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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope gets everyone’s attention and thanks them for an incredible Thanksgiving, celebrating with friends and family. And congratulations are in order for a wedding soon. Wyatt jumps up and says he thinks they should be thanking Hope for pulling all of this together. She was incredible. Liam jumps up and adds beautiful..... incredible and beautiful. Wyatt says incredible, beautiful and inspiring. Bill says okay to the two of them. He thinks everyone gets the picture. Brooke says Christmas is always a nice time to have a wedding. Rick says actually he and Caroline can not wait that long. Everyone is shocked when he says they want to be married now while everyone is here except Caroline’s moms who are out of the country but they will understand. Rick kisses her and says he doesn’t want to spend another moment without this beautiful woman as his wife. Eric offers to play the baby grand and Caroline says nothing would make her happier. Charlie and Pam rush to the kitchen to make a wedding cake. Charlie says they will not call a bakery on his watch. In the process of telling her that he likes looking into her twinkling eyes Pam drops a dozen eggs.

Rick says he has a surprise for Caroline and asks Maya and Dayzee to help her. It’s in the guest house. Caroline is surprised and pleased to find her wedding dress there. Aly says weddings are so romantic. Maybe Hope should do the same with Liam. Bill catches Brooke alone on the terrace and says he is not giving up on them. Brooke tells him it’s over. Bill says he knows that she still loves him and as long as he has her they will get through this. It may seem impossible now but they will share a life together again; they will get there. Charlie tells Pam that it smells like heaven in here. She says the cake will be okay thanks to him for finding more eggs in the back of the frij. She asks him to taste the frosting. Then she thinks it needs a little more vanilla. He adds it and then he has her taste it by licking his finger, leaving some on her lips and he kisses it off. Bill shows up at the guest house and tells Caroline that he just got her text and yes he will walk her down the aisle. She starts to hug him and he shies off and says he draws the line at public displays of gratitude. Bill says he will make this short and sweet. Rick is a lucky guy marrying a Spencer. If he had a daughter, and he kind of feels like he does, she would be just like Caroline. Quinn stands before the portrait of Stephanie and says she never met her, but she bets they would not have liked each other. All those tributes just made, she understands Stephanie could be a royal pain. Eric joins her and Quinn tells him that is a lovely picture of his wife. The bride is ready to enter so Eric says that is his cue. He heads to the piano and starts the wedding march. They all stand while the nervous bride walks in. Brooke comes forward with a bouquet of white roses from Aunt Caroline’s garden. Bill walks her down the aisle. Carter officiates and they repeat their vows after him. He says they haven’t had time on such short notice to write any personal ones, but Rick says that is okay. He can speak from the heart. They exchange rings and kiss while everyone claps. Caroline says this won’t be a typical marriage but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anne plotted with Theresa to make it seem like Daniel wanted to get high with her the night she overdosed.  Theresa wasnít really comfortable with telling that part since she didnít remember anything from that night.  Anne tried to convince her that it would be a great way to destroy Jennifer and Daniel.  Sami had a nightmare about being attacked by Nick while she was looking for her earring.  Maxine showed up at Danielís place to let him know that patients and staff members wrote letters in his defense.  Daniel was moved when he saw Jenniferís letter supporting him.  Jennifer prepared for Danielís hearing.  JJ didnít think it was fair that Daniel was punished for helping Theresa.  Jennifer was suspicious of JJís change of heart towards Daniel, but he managed to cover his tracks.  Jennifer seemed to believe JJís story.  Kate called someone to make sure that Nickís personal things were destroyed in New York.  EJ noticed how nervous Sami was and wanted to know what she was doing.  Sami didnít tell EJ what she was doing.  EJ wanted to know why she was acting so weird.  Sami brought up Eric and Kristen.  Abe and Theo went hiking and he found Samiís earring.

Sami went back to the park to find the earring, but it was gone.  JJís friends tried to get him to get high, but he refused.  JJís friends told him that he didnít have any friends and that he would be lonely without them.  Danielís hearing began and he explained what happened the night Theresa overdosed.  Daniel informed everyone that he wasnít high that night.  Theresa interrupted the proceedings because she wanted to talk about Daniel.  Anne was excited because she thought Theresa was going to destroy Daniel.  Sami continued to look for the earring.  While Sami was looking, There was a shot of something with ďNFĒ on it.  Theresa ended up telling the truth about what happened to her.  Anne was upset that Theresa didnít say that Daniel was high with her.  Daniel was let off the hook.  Kate met Sami at the park and they talked about Nick and Gabi.  Sami let Kate know that she lost her earring and that it could be at the mansion.  Sami asked Kate if she looked at the flash drive yet.  Kate didnít check it out yet.  Daniel thanked Jennifer for her help.  She let him know that he was a great doctor but a poor excuse for a human being.  Kate opened up the flash drive and it contained weird images.  Kate was upset because she thought her computer had a virus on it.  Sami looked at the earring that she did have with her while Theo looked at the one she lost.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin gets to the church in time for Patrick and Sabrina's wedding, but she stands at the door and watches instead of going inside. She remains silent when Lucy asks if anyone knows a reason why Patrick and Sabrina should not be wed. Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma each take a candle to light a center candle as Epiphany sings a song. Lucy says the only thing left is the vows.

As Robert is about to take Faison to the mainland so he can go back to prison, Anna tells Robert that they should kill him instead. Robert tries to talk her out of it. She tells him that if he doesn't want it on his conscience, then he should leave. He says that if they do it, then they will do it together. They both aim at Faison. Britt tends to Nikolas's wounds that he received from being beaten by one of Faison's minions. Nikolas calls Lesley and tells her that they will pick up the kids tomorrow morning. Britt observes that Ben has been away from her longer than he has been with her. Nikolas can't believe Brad didn't step up and take Ben to his house. Britt tells him that Brad is not her son's father; he is just a sperm donor. Nikolas asks her to spend the night with him. He says they don't have to do anything she isn't ready for; he just wants to be next to her. They get in his bed and cuddle.

Jerry Jacks calls Luke from Bobbie's phone and says he won't hurt her if Luke brings him the cure. When Jerry opens the door to take Bobbie to the roof where a helicopter awaits him, Carly is the elevator. She says she shouldn't be surprised that Jerry has cheated death again and demands that he unhand her mother. Jerry says he will let Bobbie go when Luke returns what belongs to him. Luke arrives with the cure and says he isn't giving it to Jerry. Jerry puts a knife to Bobbie's throat while the chopper hovers above. Carly tells Luke to do what Jerry wants. When Jerry threatens to throw Bobbie off the roof, Luke holds the vial with the cure off the edge until Jerry lets his sister go.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley and Abby go to the hospital to get her ankle X-rayed and while they wait for the results, Abby tells Ashley that she needs to go on an online dating website and find a man. Ashley feels embarrassed by Abby’s comments. Stitch arrives to tell Ashley her ankle is just sprained and all she needs is ice and some tender loving care. Abby thinks Stitch would be perfect for Ashley and makes it a point to let him know that Ashley will be visiting her more often and she might even persuade her to stay in town. Abby shares with Ashley that she is worried about Tyler’s old girlfriend. Ashley tells Abby to trust her instincts about Tyler. Tyler later tells Abby that he decided to block his old girlfriend’s number from his phone, which thrills Abby.

Mason continues to use the credit card he stole from Devon to make purchases. His latest purchases are boxing gloves and a heavy boxing bag. Mason continues to vent his anger towards Hilary while she becomes suspicious and wonders why Mason is hanging around with Devon. Hilary warns Devon that he should be careful around Mason, but he ignores her advice, because he doesn’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth. Noah is upset when Victor chooses Kyle’s marketing campaign instead of his and accuses Victor of using Kyle to get back at Jack. Kyle wonders the same thing and asks Victor directly. Victor assures Kyle that he chose his idea because it was better then Noah’s. Kyle later tells Jack that he is gaining Victor’s trust, but Jack thinks that Victor is pulling Kyle in and setting him up for a fall. When he advises Kyle to quit his job immediately, he refuses. Victoria feels like Billy is pushing her away and leaving her out of his grieving process, but Jill assures her that Billy loves her, but he may need to grieve by himself. Billy has coffee with Kelly before and after their support group meeting, so they can continue to share their feelings about their children. Ashley stops by to see Victor before she heads to the airport. She asks him to make sure Abby stays happy and not to drag her into his latest battle with Jack.

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