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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

There’s a photo shoot. Oliver is snapping the photos of Hope in sexy, provocative poses. Wyatt is enjoying watching and of course shadow girl is taking notes and watching the expressions on everyone’s face. Mostly doom and gloom in Liam’s office, he’s throwing paper airplanes around when Katie walks in. He tries to find out how her day is going but quickly it gets turned around that Hope had a thing today, one that he is not too happy about surmises Katie. He grumbles that suddenly it’s like Wyatt is in charge of the entire PR department just because he offered some designs for Hope’s line. He feels like he is losing her. Brooke is back at work and Bill suddenly strolls in. She tells him that he can not be here. He says he owns part of this company. He has every right to be here. He starts to close the door and she tells him to keep it open. He makes a point of closing it and locking it. She tells him this is not funny. He says it could even be hysterical if she calls security and tries to have him escorted out of here. She says it doesn’t make any difference; he’s gonna do what he wants to anyway. He tells her she can’t pretend that she doesn’t know him…..every part of him. That’s why he is here. They have unfinished business in her bedroom. She says he is disgusting. He says Brooke’s Bedroom….the biggest selling line in FC. My my, Brooke’s mind tsk tsk! Katie tells Liam okay, here goes. He has lost Hope but not to Wyatt. It has to be obvious even to Liam that Hope is not that same uncertain young woman that he fell in love with. Hope’s had success, she’s had failure and then even greater success and more failure when she lost Liam. These had major impacts on her. They force you to grow up and be self reliant. She points out that Hope doesn’t need him like she used to and that is not a bad thing. He wonders if that means he has nothing to offer Hope anymore. She says no, she just thinks he wants it the way it used to be; him and Hope against the world. And he’s the dragon slayer. But the world is on Hope’s side now and she can slay those dragons all by herself. So stop poking around in Hope’s mind and poke around in his own. He needs to know what he needs. Then she asks him about Thanksgiving Day. She hopes she didn’t come off acting like a basket case. She pries a bit if Bill has seen or talked about Brooke at home with him. He assures her that he hasn’t. Katie asks if Brooke has come over to see Bill. Again Liam replies no. He’s like a crazy person as he gets up every morning like he has am army to command but there is nothing for him to do or nowhere for him to go. Katie says the real kicker is those kind always win. If he’s made a strategic target on Brooke then she better watch out. Oliver takes lots more shots of Hope then Wyatt calls in Maya and offers some suggestions to pose as best friends, as rivals, as sisters. Wyatt then says somebody needs to break this up and he joins the girls in the shoot and asks if anyone ordered a plumber. Aly looks uncomfortable. Against Wyatt's wishes, Oliver wants Wyatt to get made up and take a few more shots.

Brooke tells Bill to just give it a rest. He says he only wants to talk business with her. She says FC is doing just fine so he just needs to collect his dividend check and be grateful. He tells her that HFTF surprised him and they are trending but it will have a short shelf life and then the public will be looking for the next big thing. Brooke says Hope has resurrected that line twice from the grave so she is not so worried about it. Someone knocks on the door so Bill has to unlock the door and let them in. It’s Aly and she stammers that she is sorry that she interrupted. Brooke says great. It took months for people to stop talking about them and now they are going to be talking again. He’s amused that she wants to live her life so nobody finds any fault with her. She says no that is not what matters. She doesn’t want them to be right. He says she was all in favor of dusting off and rebooting the bedroom line when he first suggested it. She says they did but then it fizzled. He says that was because she could not be the lead model and had to back away. She says he does not have to bring that up now. She was pregnant with his child and that disqualified her as a model and as a sister and as a human being. She says she realizes he has a ton of time on his hands lately that he can waste, but she doesn’t really have that so will he please go. He says there has to be a way that they can be in the same room. That is what he wants. She asks how that is working out for him. He says he screwed up. He knows it, Brooke knows it. Surely she doesn’t want him to come crawling on his belly. That isn’t going to happen. She says she just doesn’t want him to keep making all these excuses to see her or talk to other people about her. It only makes things worse for her. She admits it hurts her when she has to push him away. He says then don’t. He puts his hand out to cover hers and tells her just be herself. She says she can’t. She won’t be that person that she can’t trust anymore. He reminds her that his niece is married now to her son. They are going to be in the same spaces. She says maybe but never again behind closed, locked doors. He says he can not accept that as to never touch her again or lie down next to her again or wake her up in the middle of the night. He touches her arm and she flinches and tries to hold it together. He says so he is supposed to tell himself that the best months of his life are now over. She says she can not help what stories he tells himself. He wants to know what she tells herself when she is alone each night. She says, “goodnight, Bill, that what I tell myself.” He walks out. She sighs heavily and the tears fall. Oliver takes a lot more shots of Wyatt and Hope, him behind her running his fingers over her necklace, touching her neck, he even dips her and kisses her. Again Aly looks mighty uncomfortable. Oliver says they have some great shots here. Hope tells Aly that was her first photo shoot and she hopes she liked it. Aly said it didn’t take as long as she expected. Hope says she should have known Wyatt would be good at it since he is such a ham. Aly says some of those pictures Hope may not want to use since Wyatt kissed her. Hope responds that yeah, sometimes Wyatt takes things a little far but she thinks that is part of his charm. Aly says she is surprised that Hope would be charmed by that. Hope wants to know if Aly is worried about her. Aly says she knows that Hope knows what she is doing. Hope says she hopes Aly doesn’t think that Wyatt will take advantage of her; she can manage him. Aly asks isn’t Hope afraid of what Liam will think. Hope says it’s true Liam and Wyatt don’t like each other but there is nothing she can do about that. Aly says maybe Hope doesn’t see it but on Thanksgiving she got the impression that Wyatt likes to upset Liam. Hope says she sees it too and she knows it looks strange to Aly. But she spent a very long time with Liam planning weddings and always afraid that Steffy would come back into his life. She is just now taking some time for herself to have fun and enjoy herself. Aly agrees that makes sense. But she needs to hear Hope says that once she gets her line re-established, she will be with Liam. Hope says Liam really doesn’t know what a cheerleader he has in her. Wyatt, Oliver, Hope and Aly all gather their iPhones and make sure they have all the photos. Wyatt especially likes the kissing one and thinks the world wants to see that. Hope jokes around but ends up deleting it from the considerations. Wyatt tries to persuade Oliver to get it back. Alone Aly goes through all the pictures on her iPhone and stops on the kissing picture. She hesitates but ends up sending it in an e-mail to Liam and says she thought he should know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor found Maggie at the hospital and wanted her to go home.  She refused to go with him.  Brady pulled out the drugs he had and prepared to take them.  Daniel found Eric passed out on the ground.  Nicole explained to Miles (her producer) that she wanted to do the story on Eric, but she wanted to do it her way.  Kate watched Gabi talk to Rafe to make sure she didnít say anything about Nick.  Daniel wanted to take Eric to the hospital, but he didnít want people to see him.  Brady took the drugs he had.  Gabi explained to Rafe that she didnít want to go to New York because Nick arranged everything.  Kate continued to eavesdrop on Gabi and Rafe until Jordan came up to her.  Nicole went to the Kiriakis mansion and saw Brady.  Maggie read Victor the riot act for what he did to Eric.  Nicole told Brady that she was doing the story on Kristen and Eric, but she wanted to paint Kristen up as a villain.  Brady was all for her idea.  Kate interrupted Gabi and Rafeís conversation to keep Gabi from telling him the truth.  Kate said that Nick went to New York.  Gabi wanted to tell Rafe everything.

Kate ended up telling Rafe that Gabi had sex with Nick.  Rafe was upset when heard that.  Maggie thought she could change Victor, but she realized she was wrong.  Victor wasnít sorry for what he did.  Maggie told Victor that she wasnít going home with him.  Nicole noticed the broken DVD and wondered what happened.  Brady explained that it was a DVD from Kristen.  Daniel wanted to investigate the drugs that Kristen gave Eric.  Eric wanted to focus on his future.  Kate wanted to know what Gabi was doing talking to Rafe about Nick.  Gabi didnít want to lie to Rafe.  Kate reminded Gabi that she had to keep quiet about Nick.  Victor almost saw Brady take drugs.  They talked about Maggie.  Sami called Kate to talk.  Kate warned Sami to find her earring before Nickís body turned up by it.  Theo was playing with the earring.  Jordan was in her apartment and thought about kissing Rafe.  Jordan also looked at all of the driverís licenses that she had.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Bobbie that Jerry Jacks has disappeared and that Ava Jerome was near the place where he fell. She thinks Luke has gone after Jerry. She reveals to Bobbie that Lucas' biological father, Julian Jerome, is alive. Julian tells Carlos that he just helped his old friend, Jerry Jacks, get away, and he may be useful against Sonny when it's time to call in the favor. Duke meets with Sonny about Julian. He says heíd like to kill Julian with his bare hands. Sonny explains that he needs Julian alive, because Danny might need his bone marrow in the future, so he is going to target someone close to him instead. He asks Duke who is next in line in the organization after Ava. Duke names Carlos Rivera. Sonny invites Duke to work with him. Duke says that if he does, then it will be over with him and Anna. Sonny says Anna doesnít have to know. He tells Duke to think about it and get back to him.

Carlos tells Julian that Sabrina is about to marry a man whose wife isn't dead. Julian says Sabrina will need a shoulder to cry on and it might as well be Carlos. Carlos says she will cry to her nurse friend. Sabrina tells Felix that she was a placeholder for Robin and that her life with Patrick is over. Felix and Brad get close as they listen at the door while Patrick and Sabrina talk. Anna tells Robin that she has to realize that things will be different. Emma asks Mac how long Mommy can stay until she has to go back to heaven. He explains that she was never there; they only thought she was. She asks if that means Daddy isn't marrying Sabrina. Sabrina tells Patrick that his wife is alive, so there is nothing to talk about. He says it has been two years and things have changed. She tells him to take the rings back and let her go. He tells her that he loves her and meant his vows. She says he can love them both, but he can't have them both. He is sorry that their lives got turned upside down today, but he isn't sorry that Robin is alive. She says she isn't either. After Patrick asks for time, Sabrina encourages him to go to his wife. Epiphany can't believe she is letting people see her cry. Robin says she is honored and that she is grateful to everyone who helped Patrick get through losing her. Robin talks to Sam about losing Jason. Lucy tells Robin that when she heard about her death, she felt terrible about not having spent enough time with her. Robin says she saw the DVD of the Nurses' Ball that Lucy and Sabrina resurrected. Robin tells Elizabeth that she was at the General Hospital Halloween Party in costume and that Emma introduced Sabrina as her new mommy. She says that she saw today that it is true. Robin tells Patrick that she has spent the last two years fighting to get her family back. Patrick says he doesnít know what to feel right now; he just wants to go home and have Robin and Emma with him under the same roof. Robin refuses, because she can't pretend that everything is normal when it isnít. He has Sabrina in his life now. Anna suggests that Robin and Emma go home with her instead. Patrick tells Robin that he loves her. Robin says she loves him so much. She leaves the chapel and cries outside the door. Patrick cries alone in the chapel. Felix discovers that Sabrina is gone.

Sam tells Silas that Patrick and Emma's dream came true. He wonders what Sam would do if Jason suddenly came back. She says she wouldn't do anything. He says a lot of people are coming back from the dead in this town. Julian and Carlos run into Silas and Sam. Silas gives Julian grief about using Sam and Danny as a shield. Julian says he just wants a chance to be in their lives. Sam says she doesnít want anything to do with Julianís world and that she is sure Lucas doesn't either. Julian wonders who Lucas is. Sam says he is nobody and walks away. Sabrina goes to the dock in her wedding gown and sees Carlos. She runs into his arms sobbing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick confronts Dylan and tells him that Nikki wouldn’t lie about being his mother. He asks Dylan not to hurt Nikki even if he decides he doesn’t want to be a part of her life. Nick promises Dylan that he will not do anything to him that would hurt Nikki even though they can never have a brotherly relationship because of Avery. Dylan is confused about his identity and doesn’t know whom he can trust, but Avery tells him that he is the man she loves and they kiss. Lily and Cane tell Neil that she may have just had her last cancer check up ever. They are just waiting on the tests to confirm it. Cane and Lily are still trying to find the perfect job or business they can run together.

Sharon accepts the job as model advocate and mentor for young models at Jabot. Courtney tells Summer that she and Noah made love the night he closed the underground club, so they could have dinner and dance. Summer is suspicious when she accidentally sees a message from Zach on Courtney’s phone. When Summer asks her about Zach, Courtney gets upset that Summer doesn’t believe Zach is a friend from work. Michael and Lauren are relieved to learn that Paul has no evidence that could tie any member of the Baldwin family to Carmine’s murder. Fen almost gets beaten up by inmates in prison when they find out he is Michael’s son, but he is saved by another inmate. Lauren gets another mysterious call from someone who hangs up the phone when she answers it. Neil tells Lily that he is going to ask Leslie to move in with him, but Lily doesn’t think Leslie is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Leslie tells Avery that spending Thanksgiving with Neil’s family especially the twins and Moses was overwhelming for her. Paul finds some new evidence in Carmine’s murder while looking through files on the case.

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