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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is trying to call Hope when she shows up at his cliff house. He says he did not hear from her last night and wonders how it went with Wyatt. He says he knows it could not have been easy on her but he hopes she gets now that it had to be done. She says yeah although he had to go and get Neanderthal on her and laid down conditions. He starts to deny it and she says it is okay; it was a little bit of a turn-on. He starts rattling off the check list. They are going to get married at her mom’s house sometime before Christmas. And she has told Wyatt that he and his mom no longer are associated with FC. Hope doesn’t answer right away. Then she says she is not sure he understands the importance of Quinn’s line to her recent success. Liam says he does but he also realizes that Wyatt and his creepy mom have used that association to mess with their relationship. Hope says she knows, but what if they promise to keep it strictly professional. Liam replies that he doesn’t think that is possible, at least not for Wyatt. He reminds her that Hope said herself that things couldn’t go on as they were. She agrees. He says and Wyatt had to know that he would put his foot down eventually. So Hope did not say but he hopes Wyatt is telling his mother this morning and they are out at FC. Hope says yes although Quinn is not going to be very happy. Liam says well she can deal. The point is she is through messing with their lives for good. Wyatt tells his mom that he had this big romantic evening planned and instead Hope told him that she was marrying Liam. She’s shocked. Wyatt says Liam must have sensed he was going to make a move and got to Hope first and laid it on the line. It was his idea. He finally grew a backbone. He told her how it was going to be or else he was gonna end things for good. And he tells his mom there is more – they are out at Forrester. Liam doesn’t want them anywhere near Hope or HFTF. It’s over. She gives Wyatt a big hug. Eric finds Brooke hard at work. She says Hope is not the only one around here with a clothing line. Eric says Hope has made them all proud and it’s not surprising that she has two fine young men fighting over her and making big moves. At least that is what Wyatt is doing according to Quinn. He likes Liam but he has to say that he’s very impressed with Wyatt. He’s a very special guy and he really admires his focus and determination. He and his mother have made a very big contribution to this company and he hopes they have an association with them for a very long time. And there is no reason that it won’t. Wyatt is certainly happy working with Hope and he only sees that as a problem if Liam and Hope finally get married. Quinn tells Wyatt that he loves Hope. He can not accept this. He says Hope has agreed to marry Liam even though he knows how she feels about him. Quinn says Liam has let her down so many times and he will again unless Wyatt turns it around……unless they both do. Liam tells Hope maybe they should take the day off and celebrate as they didn’t get to do that last night. He bets Wyatt did everything he could to change her mind. She thinks back on Wyatt’s kisses and him trying to change her mind in not marrying Liam. Liam says at least now whatever future Wyatt was planning he knows that is over. Now Liam has this one little thing he’d like her to wear. He pulls out the ring from his pocket. He says it is shiny. She says it is beautiful and he slips it on her finger. She sighs and he kisses her.

Wyatt tells his mom that he told Hope that he didn’t accept this. They’ve been so good together and accomplished so much. But it’s even more than that. She loves him. Quinn says and yet she is marrying Liam. Wyatt sighs and says she apparently loves Liam more. Quinn says no, Hope is confused. Liam is forcing her to do something she does not want to do or he’s making her feel guilty for falling for Wyatt. Wyatt replies that Hope did say that he made it easy for her. Quinn says of course as he is everything she could want in a man. He’s smart, he’s funny and he’s handsome…….and he is a man of his word. Wyatt is everything that Liam is not. He is weak and insecure, everything she despises in a man and so should Hope. Wyatt doesn’t understand then why doesn’t she? He thought she needed time; that she was giving herself permission to look in other directions. Quinn agrees because the only other direction she has looked in is Wyatt’s from the first time their lips touched in Big Bear. They were meant to be. He knew it would lead to something for the both of them. He knows she is worried about the company. She reminds him that he is her son and will always be her first concern. Almost defeated he says he knows, but before Hope brought them to Forrester they were struggling. After the re-launch that all changed. No more worries about payroll and denying themselves things like that electric car. She scoffs that is not important. She can return that. He says no. Liam can not screw with them this way or their employees. They have worked too hard. He starts to leave and she asks where he is going. He says he is going to talk to Liam. He’s going to tell him that he can’t do this any more. Brooke finds Hope and wants to know how last night with Wyatt went. Hope says it is more like what happened before she went to see Wyatt. She and Liam are going to be married and she holds up her ring finger. Brooke claims she is happy for her, but just a little confused. Hope says there is so much she needs to tell her….the biggest right now is that Liam is insisting that Wyatt and Quinn have to leave FC. Quinn finds Eric and he invites her into his office and thanks her again for his cufflinks. Then says Hope must be pleased with her newest designs. Quinn hesitates and then says they have an issue…a problem really. Liam and Hope are getting married right away. This all happened right before Hope was to meet Wyatt last night. Obviously this was not what her son was hoping for. But Liam had shown up at Hope’s and told her how it was going to be; that he was done waiting and they were going to get married now. And he also made the condition that she and Wyatt could not work at FC. She tells Eric that he can only imagine how heartsick her son is. Not only is he losing the woman he loves but a chance to build on a successful business collaboration. Eric wants to know if Hope agreed to this. Quinn answers yes. Eric says he is glad she came to him. He will talk to Hope and maybe there is something he can do. She throws her arms around his neck and thanks him and says she knew she could count on him. Hope tells her mother that at first she couldn’t believe Liam was asking this of her….actually he wasn’t asking. But it’s Quinn and Wyatt go or she is risking losing everything she has with Liam. Brooke says this sounds an awfully lot like an ultimatum. Hope says she is not completely comfortable with his request but she does know where he is coming from. But the timing could not have been worse considering the evening Wyatt had planned for her. Brooke asks her if she is sure about all of this. Hope says yes, it is what she had to do for Liam…..and for herself. She doesn’t want to be tempted at work. There is an attraction to Wyatt….a strong one and this will be best for everyone. Wyatt barges into Liam’s house and grabs him by the arm and says they’ve got to talk. Liam says he is leaving. Wyatt says five minutes. That is all he is asking. Liam tells him to let him go. And he is pretty sure whatever he says is not going to change anything so he can save his breath. Wyatt says he is sorry. Liam is taken aback. Wyatt tells Liam that he has repeatedly asked him to respect his relationship with Hope and he didn’t. He rubbed it in his face every minute he could. He says they are brothers….Liam says half-brothers. Wyatt say he loved Hope, still does. Liam says right there is the problem. Wyatt says it was a problem but not any more. Hope has agreed to marry Liam. She will be Liam’s for the rest of his life. Liam is disbelieving. Wyatt tells him that he’s trying to be as honest as he can. God this hurts like hell knowing that Hope will never be his, but somehow he will have to accept it as what Hope wants. Liam is what she wants. And to lose her and his job…..Liam says aha, so that is what it is, his association with Forrester. Wyatt says no. He meant what he said. He is truly sorry for causing problems with him and Hope. But forcing him and his mother out just when things are coming together for him and they have built up their business and trying to keep it afloat. They have families and employees that are depending on them. He pleads with him, bro, not to do this. Liam has got the girl; just let them keep their partnership at FC. He will respect his marriage and stay away from Hope. He holds out his hand to shake. He tells Liam come on, he can trust him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa showed JJ the footage of him taking drugs on her couch.  JJ was surprised that she knew everything and thought she should have been grateful that Jennifer kept her from going back to California.  Theresa explained to JJ that Jennifer had a nasty attitude towards her when she tried to talk to her.  Gabi thought Will knew what she did to Nick.  It turned out that Will only thought Nick was in New York.  Rafe ďlet Kate off the hookĒ and told her she didnít have to keep visiting him.  Rafe let Kate know that she was free to go back to doing what she did before she put her life on hold for him.  Sami and EJ argued about Eric and Kristen again.  Sami was sure that EJ was hiding something from her.  EJ thought Sami was hiding something too.  Sami didnít want to tell him about it.  He tried to taunt her into being with him, but it didnít work.  Gabi told Will a lie about why she didnít go to New York.  Theresa blackmailed JJ in order for her to keep her mouth shut.  He didnít want to do it, but she gave him no choice.

Theresa gave JJ his orders.  She wanted drugs and for him to keep track of Jennifer and Daniel.  He refused to do what she wanted, but she said he would.  When Gabi went out she was haunted by Nick.  While EJ and Sami were arguing, he told her to leave the mansion.  T turned out to be the one who was with Gabi instead of Nick.  Sami let EJ know that she loved him, but it was hard to be around him.  JJ threatened to tell Jennifer and Daniel the truth, but Theresa threatened to tell the judge on him.  He said he didnít care and left.  T was willing to leave Gabi alone, but she wanted company.  Kate confronted Jordan about the way she treated Rafe.  Kate put her on notice and warned Jordan that she didnít bluff.  Sami let EJ know that she loves him, but she doesnít trust him.  EJ wanted to know what they could do to fix their problems.  Sami didnít know what to do, but she was willing to leave.  The judge called JJ and told him that there was new evidence and that he had to call his lawyer.  Sami wanted things to work out, but she didnít know what to do. Theresa got a man to pretend to be a judge to scare JJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco has a nightmare about killing Heather. Carly thinks he is upset because he is still afraid that she will leave. He says he lied when he said his interview with PCU went well. She suggests that he help her redesign the lobby. Lucy wakes up in Scott Baldwin's bed and is horrified to realize that she is an adulteress again. Scott says she told him that her marriage is over. She says it isnít officially over yet. Scott says he wants to be a couple. He says Laura was a mistake trying to recapture the past, but Lucy has always been on his side. Lucy hides in the bathroom when Kevin knocks on the door. Kevin tells Scott that Lucy wants to end their marriage, but Kevin intends to save it. He asks Scott to tell Lucy that he is looking for her and that he loves her. Lucy tells Scott that she has to confess to Kevin. Franco finds Kevin and says he needs his help. Carly calls someone asking for help.

Robert assures Anna that no one will ever know what happened to Faison. Anna says that Duke, especially, can never know. Duke confronts Robert about Julian Jerome. Robert says he kept Julian out of Port Charles for 20 years and that the only reason he came back was because Robert was in a coma. Robert says Duke is a known associate of the Jerome organization. Anna says that part of Duke's life is behind him. Duke thinks about Sonny's offer to work together to neutralize Julian, but he says he believes the PCPD can handle it now that Faison, Obrecht, and Jerry Jacks have all been dealt with. A package containing one of Heather Webber's paintings, "Egg Salad," arrives at Wyndemere for P.K. Sinclair. Britt says that is her father. Elizabeth brings Spencer and Ben home in Lesley's place, because she is having lunch with Monica. Elizabeth asks Nikolas why Britt is still in his house, and if he wants Britt around Spencer after the way she bullied Emma. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he and Britt are a couple. When he realizes that Britt heard the conversation, he tells her that he meant what he said and that she is worth defending. He kisses her.

Patrick tells Robin that he needs more time to figure it out.  He says it isnít that simple to go back to the way things were, because it took so much for him to deal with losing her. Robin says nothing has changed for her. Emma asks Patrick what is taking him so long to bring Mommy home. He explains that he has to choose Sabrina or Mommy, and he doesn't want to hurt either of them. He promises that he will figure it out by Christmas. Sabrina tells Felix that she is ending it with Patrick, because Robin is his wife. Felix thinks that if that is what Patrick wanted, then he would already have gone back to Robin.  Robin goes to the hospital to find Sabrina. Sabrina says she isn't going to break it off with Patrick; she is going to let him decide. Robin says it is inevitable that Patrick will choose his wife and the longer Sabrina hangs on, the more she'll get hurt.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick goes to visit Nikki but finds out from Victor that she went Christmas shopping. Victor gives Nick a lecture on how Sharon is taking advantage of him. Sharon goes to visit Jack but encounters Hilary instead. They begin to discuss how people can be given second chances. Hilary asks Sharon about her connection to Jack. Sharon lets her know that Jack is her ex. They also discuss Phyllis and Summer. Nikki goes to visit Dylan at Crimson Lights and finds him fixing a toaster. She says she tried to call him. He informs her that he got the message. Nikki looks at him and tells him that she got his message too. Jack grows impatient waiting for Neil to join him for lunch. When Neil does arrive, he lets Jack know that he was in a meeting with Chelsea and Chloe. Abby visits Victoria to check on Billy but is quite put out when she finds out that Billy met a woman with whom he has been spending a lot of time. Abby asks if Chloe could help Billy through this. Victoria feels that Chloe blames Billy for Delia’s accident. Leslie and Tyler meet at the coffeehouse and she is quite surprised how he talks about Abby. Nick lets Victor know that he will not lay a guilt trip on Nikki because of Dylan being her son.

Avery watches as Nikki and Dylan talk. She brings Dylan a file on Ian Ward and wants him to look at it, but he refuses. Nikki returns home and finds Nick there with Victor. Nick lets Nikki know that he will try to accept this situation which pleases her. Victoria pays them a visit. When Nick begins to leave, Victoria tells him that she wants to talk to him. Victoria tries to tell Nick how she feels about Dylan being part of their family. Nick doesn’t return her sentiment toward Dylan. Victoria lets Nikki know that she will accept Dylan as part of her family which pleases Nikki but unnerves Victor, who tells them that Dylan will not be welcome in his home. Avery gets a call and leaves Dylan alone with the file on Ian Wad. Dylan opens the file and begins to read about Ian Ward. Nick helps Sharon carry decorations down from the attic. Sharon lets him know that he is a good man and isn’t responsible for the things that happened to him. Neil practices his speech on how to ask Leslie to marry him. Leslie arrives and sees that Neil is hiding something, but he refuses to tell her what the secret is. Hilary confronts Jack about the bottle of pills that she found in his desk drawer. Jack explains that he was an addict, but Phyllis helped him to get his life back.

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