Tuesday 12/10/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/10/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Hope not to listen to Liam. Don’t give up their relationship. Don’t let Liam control hr. She says Liam is not controlling her. This is what she wants. He tells her they are a great team and after all they have gone through, he can’t believe she is saying that. She says she is sorry, but this is the way it has to be. He doesn’t know why. Wyatt says he can’t accept this. He won’t accept this. He says he loves her and he knows she feels the same way. Liam comes home to find Bill on the laptop messing around with a picture of a stallion. Liam tells him his day went fine, but it might not be for Bill. One of them is gonna have to move as he is getting married. Bill asks where he’s going to live. Donna visits Brooke and tells her she sees Bill is still pursuing her. Brooke says yes but she makes it a point not to be alone with him in any room. But now he’s bombarding her with e-mails. Bill asks Liam how did this happen. Liam says he gave Hope an ultimatum, him or Wyatt. He is probably receiving the news as they speak. Bill is proud and says good boy. Liam tells him he also told Hope she had to break all ties to Quinn Artesian. Bill asks if Hope is going to do that. Liam says she more or less has to, it was a deal breaker. Bill says he really is playing hardball now. Liam said he had to. He really doesn’t trust them. Bill says well he knows Quinn does not have both oars in the water. Hope tells Wyatt that she knows it is hard for him. It is hard for her too. Wyatt says then don’t do it. He doesn’t think she has thought this through. It’s only been a few months and look what they have accomplished in that short amount of time. She says exactly and she’s had years with Liam. She says Liam is a good man. He’s going to make a really great husband and she really loves him. She says she is ready for this. Wyatt says no, yoga boy is pressuring her again. She says that is another thing. The disrespect he shows Liam might have been funny at first but it’s not anymore. Wyatt says come on, it was just a joke. She says no it wasn’t and Liam doesn’t deserve it. Wyatt says okay, he will call him His Royal Highness if that is what Hope wants. He says this is so out of the blue. She said she needed time so why is she ready now. He doesn’t buy it.

Hope tells him that he knew this was coming. He knew that she had a decision to make. Wyatt claims that Liam has been asking her for years but it never happened. She says yes and she has punished him for that. Wyatt says she is not punishing Liam for being with him. They have something and she knows that. She says he is funny, handsome and charismatic so it is easy……he says to fall in love with him. He says he feels it, she feels it, every time they kiss. She looks into his eyes and says she is going through with this. He replies this is not something she should have to go through. She says it is what she wants and he has to accept it. He says sorry no can do. She tells him to listen. She is going to marry Liam and Wyatt is going to be her brother-in-law. They will still be close. He says he does not want to be close. He can not live with close. That is why it is so hard for him to even be here like this without wanting to hold her and touch her and even grab her right now. She says it can not be that way any more. He says yes it can. They are not finished. They will never be finished. Bill wants Liam to help him with a graphic on the laptop. He wants the stallion to be rising up on his hind legs. Liam says this is making him so uncomfortable; he won’t do it. Bill cajoles him into it. Liam says he’s gotta go take a shower. Perhaps Bill ought to take a cold one too. Bill sends the e-mail to Brooke. Donna makes her open it. Brooke looks annoyed and says this has got to stop now. Bill calls and even makes a whinny sound several times. She calls him immature and that this is not working. He does it again imitating the mating call of a stallion. He even manages to make Brooke laugh and ask what is she going to do with him. Hope tells Wyatt that she is not feeling guilty but this is the way it has to be. He says good, no guilt. The only person who should be guilty is Liam as he has been stringing her along and he would never do that to her. It only took one kiss for him to fall in love with Hope. Their first kiss in Big Bear and she had him. He only falls once, only once and there will never be a Steffy with him. She tells him Steffy is not an issue any more. She knows that now. She’s gone and has her own life. Wyatt jumps in and says good, now they can have theirs. He wants to travel with her, find more jewels, have fun. That is why he invited her here tonight. He hates Indian food but he was doing it for her….and hoping they might do something they had not done before. Maybe that would change her mind. He leans in and kisses her…..several times and she responds. He unzips the blouse/sweater she has on and pulls her back to the couch. They kiss passionately many times until Hope pulls away and says they can not do this. Her blouse is open; his shirt is open to the waist and neither can keep their hands off each other. He kisses her again and says this is what they both want. She holds her head and says no, they have to stop. She does not want to lose Liam. Wyatt says this is not about Liam. It’s what they have. She can’t turn her back on this. She says see, this is why they can’t even work together. He says that ought to tell her something. They are a powerhouse. She says it tells her that he is so special. He is so wonderful to her especially with everything that has been going on in her life. She is so deeply sorry that she is disappointing him. He only brings her smiles but she is bringing him pain. But he and his mother will be fine. They are the best and there are other contracts out there. He says he doesn’t want other contracts. He says he doesn’t care about the work. He cares about her. She says she loves him for that. He points out that she does love him. She starts to say no, then suddenly says yes she does but……she loves his brother more. She says she is sorry. He’s stunned, can not speak. She gets up and grabs her purse and goes out the door while he just slumps on the couch. Hope leans against the wall for a minute and stifles her tears.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa told JJ that she remembered everything that happened when she overdosed.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about JJ and how he came between them.  She let Daniel know that their problems werenít all JJís fault.  JJ didnít believe that Theresa knew what happened.  She told him what they did that night.  He was worried that she might have remembered.  EJ and Abby bonded over Jack.  Sami and Kate warned Gabi to stop being so nervous.  Gabi didnít like talking to them about Nick, but they let her know they were going to talk about it.  When Gabi left, Kate asked Sami if she found her earring.  Sami said she didnít.  Kate thought it would be a problem if she didnít find it.  Theo gave Samiís earring to Ciara and made her swear not to tell anyone she had it.  JJ panicked over Theresa knowing what happened.  She explained to him why she lied about forgetting everything.  She said she didnít want to lose her job or go back home.  He wanted her to tell the truth because of how it affected Daniel and Jennifer.

Jennifer blamed herself for why she and Daniel arenít together.  He thought she was trying to say that they could get back together.  His hopes were dashed when she brought up that he was with Theresa.  She was upset with him for being with Theresa.  Theresa refused to tell Jennifer the truth because of the way she treated her when she overdosed and when her parents were in town.  She told him that he wasnít going to tell it either.  Sami went back to the DiMera mansion to look for the earring.  EJ ended up walking in on her and asked her what she was doing.  They ended up arguing.  JJ tried to convince Theresa to help his mother, but she refused to help her.  Theresa loved the idea that Jennifer was miserable because of her.  When JJ threatened to tell the truth, she showed him her phone and warned him that he wasnít going to say anything.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy watches the news and sees that Deception's launch is delayed and AJ's verdict is in. Monica rushes to get to the courthouse in time to hear the verdict. Luke waits with Tracy to hear the verdict. He tells her that he got the cure to Sean Donely. She wonders what happened to Jerry Jacks after he fell off the roof. Luke thinks the Jeromes helped him. Tracy tells him to stay out of it, but Luke is intrigued. The jury finds AJ "Not Guilty." Tracy is shocked to see AJ come home.  AJ drinks when he sees a juror on TV saying that they had to acquit a guilty man, because there wasn't enough evidence to convict him.

Julian tells Ava that Sam said someone by the name of Lucas wouldnít want to have anything to do with him. He wants to know who Lucas is. She says the only Lucas she knows is Luke Spencer. She suggests that he ask Sam. Sam finds Carly dressed up in Franco's room waiting to celebrate what she hopes is Franco's new job. Sam reveals that she accidentally mentioned their brother, Lucas', name to Julian. Carly says her mother was terrified when she found out that Julian Jerome is still alive and now Sam has made him curious. Sam gives Carly a hard time about dating Franco. Carly says Franco is no longer the psychopath that tortured their families. Franco is busy disposing of Heather's body. Lucy runs into him and says Heather Webber is bad news and that he should cut her out of his life. He agrees and tries to rush off with the laundry cart containing Heather's body. Lucy tries to encourage him to get to know Scott. He tells her that Scott already told him to keep his distance. Lucy goes to Scottís hotel room and gives him a hard time about rejecting his son. She says Franco must be going through a lot after going from being one of the top artists in the world to pushing a laundry cart. Scott tells her that he lost his case, his career is tanking, he has lost Laura, and Lucy is all he has left. He tells her to go home to Kevin. She tells him that she moved out and has been sleeping on the couch in her office. He kisses her and lays her on his bed.

Ava tells Julian that she is worried about Carlos. Julian says Carlos is probably licking his wounds because the love of his life married someone else. Sonny and Shawn have Carlos in a graveyard, ordering him to dig his own grave. Carlos tells Sonny that instead of killing him, he could find him valuable. Sonny says he would have killed him a week ago, but he had to make sure he wasn't related to his late wife first. Carlos says he is related. He says he is Lily Rivera's brother from another mother. He says their father wanted him to take over his business, but his mother didn't want him to be in that life. He says Lily and her baby died because of Sonny and asks Sonny if he really wants to kill her only brother now. Sonny says he will let Carlos live long enough for him to verify it, and if he is lying, he will kill him. Michael calls Sonny and tells him about the verdict. He says he hopes Sonny doesnít take the law into his own hands. Sonny goes to Lily's grave and promises her that if Carlos is really her brother, then he won't kill him. Franco gets to the graveyard dragging Heather's body and finds the pre-dug grave. He puts Heather into it and covers her with dirt.  After he leaves, Heather's hand reaches up through the dirt.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria spend the day with Johnny at Crimson Lights after checking out pre-schools. Jill and Hilary get stuck on the elevator after exchanging slurs. Tyler and Abby take a walk in the park, but she isn’t too thrilled after their latest trip to Los Angeles when she finds out that it was just a walk down memory lane for Tyler. Cane and Lily meet with the doctor, who orders an MRI on Lily today. Devon visits Jack in his office, but he is too thrilled when Jack fires him, because he feels that Devon’s mind is elsewhere. Hilary admires the music box and remembers when she wanted to take ballet lessons but her parents couldn't afford it. Billy and Victoria reminisce about Delia. Tyler tries to explain about Mariah to Abby, but she is still apprehensive about the whole situation. Mason gets acquainted with a waitress who works at Crimson Lights. Jack tells Devon to get out and start living life. Kelly meets with Victoria and Billy at Crimson Lights. Kelly has something for him. She hands him a book to help him to regain control of his life.

Abby still remains upset as to whether or not things will work out between them, but Tyler asks her if she is breaking up with him. Abby doesn’t tell him “no” or “yes”; she doesn’t answer at all just gives him a questioning look. Hilary owns up to Jill that she read about Jill’s father. Hilary also reminds Jill about how she lied and schemed to get what she wants. Hilary cannot believe that Jill offered up the music box for sale on the internet. Hilary tells her a date of the music box which piques Jill’s interest. Mason asks the waitress her plans for later and they decide to meet. Mason books dinner for them using Devon’s credit card. Jack tries to persuade Devon to take a sabbatical. Lily admits to Cane that she is scared about the MRI. Cane tries to lift her spirits. Victoria shows her jealousy when she senses how close Billy and Kelly are. Later she tells Billy that she is glad that he has her as a friend. Billy lets Victoria know how much he loves her. Abby and Tyler make up and walk off arm in arm.

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