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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Wyatt that the hula was fun and only he could pull this off by not forcing her to go outside but still enjoying the island. Wyatt tells her it wouldn’t be Hawaii without a pig roast. She’s immediately scared until he says not a real pig roast but he has some takeout. He recommends the pineapple bar-b-que sauce because it is so good on everything. Liam tells Quinn that regardless of what she thinks, Wyatt is not the one for Hope. She grins at him and says he has his daddy’s swagger all right but it is ill-timed now since Hope is with Wyatt right now in Hawaii. And they are getting closer and closer with every passing hour. Liam accuses her of setting that up. And brags there have been many, many others who have attempted to break them up but none have worked and neither will she. Quinn says his confidence is impressive. That’s probably why women find him attractive. She reminds Liam that she was just the whistleblower. Steffy showed up at the cabin all on her own. Liam says all Hope saw was a bad memory but then Quinn was counting on that. In her own twisted mind she thought that would be enough. How foolish of Quinn. She scoffs – he is the one who went to Hawaii and came back without Hope. So it was not her actions but his own….his own indecisiveness and insecurities. Liam looks her square in the eyes and says he will fight to the end of this earth to get Hope back so Quinn better be ready for that reality. He will not forfeit Hope. She fires back that he had his chances with Hope but he blew it. So man up and give his brother some respect. Liam counters with that he’ll give him as much respect as Wyatt gives him – ZERO. He mocks Quinn when she says Wyatt deserves this, He says her lies and manipulations are only going to make him and Hope stronger. Hope is gonna be his wife. And as far as Wyatt is concerned Liam is not sure he can love anyone but himself. Bill asks Brooke if there has been any more Ridge sightings. She says no but she doesn’t think Ridge over-reacted either. He says well if he was Ridge and had been gone a year he would not care what she did or who it was with. He’d just want to be up in that bedroom with her arms around him. She says she was mortified in having to explain. Bill says she shouldn’t have to. She says yes she does and it should be atonement and punishment. He continues then that is the problem. Punishment is not going to make it go away. They can not deny what they have unless she has found something better with someone else. Hope thanks Wyatt for the most wonderful sandwich she has ever had. He says Hawaii has always been one of his passions. That’s his mantra, find out what she needs then supply it. She says he does that a lot. He says it comes naturally when you love someone the way he does.

Bill asks Brooke how he can help her. She says for all the kid’s sake, go back to Katie. RJ walks in from school and thinks his mom looks upset. She quickly scoots him upstairs to do his homework. Then tells Bill that is exactly what she didn’t want, her son picking up on something between them. Bill says they have been quiet about this so she has nothing to worry about. And Ridge has been gone for a year and all he can do is lecture her. He had the most beautiful, sensual woman on the planet and could not even see it. He must be made out of cardboard as all Ridge sees is her faults. Wyatt tells Hope one of his favorite legends involving a native flower and a princess. And back in those times it was taboo for a commoner to have anything at all to do with royalty. But the commoner and princess fell in love and went up into the mountains to see this priest. He told them to pray and as they did it started to rain. Their hearts were broken and he took this flower from her ear and divided it and said one of them would go below and one stay on the mountain. As they parted, all the flowers there on the mountain saw how sad they were. That half of the flower blossomed and today only those two places has this flower. And when they are together it means the commoner and his princess are reunited. Hope says that is beautiful but very sad. He quips that he’s not really a commoner so he doesn’t think they will have that problem. He tells her to stay put, he has another story for her. He returns with another flower, one more common and seen throughout the island. It’s one that young women give to their men when going off to war. And if a woman puts it behind one ear it means she is available and the other that she is taken. And course it always is accompanied with a kiss. He puts the flower behind Hope’s ear and kisses her. Brooke tells Bill that yes she is in love with him but it is wrong. He makes her look at him and says he is not giving up. The damage has been done and the pain felt. Katie is finding her way so the two of them must do the same. This is not about Katie anymore and Brooke can not let something this precious slip through her fingers. He wants to be up in that bedroom again with her. He wants that back where he was never more happier. She allows him to kiss her but with tears she tells him to go. Liam continues to tell Quinn to stop meddling. She must not have faith that Wyatt can get Hope on his own. But when Hope makes her decision it won’t be Wyatt. She glares at him and tells Liam to leave Wyatt alone….and stay away from Hope too if he knows what is good for him. He says just keep on threatening him as it only fuels his fire. She says he really doesn’t want to push her. He says what drives him is that he really wants to protect Hope….from her and Wyatt. She says he is insane if he ever thought she’d hurt Hope. He counters with they really know nothing about her. She and Wyatt just fell out of the sky. And she’s been lying even to Wyatt all of his life so no telling what she is capable of. She says she is capable of much more than he realizes so he better stay away from her and her son. He says he sure as hell doesn’t want Hope to have her as a mother-in-law so that is why he’s going to do all he can to see that Hope doesn’t end up with Wyatt. Hope will see through them eventually. Wyatt holds up a tiny blossom from the flower and says he is keeping it as a reminder. It will open up with just a little time and light. And that’s the way he was. When he met Hope, he was closed and when she shone her light on him he just opened. And he wants to do that for her; to be the light in her life. He kisses her again several times, and she gazes into his eyes with a smile on her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ stopped Sami from leaving so she could answer whether or not she was going to marry him.  Daniel went to the Kiriakis mansion to check on Brady.  Daniel told Maggie that Brady relapsed.  Brady bought more drugs.  Daniel wanted to go to the park to check on Brady.  Abby wanted to know why Gabi was so nervous about Nick.  Abby wanted to know if something happened with Gabi and Nick.  EJ and Sami argued over her keeping her distance from him.  She wanted to tell him to tell her what he knew about Kristen and Eric before she married him.  While Brady was getting high, he got attacked.  Gabi told Abby that nothing happened with Nick.  Sami refused to marry EJ until she believed him.  She wanted to go to Chicago and have the conversation when she got back or she was moving out.  Daniel found Brady after he was attacked.

Daniel and Nicole took Brady home.  EJ told Sami that she and the kids belonged home with him.  He finally let her leave for her meeting.  Gabi didnít want to talk about Nick anymore so she left.  Maggie confronted Brady about lying to everyone.  She wanted him to go to a meeting.  Brady thanked Daniel and Nicole for saving his life.  Gabi went to the DiMera mansion.  She told EJ that she thought Nick was alive because Abby got a text from him.  EJ told her that Kate had Nickís phone and that she sent the text.  Gabi let EJ know that Abby was going to talk to Hope about Nick.  Abby sent Gabi a text that said she was going to Smith Island to talk to Hope.  EJ said he was going to Smith Island.  When Abby got there, EJ was there.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava tells Julian that he should have known that dragging Morgan into an armed confrontation with his own father was a terrible idea, but that Morgan wonít say anything because he has the most to lose. Julian says TJ Ashford was a witness. Ava says Samís sister, Molly, knows that they went to the warehouse, too, but neither of the kids nor Sonnyís people will say anything. She says he should just let it drop. Julian orders someone to tail Morgan and TJ. Shawn tells TJ not to say anything to anyone about what happened at the warehouse, because it will put both him and Molly in danger from the Jeromes. Shawn tells Sonny that no one is going to hear about the warehouse from TJ. Rafe eavesdrops on Molly and TJís conversation about the warehouse. TJ says he is as good as dead if anyone finds out. Rafe goes to the police station and tells Anna that he knows what happened at the warehouse.

Sonny asks Duke to find out if Anna is looking at Morgan for Maxís shooting. Anna tells Duke that she knows Julian Jerome was involved, but doesnít understand why Sonny wonít tell the police what he knows unless the Jeromes have some kind of leverage over him. Morgan goes to the hospital to check on Max and runs into Sonny. Sonny says Morgan almost killed Max because he wanted to take down his father. He hands him his gun and tells him to go ahead and shoot him. Morgan refuses. Sonny says Morgan has to get away from the Jeromes while he still can. Duke tells Sonny that Anna has no idea that Morgan is involved. Sonny says he thinks Morgan is going to ditch the Jeromes. Morgan tells Julian that he wants out.

Silas and Sam wake up together in a room at the Metro Court. Silas continues to ignore the restricted calls. Detective Nathan West sends Silas a text message telling him that he canít hide. Ava tells Silas to tell the cop to contact her lawyer. He says he doesnít trust Diane Miller any more than he trusts Ava. She suggests that he hire Alexis Davis instead because she is sure his loverís mother would love to hear that the NYPD is looking for him. Detective West goes to Annaís office to discuss transferring to the PCPD. He hands her a file and tells her that it has to do with Ava Jerome and Silas Clay. She says the case is interesting, but it didnít occur in her jurisdiction and she isnít looking to take on any additional unsolved cases, but she might be able to use it as leverage against the Jeromes. She approves his transfer, but warns him not to let his interest in this case interfere with the caseload that she will assign to him. Detective West finds Silas at the hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor sits alone at a table at the Athletic Club when Adam walks in. Victor reminds Adam what happened last year. Victoria goes home to see Billy with long stemmed red roses. At the coffeehouse, Abby and Tyler have a conversation with Ashley before she leaves town again. Ashley asks Tyler what his intentions are toward Abby. Chelsea looks at the wedding rings just before she gets a visit from Anita, who is back from vacation. Anita sees the weddings rings and asks Chelsea if this is what she thinks this means. Avery joins Victor and Adam to see what Adam wants, but an argument erupts. Adam reminds Victor of all the things that he did to him in the past. Adam vows that he will not let Victor interfere in Connor's life, so that is why that Connor will always be off limits to Victor as his grandfather. Victor vows to Adam that he will not just walk away from Connor and not claim him as his grandson. At the police station, Alex and Kevin see the suspect brought in who saw the man who hit and killed Delia. Chelsea refuses to give Anita a straight answer as to whether or not she will marry Adam again. Victoria is impressed and pleased by the roses and is glad that Billy is willing to try to save their marriage. Tyler tells Ashley about his life. Stitch gets reacquainted with Ashley just before he runs into Kelly. Victoria joins Billy in the shower.

Victor tells Avery to leave but she refuses. Adam lets Victor know that he wants Jack to be the legal guardian of Connor. Victor meets with the P.I. Adam explains his plans to Avery but she refuses to do anything until she has the okay from Chelsea. Alex questions Mr. Hawkins about the hit and run but leaves the door ajar so Kevin can hear. Mr. Hawkins tells Alex that he can tell him who hit Delia, but he refuses to divulge any information until they reach a deal. Victor and the private investigator discuss Adamís part in Deliaís death. Ashley visits Billy before she leaves town. Victoria sees Stitch at the coffeehouse and she tells him how things are going between her and Billy. Victoria sees Kelly, thanks her for helping Billy, and invites her to dinner. Abby and Tyler decide to move in together. A mysterious woman watches them. Avery gets a call from Dylan. Chelsea and Adam decide to marry. Victor finds out that Adam hit and killed Delia.  

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