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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Brooke walk over the wedding location and Hope thanks her for making it so beautiful. It is just what she always imagined, simple and peaceful with just a few family and friends. In the cabin Caroline is helping Liam get ready with Bill looking on. He asks if Liam is gonna use his jet on his honeymoon. Liam corrects him and says he means Katie’s jet. And no they aren’t going on a honeymoon. They just want to stay home and be an old married couple. Caroline thinks that is sweet but she can hook him up with a good place. Speaking of hooking up, Bill pours a drink for them and says he can hook him up with a drink to calm his nerves. Liam holds out his hands that are steady and says he is not nervous….besides it is barely noon. Bill says okay cheers to him to calm his nerves. Caroline reminds him what happened last time with the crazy hair and henna tattoos and running around in his underwear. Liam tells them not to even go there. Bill adds that was in the past. Today he is marrying Hope although he thought Liam would end up with Steffy but he guesses even he can be wrong sometimes. Liam asks if this is where he is supposed to offer some profound fatherly wisdom. Bill answers that he is the last person that should be telling Liam how a marriage works. He doesn’t need it; he’s not worried. But all right, if he wants something – happy wife, happy life. That’s what he’s got. He hugs Liam and says he is proud of him. He says it took him a while to come around but he and Hope have his support. Liam thanks him for that and for having his back. Bill says that is not necessary and it’s not a problem anymore as his brother is not going to be an issue anymore. Steffy tells Quinn that the pilot said they would be landing soon. Quinn says she is glad that Steffy came back with her. She found out she can have children and that is a game changer. She needs to tell Liam before he marries Hope. Wyatt talks to her on phone and says to keep the engines running. Eric was kind enough to loan them the jet and they are going to Hawaii. Quinn whispers that now is not a good time. Wyatt comments that he needs to wax a board and just get in the water and refocus, get on with his life. Quinn begs him not to give up on Hope just yet. Wyatt reminds her that Hope is getting married today. Quinn tells him to text her when he knows where Liam is. Wyatt says fine but he’s leaving just after he talks to Hope. Donna tells Charlie and Pam those are cute matching aprons. Pam tells Charlie to grab his ear and follow as they have a cake to frost. Caroline kisses Rick and says she loves weddings, makes her want to marry him all over again. Oliver tells Carter and the others to get together as Hope wants lots of pictures. Donna asks Eric if anyone knows about Ridge. He says no and he is laying low at his house until after this wedding. Bill sidles up to Brooke and says it is a big day for their children. Then he whispers there will be another big wedding soon – theirs. He is not giving up. Caroline asks Carter if he and Maya have set a date yet. Charlie tells them that he is not a minister but a justice of peace if they need one. Eric sees Bill with Brooke and asks her later if she told him about Ridge. She says no, neither knows about the other yet. Oliver is surprised to see Wyatt in the doorway. Wyatt tells him that he needs to talk to Hope one last time. Oliver tells him that she is getting dressed upstairs and Liam is down at the cabin; good luck. Quinn tells Steffy that the wedding will be happening soon. She urges Steffy to get to Brooke’s right away. Liam is in the cabin. She is meant to be with him and Hope is meant to be with Wyatt. As Brooke is helping Hope with her makeup Wyatt walks in. He says he is not there to create a scene. Hope says sure and asks Brooke if she minds giving them a few minutes. Wyatt tells Hope just look at her….exactly as he pictured her on her wedding day, absolutely beautiful. She asks why he is here. He says he only came to say that he hoped this day would be the best of her life. And he hopes her wedding will be more magical than she ever imagined it could be. He says he just wants to wish her all the happiness in the world and to tell her that he is leaving town for a while. She asks where he is going. He replies that Eric was kind enough to offer the jet so he and his mom are going to Hawaii…to surf and clear his head a bit. She says sounds good and she understands that. He says he is so much better for knowing Hope. So just let him say this. It’s true, because of Hope he is more humble and grateful. Before he had taken everything for granted. He admits he was cocky and arrogant as he didn’t know how to act because he had never felt like this with a woman before. He feels like he grew up too late. She stands up facing him and says he is being too hard on himself right now. Wyatt says he is telling her this now as she changed him….she changed his life. He wishes her nothing but the best. And as for Liam, well he is……all right. She’s making a good choice. They both laugh. She tells him this doesn’t have to be goodbye. They can still see each other. He says it’s not the same. He wished he didn’t feel this way but he can not be just friends with her, not after he has fallen in love with her and kissed those lips. He can’t be around here. He leaves. She looks shocked and devastated. Finally she says “Goodbye, Wyatt.”

Brooke tells Eric that she had not said anything before but Wyatt is up with Hope. He wonders if that is going to be an issue. Brooke says there have been some feelings there but Hope is definitely ready to marry Liam. There will be no surprises. As she comes out of the bathroom, Hope catches Quinn as she has just put a note on the table. Quinn says she wanted to quickly stop by and wish Hope all the best before she and Wyatt left town. A note seemed so impersonal. Hope tells her that she heard she was going to International and she hopes that works out for her. She and Wyatt are so talented that she has no doubt they will be successful. Quinn replies she is going to make sure of that.

Steffy walks across the grounds with no one noticing. She remembers back to the time that she and Liam got caught in the sprinkler. She stops outside the cabin and sees Liam straightening his tie. She hesitates and turns away. He senses something and goes to the window and can’t believe his eyes but mouths the word Steffy. He goes outside to her. She follows him into the cabin. He says this is such a surprise as he did not know she was in town. She says it was spur of the minute and no ones knows she is here. He says it’s good to see her. She replies for her too. She knows what today is and she is not here to make trouble. She won’t be here long. But she needed to see him. She says Paris is fine and she was just beginning to settle in and begin a new life. Now she has the most incredible news. Something unbelievable happened. She is now able to have children. Liam is shocked. Hope tells Brooke that she is almost ready. Brooke asks about Wyatt. Hope says he was just here to wish her well…though he is not over her yet. Brooke asks about her. Hope says she is not having second thoughts if that is what Brooke means. She and Liam have waited a long time to make this day a reality and the only thing standing in their way was Steffy. Now she really is excited. She needs to go put on her gown. Brooke finds the note and reads it out loud to Hope. It says to break with tradition, he needs to see her at the cabin. Both think it is cute of Liam. Hope says she does not believe in bad luck. She will go and not be long. Steffy beams that she can get pregnant and carry a baby to term. She feels like a dark cloud has been lifted. They lost their baby but now she will be able to experience motherhood. That is the reason that she left him as she knew she could not give him a baby. She had to leave L.A. too. But that is not in the way anymore so surely he knows what this means. Hope is joyful until she stops and looks at the image in the window. She does a double take and her joy turns into a frown as she sees Liam put both of his hands on Steffy's shoulders.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Justin that he would tell him everything, but Sami, Kate, and Gabi tried to talk him out of it.  Daniel saw Jennifer talking to Liam.  Theresa wasn’t scared of JJ’s recording.  Will and EJ showed up so Sonny decided to wait to talk to Justin.  Sami and Kate tried to use code to convince Sonny not to say anything to Justin about what they did.  EJ seemed suspicious of Sami and Kate’s actions.  Theo and Ciara talked about the earring he gave her.  Ciara was happy that no one noticed it, but she took it off and put it in her backpack anyway.  Hope had a disturbing call from Bo.  Anne watched Daniel and Jennifer talking about her conversation with Liam.  Theresa put JJ in his place about his recording.  Sami reminded Sonny that he had to meet Justin to keep him from talking to Will.  EJ asked Gabi what was going on with her, Sami, and Kate.  JJ gave up and agreed to do what Theresa wanted.  Hope talked to Justin about her conversation with Bo.  Hope was upset that Bo wouldn’t be home for Christmas.  EJ tried to trick Gabi into telling him what she, Sami, and Kate were hiding.  Sami and Kate found Sonny and tried to stop him from talking to Justin.

Theresa reminded JJ that she would destroy him, his mother, and Daniel if he didn’t do what she wanted.  Sami and Kate continued to convince Sonny not to talk to Justin.  They told Sonny how he would ruin Christmas for everyone if he told Justin what happened.  JJ met with Daniel to talk about their plan not to say what really happened to Theresa.  EJ let Gabi think that Sami told him everything that happened, but she didn’t fall for it.  Will walked in the room before EJ had a chance to trick her again.  Sami went to find Ciara to get her earring from her.  Sami found Ciara at the club and offered to babysit for Hope so she could get the earring back.  Sonny decided not to tell Justin about Nick.  Sami asked Ciara if she saw her earring.  Ciara lied and said she’d never seen it before.  JJ didn’t tell Daniel about Theresa.  Sami and Ciara started fighting over Ciara’s backpack when Hope showed up.  EJ saw Sonny and let him think he knew everything that happened.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Bobbie tells Luke that Julian Jerome asked Alexis about Lucas. Julian sees Bobbie and Luke in Kelly’s and tells Bobbie who he is. Luke asks Julian about Jerry Jacks' disappearance. Julian claims to know nothing about it. He asks Bobbie who Lucas is. Luke says he is Lucas. Julian doesn't believe him. Luke and Bobby remember their aunt, Ruby, and wonder what would have happened to them without her.

Sam goes to the hospital to talk to Silas about Rafe. They end up kissing. Silas gets a call. He asks Sam to pick up where they left off later. Molly goes to Ava's condo and tells Morgan that she is worried about TJ, because he went to Sonny's warehouse earlier and hasn't heard from him. Ava gets a call from Silas. She rushes to General Hospital to meet him. Silas tells her that the NYPD called him. She says she warned him when he started asking about Kiki. She supposes he doesn't want Sam to find out about it. Morgan calls Julian. Julian goes to Ava’s condo. Morgan says Molly thinks Carlos is at Sonny's warehouse. Julian tells her to stay in the condo until they return and not to call anyone. At the warehouse, TJ watches Carlos fight with the guard. Sonny and Shawn hear gunshots and go into the room with their guns drawn. They find the guard on the floor, still alive. Carlos takes TJ hostage and uses him as a shield. He says he is going to walk out of there or the kid will get a bullet. Max appears behind Carlos and puts his pistol against Carlos' head. Julian and Morgan come in with guns drawn. Sonny tells Morgan to get out of there. Morgan refuses. Sonny refuses to release Carlos. Julian fires.

Sabrina calls Patrick and leaves a message asking him what she should do with Emma's gifts. Felix encourages Sabrina not to give up hope. He invites her to spend the holidays with his family in North Carolina. She declines. Taking Felix's advice, she wraps the present she had bought for Patrick.  Patrick sees that he has a message, but he doesn't have a chance to listen to it because he is meeting with Robin. He tells Robin that he thinks Emma should go home, so she can wake up in her own bed on Christmas morning. He gives Robin his keys. She wonders if he won't need his keys, because he is moving in with Sabrina. He says he is going to stay in the on-call room in the hospital. Sam sees Patrick brooding in the hallway. He tells her that he loves both Robin and Sabrina and doesn’t want to hurt either one. She tells him that she thinks he knows in his heart which one he wants to be with. She says someone will be hurt no matter how long he delays the inevitable. Ava passes Sam in the hallway and says they should have lunch sometime. Silas is surprised to see that Sam is still there. Robin goes to her house and flashes back to the day they decided to buy it. She notices that the house looks different. Anna says Maxie redecorated. Robin feels like she is in someone else's house. Anna tells Robin that she knows what Patrick is going through, because years ago she had to choose between Robert and Duke. She admits that she loved them both and that she still does. Anna says she is sure Patrick will choose Robin. Robin answers the door, expecting Patrick. Patrick knocks on Sabrina’s door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Abbotts and the Newmans come together to throw Summer a surprise birthday party, but Summer admits to Nick she was happier last year when he was still her father and Phyllis was healthy and there with her for her birthday. Fen feels like Paul will soon discover that he killed Carmine, so he asks Summer to cover for him with Michael and Lauren, because he intends to run away before the police arrest him. Paul finds gun powder residue on the suit Fen was wearing the night Carmine died, so he goes to Michael and Lauren’s place to arrest Fen.

Summer gives into peer pressure and takes one of the energy pills one of the model friends at her birthday party offers her. Devon is arrested and accused of trashing a hotel room in Las Vegas and not paying his hotel bill. Devon intends to prove that someone stole his credit card and his identity. Hilary tells Devon she knows he would never do that. She starts putting clues together in her mind and suspects Mason stole Devon’s credit card, because of all the new things he has bought for himself. Hilary doesn’t tell Devon, because she has to get proof. Noah catches Kyle in Victor’s office and wonders why he is in his grandfather’s office so late. Victor and Nikki are not happy that Nick is friends with Sharon, and they hope that he doesn’t get romantically involved with her again. Sharon helps Nick clean up the club after Summer’s party, and Nick gives Sharon a kiss.

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