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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric welcomes the guests to the door, the first one in is Dayzee. Caroline and Rick are already there. Hope is fussing with place cards when Aly asks what she’s doing. Hope says she wants to play a little game at the table so it’s critical who is sitting next to each other. Liam and Bill come and Katie is there and they look sternly at each other. Hope tells Aly there is a lot going on in this family this year. Pam is a little nervous in the kitchen. Charlie is trying to slowly talk her through it. He says sometimes you just have to take your chances and be brave and just let it happen. She comments that her mother hated cranberries and if she knew she was replacing them for the raisins in her dressing…..Charlie tells her just do it. She closes her eyes and does it. He tells her nice release. Bill asks Hope why is Quinn here. He says she could not invite Wyatt without inviting her too. He quips first Brooke, then Katie and now Quinn, Dollar Bill’s entire fan club. Hope tells him so much to be thankful for. Hope goes into the kitchen and tells Pam that he brought reinforcements. When Pam sees the Logan women, she tells Hope that actually they are good right now. Charlie convinces her otherwise. Hope also convinces her that cooking is therapeutic so let them help. Pam tells Donna she can peel the carrots. She tells Brooke that she can dice the tomatoes, then proceeds to tell her what dicing means. Wyatt asks Hope to turn around and she is surprised when he puts the diamond necklace around her neck. He says it is okay as Eric knows and thought it would be the perfect occasion. Charlie is here in case they find themselves in the middle of another jewelry heist. He takes one look at her and says wow! Rick slips up behind Caroline and kisses her on the back of the neck and asks her to marry him today…after dinner and Carter can officiate. They both agree to be impulsive and do it before everybody leaves. As he is about to sit at the table, Bill notices the place cards and starts to move a couple until he sees Hope’s eyes following him and he puts them back.

Eric calls everyone to attention and says Happy Thanksgiving. Hope has spent a lot of time with the placements so he is going to turn it over to her now. She welcomes everyone and tells them she hopes this meal will be a rehearsal for the unity ahead. She likens it to the pilgrims who came together over their feast and found delight in one another and gave forgiveness for those that needed it. She says before they eat she’d like to play this little game. Look at the person to your right and say something nice and sweet even if it is just one word. Liam is next to her so she lets him speak first. Liam tells Aly that he is impressed with her, she’s charming and stylish, a real romantic Forrester at heart. Pam has to say something about Donna and she does. She says Donna is the most annoying person she knows, but she is her friend. Katie wants to pass when it’s her turn as she has to say something about Bill. Hope won’t let her skip so Katie says that he is the father of her child and that is the best thing that has ever happened to her and they did have some good years. Bill is seated between Katie and Quinn and must tell Quinn. He says he feels like he is in the hot seat and knows now how the turkey feels. He says he is going to say something about both the women seated to his side. He tells Katie that he couldn’t ask for a more incredible woman for the mother of his son. She is smart and strong and has made him a better man. And Quinn – says he respects her for raising his son and starting her own business. He would not have been the best father back then but he hopes she will be inspired by the father he is today. After Quinn talks about Wyatt, it’s his turn. He looks at Hope and says where would he be now if he had not gone camping at Big Bear. He continues that a gorgeous blonde walked by and snapped a picture and it changed his life. And because of Hope his mother’s company is getting the exposure it deserves and he is having Thanksgiving with his father. He says that Hope affects people. It’s not her clothing line, it is her….her smile and her compassion. She is one of the few people that he knows who brings out the best in others. He thanks her for taking that walk in the woods. Hope is the last one take her turn and she says she did the arranging and partly because she wanted this guy to be at her right. It gives her the opportunity to say to him right in front of everybody what they already know. Liam is an amazing guy. He is genuinely a good person. And that is why she and everybody at the table loves him. She wishes them all a Happy Thanksgiving. Pam and Charlie wheel out the turkey on a cart and Eric starts curving and everyone begins eating. Later Liam tells Hope that he didn’t get a chance to say anything at the table to her. Nobody else could have pulled this off with all those fractured relationships. But they put away their hurt feelings and differences because of Hope. She wanted this day to be about gratitude and he wants to show her his and say he loves her. He kisses her on the cheek.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate, Sami, and Gabi panicked when Nick opened his eyes when they were about to put him in the water.  They got lucky when the current dragged Nick away.  Itís not known whether he drowned or not.  They were just relieved that he was gone.  Gabi was nervous and couldnít believe that they did that to Nick.  Kate and Sami tried to convince Gabi that they did the right thing by getting rid of his body.  Kate and Sami didnít want to go to prison because of Gabiís choice to be with Nick.  There was a shot of one of Nickís belongings at the park.  A man met with Brady and told him about seeing Kristen.  According to the guy, Kirsten looked terrible.  Hope walked up and saw Brady paying the guy for the information.  Hope confronted Brady about talking to the stranger.  Brady told Hope that he was getting information on Kristen.  Hope wanted to help him so she called backup.  Eric went to the DiMera mansion looking for Sami but saw EJ.  While they were talking, Eric assumed that EJ knew what Kristen did to him.  Eric asked EJ if he knew about it, but EJ didnít confirm or deny it.  

Kate reminded Gabi that people saw her yelling at Nick.  Kate and Sami talked Gabi into going home.  Kate and Sami planned to make it look as if Nick went to New York.  Nicole bought Victor a drink to thank him for proving her innocence.  Nicole told Victor that Eric was drugged.  Victor thought Eric enjoyed being with Kristen.  He didnít realize that he messed up.  Brady and Hope broke into an apartment and saw a blonde woman who looked like Kristen.  Sami and Kate had to reassure themselves that they were doing helping Gabi because of Will.  The blonde didnít end up being Kristen.  The woman saw Kristenís story in the paper and believed that she was Kristen so she kept calling Bradyís name.  Nicole explained to Victor how Eric accused her of drugging him.  Nicole admitted to hating Eric.  Victor didnít believe that was true.  Sami panicked when she went home and realized that she lost her earring.  Sami thought about what happened at the park and hoped that her earring wasnít there.  Samiís earring was by the water.  Gabi went home and saw Will and Sonny.  She was about to tell them what happened, but only managed to tell them that she wasnít going to New York.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucy tells Sabrina that she can't officiate the wedding because she no longer believes in marriage. She announces that her own marriage is over. Felix talks her into doing it. Lucy gives Sabrina her blue handkerchief since Ellie hasn't arrived with her blue bracelet. Ellie is at Sam's penthouse with Spinelli as he refuses to let Maxie see Connie. He says he isn't going to violate the court order and risk both of them losing her.

Noah Drake is to give Sabrina away. Elizabeth tells Patrick that it is great that his father and Bobbie Spencer got together after reconnecting at the Nurses' Ball. Patrick tells Sabrina that he knows that Carlos told her that Robin is alive. He says he has closed the door on that chapter of his life and is ready to start the next one as her husband. Elizabeth is surprised when Brad Cooper arrives at the church as Felix's guest. Bobbie arrives in town and  goes to meet Luke at his room at the Metro Court, and finds Jerry Jacks handcuffed to the bed instead. He sweet talks her into going to the lab to get the cure, but it isnít there. He begs her to free him so he won't have to die handcuffed to a bed. Bobbie makes a call and says she isn't going to the wedding. Elizabeth gets a text from Noah telling her that he can't make it to the wedding. The wedding begins.

Duke and Obrecht take a launch off of Spoon Island. Robin refuses to leave until she knows Nikolas is safe, despite her mother's advice to go to Patrick before he marries Sabrina. Britt rushes in with Jerry's cure and discovers that Anna and Robert are safe. Robin introduces Britt to Robert. Anna tells Robert that Britt is Obrecht and Faison's daughter. Britt asks if they caught her father and the nightmare is over. Anna reveals that they think Faison has Nikolas. Anna and Robert tell Robin and Britt to stay there while they look for Nikolas and Faison. Britt tells Robin to go crash Patrick's wedding. She says she knows Patrick is still hung up on Robin. Luke takes Faison to a barn at gunpoint where he finds Nikolas being beaten by one of Faison's men. They tie up Luke next to Nikolas. Faison says he has room on his boat for one hostage. He flips a coin and lets luck choose Nikolas. Anna and Robert find the barn. Anna opens the door and tells Faison that she will willingly go with him if he lets Luke and Nikolas go. He says he can't do that. She says Obrecht killed Duke, Robert, and Robin so she has nothing left. She turns her gun to her own chest. Faison lunges to stop her. She hits him with her pistol, knocking him down. Robert shoots the two henchmen. Nikolas and Luke go back to the house to tell Britt and Robin that Faison is in custody and it is all over. Robert takes Robin to the mainland and gets her into a cab, then returns to the island. Anna says Faison can't go to prison this time; he has to die. Britt gives Luke the cure. Luke says he isn't going to give it to Jerry; he is giving it to Sean Donely instead. Luke recognizes Bobbie's number when his phone rings. When he answers it, Jerry tells him that Bobbie can't come to the phone. He has a knife to Bobbie's throat.  Robin gets to the church and watches the ceremony from the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon lets Faith know that she will not be going to Nikki and Victor’s for Thanksgiving, but instead will be having dinner with her, Noah, and Nick. Faith asks Sharon about Summer. Sharon lets her know that she will be spending Thanksgiving with her mother. Summer and Jack head for Atlanta to be with Phyllis. Abby, Tyler, Traci, and Kyle all gather at the Abbott house for Thanksgiving. They are surprised when Ashley arrives. Cane, Lily, Leslie, and Neil all gather at Cane and Lily’s for Thanksgiving. Devon also arrives for the festivities. Neil picks up Moses and places him in Leslie’s lap. Neil watches from the kitchen doorway as Leslie cares for Moses. Victor is at the office when Noah comes in to join him. Noah lets him know that he will be going to Sharon’s for Thanksgiving. Victor is disappointed. Dylan visits Nikki to get her to agree to a DNA test. The Abbotts reminisce about the past. Tyler gets a text from Mariah which unnerves Abby. Nick brings Sharon and Faith Thanksgiving dinner from the club. Tyler tells Abby that he turned off his cell phone, so there will be no more texts from Mariah. Ashley senses something is amiss with Abby and questions her about it . Abby gives in and tells Ashley that Tyler got a text from an old girlfriend. Abby explains everything to Ashley about Mariah. Jack tries to comfort Summer over her mother.

Victoria visits Victor in his office and they argue as usual over this situation between Nikki, Dylan, and Nick. Victor reminds Victoria that Nikki had lied to him all these years about Dylan. Leslie gets involved in crafts with Maddie and Charlie. Lily also participates. Ashley tries to comfort Abby over this whole situation between her and Tyler. Victoria defends Dylan to Victor saying he was a good friend to Billy and her. Victor is once again disappointed when he finds out that Victoria and her family will not be joining them for dinner. Dylan lets Nikki know that he doesn’t need another mother; and if he wanted another family, then it would not be hers. Faith tells Noah about the dollhouse that Dylan was supposed to make but Nick put a stop to it. Jack and Summer arrive at the Abbotts for Thanksgiving. Victor comes home to find Nikki on the sofa. Nikki lets him know that they will be alone for Thanksgiving dinner. Victor assures Nikki that he will always love her as he hugs her.

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