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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke feels badly and guilty when Ridge asks her what is wrong with her. Thereís Bridget and Katie and everyone counting on her and she just keeps taking what she wants. She reminds him that it was he that left. She never thought she’d see him in her home again. He says he doesn’t blame her for moving on, but with Bill? He has a family and a kid so he doesn’t know how she can justify that. She says he doesn’t understand. He shouts then make him understand. He wants to know how she got involved with Bill to begin with. Slowly she tells him about Katie’s post partum depression and how she ran off, and threw them together to take care of Will. When she did return she took off her rings and said she wanted a divorce. Donna knows Bill was just there to see Katie and says he has a way of sucking the air out of the room. On the contrary, Katie says it was kind of nice. This is not the way it should be with two separate homes and lives. She hates feeling this way. She is so angry at Bill and at Brooke, even herself. This is not her. Maybe she should just forgive Brooke. She was always there for Katie to tell her what was right. She has no one now to turn to. She thought Bill would be the one but he obviously doesn’t care about her. She wonders if such a man even exists.

Ridge does not understand how this could happen even if Katie said it was all right. Brooke justifies it by saying it was Katie’s depression, Stephanie’s death and yes Ridge leaving her. Ridge asks if she is in love with Bill. The look on her face gives him his answer. She says if Bill is half he man she thinks he is, he will go back to Katie and refocus on their family. Ridge says he can not do this. He doesn’t know where to put all of this. He gives her a peck on the cheek and says he is sorry and he leaves. Liam tells Wyatt to just shut up. He tells Hope that none of this matters, not Wyatt, Quinn or Steffy. If Hope will come with him they can go get married right now. He is just tired of all of this back and forth and thinks she must be too. Wyatt says meddling parents is not the problem. And saying I do will not make Liam’s connection to Steffy go away. This is just a good reminder that with Liam comes Steffy even on Hope’s wedding day. She should be free of that ugly feeling every time she hears Liam mention her name. Hope asks Wyatt to give her and Liam a minute. Hope tells Liam no they can‘t get married. She is sorry that she ran, but as soon as she saw Steffy she had to get out of there. She is not okay with him being near Steffy ever! She doesn’t want to live like that. It’s not fair to Liam or either of them. He says it is a problem but they can work on it together. It wasn’t his idea that Steffy came. That was all Quinn so he doesn’t know what he could have done. Hope says the problem was what was Steffy doing in the cabin in the first place. It would have been so easy to turn her away and talk later. Liam asks Hope if she loves him. She replies yes. He says good, they haven’t failed. They have been attacked and challenged but they have not failed yet. They can still do this. Either way he needs to go but he wants her to come with him. Ridge calls Brooke but she does not take the call. He shows up at Katie’s office and commends her for taking over the business. He blurts it out that her sister took her husband. He wants to know how she is holding up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will was upset that Gabi killed Nick.  Gabi and Sonny explained what happened with Nick.  Sami was upset when she thought she saw Nickís body in the water.  Daniel, Eric, and Nicole confronted Brady about his drug problem.  Brady tried to deny it, but no one believed him.  Will wanted to call the police on Gabi until he found out that Kate and Sami were involved.  Gabi warned Sami and Kate that Will knew the truth.  Sami wanted to leave the park.  Will wanted to know how long Sonny knew and was furious when he found out.

Kate, Sami, and EJ showed up at Will and Gabiís apartment.  Daniel, Eric, and Nicole continued to confront Brady about his addiction.  Kate was angry that more people knew what she, Sami, and Gabi did.  Daniel made Brady drop a vile of drugs on the floor.  Brady admitted that the bottle belonged to him.  Brady became defensive and told Daniel, Nicole, and Eric that he could handle it.  He asked if they were going to turn him in.  When Nicole wanted the drugs, Brady reminded her that she drugged him years ago.  He also verbally attacked Daniel and Eric.  EJ advised Gabi, Kate, and Sami how they were going to get away with murder.  Daniel and Brady ended up fighting each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie goes to Lulu and Danteís loft to say goodbye. She apologizes one more time for hurting Lulu. They talk about the fact that they both lost Connie and that now she is in Oregon. Lulu says she knows Maxie is sorry, but she canít forgive her yet. Maxie asks if Dante and Lulu are going to try again with one of the frozen embryos. Lulu says that the embryos are gone because Ellie mistakenly included them on a list of materials to be destroyed. Maxie canít believe Ellie could make a mistake like that because she is so conscientious. Lulu tells her that they are going to start the process over, but that even if they are able to have a baby, she doesnít know if it will change anything between her and Maxie. Maxie says she hopes that she returns from her trip a better person and deserving of Luluís friendship again. They wish each other luck. Maxie goes home to finish packing. A handsome stranger knocks on her door.

While Dante waits at the hospital for Max to recover enough to talk about his gunshot wound, he runs into Britt and asks her if she is returning to work. She says she is there to start the in-vitro fertilization process for him and Lulu and that she thought that is why he was there. She says she is surprised that Lulu asked her to perform the process after she withheld the truth about the last baby. She says she felt bound by doctor-patient confidentially. Dante says Britt performed the last one successfully and that all that matters is that she can do it again. Dante plays with Ben. Britt says she has to tell him something, but Lulu arrives before she says it. Britt finds something unusual while she is examining Lulu. Patrick asks Robin if she wants to have another baby. Robin says it is too soon. She suggests that they renew their vows. He thinks itís a great idea and that they should do it tonight. He says they have all the time in the world to have another baby. Sabrina discovers that she is pregnant.

Silas calls Sam to the hospital to tell her something important. Monica runs into them and tells Silas that his name is at the top of the list of potential candidates to replace her as Chief of Staff. She says it is her job, and she wants it back. She asks him to remove his name from the running. When Monica leaves, Sam asks Silas what he called her there to tell her. He ignores another call from the NYPD and says he just wanted to tell her that he is honored to be able to spend New Year's Eve with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor is in his office at Newman Enterprises when Nikki goes to visit him. He quickly lays the folder aside to keep Nikki from finding out what he is looking at. Jack visits Jill and gives her a hug then tells her that he has come up with a plan to help Billy get back in the swing of things. Victoria calls Billy to let him know that their flights have been cancelled but cannot get through to him. Billy and Kelly are kissing and cannot seem to get enough of each other. Avery visits Dylan at the coffeehouse and finds out that he wants to find Ian Ward. Victor and Nikki decide to go on a vacation. Nikki gets a call from Dylan to come visit him. Adam and Chelsea discuss getting remarried.

Victoria arrives home and finds an empty house but sees Billy’s luggage on the chair. Jack and Jill discuss the foundation that was started in Delia’s name and that Billy should be part of it. Billy and Kelly cut short their intimacy before it leads to lovemaking. Victoria calls around searching for Billy and cannot find him anywhere. Jill goes to visit Victoria to tell her hers and Jack’s plans for Billy. Victoria tells Jill that she and Billy had planned to go to D.C. but she cannot find him. Adam and Chelsea make plans for New Year’s Eve. Jack goes to visit Adam and finds out that he and Chelsea are a couple again. Nikki joins Avery and Dylan’s and finds out Dylan’s plans for finding Ian Ward, but Nikki is very much against the idea. When she sees how determined he is, she tells him to be careful. Avery insists on accompanying him but he wants to go alone. Victor meets with the detective and asks for a full investigation into who hit and killed Delia even if it is Adam. Kelly apologizes to Billy for them almost going too far. When Billy goes home, Victoria asks him where he had been.

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