Monday 12/9/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that they have to move forward; they can’t stand still. They have to do this. And he wants her to cut all ties with Wyatt and his mom at FC. She realizes he is giving her an ultimatum and doesn’t feel right about it. He says they just got sidetracked. He loves her and he knows she loves him. He is so done with Wyatt and his games and Quinn and her obsession. There is not one single good reason they can’t get married now. All those obstacles are out of the way. Steffy is gone, his dad is not interfering and remember Amber, well she is long gone too from causing problems. He only wants to focus on her. There is not one single reason they shouldn’t get married. But there is Wyatt. She admits that she let that go too far for too long but he doesn’t deserve to lose his job over this. Liam assures her that Wyatt and his mom have come a long way and they can do just about anything they want to now so they will be okay. He convinces Hope that they don’t even need FC anymore. Wyatt and Quinn are bad for them and the only way to make sure they do no harm is to cut them out. She says she will talk to Wyatt tonight. He tells her to come home tonight and they can talk and celebrate. She says okay. Everything else has been dealt with, even Steffy, so she does not feel she has to share him anymore. And she promises that he will not have to share her. Ricardo meets with Eric and tells him how pleased he is with the fame of the diamond and how it has boosted sales. Now it is time for him to take it home. But this is not goodbye to Wyatt and Quinn. The diamond is wanted around the world and he’d like Wyatt to take it to India…..with Hope of course. Wyatt is blown away and of course Quinn looks very pleased. Wyatt says the diamond has left the building. Eric adds and it has done its job. Wyatt tells Quinn and Eric that he’s not needed now and he has big plans tonight. Wyatt says that Ricardo gave him some ideas so he has other plans now that he needs to go take care of. Quinn fills Eric in that Wyatt is seeing Hope tonight. Eric is a little surprised they are getting that close. Wyatt says with the right motivation and incentive and Hope by his side, the sky is the limit. And that is more than good chemistry. That’s his future and he’s going to fight for it. No way is he going to give up the best thing that has ever happened to him. Quinn gives Eric a gift. It’s her way of thanking him for all that he has brought into her life. It’s a pair of stunning gold cufflinks E.F. and she puts it on his shirt and makes a remark that besides being for the men’s line in the future, this partnership might go places they have not even thought of yet. Wyatt scrambles to make his place look romantic with a Bollywood theme, setting the mood with music and movies. Quinn shares with Eric that she could never thank him enough. He’s given her and her son national exposure. She’s even managed to buy a new car……an electric one so she can get rid of that old gas guzzler and it’s all because of him. He chuckles that he’s very glad then. Not only is he helping her and her son but the entire planet. She says he has done more than help, he has inspired her and Wyatt. She has never seen such changes in him; he’s so focused and determined. The way he talks about his future, it’s music to a mother’s ears. She does believe there is a future for him and Hope and she believes Hope will think so too by the end of the night. She makes a prediction. This could be a very big evening for those two.

A nervous Hope says Wyatt’s place is so exotic. He says he was shooting for romantic. She says it looks like the Taj Mahal. He says he has always wanted to go. She says her too. He tells her they have been invited. One of Ricardo’s contacts wants to meet them as soon as possible. And there are other dealers all over the world. He’s excited and says there are so many places he wants to take her and things he wants to show her. He’s always had it in the back of his head but after talking to Ricardo today it really bought it out. He takes both of her hands in his and says this is the start of something. She unclasps her hands and he says he knows as he is very sad about the diamond going too but there are other jewels and they will find them. Hope finally says it is not about the diamond. She talked to Liam earlier today. They talked about their wedding and he gave her an ultimatum. Obviously Wyatt takes it the wrong way and says he is sorry. She says she is too. She needs to sever all ties with Quinn Artisian Jewelers and she has to end her relationship with Wyatt. He’s in disbelief and says no. Liam has tried that before. Hope says again that she is sorry but she can’t work with him. He wants to know why. They make a great team; the profits are out of sight. Liam can’t do this. Hope says Liam is not doing this; she is doing this. They do make a great team. Everything they have done with the diamond and the collection has been fantastic. He says then they need to continue. She says he can. Him and his momma absolutely can. They don’t even need Forrester any more. He asks what about them. She says she wishes she could say they could still be friends, but Liam thinks…..Wyatt is frustrated and blurts out that he doesn’t care what Liam thinks. She says but she does. She cares because they are getting married. They have to end it….. all of it professionally and personally. She can not see him anymore. Deflated, Wyatt says this is so wrong. She says no, what is wrong is what she put Liam through. She dragged it out way too long and it wasn’t fair. She admits they had some good times together and he adds it made her happy. She says over and over that she is sorry it has to end this way. He pleads with her to please do not do this. She says they can not see each other any more. He nixes that and says no and grabs her and kisses her, even a second time and she responds.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa wanted to know what happened to her the night she overdosed.  Daniel told her part of what happened, but she wanted to know more.  Jordan looked at her old licenses and was determined to be Jordan Ridgeway.  The birdwatcher approached Sami, Kate, and Gabi and wanted to know why they deceived him.  The birdwatcher told them that he didnít see the bird that Sami mentioned to him.  He wondered what they were doing at the park that night.  Theresa asked Daniel if they were about to have sex the night he was in her apartment.  Sami and Kate came up with a lie about Kate chasing after her cheating boyfriend when the birdwatcher came up to them.  He seemed to buy the excuse, but he did notice the way Gabi was acting.  The birdwatcher remembered that Gabi was clutching onto a backpack that night.  After the birdwatcher left, Gabi became nervous.  Gabi thought that he knew the truth.  Sami, Gabi, and Kate decided to leave the town square.  Theresa was upset because she thought she tricked Daniel.  Daniel tried to make Theresa feel better.  Theresa decided she didnít want to know any more details about her overdose.

Jennifer wanted JJ tot ell her about the time he spent with Daniel.  JJ ended up telling her that he blamed himself for why he was ďwith TheresaĒ.  Gabi was suspicious of the birdwatcher and continued to believe that he knew something about Nick.  Kate and Sami wanted to calm Gabi down so they went to the pub for something to drink.  Theresa wanted to make amends with Daniel.  Daniel asked Theresa to be nice to Jennifer.  Theresa asked Daniel if he still loved Jennifer.  Daniel didnít admit his feelings one way or the other.  JJ continued to blame himself for ruining Jenniferís relationship with Daniel.  Jennifer didnít blame JJ for what happened.  Jennifer blamed Daniel for being a grown up and not being able to see the real Theresa.  Theresa promised to be nice to Jennifer and to stay away from JJ.  Sami warned Gabi not to tell Rafe what happened with Nick.  Gabi said she wouldnít say anything.  Kate reminded Gabi that they could go to prison if she tells him the truth.  JJ went to see Theresa to tell her the truth about the night she almost died.  Sami, Gabi, and Kate talked about what happened with Nick when Will showed up and wanted to know what they were talking about.  JJ told Theresa that she overdosed with him and not Daniel.  Theresa laughed at JJís confession.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie tells Spinelli that even if they could pick up and move, they can't do that to Maxie. Maxie comes home and tells them that Robin is alive. They reveal that Mac already told them. She asks them what they were talking about when Ellie said they can't do that to her. Spinelli reveals that Ellie was offered a job in Portland. Ellie says she is declining because it is too far from Spinelli, and it wouldnít be right for him and the baby to come with her. Maxie says they should go. She says it will be easier on her than being across town and unable to see her daughter.

Patrick tells Carlos that if he goes near Sabrina, then he is a dead man. Carlos says it will take a tougher man than Patrick to take him down and that he can't wait for Sabrina to find out what kind of man Patrick really is. When Patrick returns to the hospital, Epiphany asks him if he is ok and which woman he went home with. He says he went home alone, because he loves them both and doesn't know what to do. Robin goes to Sabrina's apartment and introduces herself. She thanks Sabrina for taking care of Emma. Sabrina says she never tried to take Robin's place but she kept her memory alive for Emma. Robin says Sabrina has her own place in Patrick's life. She says she watched the wedding and could see how much they love each other. Robin says she sent Patrick to talk to Sabrina after her return from the dead interrupted the wedding, but that Patrick was still conflicted when he returned. She says Patrick is her husband and Emma is her daughter, and she wants them back. She asks Sabrina to be the strong one and let Patrick go.

Shawn tells Sonny that Carlos is not related to Lily. They go to Carlos' apartment and take him to a graveyard. Carlos is carrying a piece of Sabrinaís wedding gear that he picked up from his floor just before their arrival. Sonny says he has to send a message, but he can't go after Julian or Ava. Carlos tells them to get it over with. Sonny hands him a shovel and tells him to dig his grave first. At AJ's trial, Diane says she can't continue to represent him if he takes the stand. He fires her and represents himself. He says he was blackout drunk and doesnít remember killing Connie. He says he hopes someone took the gun from him and shot Connie with it. Scott makes his closing arguments and the jury leaves to deliberate. A few minutes later, Scott gets the call that they have reached a verdict. Heather lets herself into Franco's room while Carly is in the shower. Franco returns and stops her from getting to Carly. She says she has to protect him from Carly. He reminds her that he told her that if she ever went near Carly, he would end her. She says he could never do that to his mother. He stabs her with her own butcher knife. She says she forgives him and will always love him. He concludes that if Carly finds out what he did, she will think he is the same psycho he was before. He wraps Heather in a sheet, drags her out of the room, and puts her in a laundry cart. Diane arrives and wonders what Franco is doing. He tells her that he got a job working in housekeeping to pay his bills. He gets on the elevator with the laundry cart and doesn't answer when Carly texts him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea is frantic with worry when she comes home and finds Chloe gone with Connor. Michael and Lauren celebrate their anniversary. At the police department, Christine tells Kevin that she is looking for a positive development in the case concerning Fen. Kevin lets Christine know that Chloe needs some peace over this whole ordeal. Michael tells Lauren that Fenmore is the best thing to come out of their marriage. Michael remembers how and when he asked Lauren to marry him. Raven and Summer meet at the coffeehouse. Summer tells Raven that Fen doesn’t need her nor her drugs anymore. Summer joins Courtney and Noah. When Noah leaves the table for a second, Summer begins to question Courtney about Zach and his involvement in her life. Noah invites Courtney to spend Christmas dinner with them. Chelsea calls Kevin to let him know that Chloe disappeared with Connor. Paul, Nikki, and Victor have a confrontation at the ranch. Dylan sits alone in the park when Avery joins him. Dylan is completely beside himself with anxiety over this whole situation with Nikki being his birthmother. Nikki tries to explain things to Victor, but all he can think about is that she didnít trust him enough to tell him. Paul comes into his office and sees Christine going through his desk. Christine asks him about the autopsy report that was open on his desk. Summer asks Courtney why she lied about Zach. Kevin goes to see Chelsea to try to calm her down over Chloe and Connor being gone.

Michael and Lauren reminisce. Paul lets Christine know about his helping Nikki to find her son. Victor asks Nikki why she kept this secret from him. Summer doesn’t tell Noah what she and Courtney were discussing. Avery asks Summer about Phyllis’ condition. Summer tells Dylan that she wants to talk to him. When Chloe comes home with Connor, Chelsea immediately takes him from her. Chloe explains where they had been. Chloe realizes that Chelsea believed that she kidnapped Connor. Chloe denies the accusation. Lauren gets a call from an unknown person. Michael and Lauren receive a phone call from Christine telling them that Fen will be released in two days. Fen informs Womack that he will be released soon. Womack lets him know that he will find a way for Fen to repay him once they get out of there. Avery tells Dylan to find out about Ian Ward. She runs a check on the computer. Courtney meets Raven to get more drugs. Nikki calls Dylan and leaves a message. Victor goes to see Dylan and orders him to stay away from Nikki.

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