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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Brooke’s Liam paces the floor and tells her that he’s been up all night. He’s been calling Hope, texting her and she is not answering or responding. Brooke says can he blame Hope – Steffy again. He says whoa; this is all just a big misunderstanding. Brooke says Hope did not come home last night and she does not know where she is. And Brooke probably wouldn’t even tell him if she knew. He says okay, be mad at him but do it later. He needs to find Hope now. He knows he has screwed up royally. Brooke wants to know what Steffy said or that Hope could have seen. Liam says nothing happened. He did not know Steffy was coming but she had incredible news. She can now have a baby. She got emotional and he gave her a hug, Brooke scolds him for things like this always happening with Steffy. Liam just needs to let Hope go and let her go be with someone who makes her happy. It dawns on him that Brooke is talking about Wyatt. He thought he had left town. In Hawaii Hope is in her hotel room looking out over the blue ocean. There is a knock at the door and it’s Wyatt. He is holding an orchid. He says he looked all over to find a flower that was worthy of her and this was the closest he could find. He wants to call room service for breakfast but Hope says she is good. Wyatt says okay then promise him she will have lunch with him. He doesn’t want her to get all light headed on him. He says they did not really talk much last night. Is she ready to tell him what she saw at the cabin? She says she saw Steffy in Liam’s arms. She doesn’t know what happened after that; she didn’t stick around. He says it’s okay; she will be okay as she is with him now. She’s safe. Hope says she didn’t stick around to hear more justifications or excuses or even the smug look on Steffy’s face… know the one that says see I can get him back anytime I want him. They were looking into each other’s eyes like they were the only ones on the planet. Wyatt asks if she saw them in the cabin. She says yes as Liam was getting dressed there. Wyatt doesn’t understand why Hope would be seeing Liam just before the wedding. She says it was Liam’s idea. He sent her a note to meet him. Wyatt says that doesn’t make sense since Steffy was there. Hope says Wyatt doesn’t know Steffy and that’s one of the things she likes about him. She says it’s obvious; it’s classic Steffy just wanting Hope to see them. She was letting Hope know that things haven’t changed. She will always be part of his life. Hope says she thinks she is just now understanding that…..message delivered, message received. Donna is shocked to find Quinn sitting in Eric’s office and sipping champagne. Donna says Quinn should be cleaning out her desk, not taking over Eric’s office. Looking smug, Quinn says guess the word is not out yet but Hope hired them back. QAJ’s is here to stay. Donna says she is calling security. Quinn says that would only accomplish two things. She would look incredibly foolish and she would piss Quinn off. Donna says then maybe Quinn can tell her what happened. Quinn says a terrible wrong was righted. Liam went on a power trip and Hope’s personal life spilled over into her professional. But power is fleeting and Liam’s is gone. Donna says this must have something to do with Hope walking out on the wedding. Quinn says Bingo. But it’s Hope’s story to tell. All she can tell Donna is that she does know where Hope is. She is with Wyatt and they are away and when they return they will be an item and will secure their position here. So Donna does not want to be on her bad side. Just be nice and respectful and everything will be fine. Cheers. Quinn pours herself another glass of bubbly and says life is fascinating. This time last year she and Wyatt were in their little warehouse, toiling away and struggling for survival. Now look at them. Partnering with FC on one of the hottest lines going; the possibilities are endless. But she guesses Donna would not feel like celebrating the return of the dreaded Quinn. Donna says she guesses that is in reference to Eric. Quinn admits that he likes her. Donna grins and says Eric doesn’t really know Quinn. Donna has a clearer picture. Quinn says it would not pay for Donna to try and sabotage her. Donna replies she has a feeling Quinn will not need help on that one. Quinn says she has worked far too long and too hard and things are finally paying off for her and Wyatt. Donna warns Quinn a word of advice. Hope and Liam have been here before. They plan a wedding and something always happens with Steffy. But here’s the thing; they always end up back together. Quinn gloats that there is always a last time for everything. Hope and Wyatt are on the beautiful island of Hawaii. It is the perfect opportunity for him to convince her to choose him. And her son can be very convincing. Brooke tells Liam that she can’t believe he let this thing happen. Just seeing Steffy there would devastate Hope. He snaps that she is acting like he set this in motion. He didn’t know Steffy was going to be there; she just showed up. He doesn’t even know why Hope was at the cabin in the first place. Brooke says because of the note that Liam sent. He argues that he did not send a note. Brooke says maybe Steffy then. Then he blurts out – that damn woman, Quinn. She has set him up again. Hope is mad right now but she has to come home and he will explain all that is going on right now. For now he is going to have it out with Quinn. Quinn offers Donna champagne but she declines. She tells Quinn that she likes Wyatt. He’s smart, funny, even handsome and some day he will make a lucky girl very happy. Quinn says that will be Hope; just look at how her eyes light up now that Liam is out of the picture. Donna says that is just it. He will be back in Hope’s life soon. They’ve had years of obstacles in their way and only came out stronger. Not just Steffy but Bill as well. They have overcome them all. Quinn says Hope and Wyatt are just at the beginning of their connection and they finally have the chance to do what they have been prepping for both personally and professionally which means QAJ is here for the long haul. She says she is a fact of Donna’s life so deal with it.

Wyatt says he won’t be a hypocrite. He’s not sorry that she did not marry Liam, but he is sorry that he got hurt. She says you live and learn. She just wishes she weren’t learning the same old thing over and over and over. Wyatt says Liam is the idiot. He treats her badly, always letting her down, betraying her trust and then takes her for granted that she will always be there. She shouldn’t have to put up with that. She agrees. Wyatt says it is a good thing she is not home as Liam would be there beating down the door trying to explain again. She says she knows. His explanations are always logical and innocent but to her they will always be unacceptable. Quinn pours another glass and Liam comes bounding in and says she set him up. He won’t even bother to explain it as she knows it all. She wrote the note. She says she knows he is upset over another derailed wedding to Hope and is looking for someone to blame. She adds but until he cools off she has absolutely no intentions of talking to him. He tells her she is not getting away with this. Quinn walks right past Donna and tells her to shut up. Brooke is happy to hear from Hope and that she is all right but Hope doesn’t want to say where she is. Brooke tells her Liam was just there so she knows all about Steffy, but there is something Hope should know. Hope doesn’t want to hear it now. She says she is exhausted and it always comes back to the same old thing – Steffy. Hope is just done. Wyatt says he has a great idea. How about they spend their holidays in Hawaii. Hope does not hesitate for a second and says yes. Liam talks to Donna and says he can’t prove it but his gut is screaming that Quinn sent the note. Donna says she wouldn’t put it past her as she was in here sitting in Eric’s office like she owned it drinking his champagne and bragging how Hope and Wyatt were in Hawaii. Liam bolts and tells Donna that he owes her one. Hope says she wanted to be so sure of Liam this time but she knows it is so wrong to get married as the result of an ultimatum. She says she tried to tell herself she was okay with Steffy but it will never be ok. Wyatt says then let Liam go in the past where he belongs. Wyatt can make her happy and she knows that. He says he has been patient and he was gracious in defeat, but Liam messed up again. Let this be the last time. He tells her that he loves her….more than he ever thought he could love someone. They are in Hawaii together now. There is no better place to start their lives. Just give them a chance; she won't regret it. He kisses her and then two or three more. When she puts her arm around his neck there is no engagement ring on her finger.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Abe talked about Sami losing her earring by the river.  EJ showed Sami what he found by the river.  Sami was horrified when she saw it.  EJ told her that it could be Nickís when she said it could have been anybodyís.  Sami tried to deny EJís allegation, but he didnít buy it.  She made the mistake of saying Nick took the earring so EJ wanted to call the police.  The birdwatcher turned out to be the Santa Claus.  He asked Kate and Gabi about Sami.  EJ wanted Sami to tell him what was going on.  Stefano went to see Rafe to apologize to him.  Rafe didnít forgive him.  When Kate and Gabi got away from the birdwatcher, Sonny wanted to be sure that he didnít know anything.  Sami told EJ part of what happened with Nick.  EJ jumped to the conclusion that she killed Nick.

Kate tried to convince Sonny not to say anything to Will.  Sami finally confessed that she and Gabi killed Nick.  She explained what she, Gabi, and Kate did to Nick.  She also told him how Sonny knows the truth.  Hope talked to Stefano and questioned him about what Kristen did to Eric.  Stefano told her how he helped Kristen with her plan.  Stefano tried to make excuses for Kristenís actions.  Sami continued to tell EJ how she and the others took care of Nick, but he warned her that the problem wouldnít go away.  Gabi thanked Sonny for agreeing to keep quiet about what happened.  EJ assured Sami that he would help her.  While he was comforting her, Stefano told them that he was home.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robert goes to Patrick and Robinís house dressed as Santa. Robin lets Emma open one present without her daddy. It is an Australian didgeridoo. Patrick goes to Sabrinaís apartment and breaks the news that he is going back to his wife. Patrick goes home and tells Robin that he was an idiot to make her wait and that he wants his family back. Molly is at Avaís house when Ava arrives home. She explains that Julian told her to wait there while he and Morgan went to find TJ at her uncle, Sonnyís, warehouse by the docks. Ava is angry that Julian took Morgan with him, but she assures Molly that everything will be ok. Diane stops by to tell Ava that the New York City police are asking about her. She tells her that if it is about Francoís fraud, then both of them have to say they know nothing about it. Ava knows it has something to do with Silas from a long time ago. Silas goes to treat a patient and finds that it is Rafe, who has hurt his hand by punching a wall out of anger over Molly and TJ. Sam suggests that Rafe finds someone new. Rafe is afraid that girls will find him creepy, because he is the son of a serial killer who thought he was a vampire. Silas says he has the same family ties and he turned out ok. Silas keeps ignoring calls from a restricted number.

Julian and Morgan go to Sonnyís warehouse. Sonny tells Morgan to get out, but Morgan refuses. Julian tells Sonny to release Carlos, but Sonny refuses. A gunfight ensues. Shawn protects TJ. Carlos gets Maxís gun away from him. Sonny shoots Carlos. Carlos crawls out the back door. Julian orders Morgan to shoot Sonny. Morgan accidentally shoots Max. Morgan drops his gun and looks in horror at Max bleeding on the floor before leaving with Julian. Sonny calls 9-1-1. Anna receives the report. Duke sends Sonny a text warning him that Anna is on her way. Anna tells Sonny that she knows it was the Jeromes and asks him to help her end it. Instead of implicating his son, he says he fired the shot accidentally while cleaning his gun. Anna says it must have been quite an accident, considering the number of bullet holes and shell casings and all the blood all over the floor. She has Sonny arrested.

Julian tells Molly that her friend is ok. TJ tells Shawn that he took his keys and went to the warehouse to stop him from shooting that guy. Shawn says TJ should have stayed out of it. Molly arrives, happy that TJ is ok. She reveals that she told Morgan that she was worried about TJ and that Morgan and Julian went to look for him. She says she heard that Max was shot. TJ says they got Carlos, too. Shawn asks Molly to go. TJ says he is going with her and that the next time Shawn plans to murder someone, he will definitely stay out of it. Julian tells Ava that Sonny shot Carlos. Carlos goes to Sabrinaís apartment and asks her to help him. Morgan tells Ava that he has loved Max since he was a child and now he has shot him. Julian stops Morgan from trying to go to the hospital to check on Max. He tries to call the hospital, but they won't give him any info. Diane is at the hospital when Max arrives. She tells him that she will be by his side. Silas is the responding doctor. Sam and Rafe wait for Silas and notice that someone persistently keeps trying to call him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki and Victor put presents under the tree. Victor wonders if Nikki is still upset with him for having Dylan’s name deleted from the will. Dylan surprises them with a visit. Avery visits Nick and brings him back his guitar which he had left at her place. Abby and Tyler spend Christmas in Los Angeles. Summer visits Paul at the police station, and he asks her where Fen is. Lauren is on the phone, trying to find Fen when Michael comes in. Summer denies knowing where Fen is. Paul warns Summer that she could be charged as an accessory after the fact. Dylan tells Nikki that he doesn’t need her money but there is something else he wants. Avery asks Nick how he is really doing. Victor confronts Paul about why he helped Nikki, and he wants to know all about Dylan.

Michael calls Summer to come to Lauren’s to talk to them about Fen’s whereabouts. Michael and Lauren question Summer about Fen. Michael warns Summer what could happen if she keeps this secret for Fen. Lauren and Michael beg Summer to help them to find Fen. Summer divulges that Fen confessed to her that he killed Carmine. Dylan asks Nikki to see her medical records about her MS. Dylan also questions Nikki about Ian Ward. Victor asks Paul why he didn’t protected Nikki from Ian Ward. Tyler has a surprise visitor in his and Abby’s hotel room. Avery asks Dylan to spend Christmas Eve with her. Nikki is pleased that she had such a good meeting with Dylan. Summer, Michael, and Lauren set a trap for Fen which he walks right into. At the police station, Fen is arrested for the murder of Carmine. Fen gives Summer a disappointing look that she would be part of getting him arrested.

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