Tuesday 12/17/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric sits with Ridge and questions him about coming back to see Brooke. Ridge says yes he missed the family, the business, he even missed the traffic. Eric laughs that he will get over that soon enough. But most of all he missed Brooke. He doesn’t know how he let her slip away. Eric asks if there has been any communication. Ridge says no, only thru R.J. But he has time now so Eric can fill him in. Eric tells him to be honest it was devastating to Brooke to lose Ridge at first but she adjusted. There were some distractions such as supporting Hope and Liam and the re-launch of Brooke’s Bedroom. He says he is going to have to take some time to get used to Ridge being back. Ridge says it was unthinkable of him not being here when his mother died. Perhaps they can all start over. Eric grabs him and cradles his head toward him and gives him a hug. Brooke calls Katie to ask her again if she won’t change her mind and come to the wedding. Hope walks in so Brooke says she will call her later. She tells Hope that she is absolutely glowing. Hope smiles and says perhaps it is because she is finally marrying Liam and this time nothing is going to stop them. Brooke says no one wants her to marry Liam more than she does, but she just wonders if Hope really wants to get married right now. And the attraction she has for Wyatt and certainly on his part that it doesn’t seem it is going away. Hope admits that yes there is that attraction. He’s easy to be with and has this energy about him and he only wants Hope. He’s kind of like a wild child and exciting and anything could happen. And if she had met him first then maybe it could happen but she met Liam first. And he’s always been it for her always. The only thing standing in their way was Steffy and now she isn’t an issue. She’s gone, out of the picture. So as of their wedding, it will only be Liam and Hope. Brooks asks if she knows what Quinn and Wyatt are gonna do now that they are out at FC. Hope says no, but they have given them so much exposure that she thinks they can have their pick of any project they want. Brooke says other houses may think they are a problem, not with designs but their personality. Hope says that makes her feel worse than she already does as that is a valid point. But she says they are so talented that she can’t help but believe they will land somewhere else and be even more successful. She confides in Brooke that she just saw Wyatt while he was clearing out his office. He tired to put on a happy face but she could tell how devastated he was. But she has to respect Liam’s position and he wanted her to cut all ties, even professionally. And it doesn’t matter if there is an attraction to Wyatt. Attractions come and go but love is what sticks. And if it means this much to Liam, then she has to consider it. It is what she can do for him even at her own personal cost. In Paris Quinn tells Steffy that she is not seeing the big picture. She’s isolated herself here and convinced herself that she has done the right thing by making a gift of Liam to Hope. Steffy says it was the right thing. Quinn says maybe at the time but her circumstances have vastly changed. She’s had procedures since then so she can conceive. Steffy says she is not going to tell Liam that. Quinn keeps arguing and says that is why she does need to go back to Liam and tell him they have their miracle and let him decide what to do next. He can have that family with Steffy now. Marrying Hope isn’t supposed to happen. Steffy replies Quinn could care less about any of this if she were not working an agenda for her son. Quinn holds up her hand and says guilty as charged. She wants to give her son whatever it takes to make him happy and that is Hope. She is attracted to him too so is that what Steffy wants for Liam ….to marry a woman who has feelings for another man…..his own brother.

Steffy and Quinn are interrupted by some of the International people who need to see Quinn’s designs. Quinn tells Steffy that she really ought to come back to L.A. and see how well Hope and Wyatt work together. It’s like she mentions something and poof he makes it happen. Surely Steffy does not want Lima to marry a woman who has feelings for another man, and they are not going away like that. She guarantees Liam is going to get hurt unless Steffy stops this wedding. So she needs to go back and claim Liam. This is her one shot or she will lose him to Hope forever. Eric has never interfered before but he says he only knows something about a text to Deacon. How could that be so upsetting that he would leave Brooke for that. Ridge tries to explain, but it came down to Brooke lied to him. She said there was no commutation with Deacon but there it was on her phone. Ridge says that he snapped. He realizes what he did now but at the time all he saw was betrayal. He saw a way to get away from her, the family, the city. He had not been alone for so long and he just wanted a way to meet himself again. And he knows what he’s not. He’s not a man that wants to spend the rest of his days without Brooke. So Eric needs to tell him what he needs to know before he tracks her down. Eric says he has said all he is going to. Brooke was hurt but with the help of family and friends she got through it and she is okay now. Ridge asks if she ever talks about him. Eric says no but that’s because it probably is too painful. So just go to her and keep an open heart. Ridge admits he has made mistakes and now he is gonna try and fix them. And if he can win her back, he will never let her go. He gives his dad a big kiss on the cheek. Brooks walks around with Hope on the grounds and shows her where some of the flower arrangements will be. Hope comments that she loves the staircase, it is so romantic. Brooke says with the right man, she has no idea. Brooke convinces Hope to go on. She needs her beauty sleep. Brooke sits on a bench overlooking the cascading fountain. Suddenly she looks up and there are flower petals floating down toward her. She looks up as only one person could do that. She can’t believe her eyes. It’s Ridge and he’s smiling and now walking down the steps toward her. She walks toward him. He has a pink rose in his hands and hands it to her. The only word he says is Logan and gives her a big, passionate kiss which she returns.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Sami argued again over their ďsleeping arrangementsĒ.  EJ was convinced Sami was hiding something from him.  Sami didnít want to tell him because he wonít tell her about Kristen.  Ciara showed Allie the earring that Theo gave her.  Nicole told Eric that sheís with Daniel now.  Nicole also told Eric that she was over him after everything that happened between them.  Sonny asked Hope when Justin would be finished with his case.  Hope wasnít sure.  Sami walked in the pub and wanted to talk to Sonny.  Sonny became nervous, but Sami only told him that she and Adrienne were getting along better.  Sonny was happy but he wanted to leave the pub.  Daniel showed up in Ericís room to tell him about the test.  Eric wanted to know why things were moving so fast with Nicole.  Daniel was surprised by Ericís question.

Nicole managed to interrupt Daniel and Ericís conversation.  Daniel asked Nicole about Ericís question.  Sami and Allie went to see Will and Arianna.  Sami asked Will if he saw a diamond earring.  Allie told Sami that Ciara had one.  Nicole wanted Daniel to help her convince Eric that they are together.  Daniel didnít think it was a good idea.  Allie didnít want to tell Ciara about the earring.  Sonny ran into Gabi and she noticed that he wanted to get away from her.  Daniel wanted to tell Eric the truth, but he was asleep.  Will implied that he knew what Sami was hiding from him.  Sami assured Will that she wasnít going throwing a surprise part for him.  Will told Sami that Sonny was in the closet and heard everything she, Gabi, and Kate said.  Gabi told Sonny again about the way he was talking to her.  Gabi put two and two together and realized that Sonny knew about Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna calls Robert and tells him that Obrecht tried to call her bluff. She tells Duke that she is glad he is staying away from the mob war that is brewing. He suggests that they go away for a while. She says she can't get away. She can't even go to lunch with him, because she is dealing with Obrecht. Obrecht calls Britt and tells her to bail her out or else she will reveal how they created Britt's son. Britt says she already told Nikolas. Obrecht tells her to put Nikolas on the phone so she can ask him directly. Britt goes to the station. Dante and Lulu demand that Brad tell them where their embryos are. He says he will help them find them, but that they should ask Dr. Westbourne. Dante says the lab is Brad's responsibility. Brad says he will look into it. Brad goes to Wyndemere and is smitten when Nikolas opens the door without a shirt. Nikolas tells Brad that he knows he is not Ben's father, so he doesn't have to come around to conspire with Britt anymore. He tells Brad to leave and never come back. Britt returns before Brad leaves. He tells her that the Falconeris are looking for their embryos. He asks how long she thinks it will take for Dante and Lulu to figure out that she has their son. Dante keeps trying to call Britt with no answer. Lulu says it could be a sign that they aren't meant to be parents.

Sonny pays a visit to Carlos Rivera, who is tied to a chair in the coffee warehouse. Carlos says the Jeromes will come for him. Sonny says Carlos is too loyal to them. Carlos rubs into Sonny's face that his own son has joined the Jeromes. He says Lily would be disappointed in him. Julian tells Ava that he is certain that Sonny has Carlos. Morgan offers to find out. Morgan goes to Alexis' house where Molly has just broken up with TJ over their jealousy about Taylor and Rafe. Morgan tells Molly that Sonny and Shawn are going to ruin TJ's life if he isn't careful. He says he heard a rumor that Shawn kidnapped a Jerome employee named Carlos. He manipulates her into offering to ask TJ to look into it. TJ goes to the warehouse to talk to Shawn about his broken heart. Shawn suggests that they talk later. TJ tells Shawn to be careful. TJ goes back to Molly's house and gives her a gift that he got her for Christmas and can't return. She admits that she was a little jealous, but not because she is into Rafe. They make up. She tells him that she wants to talk to him about Shawn.

Julian opens Ava's door expecting Morgan to have forgotten his keys, but he finds Duke Lavery standing there. Julian suggests that they leave the past behind them and start again. Duke gives Julian his letter of resignation. Julian asks Duke if he thinks it is that simple. Duke says he knows it is that simple and dares Julian to complicate it. Duke goes to the warehouse and tells Sonny that he has officially severed ties with Julian and that he is onboard with Sonny. Sonny tells Duke that he has Julianís enforcer tied up in the next room.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kyle visits Jack at home to discuss Victor and Newman Enterprises. Jack informs him about the biotech division of Newman Enterprises. Kyle tells him that he will take photos of the files. Jack warns him that that is corporate espionage. Over breakfast, Michael asks Lauren what she would like for Christmas. She doesn’t really know how to answer. Neil visits Avery to get her help. As Paul goes through the boxes of evidence concerning Carmine’s murder, Christine comes in. Noah and Courtney spend time together at On the Boulevard. Leslie stops by Michael and Lauren’s table. Lauren lashes out at Leslie, accusing her of causing their family heartache. Summer and Fen meet for coffee at Crimson Lights. Summer asks him if he is still considering leaving town. Michael gets a call from Paul that he has his personal effects and for him to stop by the police department. Avery sees through what Neil isn’t telling her and knows he is going to ask Leslie to marry him. Avery is thrilled. Fen tells Summer that he doesn’t remember anything about the night that Carmine was murdered. A cop approaches Fen and tells him that Paul wants to talk to him at the police station. Michael goes to pick up his personal effects but is once again questioned by Paul about the pin that was found at the murder scene. Michael makes up a story to cover the real truth as to what happened. Jill lets Esther know her true feelings about the music box. Esther reveals that the letters mixed up spell Katherine. Lauren visits Jill. Kyle warns Jack about trying to bring down Bio-Tech by using the FDA. Jack wonders if Kyle is really concerned about the employees or if he is really worried about Victor.

Jack warns Kyle to keep his eyes open at Newman. Avery and Neil discuss his future with Leslie. Summer asks Leslie for advice concerning Fen and his plan to leave town. Leslie advises Summer to talk Fen out of leaving. Leslie interrupts them. Neil makes up a story that Avery forgot her water bottle, and he brought it to her. Leslie asks Avery what the real reason was that Neil was there. Fen is brought in for questioning, but he tells a different story than Michael about the pin. Christine walks in and Paul tells her that both Michael and Fen are lying. Noah lets Courtney know that there is a lot about her that he needs to know. Jill and Lauren discuss Michael and Fen. Lauren lets Jill know that everything changed for them when Carmine was killed. Jill finds out that Esther purchased the music box.

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