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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Katie to talk to him. He knows Brooke has made some bad choices before, but this is her little boy they are talking about. She says she is handling it the only way she knows how. She’s had a little more time than Ridge has with processing things. Katie says it probably wouldn’t have mattered if Ridge were here, and she doesn’t hold him responsible from taking a break from Brooke. And a lot was her fault for thinking she was dying and wanting Bill and Brooke to get together and raise Will. She is well now and realizes how much she has to live for, and she is determined to get over this and be happy. Ridge says he has no idea what he intends to do next, and he doesn’t hold Katie fully responsible. He knows how Brooke likes to follow her heart so she could have fallen for Bill without Katie’s help. Liam tells Hope it seems pretty straight forward. They love each other and he is going home and wants her to come with him. As innocent as it was in letting Steffy in the cabin, he forgot to do the right thing. But in his opinion so did Hope. She should have come in the cabin and they could have talked it out. He says Hope deserved better but so did he. If she had come in the cabin, none of this would be happening. He takes her hand and begs her again to come home. He says they would have celebrated Steffy’s good news and she would have celebrated their marriage and that would have been it. She slips her hand out of his and neither speak another word. As Liam walks out he meets Wyatt. Liam tells him that he and his mother make a good team. Wyatt says leave his mother and him out of this. And don’t blame Bill and the whole universe, this is all on Liam. Liam starts to walk off and tells Wyatt that he’s heading back to L.A. Wyatt acts surprised and says he should be going to Paris, at least he is wanted there. Hope doesn’t want him but Steffy does. Liam gave him great advice a few days and he should take it, be grateful for what you have. So for Liam that is Paris but Wyatt is gonna connect with his gratitude right here. He goes into Hope’s room and tells her that he saw Liam leaving. She wipes away tears and says considering how many years they had together it’s hard to believe it is ending this way. He says he knows it hurts but it won’t be forever. He offers his shoulder and she takes it. He says he is there for her. He also thinks Liam expects Hope to change her mind. She says no; she told him she wouldn’t. Wyatt says actions speak louder than words. Show Liam. Tomorrow is a brand new year, brand new beginnings. She needs to put Liam behind her and say enough is enough. Maybe even move on with him.

Bill walks right into Brooke’s house and wants to know if she told Ridge about them. She says yes what once was and now he’s gone. He needs time to process all of this. Bill tells her that Ridge has no right to come in here and expect to pick up where he left off. And he is just trying to shame Brooke to make her think if she is now worthy of Ridge or not. But if her destiny is scared off, then Bill is there. He is pretty sure she likes it that way. He says he is not like Ridge and neither is she. And the last thing she needs is to go back to Ridge. She tells him that they both have a chance to do something good here. He needs to go back to Katie as she knows he still cares for her. He says yes but not like this. He says he is never going to give up on her. Brooke says he will have to when he sees how committed she is to Katie. She does not ever want to hurt her again. Katie tells Ridge that he doesn’t have to worry about her. Bill and Brooke are doing what they want to do and she brought a lot of this upon herself. Ridge says her sister wasn’t there for her. Katie says no, but she has to forgive her. She needs to. Brooke is beautiful and so much fun so of course Bill would want her. She says she is not Brooke. Ridge says far from it; she’s a beautiful, kind person filled with strength and courage. Brooke betrayed Katie; she had an affair with her husband so Katie should not be making excuses for her. He says he wants to love Brooke. That is why he came back but he wants Katie to say that any of this is okay with her. Her tears flow as she says no. No matter how much she pushed or what she said, none of this is right. She was sick and she needed their help for the pain she was in. She cries that she hates it. He goes to her and gives her a big hug and she clings to him. They hear the stroke of midnight, a new year beginning. Ridge says this one will be better; he’ll see to it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny explained to Will why he kept quiet about Nick’s death.  JJ tried to ruin Jennifer’s date with Liam.  Daniel and Brady got into a fight.  Brady grabbed Nicole to keep Daniel and Eric away from him.  Brady realized what he was doing and let her go.  EJ tried to help Kate, Gabi, and Sami avoid getting caught.  Jennifer accused Anne of trying to fire Abby.  Anne showed Jennifer that she helped Abby get hired full time.  Jennifer felt foolish and walked away.  Gabi got a call from T that Sonny had to be at the club or he would lose customers.  Sami and EJ decided to go help out Sonny at the club.

Jennifer confronted JJ about the lie he told her about Anne.  Brady apologized to Eric, Daniel, and Nicole.  He thanked them for being by his side.  Will decided not to go to the police.  Brady decided to go to a meeting.  Will and Sonny went to the club.  Sami apologized to Will.  Will understood what she did.  Brady tricked Eric into thinking he was going to a meeting.  When Eric left, Brady walked away.  He ended up at the park with the drug dealer and bought drugs.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

GH did NOT air a new episode today!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor is in his office when Nikki enters. Nikki wonders what is bothering Victor concerning Adam. Cane, Lily, Leslie, and Neil all gather to usher in the New Year together. Jack sits alone at home when Traci and Ashley surprise him with a visit. Victoria asks Billy where he has been, but he refuses to tell her. Sharon meets Stitch at the coffeehouse and she tells him her plans for New Year’s. Stitch and Kelly come face to face. Abby goes to see Nick bringing gifts. Victoria asks Billy what happened to him that he hadn’t joined her at the airport. Victoria tells Billy that they need to be honest with each other. Neil joins Sharon at the coffeehouse to talk about the photo shoot, but she tells him to wait until after the New Year. Nikki asks Victor why he is reaching out to Adam. Nikki lets Victor know that there is a storm up the East Coast and their trip is delayed.

Traci and Ashley want to take Jack to a party, but he refuses to go. Tyler marvels at Leslie’s engagement ring. Tyler tells Leslie about the visitor that he had in Los Angeles in his and Abby’s hotel room. Devon and Hilary talk, but she refuses to take him up on his plans for a drink. Victoria and Billy have a heart to heart talk. Stitch and Kelly argue. Victor and Nikki congratulate Neil on his engagement but is quite put off when he sees Nick and Sharon arrive. Jack, Ashley, and Traci also arrive for the ringing in of the New Year.

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