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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly tells Liam that Hope is beautiful and famous….not that it matters to Liam, but she doesn’t think it is right. He hesitates for a long time and finally says he does before walking off. Hope is home alone looking at the photos on her laptop. She smiles when she sees the ones of her and Wyatt. Her back stiffens and she is not smiling when she sees the one of her and Liam. She smiles again when she thinks back on first seeing Wyatt naked at Big Bear. Quinn asks Wyatt if he has something specific planned for him and Hope. He says maybe but it has to be special and romantic….even bigger than Mexico. He says Hope expects great things from him and he plans on delivering. He says if he is going to make a move, he needs to do it now. Liam is getting frustrated and now showing his true colors. Quinn mocks yes and he’s whining and pouting. Wyatt says Hope needs to see that she has options. Quinn answers yes Steffy is out of town so “I” can be with you now, Wyatt starts calling someone and Quinn wants to know what he is thinking. It’s Hope and Wyatt says he wants to see her. He asks if she has any plans for tonight and when she says no, he says she does now. He’d like to invite her to dinner at his place, he has something special, a surprise so he won’t tell her. She agrees to come. Quinn asks Wyatt how she can help. She heard him say dinner. He tells her he has it covered. She says oh no, sweet boy, he doesn’t know anything about cooking except bacon. He scoffs, well there is hotdogs and smores, anything around a campfire mostly. She says right….they better start making a list now. He takes the pen out of her hand and says no offense, but he has a plan and her being in the general vicinity wasn’t exactly a part of it. And he doesn’t need a list; he has plenty of bacon in the frij. She laughs at that being part of the plan. He says tomorrow morning it will be. Hope will want breakfast so he has to be a good host if she is going to spend the night. She chuckles at Mr. Romance. She says Hope is so much better off with Wyatt than Liam so he can just shove off and be with Steffy. Wyatt reminds her that Steffy is clean now. It’s only takes 28 days to get Liam out of your system. Quinn says okay, then Liam can go lure another poor young girl to put up with him….anybody but Hope. Who knew that camping trip of his to Big Bear could lead to this. It totally changed their lives. It feels so good to be able to give pay raises to the people that work for them. Wyatt admits it feels good and he thinks about that trip every day. She says that solar-powered shower was the best investment she ever made. Wyatt says he bought it. Aly slowly follows Liam back into the house and apologizes (again) for saying something wrong. He says she didn’t. She says again that she didn’t really think it through about the picture, but it just seemed like he ought to know. Hope may never forgive her. Liam tells her not to think that way. She says it is not like she wants to hurt Hope, she really doesn’t. Hope is lucky to have Liam; she needs to realize that and not put him through this.

Liam says he has put Hope through a lot worse. Aly says an eye for an eye; that is not right either. That is not the Hope she used to know and Liam deserves better. He says Aly has been away at school and missed a lot, but Hope has put up with a lot. She mentions Steffy. He says yes. She starts blabbering on and on about what a nice guy Liam is. When she started at FC and she idolized Hope her whole life and saw these two hot guys fighting over her…..she didn’t know what to think. Liam doesn’t let her finish. He says so many times he could have been with Hope and he blew it. So he’s now trying to understand what it feels like to be the one who wonders if they might not end up together. Aly says it should not be about competition. She was young but not that young. She can remember her mom and dad looking at each and she did not know what loyalty was but she could see it in their eyes. There was comfort, ease, attraction and you knew there was no one else they wanted to be with. She may be taking it for granted but she is guessing that he and Hope have that kind of connection. Liam says they do. Aly says well somebody needs to tell Hope. He says yeah somebody does. He picks up the phone and calls Hope. He says he needs to see her. She says okay, she will be home until tonight. Aly feels responsible. He says she is not but thanks her for reminding him of it. Aly goes back to FC and checks in with her dad who senses that she is distracted. He asks if she had rather go to lunch with Hope instead of him. She says no but he wonders what is really going on. She says she likes working here but wonders just how long she has to shadow Hope. She’s learned a lot from her but she’s not so sure she likes what Hope is teaching. Thorne is surprised to hear what Aly is saying or what she is not saying. He thought she looked up to Hope. Aly says she does. Hope is smart and beautiful and she wants to be just like her except she is now wondering about some of the decisions Hope makes and how they affect people. She wants what she wants and if anybody gets hurt it doesn’t seem to matter. Thorne says Hope is one of the nicest people he knows so could Aly be more specific. Liam arrives at Hope’s and asks about her day. She tells him the photo shoot went really well and Wyatt was in for a few. Don’t be mad. Liam asks what they are doing. …..their relationship. He doesn’t want to live this way anymore. She asks what does he want? He replies that Wyatt came along at a point when she needed to prove something to Liam and she enjoyed two guys chasing after her and he gets that. He knows he has put her through some things that nobody should be put through. And it might even be a miracle that she is speaking to him, but she is. She loves him and wants to marry him. He’s proved his loyalty but Hope is still playing games with him. They belong together so enough of this. No more Wyatt, they just need to make it happen. He leads her outside and picks out a few spots and says they will be perfect but then so would her living room or the bathroom…’s time they exchanged their vows. She asked him to give her time and he did. But time for what……just to give Wyatt the wrong impression. He has shown his loyalty to her and now it is time for her to show it to him. She stammers that she is not saying they won’t get married eventually. He says eventually used to be good enough but it’s not any more. They need to move on and she needs to cut her ties with Wyatt and his company. She tells him she can not make that decision so it isn’t her call. Liam says it is her line so it should be her call. And it doesn’t have to be that big a deal. They can even do it before the holidays. They can grab a minister and their family ad get married right here where he proposed… more asking, no more heartaches, no more bended knee. “I’m taking what I want. I am taking it now. Am I making myself clear?”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to Danielís place and she and Eric started arguing.  Nicole had no intention of helping Eric.  Daniel played peacemaker for them to stop the arguing.  EJ and Sami argued over Eric and Kristen.  EJ was able to keep Sami quiet briefly by mentioning Nick.  Sami was nervous when EJ talked about Nick.  Gabi had a nightmare about Nick being in her bed.  EJ let Sami know that Nick put a virus on Kateís computer and took out her entire line at MadWorld.  Sami relaxed a little until she received Gabiís text.  Sami rushed off to meet Gabi.  Sami sent Kate a text to meet her.  Nicole let Eric know about her fight with Sami and how she wouldnít help him.  Eric apologized for hurting her.  Nicole let Eric know that she was done with him and that she was through letting people hurt her.  Stefano called Kate to let her know about Chadís recovery.  Stefano also let Kate know that he changed and he would prove it when he went back to Salem.  Kate found it hard to believe. 

Theresa met with Daniel to tell him that JJ wonít stay away from her.  Theresa didnít know what to do.  Gabi and Sami talked about Nick when Kate approached them.  Gabi was upset that Sami told Kate about their meeting.  Kate wanted to know if Gabi planned on putting the murder on her.  Daniel told Theresa he would talk to JJ for her.  EJ went to see Stefano and they talked about what happened with Kristen.  They also talked about how EJís relationship with Sami was rocky.  Nicole yelled at Eric when he questioned Danielís motives for helping him.  Nicole reminded Eric about the type of friend Danielís been to her.  Kate told Sami that Gabi almost told Rafe the truth.  Sami reminded Gabi that she couldnít say anything to anyone.  Eric finally decided to accept Danielís help and hope that Nicole would help him too.  Daniel warned JJ to stay away from Theresa.  Sami, Gabi, and Kate were talking about Nick when the bird watcher came up to them.  Stefano promised EJ that Sami would be back in his bed soon.  Nicole agreed to help Eric by destroying Kristen.  The bird watcher wanted to know why Sami, Gabi, and Kate deceived him the way they did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco tells Carly that his newfound father, Scott Baldwin, doesn't want anything to do with him because he would be bad for his image. Carly says Scott was blindsided by the revelation and needs time to adjust. She says Scott is a worm anyway. She reveals that she didn't meet her biological father until she was an adult, either, and that it didnít work out so well. He supposes he should be grateful to be homeless, jobless, unwanted by his father and have a crazy mother. She says she has her.  They make love. Carly says that after his mother threatened her at the art show, she is glad she is locked up where she can't hurt her. Todd doesn't tell her about Heather's threats. Todd gets a call about an interview for an art teacher position at PVU. The caller is Heather disguising her voice. Carly stays in Todd's room while Franco goes to the interview. Heather lets herself into Franco's room, butcher knife in hand.

Sonny tells Ava that when he gets hit, he hits back. She says that if he is alluding to killing her, it would destroy her daughter who is the girlfriend of Sonnyís son. He says Kiki isnít fond of her and that she and Michael would go on without her.  She says she is there at the courthouse to do him the favor by testifying against AJ Quartermaine and that they don't have to be enemies. Ava testifies that AJ was at the Floating Rib, enraged at Connie about losing ELQ. Diane asks her if she has proof that AJ killed Connie. Ava thinks about the security tapes that she burned and says she does not have proof. Ava asks Kiki to go to lunch with her. Kiki doesnít want anything to do with her. Sonny taunts AJ about going down. AJ tells Michael to prepare for the worst. Scott calls a ballistics expert to the stand, who testifies that AJ's fingerprints are on the gun. Diane says she has no witnesses. AJ insists that she put him on the stand. 

Ellie tells Spinelli that Robin is alive. Robin finds Maxie at Georgie's grave with a handful of pills. Maxie thinks Robin is a ghost until Robin slaps her in the face to stop her babbling about being responsible for her death. Robin tells her that the explosion was staged, but even if it wasn't, Maxieís bag getting caught on the valve wouldnít have caused the explosion. Maxie tells her about the baby fiasco. Robin says she knows how Maxie feels about not being able to see her baby since she didnít see Emma for almost 2 years. She assures her that she is strong enough to make it through the six months. Maxie asks how Robin found her just when she needed her. Robin says a presence led her to Maxie when she was visiting her own memorial. Maxie remembers that Patrick was marrying Sabrina last night. Robin says the wedding wasnít completed, but she doesnít know who Patrick will choose. Maxie tells her to fight for her family. Spinelli tells Ellie to take the job that she was offered running a research lab in Portland, Oregon and that he and the baby can go with her. Ellie says they can't do that to Maxie. Maxie overhears and asks what they can't do to her. Patrick finds Sabrina at Carlos' place, with Carlos kissing her. He tells her to get her stuff and leave with him. Carlos asks why she would go anywhere with him after he left her at the altar last night, unless he is there to say that he has chosen Sabrina over his wife. Sabrina tells Carlos to stay out of it, but she tells Patrick that she thinks she deserves an answer. He asks for more time and tells her to let him take her home. Carlos says all Patrick can give her is a ride. He says Sabrina is his great love, but to Patrick, she is a consolation prize. He says he will take Sabrina home. Sabrina says she can take herself home and leaves. Robin goes to Sabrina's apartment. Patrick punches Carlos and threatens to kill him if he goes near Sabrina. Sonny learns from Shawn that Carlos is not related to his late wife, Lily, so he is free to kill him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Avery meet in the park but they both know that things will never be the same between them again. At the coffeehouse, Dylan and Stitch talk about what's been going on in Dylanís life, finding out that Nikki is his birth mother. At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea kiss but when things begin to progress further, Connor starts to cry. At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily have breakfast while she awaits a call from the doctor’s office. Lily sees Chloe at the bar but soon looks away. Jill comes in and hugs Chloe. Jill tells her about the support group that Billy is going to, but Chloe wants no part of it. At the police department, both Paul and Kevin are upset that they cannot find Deliaís killer. At home, Nikki and Victor have a confrontation over the fact that she confided in Paul about Dylan but hadn’t told him. Victor asks her how can he trust her again. Jill pours out her heart to Cane and Lily about how she is feeling over the death of Delia. Chloe surprises Kevin at the police department and makes plans for later. Paul calls Nikki back but gets no reply. Nikki apologizes to Victor for misleading him all those years. Nikki and Victor argue over Paul’s involvement and the fact that he accompanied her to Chicago. Chloe tells Kevin about Jill telling her about the support group. Nick and Avery discuss the fact that Dylan may be his brother but that this could be payback. Dylan lets Stitch know how upset he is over Nikki keeping this secret from him all these years. Victor asks Nikki if she trusts him.

Chelsea wants to discuss what just happened between her and Adam. Avery tells Nick she doesn’t believe in karma, but if it were true, then that would be a terrible twist of fate. When Stitch asks him what Avery said, Dylan says that she told him she loves him. Nikki assures Victor that she trusts and loves him. They hug. Chelsea tells Adam that they need to take things slow. Chloe arrives to talk business. Chelsea tells Chloe that things are changing between her and Adam. Chloe insists that she cannot get back together with Adam. Chelsea tells her it's none of her business, but Adam has changed. Chelsea goes to the office to take care of some business and leaves Connor with Chloe. Dylan meets up with Avery and Nick in the park where he gets the results of the DNA test that he really is Nikki’s son. Nick is so upset by the news that he just walks off. Nikki also gets the news that Dylan is her son. Chelsea returns home, but Chloe and Connor are gone. Lily learns that the doctor wants to see her the next day.

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