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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope continues to look into the window in disbelief at seeing Steffy with Liam’s hands on her shoulders. The pilot asks Wyatt if he is going to Hawaii on business. Wyatt says not really, just a little rest and a lot of recovery. The pilot says they will be ready for takeoff as soon as his mother is aboard. Eric tells Donna that Brooke is preoccupied as she has a lot on her mind right now. Donna wonders when she is going to break the news to Bill about Ridge being back. He says it can’t be soon enough for him. Charlie gives Bill and Brooke instructions of where they should flank Liam and Hope. Bill asks Brooke if she is okay or is there more than just her daughter’s wedding. Donna rescues her by saying she wants Oliver to take a sister picture. She tells Brooke that she knows about Ridge. Had she told Bill yet. Brooke says no. Donna asks if Ridge knows about her and Bill. Brooke says there is no her and Bill. Caroline tells Bill he must be doing good as no one has asked him to leave yet. He quips only because he is the father of the groom. He only wishes Wyatt were here. It would have been nice to have the whole family together. With Hope still watching outside the window, Steffy tells Liam that all those months in Paris she just wanted to forget, but she couldn’t. Liam says well that is over now. She will never have to feel that way again. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says she wants him to know that is the only reason that she left as she knew she could not give him the one thing he wanted. She could not do that to him. He was the only thing that ever mattered to her. He smiles and gives her a big hug. Oliver tells Rick that Liam finally got the girl. He and Hope are in the past but that was the worst mistake he ever could make with a girl. He told Hope they could be friends. Steffy tells Liam that she finally feels like her old self again, happy and ready to have children again. He concludes they will be beautiful ones too. She says she talks to “her” every day. He says he has done a bit of that himself. That was the darkest day of his life. Steffy says she is up there smiling down on them now. He puts his hand on her shoulder. Hope watches all she can, gives a nod with her head as if okay this is enough and she walks off. Eric asks Brooke if she is worried about Ridge finding out about her and Bill. She says she is not involved with Bill anymore. He says good then it should not be upsetting to Ridge now. She says she needs to go check on Hope as she went to the cabin to meet Liam. Quinn enters the jet cabin, Wyatt tells her aloha. She says they should not be doing this. He tells her to please stop. He just saw Hope and wished her the best. It’s time to move on now. She’s getting married so she accepted it. Quinn says but Hope is in love with him. He says he does not want to hear that, understood. She says do not go to Hawaii. This is not over.

When Brooke goes to check on Hope she is not in her gown and has on street clothes. Brooke sits down on the bed besides Hope and asks what is wrong. Hope lets out a big sigh and finally says she is not going to do this. She is not going to marry Liam. Liam tells Steffy this must be one of the greatest days of her life. She says yes since she married him. She wonders why it took so long to marry Hope. She thought this is what they had been waiting for. He says Hope wanted to wait. He assumes she heard about his brother, well half-brother. Steffy says yes, it’s been all over the press with the Hope diamond. They have been trending for weeks now. He says he knows but no more. He saw to that. Hope fired them. Wyatt’s company is no longer working for Forrester. It clearly was because for Wyatt it was more than business. He made his intentions very clear. He wanted Hope. Steffy asks if she responded. He said a little, she liked the attention. And probably she was giving him a little taste of his own medicine. Steffy states Hope was punishing him. Liam says he deserved it…a little because of Steffy. But it’s over now as Wyatt is gone and so is his weirdo mom. She always has an agenda. Steffy wants to be sure that it wasn’t more than flattery. She’s seen clips and Wyatt is indeed charming and roguish. Liam concedes he is and Hope was taken in but who would trade in this for that. It would be like hamburger and steak. Steffy quips yeah like tofu steak. She laughs that she has missed him….talking like this. He says he missed it too. She says they have had some great times but she walked away to give him something better. She carried this burden for so long, now suddenly her whole life has changed. He says he loves seeing her this way. Those last days were so depressing and unhappy ones. He thinks the motorcycle accident wrecked them. But that’s in the past now. She can have other children. She says she will but there was only one man she would want to have them with. That hasn’t changed. She has never stopped loving him. He inhales deeply and confesses that he is committed to Hope. But Steffy has been given a whole new life. She will have that baby but just not with him. She nods her head in acceptance. He asks her to come to him and he wraps his arms around her for a big hug. She sniffles a little as she throws her arms around him too. She dries her eyes and picks up her purse and slowly leaves. Brooke wants Hope to talk to her and tell her what’s wrong. She must have had an argument with Liam. Hope says they didn’t say a word and they aren’t going to. She just needs to get out of here. Brooke says she can’t, this is her wedding day. Hope says not anymore. Brooke wants details. Hope gives a sigh and starts, then says she can’t do this. She is sorry but she has to get out of here. She gives Brooke a quick kiss and says she loves her and leaves. Wyatt tells his mom that he was so sure that Hope was going to end up with him. Quinn says she will as he is so the better man for Hope. She’s gonna realize that maybe sooner than Wyatt thinks. She begs him not to go to Hawaii, at least not until he gets confirmation that Hope actually married Liam. He barks and why wouldn’t she as Liam has been a saint lately. Steffy is no longer in the picture and Quinn is just grasping at straws. He has to give up on Hope as anything less he just can’t handle it. The mere thought of never seeing her face or those shining eyes or the sound of her voice. OMG he has to get out of here. The pilot comes in and says they will be taking off. Wyatt said he’s ready; Quinn says not yet. Brooke goes down to the cabin and confronts Liam. She tells him that Hope is not getting ready; she is gone. She left right after seeing him. He says he didn’t see Hope….then it dawns on him what she must have stumbled on and saw. Brooke tells him to spit it out. He stammers that Steffy was there. They were just talking but Hope must have seen them through the window. Quinn begs Wyatt not to leave just yet. He asks her to stop. He has to go. Every moment he is in this city is torture to him. Over Quinn’s shoulder he sees Hope rush in. He asks what is she doing here….the wedding…..what happened. She says Steffy happened….she’s back. Quinn interrupts and says she is going to leave them alone. Hope tells her to go back to the office. She has work to do. She is not fired. Quinn is happy and says WOW. Wyatt asks what about him. She says they are going to Hawaii. She has to get out of here if that is okay. He chuckles that is more than okay. He’s sorry….then says who is he kidding. He is not sorry. Hawaii here they come. They give each other a big hug and cling to each other. He says “rock” and she says “roll.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami fought Ciara to get her earring.  Hope showed up to stop her.  Sami and Hope talked about the earring.  Hope questioned her about it.  EJ told Sonny that Gabi told him everything that went down with her.  Sami and Kate.  EJ told Sonny he could talk to him.  Sami apologized to Ciara for the way she acted.  Hope and Sami talked about why she accused Ciara of taking the earring.  Hope wanted to check Ciaraís backpack, but Sami attacked Ciara.  Before Sonny could tell EJ what happened, Lucas showed up.  Eric showed up at Daniel place and told him that he was okay with them going out.  They talked about Nicoleís feelings for Daniel.  Eric was happy that Nicole was with Daniel because he wouldnít have been able to accept her help if she still had feelings for him.  Lucas took Sonny with him so EJ didnít get to find out what Sami did.  Hope found Samiís earring in Ciaraís backpack.  Sami called Kate to let her know that she found her earring.  Sonny and Lucas went to the apartment.  Sonny let Gabi know that he didnít tell Justin anything.  Gabi and Sonny talked about how EJ tried to trick them into telling him the truth.  Eric was determined to be reinstated as a priest.  Nicole showed up at the apartment.

Daniel didnít tell Eric that he and Nicole arenít together.  Hope went to the DiMera mansion to see Sami.  Hope told her that Theo was the one who found the earring.  Hope questioned Sami about how she managed to lose the earring.  Sami didnít want to say anything.  Hope let Sami know that Theo found it by Walker Falls.  EJ was listening to Hope and Sami.  Sonny and Gabi continued to talk about EJ tricking them.  Hope and EJ were suspicious of Samiís explanation of what happened to her earring.  Daniel investigated Ericís blood work.  Dr. Chyka talked to someone on the phone and decided to stay in the country.  EJ went to Walker Falls to find out what Sami did.  Nicole tried to talk Eric into doing an interview.  Eric didnít want to do it because the church would be against it.  Nicole thought it would be the only way to help him.  EJ found something that had ďNFĒ on it.  Gabi, Kate, Lucas, Will, and Sonny took Arianna to see Santa Claus.  Santa turned out to be the birdwatcher.  EJ confronted Sami about what he heard her telling Hope.  EJ showed Sami the thing he found by the river.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today's episode was preempted due to a White House Press Conference.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Noah walks in on Kyle in Victor’s office and wants to know what he is doing there. Kyle makes up an excuse. Noah accuses him of lying. Chelsea and Adam go to the Athletic Club and are surprised when they see Dylan. Billy brings Jack a present for Summer’s birthday. Nikki and Victor go home from Summer’s birthday party. Sharon and Nick kiss but pull away abruptly. Jack tells Billy that Kyle took the job at Newman on his own accord. Jack asks Billy who set up the foundation in Delia’s name. Billy tells Jack about Kelly. Victoria sees Stitch at the coffeehouse and they discuss how Johnny is. Dylan lets Chelsea know that Nikki is his mother, and she kept it from him. Dylan asks Chelsea how is Connor, but Adam assures him that he is fine. Nikki and Victor argue over Dylan and how she kept the secret from Victor but had told Paul Williams. Victoria questions Stitch about Dylan and his past. Jack accuses Billy of shutting Victoria out and warns him that he could lose everything. Billy lets Jack know that Kelly is the only thing that is holding his marriage together.

Things are strained between Nick and Sharon after the kiss. Victor gives Nikki a copy of her will with the omission of Dylan as one of her heirs. Chelsea is surprised by Dylan’s news that he is Nikki’s son. Adam wishes him “good luck” at being part of the Newman family. Victor goes to the office and overhears Kyle and Noah arguing. Nick apologizes to Sharon for the kiss. Dylan walks in on Stitch and Victoria talking about his past. Chelsea asks Adam if he thinks she is conning him. Chelsea assures Adam that he deserves to be happy. Faith suggests to Nick that they spend Christmas with Sharon. Nikki visits Dylan to show him her will and that he is one of her heirs. Noah tells Victor that he caught Kyle going through his desk. Billy brings Victoria home a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. They decorate it together.

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