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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke kiss before the cascading fountain. Back at his cliff house, Liam asks Hope what took so long. She says weddings make her mom sentimental and she pulled out the baby pictures but started talking about Ridge which is something she had not done in a long time. He asks if she got everything done. She says yes right down to the last detail. Their wedding is a go. There’s nothing for Liam to do but show up on time and properly dressed. He laughs that he can do that. She says it is almost mind blowing. The day before their wedding and nothing is in their way. She has so much nervous energy that she feels like she ought to be doing something. He says she has no reason to be nervous as Steffy is not an issue with them anymore. Neither is his dad or Wyatt or his crazy mom. He doesn’t think they are gonna have any crazy surprises tomorrow. In Paris Quinn tells Steffy that if she wants to stop this wedding she must do it now. Steffy argues that she has already told Liam to get back with Hope. Quinn says she told Hope to give Liam what he wanted but that didn’t happen. They did not get married. Steffy say things are back on track now. Quinn replies that is only because Liam was threatened by Wyatt and he panicked. And if a marriage starts out like that there is not much hope that it is going to last. She keeps encouraging Steffy to go back and just tell Liam the truth and see if he still wants to marry Hope. At least that way Steffy will know. Steffy finally gives in and says okay; she will go back with Quinn. Eric signs some papers for Donna and tells her that Ridge is home. She is shocked and wonders if Brooke knows. Eric says he is on the way to see her now. He did not tell Ridge about Bill. He did not think it was his place. Donna says she works at Forrester too and she knows how people gossip. Eric says Steffy and Thomas have been at International for months now and Bill and Brooke have kept it out of the press. So Ridge does not know. Ridge thinks Brooke is all alone. And he’s going to win her back. Donna says likewise with Bill. He still thinks he has a chance with Brooke. Eric says oh my God; he doesn’t think Bill is the kind of guy who shrinks at a little competition. Donna says Brooke is passionate about Bill but Ridge was the love of her life. Inside, Ridge tells Brooke that he knows she must have a lot of questions and he wants to answer all of them. He says he is sorry that he hurt her. A look of disgust comes over her face and she hauls off and hits him with a closed fist across his face. She barks at him…..he came him after all this time to tell her that he is sorry! He left her on their honeymoon and she had to come back here and deal with all this crap. He tells her that he is lost without her. He can not function without her. He thought he could come back and they could talk without hitting each other. She says they did talk but he was always so distant. He apologizes for that too. He says that is why he is here. He says he stood outside her door for hours and tried to think of what to say and how to make up for it, but he can’t. There is nothing he can say except it won’t happen again…ever. She can’t believe this is happening. They both admit they have missed each other. She throws her arms around his neck and tears fall.

Ridge sees bottles of booze and asks if he drove Brooke to drink. She fills him in on the wedding tomorrow. She says Hope would have invited R. J. but she knew he needed to finish school. Ridge says yes that is why he came alone. He will get him when the term is finished. He enjoyed spending time in Paris and seeing Thomas and Steffy and it also gave him time to find himself as an artist and designer and find where his passion lies. And it reminded him what he can leave on the table and what he can’t live without. Ridge tells Brooke that it is almost like he never left. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her so many times, but really what he wanted was to be here and hold her like this. He says it’s been far too long. He grabs her and hugs her again. Quinn asks Steffy if Liam knew she was getting treatments. She replies that no as she did not know if they would work. Steffy says Quinn is right. If she is going to tell Liam she has to tell him before the wedding. Quinn says they need to get back to L. A. as fast as they can. Liam tells Hope that he just wants tomorrow to be just what she wants. And as long as he is there standing at the altar with her it will be perfect for him. She says she is sorry. She should not have brought up Steffy. He replies that just mentioning her name does not mean she will magically appear. Hope says once they are married she knows all of her issues with her will seem like ancient history. That doesn’t have to be part of their vows and Steffy will be no part of their wedding. Hope asks Liam if Steffy knows they are getting married. He says no as he didn’t tell her. And he doesn’t feel badly for her. Tomorrow will be just another day for her. Hope says she knows Steffy meant a lot to him. They were going to have a baby and be a family. And the fact that Steffy gave all of that up so Hope could have him is something she will always be grateful for. Liam chimes in him too. But Hope says it is also why she hates her. Liam says all of that is in the past. Ridge tells Brooke that he’s made a lot of wrong assumptions about her and he doesn’t want to make another one. He hopes she knows why he is here. He wants to come home and be a family again and he hopes she feels the same way. She says it has been over a year. He says he knows and it is a lot to process. She says a lot has happened. He says but nothing has changed. It’s always been just Brooke. He knows when they talked it was just a quick one or two word answers. Mostly it was about R.J. not their relationship. She agrees it was like that in the beginning but then things changed and she really had no hope for them. She did not know this day would be happening. She starts to say she has something to tell him. He interrupts and says he just wants to look at her like this. He knows she has a wedding to get ready for so he will stay with his Dad and he won’t interrupt the wedding tomorrow but then they will celebrate afterwards. He says he is home. When he leaves, Brooke grabs her chest and cries.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami panicked when Will told her that Sonny heard her talking with Gabi and Kate.  Gabi realized that Sonny knew the truth about Nick.  Gabi wanted to explain what happened.  Gabi thought that Sonny only knew that Nick was behind her going to New York.  Abby told Jennifer that she saw JJ with Rory and Bev.  Abby and Jennifer exchanged information about JJ.  They weren’t sure if JJ was playing them.  Sami asked Will how long Sonny was in the closet.  Will explained that Sonny heard everything they said.  Sami had to leave to find Gabi and Kate.  Will was still convinced that Sami was throwing him a surprise party even though she told him that she wasn’t doing that.  Sonny went to find Justin.  Sami texted Kate and Gabi to meet her at the town square.  JJ let Abby and Jennifer know that he’s not using or selling drugs.  JJ assured them that he’s focused on school.  Sami met with Gabi and Kate and told them that Sonny knew what they did to Nick.  Sami wanted to go after Sonny once Gabi told them that he was off to find Justin.  Justin met with Sonny at the club.  Sonny talked to Justin about what he heard in the closet.  Sami, Kate, and Gabi walked in the club and saw Sonny and Justin.

Sami, Kate, and Gabi interrupted Sonny’s conversation with Justin to talk to him.  They told Sonny that he couldn’t tell anyone what they did.  JJ met with Rory and Bev and needed to find another dealer.  Rory was upset because that’s all JJ wanted.  JJ apologized to them and wanted to hang out with them again.  JJ mentioned a plan that he had to set someone up and he needed help.  Sonny and company went back to the apartment and they talked about Nick.  Sonny wanted to call the police.  JJ went to Theresa’s place to give her drugs.  She wanted more.  Gabi told Sonny how Nick attacked her.  Gabi, Sami, and Kate continued to explain what happened that night.  Sonny thought what they did was wrong.  They begged Sonny not to tell Will the truth.  JJ recorded Theresa admitting to taking weed and told her she was done blackmailing him.  Justin called Sonny and he wanted to tell him everything.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Luke and Bobbie about her missing embryos. Bobbie tells Luke that Lucas' biological father is alive and that she is worried that he will find out about Lucas, because Sam blurted out Lucas' name when she was talking to him. She tells him that Julian is also Sam's father. She says she doesn’t want to be caught off guard, and she doesn't want Lucas to be either. Julian goes to Alexis' house to ask what she knows about Carlos. Alexis knows nothing. Molly thinks about her conversations with Morgan and TJ about what Shawn's job for Sonny entails, but she says nothing. Julian asks Alexis who Lucas is. She says the only Lucas she knows is Luke Spencer. Julian asks her if Lucas is the person whose DNA she used to prove that he is Sam's father. She says she doesn’t know, but she later calls Bobbie and tells her that Julian was asking about Lucas.

TJ tells Shawn that he and Molly worked things out. He says he is worried that something will happen to Shawn while he works for Sonny. Shawn wonders where those thoughts are coming from. They drop the conversation when Molly arrives. She tells TJ that Julian Jerome came to her house asking about that Carlos guy. TJ tells her that if something happens to Shawn, then he will be sent to foster care. They determine that they have to find Carlos. Sonny still has Carlos tied to a chair in the warehouse while waiting to determine if he is really Lily's brother. He gags Carlos to keep him from talking so much. Sonny tells Duke to let him know if he has a problem with someone dying to send a message to Julian. Duke says he is involved so he can protect Anna from Julian and if Julian's flunky ends up dead, then so be it.  Shawn tells Sonny and Duke that he has verified that Carlos is not related to Lily. Sonny says they can go ahead and take him out. Molly and TJ go to Sonny's warehouse, but TJ tells her to leave because it's too dangerous. TJ goes in alone, finds Carlos, and unties him. Carlos makes a run for it, but he encounters a guard who fires at him. Carlos struggles to wrest the pistol away from the large man, who continues firing. Sonny and Shawn go to the warehouse and hear gunfire, so they take out their guns before entering.

Brad flirts with Felix. Felix asks what Dante and Lulu wanted to talk to Brad about. Brad tells him about the missing embryos. Felix says Brad has to do whatever he can to fix it. Britt frets about her situation with her mother. She is afraid she will lose Ben and everything else. She tells Nikolas that her mother asked her to hire a lawyer for her. He tells her that she should do whatever she has to do to get closure on her relationship with her mother. Obrecht wonders why Britt hasn't come to the station with a lawyer yet. She tells Dante that she wants to talk to him, because he would be interested in what she has to say about her daughter. Britt arrives before her mother spills. Dante asks her if she has any idea what happened to his frozen embryos. She says she never moved the embryos, because Maxie couldn’t be re-implanted, but that she will have Brad look into it. Dante tells Anna that he is worried that Lulu will lose all hope if they can't try again. Anna wonders if he thinks someone tampered with the embryos. Obrecht tells Britt that she was about to make good on her promise to reveal that Ben is Dante and Lulu's baby. Britt says it just so happens that her new boyfriend is Lulu's brother. Lulu goes to Wyndemere looking for Britt. Nikolas lets her hold Ben. Brad calls Lulu and Dante and asks them to come to the lab. He shows them a document signed by Ellie Trout authorizing the destruction of their embryos. Obrecht tells Britt that no one will ever make the connection, because she covered their tracks.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea receives a visit from Chloe, who apologizes for taking Connor for a ride without their permission. She also brings Connor a Christmas gift. Chelsea apologizes to Chloe for her actions. Billy gets the mail and he and Victoria find out that someone put up a large donation in Delia’s name. Kelly and Adam finalize the papers on his donation which she is keeping secret. Cane and Lily go to the Underground for a celebration, but their fun is cut short when Lily notices Hilary. Jack and Nick discuss the plans for Summer’s birthday party. Devon watches as another man comes on to Hilary, but she dumps a drink in his lap which angers him. Cane and Lily watch Hilary and Devon with horror. Hilary wants to make up to Devon for all the things she did, but she gets a call from Jack, and Devon takes a rain check on their plans. Jack tells Nick to have the party for Summer. Alex tells Kevin that he has a lead in Delia’s death investigation. In talking to Chelsea, Chloe realizes that they had sex. Chloe is dead set against them getting back together for good. Chloe warns Chelsea about Adam. Adam asks Kelly how Billy is doing. Billy and Victoria wonder who set up the trust fund for Delia. Billy goes to visit Jack and finds Nick there. Adam goes home and finds Chloe there with Chelsea. With a look from Chelsea, Adam doesn’t give Chloe a hard time about her taking Connor for a ride without her permission.

Cane, Lily, and Devon discuss the things that Hilary did when she first came to town. Cane cautions Lily about drinking too much. Jack denies to Billy that he had nothing to do with the large donation given in Delia’s name. Hilary goes to Jack with some papers for him to sign. At the police department, Chloe is delighted that they found Delia’s scarf, but once she sees it, she realizes that it is not Delia’s. She begins to cry. Kevin promises Chloe that they will find the man who hit Delia. Billy asks Kelly who gave the large donation, but she refuses to give him any information. Victoria and Nick have a heart to heart. She is hurt that Billy turned to Kelly instead of her. Devon gets arrested for something that happened in Las Vegas.

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