is fair. When he decided to come home; home was Brooke. Now he doesn’t know what it means anymore. Caroline asks Rick how bad was his meeting with Ridge. He says Ridge got a call so anti-climax. She asks if he wants her to beat Ridge up? He’s such a gentleman that he probably won’t even hit her back. He tells her that Ridge is not going back to International. She says yeah the whole building is buzzing about Thorne going instead. It’ll be great for him and an opportunity for Brooke to win Ridge back if he can come to terms with her being with her uncle Bill. Brooke gets the bedroom ready but Ridge arrives early and catches her by surprise. He comments that she never changed the locks on the door so he came on in. She says so many nights and she’d wake up and swear she heard his key in the door. He says his key, did Bill’s sound differently? She tells him that Hope is in Hawaii and RJ at Ojai and this is like old times when they would lock themselves away in this room, away from the whole world. And they never hid anything from each other. They had this unspoken language. She puts her arms around his face and he recoils slightly. She says welcome home to her dear beautiful husband. She’s waited so long for this moment and now it is finally here.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor and Maggie busted Brady when he was about to drink.  Gabi was nervous that Abby would talk to Hope and would find out what she did to Nick.  Sonny said Hope was in town and not on the island.  EJ saw Abby at Smith Island.  She wanted to know why he was there.  Brady told Victor and Maggie that he wasnít going to drink or do drugs anymore, but she didnít believe him at first.  When Victor and Maggie were finished talking to Brady, Victor wanted to make amends with Marlena.  Sonny tried to make Gabi feel better about Abby, but she was still nervous.  Gabi sent EJ a text telling him that Hope was in Salem.  EJ tried to get Abby to leave the island with him, but she was determined to find Hope.  He told Abby that he wanted to talk to her about Nick and Gabi.  Victor met Marlena at the town square.

Marlena wasnít willing to forgive Victor.  Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Brady.  She told him that John was investigating his (Johnís) history and found out that he wasnít Colleen and Santosí son.  Brady was upset about the news.  She tried to comfort him, but he was still upset.  EJ told Abby that Nick arranged it so Gabi would go to New York.  He kept telling her about Nick and Gabi, but Abby was still willing to talk to Hope.  Abby wanted to know why Gabi was nervous and he explained it to her.  She was still suspicious of what he said and thought something was off.  After Hope left, Brady was tempted to drink.  When he was about to drink, Eric was there.  Abby thought Sami put EJ up to being there.  EJ said that wasnít true.  Abby said she was still going to talk to Hope until she realized Hope wasnít on the island.  Abby wanted to know why he was on the island if he knew Hope wasnít there.  He wanted to make sure she didnít talk to Hope.  When she tried to leave, he stopped her.  She wanted to know why Gabi didnít want her to talk to Hope.  EJ told her that Gabi slept with Nick.  Abby suspected that EJ was sleeping with Gabi and that Nick discovered the truth.  Brady didnít want to see Eric anymore because he hasnít forgiven him.  Brady ended up drinking once Eric left.  While EJ and Abby were arguing, they ended up kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Detective Nathan West visits Silas at General Hospital. Silas tells him to talk to his lawyer, Diane Miller. Nathan says he has transferred to the PCPD so they will see a lot of each other. Molly asks Sam about spending the night with Silas. She says Rafe is making her uncomfortable. Sam is certain that Rafe will get over his jealousy of TJ. Shawn assures Sonny that no one will hear about what happened at the warehouse from TJ. Rafe goes to Anna Devane's office and tells her that TJ Ashford was a witness to the shooting at the warehouse. Sonny asks TJ why he was at the warehouse. TJ says Morgan told Molly that Shawn was in trouble. Sonny thinks they need to get TJ out of town before Julian can retaliate. TJ doesnít want to go, but he reluctantly agrees. TJ calls Molly and asks her to meet him at Kelly's right away. As they are saying their goodbyes, Anna and an officer arrive. Detective West goes to Sam's penthouse. Rafe goes to the hospital and tells Silas that he did something bad.

Ava tells Carly that she needs her help with Kiki. Carly asks her how she can dare to ask her for anything after dragging Morgan into the mob. She says that if Morgan gets hurt, then she will hurt Ava. Ava grabs her by the arm and tells her that she just made an enemy and that if Carly threatens her again, she will wipe her off the planet. Michal and Kiki walk in and hear Ava threaten Carly. Michael, Kiki, and Carly sit down for lunch. She tells them that she wanted them to hear it from her first that she is involved with Franco. Michael doesnít trust Franco and wants nothing to do with him. Franco opens his door and sees Heather, dirty and bloody, with a bloody butcher knife in her hand. It is actually Olivia. She tells him that Heather runs in his veins. She says she almost married Heather's other son and he is a killer too, but he has a conscience. Franco says he has a conscience and that he feels terrible about what he did. He asks her why she is there. She says she is there to warn him that she is going to find a way to kick him out of the hotel. Franco joins Carly and the kids in the dining room. Michael says he doesnít believe Franco has changed and that he knows he will hurt Carly. Franco tells Carly that Michael might not be wrong. Carly is sure that she can convince Michael to see what she sees in Franco. Carly goes to find Michael. Heather is on her the elevator in a disguise.

Morgan goes to Julian and tells him that he wants out. Julian says Ava can't be in a relationship with their enemy's son if he isn't one of them. He says that if Morgan walks away, there will be consequences. Ava wonders what is going on when she sees Morgan in Julian's hotel room. Morgan says he was just reiterating his loyalty.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam asks Chelsea to marry him and she happily accepts. Victor finds out from his private investigator that Adam caused Delia’s death. Cane and Lily have dinner and await the test results. Victoria lets Billy know that she invited Kelly to dinner, but Billy is upset by the news. Kelly and Stitch run into each other at the coffeehouse. Stitch asks her about her friendship with Victoria, but Kelly says it isn’t exactly a friendship. Chelsea asks Adam if there is anything that he is hiding from her that would jeopardize their marriage. Adam refuses to tell her that he hit and killed Delia.

Jill argues over the music box being moved from its original place. Kevin comes in to find something for Chloe. Jill and Kevin discuss the music box always being moved to a new location. Victor questions Paul about his investigation into Delia’s death, but Paul refuses to divulge any information. Stitch arrives at Billy’s and Victoria’s for dinner. Kelly also arrives. Jill comes to the conclusion that Katherine meant for her to sell the music box. Kelly lets Billy know that she is afraid that her eyes will reveal to all that they had sex. Billy tries to reassure her that everything will be fine. Victoria comes in and wants to know what they are talking about. Adam starts to leave but finds Victor in his car.

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