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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric hugs Ridge and says he’s back. Ridge is looking over Eric’s shoulder at his mother’s portrait on the wall, says dominating the room as usual. Why this pose; she seems cold and guarded. Eric says that is one side they knew. Ridge says they shouldn’t speak of the dead this way. Eric says perhaps it is a side Ridge never saw. He knows that she loved Ridge more than anything else in the world. And she didn’t change much. Once she refused treatments, it all went pretty fast. And it wouldn’t have mattered if Ridge was here or not. She went off alone. Ridge says she would not have been alone if he were here. Brooke drops in on Katie at the office and says she doesn’t know if she has heard, but the wedding is back on. Hope and Liam are getting married. Katie says she is happy for them. Brooke says she’s not sure when the invitations are going out but she hoped Katie would be there. Wyatt is packing up things from his office when Hope pops in. He wants to know if it is okay that he takes his samples back. She says yes, even the ones that didn’t make it into a collection. No one is trying to take anything away from him and his mom to which they are entitled……except she guesses they are since he’s more than earned his place here. He asks if it would help if he said he has no regrets. His mother is pitching the International office right now. Maybe the Paris office will want them. Will she like him in a beret. She shrugs, it was never a question of not liking him. She offers there will be a check waiting for him in Accounting. He’s surprised and she says yeah early termination will buy him out. He says no, they don’t need to be paid for work not done. She says yes it is contract specifications. He says five or six of the best things that have ever happened to him came from meeting her. That’s the bonus he is walking away with. Anything else would feel greedy. Hope says whether he moves to Paris or not she has to say this to him. She is not the same girl he met in the woods. He retorts that she looks a lot like her. She says seriously she has confidence that she never had before.....success and faith in her judgmemt. And all of that is because of Wyatt. She loves Liam but for a very long time she could not feel really loved by him. He returned to her like a default because she was there. But after seeing herself through Wyatt’s eyes, she found her self-worth. She thanks him. He says it is what jewelers do; they see what shines. Steffy eases down into a chair. Quinn puts her bags down and comes back and says she is sorry but she couldn’t help but overhear. It sounded like a doctor gave Steffy some good news. Steffy says at least she forgave her. Quinn asks who. Steffy said she never had a name but it would have been Aspen. She learns from her assistant that Ridge is not in the office but flew back to L.A. Steffy thinks that is odd since he hasn’t been home in over a year. She writes a big check and gives it to Quinn and asks if she will take it back to L.A. Quinn sees it is a large check to the Fertility Clinic and tells Steffy that is very generous. Steffy says not half as much as they have done for her. She wishes she could tell her dad but not over the phone, but he’s back home trying to find himself. Quinn says maybe Steffy wants to go back to L.A. to see him or someone else that she might want to share that good news with.

Eric tells Ridge that he knows Stephanie told him not to come back because she was dying. She had changed some … resentments, no anger, she had forgiven everyone including Eric. He says he can’t be to Ridge what she was but he is his father and any grudges they ever had between them he has forgotten. Eric says he has missed him, he loves him and is happy to see him home. He tells Ridge that Steffy was just here. Ridge says he knows. Kids want to be close but not too close. Eric says yeah he knows the syndrome. Ridge says there is not much to tell on his behalf so it’s Eric’s turn. What has he missed. He wonders what Rick will think when he knows he is back. Eric asks if he is really back or is he gonna cut and run again. Ridge asks if Eric is worried about his job. Eric says he missed his son and doesn’t know what has been going on with him for the last 15 months. Ridge answers that he spent far too many years trying to raise two different families and one day something snapped. He thought he should just take Brooke and get away but how dumb was that. Eric says how many times he has done the exact same thing. Ridge says the past just reached out and grabbed him on his honeymoon and he could not have that again. So he just wanted to start a new life, something that Eric could have told him. Eric laughs that Ridge never asked him. Ridge says the present just goes away and the future disappears one moment at a time. And the only thing left is the past. He looks at his mom’s portrait and says his past is right here. Katie tells Brooke that she is sorry but she thinks it is too soon. It may always be too soon. She doesn’t think she can stand there and look at her and Bill be the proud parents of the happy couple. Brooke replies that she knew Katie might feel this way but she had to try. She does not want to spend any time with Bill. In fact she doesn’t even want to be in the same room but with the wedding and all she doesn’t know how they can avoid it. Katie thanks her for coming and telling her but she doesn’t have to. Brooke is not on probation. Brooke says she just wanted things to be good between them. Katie says she knows but she also knows Brooke doesn’t know what she is gonna do until she does it. But they are works in progress or a train wreck in progress. Quinn tells Steffy that Liam needs healing too. He also lost a child and his wife too. Steffy says Liam needs what Liam needs. And Quinn is wading into her business like she belongs there. She is not to say anything to Liam. Quinn says she never would. But she doesn’t think that Liam every got over her. As he finishes, Wyatt asks what is he forgetting. Hope says she wishes he wasn’t going. He asks her to tell him something. If they had met first……what took them so long? She doesn’t know. He admits he’s never been in love before. He just wishes he had been better at it. Eric brings him and Ridge some sandwiches and fruit. He says they have Aly to thank for that. She’s not exactly domestic but she has been taking care of Thorne. Eric asks Ridge to stay here with them; the house has so many rooms he needs a map to find some of them. Ridge says Eric just wants him to sweep the patio and clean the pool. Eric says no, not unless he is better at it than he used to be. Ridge says okay, he’ll stay. Eric questions why now. Ridge says maybe because it’s Christmas….but it’s Brooke. Katie tells Brooke that she can see how hard she is trying and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. It means a lot but it’s just gonna take time. Brooke replies they are sisters for life and time they have. A young lady brings a wedding headpiece on a tray and says she was told Hope would want to see this right away. Hope asks her to take it to her mom’s office. Wyatt says no, no, she should see it now. He asks if it is okay if he sees it. He handles it gingerly and says nice work. Then he asks Hope if he can see it on her. She doesn’t want to try it on right now. He says he’s not going to be at her wedding so he won’t be able to see it later. Please, just for a minute. He puts it on her. Then says he wonders if it will go well with this. He pulls out a long jewel box from his pocket and opens it. It’s a lovely one pearl necklace. She says she can’t and even takes off the headpiece and says she just can’t. He says he understands. Of course she can not wear a piece of his jewelry to marry his brother. He asks her to forgive him. She says no, there is nothing to forgive. Wyatt says he keeps forgetting that he is not the groom. He says he was so sure. Steffy tells Quinn that she is sure that Liam did not discuss his feeling with Quinn. She says no but she has seen the two of them on the internet and she can see. And she sees how he treats Hope. He’s cold and dismissive and high handed with her. She has seen it herself. Liam made her fire her and Wyatt and she did it just to keep the peace. Quinn says she thinks Hope feels trapped and Liam does too. Steffy says that would be sad but it’s none of her business or Quinn’s either. Quinn says if Liam only knew what Steffy heard from her doctor today, she doesn’t think there’d be a wedding.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to JJ about whether heís doing drugs.  JJ assured Abby that heís not using drugs.  Brady told Jennifer that he saw JJ in the park.  She was worried that JJ could be in trouble.  Victor was upset to find out that Nicoleís living with Daniel.  Victor was upset and started talking about Nicole.  Daniel put Victor in his place about his attitude towards Nicole.  Nicole left so Daniel wanted to know what Victor wanted.  Victor wanted Danielís help with Maggie.  Will and Adrienne noticed how jumpy Sonny was and wanted to know what was wrong with him.  Jennifer realized she didnít as Brady how he was doing and apologized for not telling him months ago that Kristen thought she was pregnant.  Brady was shocked to find that out.  Victor wanted Daniel to talk to Maggie for him.  Daniel let Victor know that he shouldnít be the one to talk to Maggie.  Victor was upset when he thought Daniel was on Maggieís side.  Daniel informed Victor that heís on both sides.  Father Matt visited Eric and let him know that church was behind him.  Father Matt also gave Eric a job in case he couldnít be a priest anymore.

Jennifer explained why she kept the pregnancy from him.  Jennifer apologized for keeping quiet, but Brady didnít need her to do that.  Brady didnít blame her for anything.  Brady told Jennifer that she should check on JJ.  When Jennifer left, Brady pulled out the vile of drugs.  Sonny wanted to tell Will the news before he told Adrienne.  When Adrienne left, Will thought that Adrienne wasnít invited to the party and thatís why he couldnít tell him in front of her.  Sonny warned Will that the news was worse than that.  Jennifer asked JJ what he was doing in the park.  Will continued to try to get Sonny to tell him what he heard.  JJ lied to Jennifer about what he was doing in the park.  Jennifer was mad at JJ and then talked his way out of trouble.  Brady prepared to take the drugs he had.  Nicole went to see Eric.  Eric wanted to make sure that Nicole still forgave him.  Eric wanted to know how Nicole felt about him.  Nicole said she would put her cards on the table.  Will wanted to call Sami to ask her about the surprise.  Sonny made him promise not to mention what he heard.  JJ called Theresa and told her that his family was suspicious of him and that he couldnít get her any more drugs.  Theresa didnít want to hear that and told him to get her some coke.  Nicole lied to Eric and told him that sheís with Daniel again.  Sonny left a message on Justinís phone asking him to meet him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie discovers that Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos are missing. She suggests that Dr. Westbourne might have moved them when Maxie wanted to be implanted again. Dante calls Britt, but gets her voice mail. Ellie suggests that they also ask Brad since he is the lab manager. Brad is standing for Felix as an elf to visit the childrenís wing because Felix is standing in for Spinelli. They almost kiss while they are changing into their costumes. Britt tells Nikolas that Brad isn't really Ben's father. She says she desperately needed to be pregnant and couldnít leave a record so she took something.  He tells her that he wants to be with her regardless of what she has done. They make love. Nikolas says they have each other now. Nikolas volunteers to tend to Ben when he cries, saying he wants to get some face time with him. Britt checks her phone and sees the missed call from Dante. Dante and Lulu stop Brad in the hallway and asks him what he knows about their embryos.

Spinelli takes the baby to Maxie's apartment so that she can see her daughter before he leaves town. He tells her that he wants to call her Georgie after Maxie's sister. They tell each other that they are thankful for each other's friendship because they brought out the best in each other. They reveal that they still love each other and share a kiss. She says it was a nice goodbye kiss, but that is all it was because Ellie is right for him. They remember all their years together and cry. Ellie meets Spinelli at Maxie's apartment so that they can go catch their flight. Maxie gives Spinelli the ornaments that she and Georgie had as children because she wants the baby to have them. He tells her to keep one for when she spends Christmas with baby Georgie. He says she will always be his Maximista. Maxie cries when they leave.

Obrecht's transfer to Pentonville is delayed. Anna tries to bully her into writing a confession. Obrecht says she is entitled to a phone call and that she wants to talk to Faison. Anna doesnít understand why Obrecht would want to talk to Faison after everything he has done to her. Obrecht says Anna doesnít understand love. Anna says it is not possible. Obrecht asks Anna if she is afraid it might initiate an investigation into where he is that will reveal what she really did to him. Anna tells her to knock herself out calling the prison, but when they reject her call, she won't be able to call someone who can really help her. She gives Obrecht a phone. Obrecht calls Britt and demands her help. Anna calls Robert and reminds him that their secret must go to their graves. At the gym, Duke tells Sonny that he can't risk being on the opposite side of the law as Anna because it will end their relationship. As Duke is leaving the back way, Julian enters the front door and demands to know where Carlos is. Sonny says Julian isnít going to shoot him because he knows Max will drop him before he gets to the parking lot. He adds Julian wouldnít want the criminal investigation that would surely follow if he kills him. Julian says he isnít afraid to take out Sonny's friend, the commissioner or his son the detective. Duke tells Sonny that after hearing Julian threaten Anna's life, he realizes that she won't be safe unless he joins Sonny to stop Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria shows Johnny the pretty decorations at Crimson Lights. Adam and Chelsea are kissing, but suddenly he pulls away from her. She wonders what is going on with him. Sharon takes her meds as she looks at a pic of Cassie and vows to tell Nick the truth. Nick visits Sharon and assures her that she can tell him anything. She is just about to start talking when Noah arrives with a tree. Billy and Kelly go to the Underground for drinks. Dylan visits Avery and lets her know that he read the file on his father, Ian Ward, and found out some things about his life in prison. Dylan no longer blames Nikki for her actions in giving him up for adoption years ago. Mason, once again, uses Devon’s credit card to buy things he wants. Devon walks up and notices him on the phone. Devon smiles. Nick and Sharon discuss Cassie and her death years ago. Hilary joins Devon and Mason. Devon goes to check on something leaving Hilary and Mason alone. Mason tells Hilary not to ruin this for him. Kelly offers Billy encouragement on how to get through Delia's death. Victoria notices a rash on Johnny’s neck and immediately calls the doctor. Stitch walks in to the coffeehouse and offers to look at Johnny. Stitch tells Victoria that it is nothing but a rash from the sweater that Johnny was wearing, and it should get better. Nick and Sharon reminisce about Christmases past while Noah watches them. Chelsea and Adam make love.

Stitch and Victoria get better acquainted while discussing Delia’s death and the impact it's having on them. Kelly tries to offer Billy hope over drinks. After decorating the tree, Nick goes to the Underground thus leaving Noah alone with Sharon. Noah lets Sharon know that Summer will always be his sister. Sharon becomes so flustered that she drops the ornament in her hand, and it bursts. Avery runs a check on Dylanís father and finds that there is no record of his death. Nick sees Billy and Kelly together and asks Billy who his friend is. Kelly explains who she is but she senses that Nick has something to say to her. Nick explains to her about the child that he lost. Nick gives Kelly some helpful advice. Noah questions Sharon about her and Nick. Adam lets Chelsea know that he loves her. Chelsea returns the sentiment.

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