Tuesday 12/3/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All cleaning up in the kitchen, Hope says today was a glorious day although she can only take credit for the first half of the day. She had nothing to do with Caroline and Rick getting married. Liam makes a mention of a spontaneous wedding in Malibu that he and Hope had…although Wyatt says that doesn’t count if it didn’t take. Aly picks up on the tension. Donna reminds Eric that they got married in that very room also. Quinn sees this moment between the two of them. She suggests that everyone go sit down and rest and she and Donna will finish up in kitchen. They are polite but both make it clear where their interest lies – Eric. Donna admits he is the love of her life….as in present, not just in the past. Rick takes Caroline across the threshold. She makes him promise to never stop the surprises. He opens the champagne and makes a toast to their new life. They dance and kiss and then he lays her on the bed….one that has a heart shaped bed of pink roses. She says this is officially the best day of her life. Hope tells Liam, Aly and Wyatt that she was blown away that Rick’s wedding went off so smoothly on such short notice. Liam starts saying yes considering he and Hope have been trying for years. Wyatt says nothing against Brooke but wasn’t she the wedding planner for the umpteenth. Now, when he and Hope get married they are going to plan it themselves unlike Prince Charming here and they plan to actually get through the I do’s. He tells Hope that it was a great day. Liam feigns disappointment that Wyatt is leaving. Wyatt takes Hope’s hand in his and says no, he just wanted to tell Hope thanks for including his mother in their Thanksgiving celebration. Hope says of course, Wyatt is Caroline’s cousin and Liam’s brother. Liam corrects her and says half brother and he grabs Hope’s other hand into his. Hope says that makes Wyatt and his mother family. Wyatt says but it was unreal when he saw both of his parents in the same room. He doesn’t know how he feels about that. He is still sorting it out, but it’s just one more thing that Hope managed to pull off. Liam rolls his eyes and Aly is still drinking all of this in. Eric finds Donna alone in the kitchen and she gives him a cup of tea and then wants to put some honey in it for her honey bear. He declines so she says she wants some and pours it on his finger and licks it off. Quinn is returning and stops just around the corner so she can see. Later she calls Donna out for what she just did sucking on Eric’s finger that any of the others could have come in and seen. She has to call a slut a slut. They end up sparring and Quinn chastises Donna for having a big wad of cash from her settlement but is now just a secretary and one without her own desk even. Quinn reminds Donna that she has worked her butt off her whole life depending on her talent and intellect. Donna gives her credit for raising Wyatt in a good way, but she has also seen people come and go at Forrester so it shall be the same with Quinn. Quinn says she does not intend to go anywhere. Donna tells her that Wyatt is okay but there is something really off about Quinn. She gets the feeling she is nothing but trouble.

Hope yawns and Wyatt says it’s been a long day. Why don’t they take the necklace back to Charlie at the Boutique and then see where the night takes them. Liam says she can’t do that. Wyatt says Hope can speak for herself, caveman. Hope says yes she can. She’s going home. Liam says great, he’s ready. She says no, she meant alone to her mom’s house. Wyatt says okay, in that case turn around. As Wyatt starts to move Hope’s hair at the back of her neck to the side, Liam looks bothered. Wyatt looks straight at Liam’s face with a grin as he unclasps the necklace and takes it off Hope. He says he is going home too. He walks to the door and Liam asks Hope to please say she is not going home with him. She says no. She gives Liam a peck on the cheek and says she will see him tomorrow. Wyatt holds the door open for Hope and they leave. Aly tells Liam that Hope is amazing and she really respects her but she should not be treating Liam like this. Hope didn’t like it when Liam did that to her so she should not be doing it to him. What is Hope waiting for? Liam is funny and cute so what could Hope be waiting for. Eric comes downstairs in his robe all ready for bed. He didn’t realize anyone would be waiting. Donna is there looking at the photos placed about, even one of Eric and Donna. Quinn is lurking in the shadows. Donna tells Eric that she waited. She is lonely, Eric is lonely and it’s not like they haven’t been here before. Eric says it has been a really really long day. Quinn glares at Donna when she says maybe not tonight, but someday. With Rick’s wedding and all she was just having memories of when they were married. She is glad that Thorne and Aly moved in so he won’t be alone in this big old house. She doesn’t want him to do anything foolish. He questions her and she says like with Quinn. She called her a slut tonight. She’s a bit dark and maybe even dangerous. She just wants Eric to keep his eyes open. She kisses Eric and sends him off to bed and says she will turn out the lights. As she turns off the third lamp, she hears a loud crash like glass breaking. She looks around and finds the framed photo of her and Eric with all the glass smashed. Quinn is glaring from the sidelines.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jordan was upset that Rafe kissed her.  Rafe apologized and Jordan warned him it wouldnít happen again.  Hope told Brady and Eric that someone recorded Kristen with Eric and it went viral.  Nicole found out from her producer that the footage of Eric and Kristen went viral.  Nicoleís producer wanted her to do the story on Eric, but she refused.  Eric didnít want to lose his relationship with Brady.  Jordan wanted her relationship with Rafe to remain professional.  EJ heard Kate reacting to something and offered to help.  Kate didnít want his help and walked away.  Gabi checked to see if there was any news about what happened to Nick.  Will noticed that Gabi was jumpy and asked if something was wrong.  Brady wasnít ready to make up with Eric.  Brady and Eric ended up arguing over Kristen.  Kate called Sami and warned her that they had to keep what happened to Nick a secret.  Eric reminded Brady that everyone warned him not to be with Kristen but he didnít listen.  Eric blamed Brady for what happened to him.

Kate visited Will and pumped him about Gabi.  Eric ran into Nicole at the park and saw her watching his footage.  Eric apologized to her for everything.  Nicole sympathized with him.  Eric wanted to know how she found out about the footage.  Nicole let Eric know that her producer told her about it.  Eric went ballistic when he assumed that she was going to cover the story on him.  Nicole tried to tell him that she wasnít doing the story, but he wouldnít give her a chance.  Will told Kate that Gabi was obsessed with reading the news on her tablet.  Sonny called Will about his checkbook.  Kate overheard Will talking to Sonny and found out that Gabi was meeting Rafe at the cafť.  Kate offered to take the checkbook to Sonny so she could find out why Gabi wanted to meet with Rafe.  Nicole decided to do the story after Eric ripped into her.  Brady received a DVD from Kristen.  Kate was about to stop Gabi from talking to Rafe when Jordan stopped her.  Jordan let Kate know that Gabi wanted to talk to Rafe privately.  Gabi wanted to tell Rafe something about Nick.  A parishioner saw Eric talking to his daughter and became enraged.  The parishioner saw the footage of him with Kristen and warned Eric to stay away from his family.  The guy shoved him so hard that Eric hit his head on the arm of a bench.  Brady was tempted to take drugs after watching the DVD.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna goes to the station where Duke is waiting for her. She tells him that Robin wanted to get to the church before Patrick got married. They recall their own experiences of being away from their loved ones and finding that nothing is the same when they were reunited. When Duke asks about Faison, she says she left him with Robert and that she doesnít want to talk about him.  Duke says he thinks he is going to ask Derek for a few more days off. Anna realizes that Duke doesn't know so she reveals that Derek is Julian Jerome. Duke realizes that "Derek" hired him just so he could make a fool of him. He wants to go kill Julian. Anna says she can't let him go after Julian like that, because she just got him back, and she can't risk losing him again. Ava meets with Julian and says she is surprised that they haven't heard anything from Duke since their identities have been revealed. Julian says Duke has been away and probably doesnít know yet. He tells her that instead of worrying about the upstanding boyfriend of the police commissioner, she should worry about their real adversary. She tells him that it's a good thing that Sonny is so close to Sam and Danny, because it makes Julian untouchable. He says it is too bad that she doesnít enjoy the same luxury, especially considering that her relationship with Morgan doesnít make her Sonny's favorite person. Sonny decides that it is time to retaliate against Julian Jerome. He tells Shawn that they can't kill Julian because Jason's son might need another bone marrow transplant, and he can't kill Ava because he promised Kiki that he wouldn't. He tries to think of someone else that is close to Julian. Shawn suggests Duke Lavery. Sonny thinks Duke wants Julian dead as badly as he does. Sonny calls Duke and tells him that they need to talk.

Jerry Jacks has Bobbie on the roof of the Metro Court as a helicopter awaits his boarding. Luke threatens to drop the vial of the cure over the side of the building if Jerry doesn't let Bobbie go. Jerry complies, but Luke refuses to give him the cure. Jerry lunges at Luke and they both go over the side of the building. Jerry falls, but Luke is able to hold on to the bricks. Bobbie and Carly pull him up. He says he won't believe Jerry is dead until he sees a corpse and makes his way downstairs. Ava and Julian hear a loud crash. They go outside and find Julian's old associate, Jerry Jacks on the ground but still alive. When Luke gets downstairs, Jerry is gone. He asks Ava where Jerry is. She innocently asks who Jerry is. Julian has Jerry in his car, taking him to a boat. He says that if Jerry survives this, he will owe him. 

Robin watches Patrick and Sabrina's wedding from the back of the church. Patrick hesitates before saying "I do." Everyone is stunned when Emma sees Robin and runs to her. Sabrina looks ill. Robin tells Patrick that she was taken from the lab and her rings were put on a Jane Doe cadaver. She says she tried and tried to get back to him and now that she finally has, he is getting married. Sabrina breaks down and cries when Patrick kisses Robin. Felix gives Patrick an angry glare and ushers Sabrina into a room where she can cry freely. She says Robin's return is a dream come true for Patrick and Emma. She concludes that her dream is over, because Patrick only has eyes for Robin and she was just a placeholder. Felix says that might not be the case. Robin tells Patrick that she has been there the whole time and didnít interrupt because it was obvious that he truly loves Sabrina. She tells him to go talk to Sabrina. Mac and Felicia have their turn reuniting with Robin. Elizabeth feels badly for encouraging Patrick to let go of Robin. Lucy says they are all glad to have Robin back, but Sabrina needs their attention too. Anna arrives at the church and tells Mac that Robin was the secret that she and Robert had been keeping. Carly wonders why no one has come to the reception yet. Sabrina stares at Patrick when he comes to talk to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Dylan meet each other at the Athletic Club gym, but each gives the other unconcerned looks. Sharon walks in and tells Dylan that she heard what happened, but he just continues to punch the punching bag. Nick sees Summer also at the Athletic Club and lets her know that he didn’t spent Thanksgiving at Victor and Nikki’s. He spent the day with Sharon, Noah, and Faith. Lauren touches Michael’s forehead and startles him awake. At the coffeehouse, Billy and Kelly have coffee and small talk about Delia. Chelsea is on the phone upset when Adam comes downstairs. She says she wants to be a full time mom. They exchange “loving” looks. As they share the morning paper, Chelsea remarks that this is just like the way things were when they were married. Dylan and Sharon exchange words before he wishes her a nice day. Chloe brings Kevin some food at the police department. He wonders why she is doing this. Sharon wants Dylan to be part of their family. Nick informs Summer that Dylan is his “brother.” Sharon sees Nick and Summer together. Michael tells Lauren that Fen has one week left before his sentence is up. Michael vows to find out what Paul knows. Kelly and Billy deal with his anger over Delia’s death. Adam tells Chelsea this arrangement is just for Connor’s sake, and he wonders why she is still there.

Summer notices Sharon at the bar and asks her to join them. Sharon tells Nick about the photo shoot and that Sharon stepped in to help her. Chloe kisses Kevin on the cheek and thanks him for being in her life. Billy and Kelly discuss his anger and depression over Delia’s death. Chloe interrupts them and is a bit put out by seeing Billy with another woman. Michael and Kevin are reunited. Michael questions Kevin about the case against Fen, but Kevin refuses to give them any information, because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Chloe. The inmates in the prison yard surround Fen, wanting to get to him to get back at Michael. Chelsea tells Adam that they need to set some ground rules for her and Connor to live there. When Chelsea mentions another woman being in the penthouse, Adam says he doesn’t want another woman there. Sharon consoles Summer over Phyllis.

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