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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Liam that he can trust him. He is looking him in the eye and telling him that he will respect his marriage. He’s won. He’s got the girl so just let him and his mother keep their jobs. He will not cross that line with Hope. He will keep his distance. He has his word. Liam says he has no reason to believe him. Quinn hugs Eric and he says he will talk to Hope and see what he can do. She says it means so much for him to go to bat for her. They would do just about anything to stay on here at FC. Eric says they have been great employees and he’d hate to see them go. Donna interrupts and says Eric has a visitor. It’s Steffy, and Eric is delighted to see her. Quinn’s eyes light up. Brooke asks Hope just how strong is this attraction to Wyatt. Hope says strong enough to make her uncomfortable around him as a married woman. So having him work here is just not the best of ideas. It’s not that she doesn’t trust herself, but she doesn’t want it to become more of an issue than it already is. He will be her brother-in-law so she will see him on holidays and family dinners but she can’t see him every day at work. That’s too much temptation. Hope gloats that Wyatt is pretty forward and not shy with his emotions or how he feels about Hope. Brooke says yes he is a very charming, confidant young man. Hope says and he is a really great guy. Maybe in another lifetime they would have gotten together and been very happy. But there is no reason to think about that now as she it totally committed to Liam and ready to be his wife. Brooke wants to be sure that she can’t marry Liam and work with Wyatt. Hope says she’d just rather not tempt fate. Brooke just wants to be sure it is Hope making this decision and not Liam. Hope says it is and it won’t be easy letting Wyatt go, but she thinks it is the best decision for her and Liam. She knows it has bothered Liam for some time and she wishes she had been more sensitive to his feelings. Brooke thinks it is okay that he got a small sampling of what it is like when Hope was caught up in all the competition and jealousy. Hope says Wyatt was always very sweet and kind to her, but he gave Liam a lot of grief and disrespect. Now she hopes they can come together and be as brothers should.

Wyatt says he gives up. They are getting married and there is nothing he can do to stop that. Liam says then stop trying. Wyatt replies that he thought Liam was a bad guy because he heard all these stories about him and Steffy, all the botched weddings and broken engagements. And yes he judged Liam. He didn’t think he treated Hope the way she deserved. And quite frankly he didn’t think Liam would do right by her again. It wasn’t any of his business and he gets that now, but he cared for Hope and he thought the best way to protect her was keep her away from Liam. And he was so sure that Liam would go back to Steffy eventually, but he didn’t. And now it turns out that Steffy is no longer an issue. Steffy hugs Eric who then introduces her to Quinn. He asks if she is back to stay. She says no, only a quick trip, no one even knows she is here. She had a routine doctor’s appointment. She says she hears things are going good for Liam and Hope and she is happy for her. Everything seems to have worked out for the best. Eric fills her in that Liam and Hope will be getting married soon. Quinn listens to every word they say. Wyatt tells Liam that he has learned his lesson and he is a changed man. From this day forth he will no longer flirt with Hope or hit on her or kiss her. Just please don’t make her fire them. Losing her was bad enough but don’t let his mother and all their employees suffer because of it. Liam says that is the last thing he wants to do. Wyatt thanks him. Liam says not so fast. He is not going to do that. He is not going to put a guilt trip on him. And he is so sick of him. He really did like the idea of having a brother and having a good relationship. But friendship that has to be earned and he doesn’t trust him and will he ever, he doubts it. Wyatt asks if he has been listening to anything he had to say. Liam says every word and he is just saying what he thinks Liam wants to hear in order that he will give him what he wants. Wyatt barks that he is being sincere here. Liam replies then why doesn’t he just be grateful for what he has and not on what he is losing. Hope has opened huge doors for him and his company all over the world. Their dad is rich and powerful and he even likes Wyatt. He has connections now and influence so just go use them and be grateful. Wyatt says he is grateful and he doesn’t have to be reminded of that by Liam. He doesn’t know why Liam is so threatened by a few kisses and flirtation, get over it. Go meditate on it if he has to. He is not some loser. He has brought a lot to Hope’s life. He prevented a world class jewelry heist and gave Hope and her line global recognition. He supported her. He encouraged her and only had eyes for her. What can Liam say he did for Hope. He thinks a minute and says he has been patient, he’s been good, he’s been honest and he’s Hope’s fiancée and she’s been in love with him for years and years and that is why she is cutting Wyatt out of her life. And Wyatt has no choice but to respect that. Quinn tells Eric that she has always wanted to go to Paris and see International and even make a quick trip to show them how to pair her jewelry with Eric’s lovely gowns. He thinks it is a great idea and Steffy has the jet right now and is heading back to Paris. He can call her a car if she can be ready in a few minutes. Quinn gives Eric a big kiss which Donna sees. Quinn picks up her things and rushes past Donna and says shut up. Hope tells Brooke that Quinn will be disappointed, but she’s a business woman. She will understand. And it feels so good that Liam is so excited about the wedding and there no longer is a Steffy and he’s fully committed to her. Wyatt tells Liam that he’s being real with him. What more can he want? Liam says oh he can be real all right when he wants something. Wyatt tells him he would be doing the exact same thing if he was in his position. Liam says he does not enjoy this; taking things from other people. He says he and his mother have made legitimate contributions to the company – thanks, but that doesn’t change what he has done to Liam. And does Wyatt realize that his mom is unstable and self absorbed and way, way too obsessed with Wyatt. Wyatt says she is his mother, he’s all that she has. Liam flares back that from the day he showed up Wyatt has been nothing but arrogant, cocky and condescending. He’s insinuated himself in other people’s lives by hitting on girls in committed relationship. Well no more of that. No more kissing and touching or flirting, so blame himself. Blame his mother even. This didn’t have to happen if he was a man and not a child who didn’t respect boundaries. If he had just honored those boundaries then maybe he and his mom would still be working at the company. But that’s not the way it played out. And they could maybe even have been friends. But now it’s over and done. And he and his mother have no more moves left to play. Donna tells Eric again that he needs to be aware of Quinn. She reminds her of a witch and even looks like one too with that jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. Eric thinks Quinn is beautiful. Donna says there is something wrong with her and if she is going to Paris, she hopes it is one way. Steffy is surprised when Quinn boards the jet and wants to know what she is doing here. Quinn says she came to stop her from going back to Paris. Quinn calls Wyatt who is shocked to hear his mom is leaving town right now. She says trust her. This trip is just what they need right now. Liam tells Hope that he saw Wyatt and the visit went well. Now he and his weird mother are out of their lives and they can concentrate on their wedding. Quinn tells Steffy there is still time to turn around and go back to L. A. She saw the look on Steffy’s face when she heard Liam was getting married. She knows she still loves him. She is the only one that can stop that marriage and that is what she needs to do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa wanted JJ to be at her place so she could give him another errand.  Adrienne apologized to Sami for the way she treated Will.  Kate showed up and mentioned visiting Arianna so they could get away from Adrienne, but she wanted to go too.  Nicole went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady so they could work on Eric and Kristenís story.  Brady got high first.  Nicole didnít seem to notice that Brady was high.  Sami and Kate were able to get out of Adrienne coming with them to see Arianna.  Kate wanted to find Gabi to make sure she didnít say anything about Nick.  Nicole interviewed Brady about his relationship with Kristen as well as whether he believed that Kristen raped Eric.  Brady was being flippant with his answers so Nicole wanted to know what was wrong with him.  Daniel and Eric talked about the procedure Daniel could do to check for drugs in Ericís blood stream.  JJ went to Theresaís place to find out what she wanted him to do.  While her back was turned, JJ deleted the video that Theresa had of him on her phone.  Nicole noticed Brady acting strange and wanted to know what was going on with him.  Sami and Kate showed up at the apartment to see Gabi, but Sonny was still there.  Sonny pretended to leave and hid in the closet.  

Theresa let JJ know that her friend (Jade) had another copy of the video and that she could send it to the judge if he didnít do what she wanted.  Theresa ordered JJ to get her drugs.  Nicole asked Brady again to tell her whatís wrong with him.  Brady told Nicole that Kristen hurt him and heís trying to deal with it.  Nicole seemed okay with his answer and left the mansion.  Sonny heard Gabi say it was hard to keep the secret with Sonny and Will at the apartment all the time.  Sonny assumed she was talking about the party.  Brady was about to take more drugs and dropped the vile.  He wanted to get more drugs. JJ met with Rory and Bev to find out about a dealer he could see.  Rory was upset because he thought JJ was using them so he ended up apologizing for the way he treated them.  Rory didnít have enough drugs on him and gave JJ a name of a dealer who had pot as well as other drugs.  Sonny continued to listen to Sami, Kate, and Gabi talking.  Daniel was determine dot find out how Kristen got the drugs she used on Eric.  Dr. Chyka talked to Kristen and let her know that he was thousands of miles away from Salem.  JJ waited for the dealer Rory told him about and ended up seeing Brady. Sonny overheard Gabi say that she, Sami, and Kate murdered Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin goes to Maxie's apartment to check on her to make sure she hasn't tried to hurt herself again. Maxie tells her that she told Spinelli to take the baby with him and his girlfriend to Portland, Oregon. Robin is surprised that Spinelli has a girlfriend who is not Maxie. Robin asks her if she is prepared to live with that. Spinelli tells Sam about the move. He says it took all he had to deny Maxie access to the baby. Sam doesn't want him to go. Robin tells Maxie that she asked Sabrina to break it off with Patrick, and that she said no. Maxie is confident that Patrick will choose to have his family intact. Robin answers Maxie's door to Spinelli. They are overwhelmed to see each other and hug. He tells Maxie that he and Ellie are going to go ahead with the move to Portland if Maxie is sure that she wants them to go. Maxie agrees.

Dante works out his aggression on the heavy bag at the gym. He talks to Sonny about losing Connie and Lulu blaming him because he didn't lie under oath for her. He says she is angry that he did it for Sonny but wouldn't do it for her. Sonny says the custody case was a long shot. Dante agrees and says he knew they had lost custody before they ever set foot in the courtroom. Dante says he is mourning the loss of Connie alone, because Lulu won't even talk to him. Sonny says Dante isn't alone; he has him. Sonny advises his son to do something to jump start his marriage. Carly surprises Lulu when she arrives at her door because Lulu hadn't listened to her messages yet. Lulu tells Carly that they lost Connie in the custody case and that Maxie was found unfit so Spinelli has sole custody. She blames Dante because he didn't back her up and the judge said that her lying on the stand hurt her case. Carly says Dante lost Connie too, and they should help each other through it. Carly asks Lulu to give Franco a job at the Haunted Star. Lulu says no, recalling that Franco strapped her to a bomb. Carly says Franco has changed since the tumor was removed. Dante tells Lulu that he wants to try to have another baby.

Franco convinces Kevin to let him talk to him because he has to tell someone what he did. He tells Kevin about killing Heather. After hearing Franco's story, Kevin says that acting to defend Carly from an armed intruder wouldn't be considered murder. He asks if the police didn't tell Franco the same thing. Franco says he didnít call the police. He says he buried Heather in the graveyard, but the strange thing is that there was a freshly dug grave when he got there. Franco wonders if he is genetically psychotic because of his mother. Kevin tells Franco that he thinks this is an isolated incident and not an indication of psychosis. He agrees to take Franco as a regular patient. Lucy tells Scott that she has to confess to Kevin that they slept together. He concludes that she wants to get back together with Kevin. She says she does, and that she and Scott should go back to being just friends. Scott says he wants more, but he will accept friendship to keep her in his life. He advises her not to tell Kevin that they slept together. Lucy and Kevin kiss and make up. They agree to make their marriage work. When Franco goes back to the hotel, the sight of a laundry cart makes him uneasy. Carly startles him and notes that he is as antsy as he was this morning after his nightmare. He tells her that he is fine and that he talked to someone who gave him some hope.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chloe and Sharon watch a photo shoot between Summer and Esmerelda. Nick joins Sharon to also watch the photo shoot. Sharon and Nick reminisce about Cassie until Chloe walks up and starts to talk about Delia which she thinks unnerves Sharon and Nick because they stop talking. Chelsea comes downstairs and is quite surprised to see a Christmas tree. They start to plan a family Christmas for Connor until Kevin stops by and spills the beans to Adam that Connor was missing the day before. Adam asks how long Connor was missing. Chelsea lets him know that it was long enough for her to consider calling the police. Michael and Lauren meet Fen at the coffeehouse, but their celebration is soon ruined when Fen mentions leaving town. Sharon and Nick assure Chloe to talk about Delia whenever she needs to. Christine joins Paul in his office to try to get him to go home and sleep, but he is adamant about finding Carmen Basco’s killer. With Christine’s help, they go over the facts of the case again. Michael and Lauren are dead set against Fen leaving town. Nick and Sharon reminisce about Cassie. Chloe and Summer view the pics from the photo shoot, but Chloe notices that Summer isn’t quite herself today and questions her about it, but Summer refuses to divulge any information. Chelsea and Kevin try to explain things to Adam, but he doesn’t quite believe them that it was as simple as they say. Chelsea apologizes to Adam for leaving Connor alone with Chloe and asks if things are all right between them.

Christine and Paul discuss the case against Michael and how he lied to keep Fen safe. Fen tells Michael and Lauren that he cannot step foot back in prison or the other inmates who Michael helped to put away would seek revenge. Kevin arrives to join in the celebration of Fen’s homecoming. Fen gets a message from Summer to meet him. Esmerelda offers Summer an address of how to get some “pick me ups.” Summer has reservations about accepting the number. Sharon watches from a table. Sharon questions Summer about Esmerelda, but Summer brushes it off as being nothing. Sharon isn’t quite so sure. Sharon becomes aggravated at Nick and tells him to “shut up” when he puts Phyllis up on a pedestal and is always putting himself down. Summer and Fen talk a walk in the park. Fen is always looking over his shoulder. Fen lets Summer know that he is leaving town because someone will always be after him. Lauren suggests to Michael that they leave town with Fen. Chloe and Kevin make plans for later. Nick orders Faith a dollhouse and Sharon a foot spa. Cassie visits Sharon and tries to persuade her to tell Nick the truth. Adam lets Chelsea know that he knows what he wants and nothing will stand in the way of him getting it.

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