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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the office, Ridge hugs Aly and says he is so excited to be working with her. She says she is, too. Thorne says they are putting the old band back together. Pam wants to get a picture of this. Oliver obliges. Rick and Caroline walk in and he tells Donna he’ll be in a meeting and it shouldn’t take too long. He’s surprised to see his office full and Ridge there. He just glares. Donna jumps up when she sees Quinn arriving and says she did not send her a memo. Quinn smiles and says Eric did. Then she adds that if there isn’t coffee in there she takes hers with crème and sugar. Donna blocks her and says there is nothing sweet about Quinn. Donna is still standing there with an exasperated look on her face when Eric arrives and asks if anything is wrong. She says something stinks. A few days ago Hope and Liam were going to get married but they didn’t. Wyatt and Quinn were fired yet she is back now. And Hope and Wyatt are in Hawaii. She thinks Quinn sabotaged the wedding. Eric introduces Ridge to Quinn, the driving force behind QAJ. He tells her that her jewelry is beautiful. She says likewise his designs. Paris must have been very inspiring. He says yes but now he is here where he belongs. Rick just glares more. Liam is on the Spencer jet heading to Hawaii and picks up the phone and calls Donna to do him a favor. He needs her to find the Forrester jet manifesto for coming back from Paris. He’s looking for Quinn. He thinks she brought Steffy back and is the cause of all of this mess. Within minutes Donna calls Liam back and says he was right; Steffy and Quinn came back together. He thanks her big time and cautions her not to mention this to anyone as he wants to be the first to tell Hope. In his hotel room, Wyatt is practicing riding the waves when Hope comes out in a tiny bikini. He’s speechless and can’t even utter WOW. When he does speak, he asks Hope what her plans are for the day – surfing or sunbathing. She’s not sure either. She’s really not on vacation; she just ran out on her wedding. He says he knows what she needs, some Mai tai therapy. He will call down to the pool and have them set up a tab. She begs him not to do that. She just checked her phone and it’s already all over the press and there is so many people down there already. He quips that she just wants to spend time alone with him. Bill asks Brooke if she isn’t going to call Hope and warn her that Liam is on the way. She says she is trying but Hope isn’t picking up, and now she is late for a meeting. He asks her to wait. She tells him she thinks they have spent as much time together as they should. So he realizes that nothing has changed. He says it will be okay. Liam will find Hope. She says yes but they are being manipulated. Liam did not write that note but somebody lured Hope down to the cabin because they knew Steffy was there. He say his hands are clean, and he had nothing to do with it. Brooke says Wyatt was in the house. Bill counters that if Wyatt knew that Steffy was in the cabin he would not have sent a note. He would have grabbed Hope and taken her to the cabin himself. Brooke says then maybe Liam was right; it was Quinn. She tells him again that she has to go to a work meeting. And she doesn’t want Bill just stopping by again….no more texting, no videos, no e-mails, go back to Katie. Ridge asks where Logan is so they can start the meeting. Eric says she hasn’t been that involved lately. Ridge picks up the phone and calls Brooke and tells her try to come. He wants to see her and he will take her to lunch afterwards. Bill hears her end of the conversation and asks if that was Eric. She says no, it was Ridge. He came back home. She says she really doesn’t have time to discuss this now. She wants Bill to go home and refocus his life with Katie. Rick calls the meeting and immediately Ridge jumps up and says he wants to start by saying how impressed he is with them while he was in Paris. He congratulates Rick on his marriage and that he is a lucky man. He congratulates Caroline on her youth line. Rick speaks up and says that may have been the original concept for HFTF but lately it has become more sophisticated. He lets Ridge know they are cultivating the next generation at FC and they are leading the industry with new clientele. Eric speaks up and assures Ridge they have done well under Rick’s leadership. Rick tells Ridge that having him back in L.A. is going to be amazing no doubt for the couture line but things have changed since he left. His wife is now the lead designer and their dad has put his faith and trust in him to run the company. Ridge calls Rick Ricky boy and says he is not telling him anything that he doesn’t know. He was in Paris not the North Pole and Eric did keep him in the loop. They look for some sales totals that were on the desk. Ridge complains that it never looked like this when he was here. Rick fires back they were never that busy. Ridge says they are busy now and lucky that he is here to help them. The plane lands and the pilot tells Liam that his car is waiting on the tarmac; does he know where Hope is? Liam says he has an app for that so he’ll find her. Wyatt hands Hope a drink and joins her in the next lounge chair. He says he has never been happier in Hawaii than right now. He thinks that she will feel that way too if she just gives it time. She says she is supposed to be on her honeymoon. He cracks that if that is what she is in the mood for that he can call down and whip something up. She says after all the promises that Liam made that she just wanted this time to be different. Wyatt tells her that he was willing to let go because Hope had faith in Liam. But Wyatt had been right all along and Liam doesn’t deserve her. She has spent enough time waiting for him to come through. It’s time to let go, move on and maybe be with him. Brooke tells Bill this isn’t the first time she has asked him to go back to Katie. He says that is not happening; he won’t do it. Brooke says Katie is her sister and what they did to her was wrong. He asks if this has anything to do with Ridge who has been gone for more than a year. Surely she is not still vulnerable to him.

Wyatt answers the phone and sees that it is Quinn. He says he is only answering because he knows she will not stop calling until he does answer. She wants to know if he and Hope are having a good time and is she still upset with Liam. He says yes and you can’t blame her. She caught Liam in the cabin with his ex. Quinn says he can consider himself lucky. Hope could have not found out until after she was married. Wyatt says good point but one he won’t be making to Hope. Donna walks up and Quinn gives her the evil eye. Hope asks Wyatt if he would mind putting on some sun screen on her back. She sits on his chair. He says some guys might take this as encouragement. She says since when does he ever need any encouragement. He kisses her on her shoulder. He adds that ever since the moment he met her he’s had this vision of the way they are now in a place like this. He wasn’t there in Aspen or in Italy but surely Liam knew the last person Hope would want to see on her wedding day was Steffy. And Liam should have known that. Hope says they are still really connected and she knows it always will be. He says enough, she’s free. They can play their games but she does not have to be part of it. She’s here….he’s here…..He gives her a kiss. Suddenly they are both startled to hear a loud pounding at the door and Liam’s voice demanding Hope open the door. She does and asks how he found her. He brushes past Hope without a word and bolts straight to Wyatt and asks how he’s doing…..and get out. Hope says Wyatt is not going anywhere. Liam says okay then Quinn’s plan worked. He tells Hope that he didn’t write her a note. He didn’t ask her to meet him at the cabin. That was all Quinn. She’s the whole reason that Steffy was there in the first place because she knows what the sight of Steffy does to Hope. Hope looks toward Wyatt. Quinn waits around until the meeting is over and tells Eric that she is going to have to come up with a new way to thank him. He tells her that he’s very pleased that she is still onboard. She says she too is very grateful to be here. She thought sure Liam would get his way this time and drive them out of FC but fortunately Hope changed her mind. He says Donna just told him that Hope and Wyatt are in Hawaii and her relationship with Liam seems to be over now. Quinn says that is not for her to say. Eric says but it does seem that he is the odd man out. She says Eric will have to excuse her if she is not heartbroken. She takes it personally when someone interferes with her business life and her son’s happiness. Ridge shows up at Brooke’s and she apologizes for not being at the meeting. He says okay but if she can’t go to lunch, he is bringing it to her and he has the caterers bring everything in. She thanks him but says this is probably not the best time. Bill walks out and sees Ridge and quips well look whose Eurorail pass expired. Ridge asks why Bill is there. He says just chilling with Brooke. Ridge says well she is about to have lunch so……he only brought enough for two so it’s time for Bill to hit the road. Bill says wow, that’s not very friendly, he is gonna hurt his feelings. He may need a tissue. Ridge says Hi, Bill, good to see you Bill, now hit the road, Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anne and Daniel got into an argument. Theresa stopped Anne from arguing with Daniel.  Brady tried to warn Maggie that Victor would change.  Hope talked to Rafe about Bo not being home.  Daniel warned Theresa to stay out of his situation with Anne.  Theresa lied about needing to talk to him.  JJ was upset that Abby was trying to convince Jennifer to move on with Liam.  Maggie wasnít convinced that Victor wouldnít change. She also noticed that something was wrong with him.  JJ told Abby that he was upset that Jennifer wasnít with Daniel.  Brady tried to convince Maggie that nothing was wrong with him, but she wasnít convinced.

Abby tried to explain why Daniel wasnít right for Jennifer.  Theresa came up with another scheme to get Daniel.  Maggie wanted Brady to go to a meeting with her, but he didnít want to go.  He aid he didnít need the meeting as long as he had her.  JJ was determined to get Jennifer and Daniel back together.  When he was about to leave, Theresa showed up and told him she was going to set him free.  Brady met with the drug dealer to get more drugs.  When the drug dealer left, Daniel approached Brady.  Daniel wanted to know what was going, but Brady lied to him.  Daniel told Brady that he saw what happened.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Robin wake up together. Robin says she feels bad for Sabrina, but she doesnít regret having her husband back. Emma opens a present from Sabrina. Itís a Dynagirl action set. Patrick gives Robin her wedding ring. Sabrina is sad. Carlos is in her apartment recovering from the gunshot wound that she patched. She agrees not to call the police and to let him at her place for a while, because it isnít safe for him to go home.  She tells him to say he told her so. He says he told her everything, because he cares about her. He prepares something for her to eat and coaxes her to eat it.

Lulu forgets that today is their anniversary. Nikolas comes by with Britt and Ben.  Lulu tells Nikolas that due to a clerical error, their frozen embryos were destroyed. Britt offers to start the process to create more embryos. AJ spends Christmas with Michael and Kiki. AJ wonders who shot Connie if it wasnít him. Ava stops by the Quartermaine mansion to see Kiki. Kiki says Ava is turning Morgan into a killer. Ava wonders what Kiki knows. Ava taunts AJ about getting away with Connieís murder. AJ kicks her out and then finishes her drink.

Milo and Diane are by Miloís bedside in the hospital. Morgan feels guilty about shooting Max. Diane and Milo tell Olivia that Sonny admitted to accidentally shooting Milo. Diane observes that sonny has never admitted to as much as a parking ticket so it is odd that he admitted to this. Milo blames himself because he quit his job and left Max alone. He and Diane want to find out who really shot Max. Sonny is in the jail cell next to Obrecht. She says she knows who he is and that the man she loves eliminated his enforcer when he wanted to take over Sonyís territory. She opines that Sonny must be in jail by choice and wonders if he is covering for one of his children. Dante goes to the jail and asks Sonny to tell him what really happened. He wonders if Morgan did it. Sonny tells him not to bring Morgan into it. Olivia goes to the jail and tells Sonny that Morgan is at the hospital to see Max. Olivia tells Sonny that when he wants to talk about what really happened, he knows how to find her. At the hospital, asks Morgan what he knows about Maxís shooting. He says he knows their father is covering for him. Dante goes to the hospital and tells Morgan that he thinks Sonny is covering for him. He says he can help Morgan, but only if he tells him what really happened at the warehouse. Max opens his eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon sits alone at a table at the Athletic Club when Adam comes and she asks him to join her. They discuss family and how he, Chelsea, and Conner spent Christmas together. At home, Billy reads the latest blog and responds to it. At the coffeehouse, Kevin is surprised by Gloria’s return from her cruise. As Gloria tells Kevin all about the cruise, Alex butts in and voices his opinion. Gloria wants to know how Michael, Lauren, and Fen are doing. They also discuss Delia's killer not having been found yet. At the Chancellor home, Jill and Esther argue as usual over how many pieces of pie Jill had at Christmas. Jill lets Esther know how much she missed Katherine. Jill reprimands Esther over the music box that Katherine left her. Chloe walks in and they immediately starts to discuss Delia and how much they miss her. Nick watches Sharon and Adam talk. Noah and Courtney go ice skating in the park and discuss how they spent Christmas with his family. Noah still wants to know about her family. Gloria demands info on Delia’s case, but Alex refuses to divulge anything. Chloe notices the music box in the trash and asks about it. Jill picks up the trash and takes if out, leaving Chloe and Esther alone to talk. Chloe tells Esther all about Conner. Nick walks up and confronts Adam and Sharon. Sharon defends Adam by telling Nick that Adam and Chelsea are back together.

Alex speaks in Spanish to Gloria, and she demands to know what he said to her. Alex pays Gloria a compliment to get her off his case. Kevin asks Alex what he said to Gloria, but Alex will not tell him. Chloe joins Kevin and Gloria. Gloria states that Chloe must have had an awful Christmas. Kevin is surprised by the remark, but Chloe owns up that she had an awful Christmas without Delia. Jill brings Billy a present. Jill and Billy have a heart to heart talk. Sharon advises Adam to be careful and not let anything ruin his happiness. Billy gives Jill helpful advice concerning Katherine and the music box. Gloria is thrilled that Kevin and Chloe are finding their way back to each other. Sharon and Nick come home. Nick apologizes for butting into Sharon’s life. Sharon promises to keep her guard up. Nick starts to kiss Sharon, but Noah walks in. Billy asks Adam about his previous remark about balancing the scales. Jill gets the music box back as a present. Jill talks to the music box and vows to get to the bottom of this.

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