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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope drops in at Liam’s office but only finds Katie. She says she thinks Liam left for the day. Aly drops by unannounced at Liam’s Malibu house. He invites her in and she immediately apologizes for sending him the photo. She says she realized it was a big mistake the minute she sent it. It was so totally not her business. She just thinks he is such a good guy and knows how much he loves Hope and thought he should know. She hopes he is not too weirded out. He retorts that the only one he is weirded by is his brother. She corrects – half brother. Quinn and Wyatt are taking a break on the rooftop at FC. Wyatt is looking through the pictures from the photo shoot and commenting on how gorgeous Hope is. Quinn agrees and says he is so much better for Hope than Liam. Wyatt just needs to be patient and she will see this, so don’t give up on Hope. Wyatt says Liam will just have to accept that he isn’t going anywhere. Quinn replies that he certainly wasn’t too pleased that they were invited to Thanksgiving dinner. And she adds neither was Bill for that matter. Wyatt says oh, he thought it kind of nice that he was seeing his parents at the same table for the first time. She says and that will be the first and last time. He is oddly okay with that. Quinn tells him that Hope created a very special evening. Wyatt comments that everything Hope does is special. Quinn says he feels good in the position they are in now. She feels they are in a unique place with their business expanding and their lives have changed. They can not lose this opportunity. Wyatt says why would they? They are just getting the ball rolling. There is no limit where the two of them can go from here. Katie tells Hope that she had a talk with Liam earlier and it seems he is getting a little impatient. Hope says she knows, she feels badly but she doesn’t know what to do. Katie points out that she has been spending a lot of time with Wyatt. Hope puts that more in the work category. Katie says she thinks Liam sees if differently. Hope says she has been completely honest with Liam. She wants to focus on her work. She needs that time especially after all he put her through with Steffy. And she thinks that deep down Liam knows that too. With her line doing so well it would be foolish to give that up. She likes her life right now and thinking of herself first. She has to give some credit to Wyatt too and now Aly is on board, her little shadow who is so sweet. Hope says Aly is shy and she doesn’t think she has dated much, so she’d like to show her around and have some fun and help bring her out of her shell. She does speak her mind though. She had told Hope that she thought she was stringing Liam along and knew that Wyatt was really into her. So just how long was she going to wait before marrying Liam. Hope says she tried to explain but she didn’t think she was old enough or experienced enough to understand. Katie says don’t get her wrong. She likes both Wyatt and Liam a lot, but she’s been with Liam for so long and wanted to get married for a long time. Now she can; Steffy is gone. There is nothing standing in the way.

Hope tells Katie that Wyatt cares about her. He’s spontaneous and gorgeous and has no Steffy baggage. He’s fun and she likes being with him so tell her what is wrong with that. Katie says nothing but does she love him or ever see herself married to him. Hope says she is not sure she wants to marry anyone right now. She was ready a few times and Liam wasn’t. She’s not trying to hurt him now or punish him, but she doesn’t think it is asking too much to have a little patience. Katie responds that life is about balance. She has Will and this company but she is lonely. She knows it is exciting being with Wyatt but Liam is struggling and she doesn’t want to see her lose him. Hope says she doesn’t think it will come to that. Maybe they will get married but in the meanwhile Liam will be okay. She thinks he will understand and be willing to wait until she is ready. Liam confides in Aly that Hope has made it clear they are not in a committed relationship so she can pretty well do what she wants. She says when she saw Wyatt kissing Hope she over re-acted. Liam says please don’t give it another thought. And that kiss wasn’t the first one. Wyatt has done it a lot….once right there and he punched him. Aly says she is not surprised that they’d be fighting over Hope, she is amazing. He agrees and adds that he is 100% committed but there is only so much a guy can take and something has got to give. He gets a text that a buddy can’t make it over to hit a few balls. He’s been trying to improve his tennis game as it relieves a little stress. Aly volunteers that she can help hit him a few. He declines and says it really needs to be a guy hitting some pretty intense balls out there. She says she has clothes out in the car so they should go for it. He finally agrees and says he will meet her out on the court. Liam starts with some fairly easy lobs across the net. Aly misses a lot of them and he keeps saying it is okay. Then he lets her serve. Within a minute she is whizzing them past him. He goes to the net and says he is being hustled. He chuckles while throwing the racket down and says he is finished; he has been hustled. Wyatt tells Quinn that Liam is living up there in his big old mansion and he’s used to getting everything that he wants. But Hope has said she is not ready so Wyatt is not being too pushy but he is starting to think that might be a big mistake. He needs to do something. He wants to be respectful of Hope’s feelings but he can’t just sit by and not do anything especially while Liam is pouting. Quinn says that Wyatt knows her motto. You don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t take risks or be proactive. You have to go after what you want. He says he wants Hope. There is nothing he is more sure of. He just has to figure it out. He needs to plan something special and romantic and memorable for Hope like when he took her to Mexico for the diamond. Aly brings up the picture again. She says Liam is so sweet and funny….most guys aren’t like him. She starts to say if she were Hope….then she stops and says forget everything she said. Liam chuckles and says it is forgotten. He looks out over the water and she just stares at his profile.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Daniel talked about what happened to Eric.  Eric and Sami also talked about what happened.  Eric let Sami know that he intended to investigate whether he was drugged.  Brady got high again.  Theresa apologized to Jennifer for what she did to her.  Theresa admitted to Jennifer that she made it look like something was going on with Daniel when it wasnít.  Jennifer didnít buy that since Daniel admitted to being in Theresaís apartment the night she overdosed.  Brady had an awkward encounter with EJ.  Brady let EJ know that heís over Kristen and that heís glad sheís gone.  Eric told Sami that Nicoleís doing a story on him.  Sami was upset about it and went to find Nicole.  Nicole continued to talk to Daniel about her feelings for Eric.  Theresa tried to explain things to Jennifer, but she didnít want to listen to her.  Theresa wanted Maggie to be her sponsor, but Maggie thought it would be too awkward for her.  Maggie referred two other people to help her.  Brady walked in the cafť and Maggie volunteered him to take Theresa to AA.  

Eric went to Danielís place and told him that he wanted to do the tests to prove that Kristen drugged him.  Sami went to Nicoleís office and warned her not to do the story on Eric.  Brady didnít have time to go an AA meeting with Theresa.  Maggie didnít notice that Brady was high at the time.  Theresa decided to go to the meeting alone.  Sami wanted Nicole to drop the story on Eric. Sami threw Nicoleís past in her face and Nicole got upset with her.  Nicole was determined to do the story on Eric.  Maggie went to Jenniferís place so they could talk.  Jennifer asked Maggie to stay with her.  Maggie wanted to think about it before she gave her an answer.  Eric wasnít sure if Daniel should help him because of what happened with Theresa.  Eric wasnít sure if Daniel was helping him for the right reasons.  Sami and Nicole continued to throw each otherís pasts in their faces.  Nicole wanted to do the story to help Eric, but she didnít want to do that anymore because of Sami.  Nicole threw Sami out of her office.  Theresa ran into JJ and she suddenly had a memory of what happened when she overdosed.  Sami thought about seeing Nick come after her and screamed.  It turned out that EJ was the one who calling out to Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin and Anna discuss Patrick's moving on with Sabrina because he thought Robin was dead. Robin says she canít blame him for doing what she told him to do in a DVD she made when she thought her HIV meds were failing. Anna tells Robin that when he lost her, Patrick couldnít even bring himself to get out of bed. She says Sabrina helped him get through a lot of things and that she is a lovely girl, but she isn't Robin. She says she is sure that Patrick will find his way back to Robin. Robin observes that during the time she has been gone, people have died and babies have been born. Anna tells her that her serum saved Jason's life and that Edward Quartermaine saved Emma's life by giving her the only dose of the cure against the poison that Jerry Jacks unleashed into the water supply. Robin goes out to gather her thoughts. Mac goes go Maxieís apartment to tell her that Robin is alive. Ellie tells him that Maxie disappeared after trying to see the baby at Sam's penthouse, but Spinelli sent her away. Mac calls Felicia, who hasn't seen her either. Ellie says Maxie and Damian will both be thrilled to learn that Robin is alive. Maxie visits Georgie's grave to talk out her troubles. She says she is nothing without her daughter so she might as well not be there at all. She takes a bottle of pills from her purse.  Georgie's ghost appears to her and tells Maxie to put down the pills, because she will only hurt the people who love her if she kills herself. Maxie says she never paid for what she did to Robin. Georgie says Robin isn't dead. Maxie asks Georgie to forgive her for what she is about to do. Georgie realizes that Maxie doesn't see or hear her. Maxie writes a suicide letter to Spinelli and the baby and puts it on Georgie's gravestone with the empty pill bottle. Robin goes to her own grave. She feels Georgie behind her and goes to investigate what she felt. She finds Maxie about to take the pills.

Felix tells Patrick that Sabrina is missing. Sabrina wakes up naked in Carlos' bed and doesnít remember how she got there. He tells her it must be the tequila. He reminds her that she ran out to the docks after Patrick's wife interrupted her wedding. She asks him if they slept together. He says they did not and that she knows he would never take advantage of her. Sabrina says that if she had listened to Carlos, Patrick wouldn't have left her at the altar to run to Robin and kiss her, right in front of her. Sabrina ignores Patrick's call and calls Felix to let him know she is ok and that she spent the night with Carlos.  Felix tells her that Patrick is worried about her and that the return of his babymama didn't make him stop loving her. She asks him not to tell Patrick who she is with. Sabrina thanks Carlos for letting her crash at his place and says she is going to go find Patrick. Carlos says Patrick is only going to tell her that their relationship is over. He says Patrick doesn't love her, but he does. She tells him that she doesn't return his feelings. Felix tries to call Sabrina to warn her that Patrick got the information out of him and that he is on his way over to Carlosí place. Patrick arrives just as Carlos kisses Sabrina.

Sonny tells Shawn to have Carlos Rivera watched 24/7. Shawn asks if Sonny wants him to hit Carlos. Sonny says that before he decides, he has to find out if Carlos is related to his first wife, whose father was a Rivera from Puerto Rico, and whose territory Sonny inherited. He says there are a lot of Riveras in Puerto Rico so it's a long shot, but he has to be sure. He says that if Carlos is not related to Lily, then he dies.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria visits Nikki, complaining about things at work until Nikki puts a halt to her complaining. Alex pays Billy a visit at home. Billy wants to know what he found out. At the coffeehouse, Noah complains to Abby about things at Newman and mostly about Kyle. At the Abbott home, Kyle tells Jack about things at Newman. Jack reminds him not to forget why he is there. Kyle leaves. Jack complains to Adam that Kyle wasn’t even listening to him and neither is he. Jack asks Adam what is up with him. Adam asks Jack if he believes in redemption. At the Athletic Club, Victor overhears Chelsea on the phone and tells her that she shouldn’t think that she is leaving the country with his grandson. Jack doesn’t understand Adam’s question but tries to help him anyway. Chelsea lets Victor know that this is not any of his business. Chelsea tells Victor how Connor is doing. Nikki advises Victoria to give Billy time to grieve. Alex asks Billy what he was doing on the Internet. Billy resents his question and doesn’t think that it is any of Alex’s concern. Alex tells Billy to stop threatening people on the Internet. Alex demands to be shown what Billy has been doing on the Internet. Billy lifts up the laptop and reveals a video of Billy and Delia talking. Abby tells Noah that this is exactly the reason she wouldn’t work for Victor. Noah rants about Kyle when he walks up behind him. In the park, Tyler tries to clear up the misunderstanding between him and Lily. Tyler thanks her for helping him move on with is life. Alex promises to find Delia’s killer.

Jack gives Adam some helpful advice on how to deal with what is nagging at him. Billy asks Alex if he thinks that the real killer will ever turn himself in. Jack visits Billy to see how he is doing and to offer him some moral support. Billy reveals to Jack how much he is grieving Delia. Victoria lets Nikki know that she doesn’t know how Billy will get through Christmas without Delia. Nikki relives the past when she lost hers and Jack’s child. Victor reminds Chelsea of her past and how she came to Genoa City. Adam walks up and tells Victor not to talk to the mother of his child like that. Tyler lets Lily know about Mariah and the broken engagement but that he is moving on with Abby. Noah and Kyle continue to argue until Abby separates them. Adam orders Victor to leave Chelsea alone. Victoria asks Nikki about Victor, Dylan, and Nick. Nikki reveals that Dylan wants a DNA test, but no matter the outcome, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Victoria advises Nikki to give Victor time. Jack advises Billy to let love into his life. Victoria goes home where Billy tells her that he loves her. Victoria returns the sentiment. Nikki calls Paul about what happened between her, her family, and Dylan. Victor walks in and confronts her about her call to Paul. Adam and Chelsea get closer and kiss.

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