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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric pours two glasses of martinis, puts olives in each and clinks the glasses and approaches Stephanie’s portrait on the wall and says Merry Christmas to his love. Ridge walks in but feels like he is encroaching and steps back. But Eric senses his presence and tells him that his mother would be so proud that he is here today. They are both grateful that he is home where he belongs. Rick is getting dressed and quickly slips a present from out of a drawer and puts it on top of the dresser underneath a small Christmas tree. He kisses Caroline’s neck as he helps her button up her dress. He wonders if he is her hero if he will get everything on his wish list. She says about that – with the spur of the moment wedding and honeymoon she had not had time to shop. She hopes he won’t be disappointed. She spots the present which had not been there before. Rick says then she should open it. Turns out they both got each other a honeymoon album of photos and they are both pleased. Pam is singing and fussing around in the kitchen with mounds of food, decorated cookies. Eric samples a bit of potatoes and says they are perfection as always. She tells him she saw it this morning – the bluebird just like Steph had said it would be perched on her shoulder. Stephanie is here with them today. Eric gives her a warm hug. Thorne tells Ridge that it wasn’t the same around here without him. He missed him and he has a surprise for him. The brothers give each other a big slap on the back and a hug. Felicia and Kristen bound through the door and hugs everyone. Felicia tells Ridge that Brooke must have been surprised when she saw him. Thorne says and even more so when she sees R.J. Ridge says R.J. arrived last night but Logan doesn’t know yet. Kristen explains that Zende wanted to visit some friends and Tony is dropping him off. Eric asks about Tony’s health and Kristen says he’s doing amazing. They are so blessed. Felicia spills that Aunt Pam has a new boyfriend named Charlie. Pam says she will wait until Tony gets there ad tell them all about Charlie. Soon Aly and Tony come at the same time and greets everyone. Aly says Dayzee is still at the mission but will be here later. Marcus is still in South Africa but she should be with family. Someone knocks at the door and Ridge opens it. Brooke is standing there stunning in red. He ravishes her with his eyes and kisses her on the cheek and says Merry Christmas. She says she has some gifts in the car. He says he will help her with them but let him give her the first present. He stands back and there is R.J. Brooke is shocked. R.J. tells his mom Merry Christmas as she gives him a big hug and says this is the best Christmas present ever. Ridge gives her a hug with all three. Rick and Caroline arrive and Rick pretends he doesn’t recognize this big man R.J. When he left he was this little guy. R.J. tells Brooke that he has already enrolled in Ojai for the next year where he will be near some of his friends, but the best part he will be close to both his mom and dad. Pam breaks down in the kitchen just feeling the presence of Stephanie everywhere. Felicia and Kristen both say it’s okay. This house and Christmas is where they feel closest to her too. Home and family, this is what Stephanie was all about.

Thorne asks Brooke if she is going to see Katie and Donna. Brooke says yes. It’s been a tough year for the Logan sisters, but she’s hoping it will be a fresh start. Thorne tells them it is time for all the holiday revelers to partake of Eric’s famous eggnog. Eric smiles and says it might be stretching the truth a bit but they all know how Stephanie loved his eggnog. He looks at the portrait and says she always humored him and he hopes she will allow the others too as well. He asks them to indulge him a little while. They are missing Bridget, Logan and Hope this year and all are missing Stephanie, of course. But they are making new memories, to Peace and Goodwill to all. Ridge takes R.J. by the hand and guides him to the manger scene. He says they used to draw names each year to see who would put baby Jesus in the stable. Brooke tells R.J. it is his turn now and he takes the babe and lies it in the manger while Eric plays Away In The Manger on the piano. They all gather around and sing. Outside a bluebird chirps. Later Eric sets up his iPhone and the Celtic Woman sings I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Tony puts the star on top of the tree and turns the lights on. Eric tells Ridge that no matter what happens between him and Brooke that he is not to leave L.A. again. They need him. Ridge says he needs them too. He initiates a big bear hug. Felicia says Tony has a good idea. They are all gonna say what Christmas means to them….in five words or less. Ridge is last and says Christmas, three generations of Forrester’s around a Christmas tree; strong, resilient and united again. Well that is more than five but what the hey. Eric thanks them for all being here. He knows they are busy. He loves that they came home again. It means so much to him. It gives him so much joy and there is no way he can express that…..well he heads to the piano and they all gather around and sing Joy To The World.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Sami that Nick wasn’t going to destroy their future, but she wasn’t sure that they had nothing to worry about.  Eric talked to Father Matt about his dream about Nicole being with a man.  Victor talked to Maggie to see if she would forgive him.  Father Matt explained why Eric was having dreams about Nicole.  Father Matt said that Eric might have been bothered by the fact that she was with a man.  Victor gave Maggie a note as a present.

Victor apologized to Maggie for what he did to Eric.  Maggie wasn’t sure if Victor’s apology was genuine at first.  He asked her to give him another chance.  Sami panicked when she looked at the picture Will sent her of Arianna and Santa.  She realized it was the guy who saw her, Gabi, and Kate when Nick died.  Sami told EJ about the birdwatcher.  EJ was concerned that the guy could finger her, Gabi, and Kate at the crime.  EJ asked if she was sure the birdwatcher didn’t see anything.  It dawned on her that the birdwatcher saw Gabi with Nick’s backpack.  Maggie was willing to forgive Victor.  EJ was convinced that the birdwatcher was going to be trouble despite what Sami believed.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today's episode was a rerun!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The Ashby family, Neil and Leslie and Devon all spend Christmas Eve today at the Athletic Club. Jack grieves because he won’t be with his family during Christmas. At the police station, Fen is arrested for the murder of Carmine. Nick brings Faith’s dollhouse by, but it's unassembled. Sharon lets him know that he has to assemble it. Tyler gets a surprise visitor in his and Abby’s bedroom. The mystery woman makes it look as though Tyler has slept with someone. Abby sees the woman leaving the room. Fen is upset with Summer for helping to turn him in, so he will go back to prison. Michael and Lauren beg Christine to get Fen’s arraignment set for tonight.

Abby comes back to the room and questions Tyler about the woman that she saw leaving their room. Hilary spends time with Jack. John pays Jack a visit and encourages him to live his life. Christine gets Fen released. Fen refuses to talk to Summer for turning him in, but she gives him a stern talking to. Faith comes home and sees the dollhouse. Nick makes up a story to tell her about the dollhouse. Faith tells Nick and Sharon to open up one present of theirs. Michael and Lauren bring Fen home. Jack calls Phyllis to talk to her. Abby apologizes for not believing him. A candlelight vigil is held in the park for Katherine.

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