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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge questions why Bill is there at Brooke’s. They semi-politely spar back and forth why each other are there. Ridge wins out and Bill says he has another appointment so Bon appetite. Katie is at the office feeding Will. She has to cancel some appointments before Bill arrives. He’s happy to stay there and play with Will and assures Katie that he is not taking Will to Brooke’s. He was just there and she asked him to leave. There’s a little situation – Ridge. Donna and Quinn have an edgy conversation about Donna blabbing the whereabouts of two employees to an outsider. She wonders if Quinn’s son knows how she operates. Does he think he won Hope fair and square or does he even care. Quinn says she is going to let this pass one time since Donna hasn’t done much damage. Hawaii is much bigger than it looks so Liam can island hop until his beard grows in and he won’t find Hope. Donna is only too happy to gloat that Liam has one of those little app devices. It puts a mark on the map right where she is. He’s probably already there now. Liam asks Hope if she hears what he is saying. Wyatt quips that yeah, Liam’s lack of integrity is somehow his mother’s fault. Liam starts to explain all over again how he was in the cabin and Steffy showed up. Hope says it does not matter who sent the note; it was that Steffy was there. Liam tells her that is exactly what she was supposed to see. Quinn was the only one who knew Steffy was in L.A. Quinn brought Steffy back from Paris and she wanted Hope here with Wyatt.

Wyatt is surprised at this statement. He declares it’s possible they met at International. Liam tells Hope go ahead and call Donna and she will find out that Quinn and Steffy shared the jet from Paris. Wyatt says so what if Steffy hitched a ride. Liam shoots that no one else knew she was here. They have been set up again and Wyatt is the reason why. Hope adds that Quinn was at the house to see her for a while but she did not tell her where Liam was. Wyatt admits that he did but he’s not sure how it came up and he did not know anything about a note or his mother coming back with Steffy. He’s tired of Liam acting like Sherlock Holmes. Liam isn’t sure this is some sort of revenge against Bill where Quinn pushes her son toward Hope while Liam is kicked to the curb....or marrying Wyatt off to Hope for Quinn’s job security. Wyatt plays the scenario with Quinn being this scheming. When Steffy knocked on the door all Liam had to say was that he was getting married today, she had to leave and then shut the door. Liam is the problem. His first loyalty wasn’t to Hope. Liam tells Hope that he will tell her why it didn’t go down that way but not in front of Wyatt. He’ll report back to Quinn. Hope asks Wyatt for a minute alone with Liam. He shrugs and says if she thinks Liam deserves one more minute of her time, that’s her call. She tells Liam that he was on one side of the window, she on the other. He said things, but she saw things. He tells Hope that he was happy for Steffy that she could have babies, he gave her a hug and kicked her out. Hope says and now that Steffy can conceive she probably will want kids with him. He says that isn’t why she told him, but yes it might have been in the back of her mind. But he put an end to that and Steffy accepted it. Wyatt comes back into the room and says enough is enough. He’s not trashing him or his mother any more. He’s not letting Liam put Hope through any more of this either right now. Liam quickly asks Hope to marry him, come with him and marry him. They could find a justice of the peace anywhere. He loves her and he knows that she loves him so they need to make it right for once. Brooke is impressed that Ridge got pepper steaks from the new Café Russe. Brooke is uncomfortable but says they need to talk. She starts off with if he knows the problems Katie and Bill have had this year. She ends up saying that other woman was her. Brooke tells Ridge that she tried to make excuses but she knew she was wrong. And she confesses that she never stopped loving Ridge. She certainly never thought she’d be sitting across the table from him or have the chance for them to be a family again. She guesses that is what he wants.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ wanted to know why Theresa was setting him free.  Daniel recognized the drug dealer Brady was with.  Brady said he would tell Daniel the truth.  Brady said he was talking to the drug dealer because of JJ.  Theresa wanted JJ to tell her something about Daniel.  EJ told Sami that they were going to the park to make sure it was clean.  Theresa wanted general information about Daniel, but JJ didnít want to get it for her.  He didnít think Daniel wanted her.  Brady told Daniel that he caught JJ talking to the drug dealer and that JJ could have been buying drugs.  He told Daniel that he told Jennifer and confronted the drug dealer.  Daniel believed Bradyís story.  Brady didnít want Daniel to tell Jennifer or JJ what he said.  When Brady left, Daniel texted JJ.  JJ didnít think Theresa was interested in Daniel.  He thought she was only interested in hurting his mother.  When Theresa left, JJ got the text from Daniel to meet him.  While EJ and Sami were at the park, she told him what happened the night Nick died.  EJ found blood and assumed it was Nickís.

EJ was worried that someone would find out about the blood.  He also found material that looked like Gabiís coat.  He wanted to continue to look for evidence.  When JJ met with Daniel, Daniel told him what Brady said.  JJ said Brady was lying.  EJ was able to see where Sami dragged Nickís body.  He told her to cover up the tracks.  He wanted her to call Gabi to get rid of the coat.  JJ said he didnít use drugs since the night with Theresa.  JJ said Brady was the one using the drugs.  JJ said he couldnít use drugs because he didnít want to hurt Jennifer or Daniel.  Daniel believed JJís story.  When JJ went home, he was determined to get Daniel and Jennifer back together.  Daniel went to the Kiriakis mansion to confront Brady.  Brady was high and in the middle of his interview with Nicole when Daniel showed up and told everyone (Nicole, Eric, and the camera guy) that Brady was high.  When Gabi got Samiís text, she blurted out that she had to get rid of the coat that she was wearing the night she killed Nick.  When she opened the closet door to get the coat, Will came out of the closet.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie calls Mac, Felicia, and Robin to her apartment and announces that she is leaving Port Charles for a while and that she is leaving tonight. She says she needs time alone to think and to find herself. She doesnít want to ring in the New Year in Port Charles, because she miscarried Dante and Luluís baby last year on New Yearís Eve and so many bad things happened during the past year because of her. Dante and Lulu decide to try again to have a baby. Dante gets a call advising him that Max is awake but not talking to the police to name his shooter. Lulu asks Britt to be her OB. Britt promises not to let her down. Britt agrees to move in with Nikolas. Maxie goes to Dante and Luluís loft.

Silas tells Sam that Dannyís biopsy is clear, so he will only need biopsies every 6 months and blood work every other week. He invites her to spend New Yearís Eve with him. Sam congratulates Patrick on his dream coming true. She admits that a part of her still wishes Jason could come back. He asks how things are going with Silas. She tells him that she and Silas havenít had sex yet, because timing has always been against them. She says his ex, Ava Jerome, keeps warning her that Silas has a deep, dark secret, but that she doesnít believe her because she is a known liar. Patrick says Ava wasnít lying when she told him that Robin was alive. She says that is different because Ava had nothing to gain by telling Patrick about Robin, but that she would lie to her, because she wants Silas back. He admits that he was excited about having another child when Britt was pregnant, only to find that it wasnít his baby. Sam tells him to discuss it with Robin. When Robin comes home, he asks her what she thinks about having another baby. Felix surprises Sabrina when he returns home a week early. She tells him that Patrick made his decision. Felix says he is going to take her out to lift her spirits after she has been alone all this time. She tries to stop him from going into his room, but he sees Carlos sleeping in his bed. She reluctantly tells him that Carlos is hiding from the police. Felix believes that if Sonny wants to kill Carlos, there is nothing to stop him from coming to their apartment to do it. Sabrina suddenly feels sick and runs to the bathroom. Felix wonders if she is pregnant.

Silas continues to ignore the calls from the restricted number. He sees a patient who is in the military but didnít want to go to the VA hospital because his wife works there, and he didnít want her to know that he might be sick. When Silas tells him that he doesnít have cancer, the soldier says he is glad that he can now stop lying to his wife. Silas asks Sam to come back to the hospital, because he needs to tell her something.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill talks to a pic of Katherine and shows her the article about Devon via the internet. Hilary walks in and catches her talking to the picture. At the Abbott house, Victoria looks for her purse before she leaves for D.C. with Johnny. Billy surprises her by letting her know that he will be joining her on a later flight. At the Athletic Club, Jack and Adam wonder how they can get back at Victor for taking back Newman Enterprises from them. Adam wants more. Jack cannot believe that Adam doesn’t want any part of getting revenge on Victor. Chloe visits Chelsea. Chelsea opens the mail and finds her final divorce papers from Dylan. Chelsea tells Chloe about the divorce from Dylan being final and she has no ties to him now. Chloe cannot believe her ears. Jill and Hilary discuss Delia’s death and how Devon gave the money to try to find her killer. Devon walks in on Jill and Hilary arguing. Chloe cannot believe that Chelsea is planning on making a life with Adam and Conner. Jill shows Devon the article about him on the internet. Chloe and Chelsea argue over Adam.

Billy goes to the park and finds Kelly crying. Kelly apologizes to Billy for crying and tells him why she is so upset over Sam. Chelsea asks Chloe to be Conner’s godmother which she readily accepts. Adam and Jack see Victor and Kyle walk into the Athletic Club. Victor confronts Adam and asks him how Conner is. Adam orders Victor to stay away from him, Chelsea, and Conner and not come around them under any circumstances. Jack watches as Victor and Kyle meet with a client. Hilary joins him to let him know that she delivered the needed papers to Jill who threw her out. Adam goes home to Chelsea and finds out that Conner is still sleeping which will give them more time together. Chelsea tells Adam that she asked Chloe to be Conner’s godmother. Adam sees the divorce papers and tells Chelsea that nothing is stopping them now from getting remarried. Chelsea is surprised. Victor commends Kyle on his meeting with the client. After Victor leaves, Kyle joins Jack and Hilary inform them about the meeting. Jack warns Kyle that Victor is setting him up for a fall. Billy takes Kelly home. Billy begins to show his emotions about how he is feeling about the death of Delia. They kiss. Victoria calls Billy to let him know that she and Johnny are stuck at the airport. Chloe questions Jill about the music box and urges her to get to the bottom of why Katherine left it for her.

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