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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While they are kissing, Liam takes issue with Hope that she has to go so soon. She reminds him that she is going to see Eric. He changes his mind and tells her to skedaddle. He says he knows this has not been easy on her but this too shall pass. After Quinn and Wyatt are gone, things will be easier. Steffy tells Quinn that she will help her set up some appointments if she will give her the hotel information. Quinn informs her that she’d hoped just to tag along with Steffy now to meet International people. Quinn tells Steffy that she’d still like to talk to her about Liam. She is the only one that can stop this wedding so please give her a chance to convince her to come home. Steffy says she doesn’t know Quinn and she certainly doesn’t know Wyatt. All she knows is Liam and Hope have been trying to get married for a very long time and Wyatt’s crush on Hope doesn’t concern her. Quinn says Liam has been trying and failing because he still has feelings for Steffy. And it’s not a crush for Wyatt. Steffy will understand that when she is a mother. She’s just doing everything she can to give her son a chance. And she’s not giving up on Hope and Wyatt just yet. Liam tells Bill that Hope just left but she’s on her way to talk to Eric about Quinn and Wyatt. He gave her an ultimatum. Bill says he is proud of his son. He handled it like a real pro, a real Spencer. Liam says it is a real shame as they contributed a lot to the HFTF line and gave it a big boost but then they blew it. Bill says he knows he means it now. But Wyatt is his brother and it may not happen right away but once he and Hope are married and settle down he is sure he will be open to have Wyatt around. Liam says he hopes Bill is right. Bill tells him that Wyatt said he’d respect his marriage. So once Liam has said his vows he is sure some of that suspicion will dissipate. Not just for Hope but for Wyatt as well. Liam doesn’t know what suspicion Bill is talking about. He fills him in – still loving Steffy. Eric greets Hope at his home and says he knows why she is here. Hope apologizes and says it is not what she really wants but it is necessary. They have to cut ties with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Eric doesn’t understand since HFTF is doing better than it ever has. Hope says yeah she knows, but Liam does not want her working with Wyatt and she understands why. She respects Liam’s position. Eric says he doesn’t. Liam can not make decisions about her line based on his own personal reasons. Hope stammers that she doesn’t have a choice. It’s important to Liam so it’s important to her. Quinn and Wyatt have to go. Steffy thinks she sees through Quinn’s scheme. She will go back home to Liam leaving Hope for Wyatt and Quinn’s little company will be just fine. Quinn tells her that her focus is on Wyatt. It is Liam who doesn’t even work at FC that wants to take Wyatt’s job and future away from him all because he is threatened about the connection between Hope and Wyatt. She can see where Liam might be missing Steffy. And she can have him back. Steffy blurts out that she left, she lost Liam just like she lost their baby. Eric asks Hope what about Quinn and Wyatt, and their business. Hope says she feels bad. She doesn’t want to hurt anybody. They’ve given them a lot of exposure and she is sure they will be fine. Eric wonders what Liam is afraid of. Surely Wyatt doesn’t pose any problem to him now. Hope says no, but why ask for trouble. Eric deduces that Hope herself does not trust herself with Wyatt. Hope admits that she doesn’t want the temptation. Just seeing him every day at work….well this way is the best. She and Liam have waited a long time so she just can’t let anything interfere.

Bill says Liam still has feelings for Steffy and always will. But heís proven now that his feelings for Hope is just as strong and worth fighting for. Heíll get married and these feelings for Steffy will fade. Liam says maybe. Bill wants to know if Liam has talked to Steffy. Liam replies that Bill knows he can not have Steffy in his life and then turn around and demand that Hope not have Wyatt in hers. Steffy is a soft spot for HopeÖ.too many bad experiences and he is not going to let that happen again. Quinn apologizes and says she did not know that Steffy and Liam had a child. Steffy says she was pregnant, it wasnít planned and they had a few good months but she took it all away. She explains about the motorcycle accident. Liam did not leave her but there were complications and the next thing she knew she was barren. She wasnít in the frame of mind to think about adoption or other options. And she still canít. She just had to leave and give Liam a chance to have a family. Hope can do that so that is why she canít go back. Hope returns home and tells Liam that Eric reluctantly agreed to let Wyatt and Quinn go. Legal needs to look into a few things but thatís all there is to it. She says they both have proven they are each otherís #1 priority and Wyatt and Steffy are no longer an issue. At International Quinn says she feels awful. She did not know about the baby Steffy lost. But she is more convinced than ever that Liam belongs with Steffy. And it is not too late. Steffy says going back would not accomplish anything. Things are fine just the way they are. Quinn says not for Wyatt. Steffy replies that she has done that before and felt awful. She does believe Wyatt would probably be good for Hope but she has to do what is best for Liam. The phone rings and Quinn is about to leave when her ears perk up upon hearing that Steffy is speaking with a doctor. Dr. Caspary tells Steffy that the procedures worked and she has every right to think she can conceive and carry the baby to full term. Steffy blurts out she can have a baby. Quinn stops dead in her tracks. Eric stands before the portrait of Stephanie with martini in hand. He says it is a little early in the day but who the hell cares. There are hirings and firings, Wyatt and Liam, on and off again weddings….lots of drama in this old house on the hill. He only wishes she were there to share it with him. It’s quiet up here without the kids. The old days, yeah, he misses them. And the worst part he has to drink alone. A voice behind him says he could help him with that. Eric turns around and Ridge holds out his hand to shake. Eric gives him a hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny overheard Gabi say how she, Sami, and Kate murdered Nick.  Will wanted to know if Sonny heard anything interesting.  Will grew concerned when Sonny didnít text him back.  Daniel went to Marlena to see if she knew which doctors worked with the DiMeras.  Eric asked Nicole if she forgave him.  Nicole told him that she forgave him.  Sami, Gabi, and Kate continued to talk about why Nick died.  Gabi mentioned how Nick was still alive when she hit him with the rock.  Sonny heard Gabi say that they dragged his body to the water.  Sami felt that Nick got what he deserved.  Sonny was shocked by what he heard.  Theresa let Anne know that she remembered everything that happened to her when she overdosed.  Anne wanted to know why Theresa didnít stick with the script she provided for her.  Theresa explained that she wanted to pretend to be nice so she could gain everyoneís trust.  Theresa thought her way was better.  Theresa still planned on making Jennifer suffer.  JJ and Brady saw each other in the park and lied about why they were there.  Daniel and Marlena continued to talk about the test he performed on Eric to find out about the drugs Kristen gave him.  Gabi, Sami, and Kate continued to talk about what they did when Roman showed up.  Roman wanted to see Will and Arianna.  Gabi and company let Roman know that Arianna was asleep and then the baby started crying.  While everyone was in the room with Arianna, Sonny snuck out of the closet and hid behind the stroller.  Theresa explained to Anne why she wanted to make Jennifer pay when Daniel showed up.  Theresa pretended to argue with Anne in front of him.  Since Brady wouldnít leave, JJ decided to meet his ďfriendĒ somewhere else. 

Marlena visited Eric and Nicole wanted to interview her to help him.  Marlena thought it was a bad idea.  Marlena believed that the story could do Eric more harm than good.  Marlena and Nicole started arguing about the story. Roman left Willís place and showed up at the hospital just in time to hear Marlena and Nicole arguing.  Theresa lied to Daniel about everything thatís going on with her.  Daniel didnít think he could help her out and she walked out of the office.  Sonny managed to sneak out the window while Gabi and company were with Arianna.  Sami noticed that the window was open, but she didnít think anything of it.  She closed it and went back to Kate and Gabi.  Theresa was at her apartment when JJ showed up with her stash.  Theresa wasnít happy with the stash that JJ gave her.  Theresa wanted him to get some more or she was going to the judge.  Kate reminded Gabi once again that she had to keep her mouth shut about Nick.  Sonny found Will and told him that he had to tell him something important.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lesley is angry with Nikolas for lying to her when he told her that Faison was Alfred. He explains that he had to lie to protect Anna and Robert. She says she thought she was losing her mind. Britt bonds with Spencer. Spencer tells Nikolas that what he wants for Christmas is for Nikolas to marry Britt. Nikolas says Spencer already has a long Christmas list so marrying Britt will have to wait until another time. Nikolas gives Lesley Heather's "Egg Salad" painting that had arrived at Wyndemere for Faison, without telling her who it came from. Lesley takes Spencer to see Uncle Sonny so Nikolas can wrap presents. Britt enjoys helping Nikolas wrap Spencer's presents. Britt shares that her mother was anti-Christmas. Nikolas and Britt kiss under the mistletoe. They decide they are ready to take it to the next level, but Britt says she has to tell Nikolas the truth about her son first.

Silas brings a Christmas tree to Sam's penthouse. Sam and Silas both notice that Rafe and Taylor only seem to be into each other when Molly and Rafe are around. Molly and Rafe stop by with a gift for Danny. Rafe and Taylor insist that they stay and help trim the tree. After enduring a few minutes of PDA, Molly and TJ tell them that they know it's fake. Rafe admits that they were doing it to get a reaction and observes that it seems to have worked. Ellie tells Spinelli that her new job wants her to start tomorrow and that they are going to handle airfare, packing, and shipping. Spinelli goes to Sam's penthouse and tells her that they are leaving tonight. Sam promises to visit Oregon often. Spinelli wishes he had time for proper goodbyes. Felicia and Mac bring a little tree to Maxie's apartment. They tell her that they know she tried to see her baby and that Spinelli had to turn her away. Maxie says she won't be able to try again, because Spinelli is leaving town. Felicia gives Maxie and Georgie's childhood ornaments to Maxie and they put them on her tree. Spinelli takes Connie to see Maxie before they leave.

Sonny and Olivia talk about losing baby Connie. Sonny tells Olivia that Lulu's pain is making her shut Dante out. Olivia is glad that Sonny and Dante have developed a good relationship. Sonny gives Spencer boxing gloves. Dante tells Lulu that he wants to try again to have a baby. She is afraid to go through it again, but he convinces her to take the leap of faith. Ellie breaks the news about the move to Dante and Lulu when they go to the hospital lab. Dante asks about their frozen embryos. Ellie discovers that they are missing.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea continues decorating the Christmas tree. When finished with her task, she goes through a drawer and finds a set of wedding bands. Adam goes to see Kelly who recognizes him as being Billy’s friend. Billy and Victoria take Johnny to the park to see the Christmas decorations. Devon meets Lily for lunch but things are not all pleasant between them. Lily tells him what she has planned with the twins for later. Cane goes to visit Victor to talk business. Jack and Jill meet at his home to come up with a plan to bring down Victor and take back control of Newman/Chancellor. Kelly finds out that Adam wants to set up a trust fund in Delia’s name. Jill informs Jack that she sold Katherine’s music box online. At home, Billy cannot get in the Christmas mood without Delia. Victoria encourages him to go to his therapy session. Kelly wants to tell Billy and Chloe about Adam’s generous offer, but Adam doesn’t want his name to be mentioned. Chelsea, looking at the wedding bands, remembers their first wedding.

Cane asks Victor to fund the research to help find a cure for cancer. Jack and Jill connive by using the FDA to bring down Victor and then they can come in and reap the benefits. Hilary joins Lily and Devon. Lily blasts Hilary for her actions since she's been in town. When Devon defends Hilary's actions, he and Lily argue. Adam goes home to Chelsea and sees the tree decorated. Chelsea wants to know where he's been, but Adam refuses to answer. Instead, he kisses her which leads to them making love. Billy and Kelly go for drinks after their therapy meeting. Victoria takes Johnny to the coffeehouse where they spy a plate of cookies on the counter. At the Athletic Club, Jack and Victor exchange harsh remarks.

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