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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt joins Hope in her room and she says she just had a dream that Liam was in here begging her to go back home with him. Wyatt says that wasn’t a dream. That was a nightmare but it really happened. She asks if Wyatt knew anything abut Quinn’s forging the note. He swears he didn’t. She says they have been manipulated so many times that one more time, it’s just hard. He says this is a new day even a new year and it means she can hit the re-set button. She can’t change the past but she can change the future. He says he is not going to let her dwell on the past. She just has to trust him, he will make sure she has a good time today. She says she trusts him and he’s glad as he has something very special planned for her today. Liam tells Bill that there was a lot more going on with his wedding day than he thought. Liam says he explained to Hope that nothing happened between him and Steffy but she still would not come home with him. It was all Quinn’s doings. The woman is a certifiable and needs to be stopped. He and Hope are paying the price. But he declares that it is not over between him and Hope although he believes Quinn would do just about anything for her son. She thinks she has won. Bill says well let her know that she hasn’t. Liam says that is exactly what he is going to do. Quinn is running the show at FC while fitting Maya and Carter with jewelry for a photo shoot. Donna gets in a few digs that she should have someone else that is really in charge….like Hope since it is her line. Quinn doesn’t miss a beat and says can’t do as Hope is in Hawaii with Wyatt.

Wyatt tells Hope that he wishes he could take away all her pain by Liam. But all he can do is show her a man who is completely devoted to her as she deserves that. He wants to give it to her along with the Hope diamond. He knows that is huge but someday he says he is going to make enough money to buy her that Hope diamond. He says maybe for their 50th wedding anniversary or 60th or even 70th. If not by then, that’s where he draws the line. He asks Hope if she is ready for one of her surprises. He’s been busy around the clock for this. It is kind of like being in Mexico with the Hope for the Future diamond, and a little piece of it is always with them. He pulls out a ring box from his pocket. Hope almost panics and he tells her not to be. He is not proposing. He knows she is not ready and neither is he although he would like to marry her. He says he is a different kind of man. He doesn’t need to rush her to the altar and pressure her into marrying him. They have their whole life to be married. He just wants to spend some time with her and laugh and take her on adventures. He says they have something and he just wants to make it better and that is what this box is about. She opens it and out falls a pendant. She is dazzled. He says it is not their girl. It is not the HFTF diamond but it is part of it, part of them. Ricardo sent this fragment over from the diamond that he kept when it was originally mined. He praises the hotel for a magnificent view, good room service, etc. and since Hope doesn’t want to leave it, it’ll have to do. He opens the door and ushers in hula dancers, music, flowers and hands Hope her own hula sarong and asks if she is ready to rock and roll? Quinn holds up a press picture of Hope and Liam/another marriage failed. Liam says good call. Quinn grins and asks how was Hawaii, did it rain? He says she is even more twisted than he thought. He knows she flew back from Paris with Steffy and it was she that planned this whole thing. She says is was a business trip, nothing more. But she was there when Steffy got the good news and she encouraged her to share it with Liam. Yes, she flew back with Steffy; yes, she wrote the note, but she is not sorry that she did, because regardless of what he tells Hope, he is not over Steffy. He tells Quinn not to presume how he feels. She says Hope had to see it with her own eyes but now she has closure. She tells Liam that he has waffled too many times and he is a weak little boy. He’s had so many chances with Hope and always blew it, now she is with Wyatt. Liam leans in and whispers FYI, he is never going to give up on Hope. Wyatt asks Hope to hurry up. She steps out in her outfit and he adds a lei and plays the ukulele as she does the hula. They enjoy their drinks and he says he has been practicing this since they have been in Hawaii – Nau Ko’u Aloha – my love is yours. He kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The birdwatcher approached Will while he was thinking about what happened to Nick at the riverbank.  Stefano and EJ talked about Sami.  Sami wanted Kate to keep an eye on Gabi, Will, and Sonny while she was out of town.  Sami wanted their secret to stay a secret.  Sonny showed up at the riverbank while the birdwatcher was talking to Will.  Kate and Sami talked about EJ taking over her life.  The two ended up arguing over it.  Stefano tried to convince EJ to blackmail her into marrying him.  EJ didnít want to resort to blackmail.  Kate warned Sami that EJ would blackmail her into marrying him.  The birdwatcher told Will and Sonny that he saw Gabi, Kate, and Sami on Thanksgiving.  The birdwatcher promised to keep their secret.

When the birdwatcher left, Will thought he knew what happened.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ was upset that Sami didnít tell him about the trip she was taking.  She noticed he had something in his hand.  He told her it was the proof that she covered up Nickís murder.  Sonny thought the birdwatcher didnít know anything, but Will wasnít sure.  Kate ran into Lucas and talked about Jordan.  She thought she had information that would get rid of Jordan.  EJ and Sami got into an argument over the evidence and what was going on between them.   When she told him she was going out of town, he told her that she wasnít going anywhere so they could straighten out whatís going on between them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Robin renew their vows in their house with adorable Emma officiating. Sabrina discovers that she is pregnant. She doesnít want to tell Patrick because he just went through it with Britt, and she won't be that kind of woman. Britt tells Dante and Lulu that Lulu doesnít have any viable eggs in her system to create embryos with. Lulu doesnít want to have a child using Danteís sperm and another womanís egg. She says the universe is telling them that they are not meant to be parents. She tells Dante that she wishes she didnít blame him for losing custody of Connie, but she does, and she canít be around him. She packs a bag and leaves without knowing where she is going or for how long.

A handsome man comes to Maxieís door and says the real estate agency selected him to sublet her apartment. He introduces himself as Nathan. She tells him that the love of her life, her daughter, and her roommate moved to Portland and that she is going away as sort of a renewal retreat to find herself. She is surprised when he offers her his handkerchief, because most men donít carry them anymore. He says it is a habit from childhood when his mother made him carry one, because you never know when he might meet a damsel in distress. He concludes that he just met one. He tells her that he came to Port Charles because he is looking for a fresh start too. He suggests that instead of subletting to him, she could stay and rent the spare room to him. She says she made a promise to herself that she would be far away from Port Charles at the stroke of midnight, so that she can start 2014 with a clean slate. She says she will decide at the airport where she will go.

Sam sits with Nikolas at the Metro Court while they wait for their doctor dates to arrive. Silas calls Ava and tells her that the police keep calling him and that they need a plan to make it go away. He resolves that he will not lose Sam. Silas and Sam rent a room at the Metro Court and finally consummate their relationship. Silas doesnít notice his phone vibrating with a call from the restricted number that keeps calling. Detective Nathan West leaves a message saying that Silas canít avoid him forever.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea tells Chloe that Adam asked her to marry him. Chloe has very little to say. Kevin walks up and wants to know what is going on. Chloe gives Kevin the news. Adam visits Jack and asks him to watch his back. Jack is suspicious and wonders what is going on with Adam. Lauren has a dream that she is in bed with Carmine which awakens her with a start. Noah joins Summer at the coffeehouse and sees that she is upset. Noah wonders what is going on with her. Summer lets him know that Fenmore is accused of murder. Michael receives a package. Lauren comes out of the bedroom and, upon seeing the package, asks what is in it. Noah assures Summer that she did the right thing concerning Fen, and he would have done the same thing. Sharon joins Nick at the Underground where he is boxing up supplies to give to the needy. Sharon offers her help. They both remember the kiss from New Year’s Eve. Adam tells Jack that no matter what happens, he wants him to protect his family from Victor. Alex joins Courtney in the park. Courtney asks him what he wants. Chloe lets Kevin know that Chelsea asked her to be Connor’s godmother. Michael opens the package and finds it is a cake with the inscription, “Forget Me Not.” Lauren worries that it is from Carmine, but when Fen comes in and sees the cake, he lets them both know that the cake was meant for him. Fen explains to Michael and Lauren about Womack.

Noah joins Courtney and Alex in the park and wants to know what is going on. Adam insists to Jack that he be Connor’s godfather and to raise him if something should happen to him. Alex lets Kevin know that they have an eyewitness to the hit and run of Delia, but he is a convicted felon and he wants to cut a deal. Adam lets Jack know that he asked Chelsea to marry him. Jack accepts being Connorís godfather. Sharon and Nick start to kiss when Summer walks in. They pull apart abruptly. Summer lets Nick know what was going on. Noah and Courtney go to the coffeehouse, but when she gets up to get coffee, her cell phone rings. Noah starts to answer it and sees a bottle of pills in her purse. Sharon joins him and wants to know about his New Year’s Eve. He, in turn, asks her about hers. Jack is concerned as to why Adam is so insistent that he take care of his family. Michael checks and Womack is still in prison. Michael promises to go and see him and see exactly what he wants.

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